5 Best Apps to Make a GIF from YouTube on Android for Free

Apps to Make a GIF from YouTube
Apps to Make a GIF from YouTube

Making a GIF is pretty common these days. A picture says a thousand words, but a GIF can say more than that. GIF is a combination of a few or more pictures. With animation, it shows a moving story behind that picture. The history of GIF is old, but the popularity has rapidly increased in recent years. Considering that, in this article, we are going to take a look at the four best apps to make a GIF from YouTube on Android for free.

Apps to Make a GIF from YouTube

GIF Maker – GIF Editor

The first and probably all you need. GIF Maker is an easy to use GIF maker application for Android. The app allows you to create GIF from the camera, video images GIPHY website, and link of a video (YouTube not supported), and finally GIF from screen recording.

The best part about this app is, it allows you to crop the video by screen size, which means that you can only create the GIF of the video player. Furthermore, you can also adjust the speed, add colours, text, frames, emojis, and images to the GIF. You also have a chance to change the GIF size before creating one.

GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF

GIF Maker
GIF Maker

The name stays pretty much everything. GIF Maker is packed with many great features. You can edit already saved GIFs, create GIF from images and videos, record from the camera and make a GIF, and record screen and make a GIF.

To make a GIF from YouTube, all we need is the screen to GIF option. Once, the recording is on, go to YouTube and play your favourite video. Once the GIF part is recorded, tap on the notification to stop the recording. The app will show up with many editing options. The app allows you to trim the video to make a GIF.

Other than that, you can add videos, images, text, colours, change speed, GIF direction and much more. The only problem is, it records the screen in portrait mode when the screen is in landscape leaving the extra screen empty. You also have an option to reduce GIF size by compressing it.

GIF Maker – Video to GIF, GIF Editor

Another app to record your screen and create a GIF is GIF Maker. The app supports features, including videos to GIF, pictures to GIF, screen recording, and GIF boomerang (unique).

The app comes with standard options such as GIF speed, trim, add colours and frames. The app has the same video rotating issue as in the above one. The app is free to use and you can also edit the already created GIF.

Super Screen Recorder – No Root REC & Screenshot

The app is designed to record the screen, but it offers an option to convert the recorded video in GIF. To make a GIF, record a video and stop the recording. In the video tab, there is an option to convert the video in GIF in the video menu. You have an option to select the GIF size before exporting.

Screen Recorder – Record your Screen

The app is packed with amazing recording tools, but it supports an option to make GIF of a recorded video. In the videos tab, tap on edit to edit a video. On the edit video screen, you will find make GIF and trim options. Adjust the GIF settings on the next screen and tap on the create button for a new GIF.

In conclusion

From our simple messages to social media, every platform supports GIF. GIF add some extra details to the story and it is very common these days. Anyway, I hope the article helped. Thanks for having and read and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below so we can discuss. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for post updates.

The blog post was last updated by Madhsudhan on 18/Nov/2019.

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