Adobe Acrobat Reader Review – Adobe Acrobat Android App Review

Adobe Acrobat Reader Review

Adobe Acrobat Reader Review

Reviewing Adobe Acrobat Reader app on my Android device. One of the most downloaded PDF viewer Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most downloaded apps on this planet. Since 1993 Adobe has been working on this software to make it a great tool to make our life simple. In this article, we are going to see the features of Adobe Acrobat Android app. We will also go through the paid plans to see what Adobe Acrobat Reader brings to the world. The article is the final Adobe Acrobat Reader review.

Before starting let us talk about why Adobe Acrobat is important for an Android device. In this new era, from bills to forms everything is paperless. Most of the shared documents via email are PDF files, and it is essential for a user to stay prepared for any document all the time. Adobe Acrobat is a free application available on desktops and mobile phones. The app has over 100 million downloads just on Android, and it is one of the most used PDF viewers.

Adobe Acrobat Reader review


Adobe Acrobat Reader Home

Adobe Acrobat Reader Home

When we open the application, the Home tab always opens. In the home tab, we can see all documents including recently opened, saved documents, and cloud documents. In the Home tab, we also have an option to create PDFs (paid subscription) by tapping on “+” sign.

Adobe Acrobat App Shared Tab

Adobe Acrobat App Shared Tab

After the Home, we have Files tab where we can open files from the device and the clouds (Dropbox and Adobe Document Cloud). The third tab is the Shared tab in which all the shared documents can be found. After the Shared tab, we have a Search tab in which we can search for PDF documents.

We can also see reminders and tap on the profile button to see our profile. In each document’s menu, we can remove, export, and share the document while in the global menu button on the top can be used to clear or sort the list.


Document Editor in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Document Editor in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Regarding features, it does more than what people think. The most common thing is we can open PDF documents. We can also fill and sign the documents and share with people. Due to security reasons, some of the documents cannot be filled and signed. Adobe Acrobat Reader comes with great highlighting tools. You can add annotations to text, view others’ annotations, comment any text, view others’ comments, and highlight the text with the highlighter.

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In this Adobe Acrobat Review, we must include the apps which work with this app. Adobe Scan app works directly with Adobe Acrobat to quickly open the scanned documents with Adobe Scan. Adobe Scan is a free app, and you can use Adobe Scan to scan pictures, receipts, and documents and access and edit them in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


There are three paid plans starting at $2.3/month. With the plan Adobe Export PDF you can export PDF into Word, Excel, and RTF. The second plan is called Adobe PDF Pack for around $10.8/month which includes creating PDF files, exporting PDFs, organising files, and sending files for review. The third and last plan is for $32.64/month in which we get Adobe PDF Pack plus we can organise and edit PDFs (tablet only).

In conclusion

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a simple app which can do lots of stuff. For basic stuff, we do not need any paid subscription but if you work with PDF files a lot then maybe you might consider a paid plan. I hope the review helped and let me know if I’m missing anything.

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