Adobe Photoshop Express Tutorial | Full Tutorial (2020)

Adobe Photoshop Express Icon
Adobe Photoshop Express Icon

Waiting for my bus, I started using the Adobe Photoshop Express on one of my vacation photos. In that whole hour’s journey, I checked every little feature of the app. The app can be a little bit tricky at first, but the categorised sections make it super easy. The blog post will talk about the whole journey and cover the ultimate Photoshop Express tutorial for beginners.

Table of contents

Adobe Photoshop Express tutorial video

Here is s video covering the full tutorial. The video will give you enough idea. To learn more and see all up to date features, please read the article below.

Abode Photoshop Express comes with several tools. Let’s go through each tool and see what we can do with that tool.

Photoshop Express tools

Editor Interface

Screenshot of Editor Interface in Photoshop Express
Photoshop Express – Editor Interface

Before we go deep and start the tutorial, we must understand the interface and what we can do on the editor screen. On the top-right, we have a few buttons, including undo, redo, auto adjust, compare, and share. Taping on the image anytime hides the buttons. You can zoom in and out by pinching. Finally, the picture can also be compared with the original by holding on the photo.


Screenshot of Looks Tool in Photoshop Express
Photoshop Express – Looks Tool

After selecting a photo, the first feature looks. Looks are like the filters. The app categorises the looks in custom, free, charm, white-balance, black & white, portrait, nature, splash, and duo-tone. It offers over a hundred looks.


Screenshot of Lights Feature in Photoshop Express
Lights Feature

The second new feature is the lights tool. With this tool, you can add lights in the picture. The app categories the lights in light-leaks, bokeh, grunge, raindrops, paper, cosmos, and water-colour. In total, the app comes with over 85 lights.


Crop tool

Photoshop Express provides an advanced cropping feature with some built-in aspect ratios. The options include Facebook cover, Twitter post, LinkedIn background, YouTube channel art etc.

The second feature of the cropping tool is Rotation. You can also flip the picture horizontally and vertically. The last feature of the cropping tool is the Transform tool. With this tool, you can select the auto-rotate, which will find the best rotation. You can also skew the photo horizontally and vertically.

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The third tool of Adobe Photoshop Express is the editor. There are four sub-tools of the editor tool. The correction tool comes with 17 options:

  1. Clarity
  2. Sharpen
  3. Luminance noise
  4. Colour noise
  5. Dehaze
  6. Grain
  7. Fade
  8. Exposure
  9. Contrast
  10. Highlights
  11. Shadows
  12. White
  13. Blacks
  14. Temperature
  15. Tint
  16. Vibrance
  17. Saturation

The opacity line makes sure that you get the perfect colour for your photo. The second option is the Split Tone, which offers to add many colours to your image; you can also change the opacity of the colour using the opacity line.

The next option in the editor is the Blur. There are two options available in the Blur menu. The first one is Radial and the second one is Full. You can blur select a portion of the photo or leave that portion and make the other area blur.

The last tool, Vignette, is some rare options. It contains the amount, mid-point, feather, and roundness options. You can play with these to add shadows, dark borders, and darken the photo.

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Blemish removal

Photoshop Express Blemish Remover Tool
Photoshop Express Blemish Remover Tool

You can remove blemishes from the skin with the blemish removal tool. For the better results, zoom in and find the spot, change the size of the brush using the brush size line. Tap on the spot to remove the blemish.

Red-eye removal

The next tool in Photoshop Express tutorial is red-eye removal. Red-eye is very common, especially when the light flashes very close to the eyes. The tool comes with two options. The first one is the Red Eye, which will remove the red-eye effect. For the best results, zoom-in the picture, so the eye is visible on the screen. The second option is Pet Eye, which is used for removing the red-eye effect of pets.

Text editor

Photoshop Express Text Editor
Photoshop Express Text Editor

The next section in Photoshop Express tutorial is the text editor. The option contains four sections. The Style option comes with over 50 built-in text styles. After selecting the style, you can move to the font menu to select the font from the list.

The color option comes with many colours to choose, but if you don’t like any of these, you can tap on the custom button to add select own colours and themes. The last option alignment lets you align the text to the left, right or the centre.


Photoshop Express Stickers Tool
Photoshop Express Stickers Tool

The app offers over 80 stickers. You can add stickers from categories including love, flowers, decorate, party, adventure, food, vintage, and splashes. The more stickers button contains some of the other stickers. You can adjust the size and the position of the sticker, and you can add multiple stickers.


The last editing tool is the border, which comes with over 30 borders. The basic ones are the first ones which add some beautiful border to the image. There are some edges ones which cover the full photos, while there are some frame borders which add an elegant frame to the picture.

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The camera option allows taking pictures. To access the camera, tap on “All Photos” on the top. Some other options, such as Lightroom, Creative Cloud, and Library, are also available. The camera uses the phone’s default camera service.

Collage Maker

Screenshot of Collage in Photoshop Express
Photoshop Express

You can add photos and make a collection. Like cropping tool, you can choose one of the available aspect ratios for the collage. The photos can also be moved around by holding them. Moreover, each photo can be edited for the perfect photo.


Most of the settings are in the preferences menu. You can:

  1. Change the photo quality
  2. Change the image resolution
  3. Add a custom watermark
  4. Change the photo location


Here is the end of Adobe Photoshop Express tutorial. Photoshop Express has many powerful tools to make it one of the great photo editing tools. I hope the article helped you. Have you tried the app yet? Share your experience in the comments to help the people and to improve this post.

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