4 Ways to Use Dual WhatsApp on an Android Phone

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Dual WhatsApp Account

Almost every brand these days releases dual SIM phone, but we don’t have an official way to use dual WhatsApp on one phone. There is no doubt that social media has changed our lives, and the internet is cheaper and faster than ordinary messaging service. Today, we are going to learn to use dual WhatsApp in one phone. We are going to see the four ways, but each method represents certain brands.

Find your feature/brand

  1. Samsung dual Messenger.
  2. Samsung Secure Folder.
  3. Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivi, Asus, and Huawei.
  4. Nokia, HTC, Motorolla, LG and others.

Samsung Dual Messenger

Two WhatsApp Accounts using Dual Messenger

Samsung devices come with a feature called Dual Messenger. Although the name represents Messenger, you can use most of the social media platforms. 

What is Dual Messenger

According to Samsung Dual Messenger is a tool which offers to use a second internet messaging service. Follow the below steps to enable the second WhatsApp account

  1. Go to Settings -> Advanced Features -> Dual Messenger -> WhatsApp to install. Once, done the other WhatsApp app will be available in the apps menu.

The feature is limited to models. If you can’t find the option, then your device might not be compatible with Dual Messenger feature.

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Samsung Secure Folder

Two WhatsApp Accounts Using Secure Folder
Two WhatsApp Accounts Using Secure Folder

Secure Folder, previously called Samsung Knox allows you to use a different Android OS on your Samsung device. The primary reason for this tool is separating home and work tasks. It is available on most of the Galaxy devices including and after S6.

Activate Samsung Secure Folder

By default, it comes enabled, but for some reason, if you can’t find it in the apps menu, then you can find it in the settings.

  1. Set up the Samsung account.
  2. Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Secure Folder. Login with your account when enabling it.

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Asus or Huawei

All the mentioned brands have built-in features. Follow the text to find your brand and learn how to activate the second WhatsApp.


  1. Settings -> Dual Apps and tap on it -> WhatsApp.


  1. Settings -> Clone Apps .


  1. Settings -> App clone.


  1. Settings -> Twin Apps.


  1. Settings -> App Twin.

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Use dual WhatsApp on Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorolla, etc. (Dual Space)

Those brands do not support any feature to use the dual WhatsApp without an app. We are using the Dual Space app as it supports Android 10. You might also need 64-Bit support depending on your device.

Open the app and add apps by tapping on the add button. Find WhatsApp and import. Once imported, you are free to use the second WhatsApp in one phone. Make sure to allow the permissions to get the notifications.

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In conclusion

There are other apps too, which can help you to add dual WhatsApp to your phone. You can even use more than two WhatsApp accounts on the phone using multiple apps. Anyway, thanks for having a read. I hope the blog post helped. Let me know if any of the information is missing or obsolete so, I can update. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for updates.


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  1. Hi, well, to be honest, neither parallel space nore Dual space are working under Android 10. Parallel space came back to me and wrote that there is big issue, will take a long time. Any idea what I could use?

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