99 apps developed by Google. On this page, you will find all the available Android apps from Google. Google is the developer of Android, and for a developer, it is vital to keep the users updated with the latest features. Google is always looking to improve their services, and they always bring new apps to the market. Some apps like Maps, Hangout, Google+ etc. are famous because they are installed with the software, but there are some apps which are not pre-installed, but they exist. Here are the all Android apps developed by Google including the ones which come with your phone and ones which do not come.

Apps Developed by Google

01. Google

A pre-installed app for Android devices. The app lets you search on the go. You can do type search or voice command search in Google search and while navigating.

02. Google News

Want to stay up-to-date? Google News is a news app developed by Google. You can get local and international news. It also sends you notifications of hot news around the world.

03. YouTube Gaming

A YouTube app specially made for gamers. The app is like YouTube Music. Instead of music, we can search for game related videos on YouTube. The apps make easy to find the perfect gaming video we look for. Check out the YouTube Gaming here,

04. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Gboard is a keyboard app by Google. Godard is one of the apps developed by Google. It comes with great features like Google search directly in the conversation, change the keyboard size, flow keyboard etc.

05. Google Keep (not installed)

A simple notebook app from Google. Google Keep is one of the apps developed by Google. With Google Keep, you can type, draw, record, create shopping lists, and attach images to your notes. It works with the Google account, and you can access your notes on any device. The app has over 100 million downloads with 4.4 ratings. Check out and download the Google Keep from here.

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06. Google Allo (not installed)

Just like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber Google Allo is an instant messaging app available for Android and iOS. It supports features like changing the size of the typed text, using incognito mode, chatting with Google Assistant, searching on Google directly in the conversation and sending the results etc. The app has over 10 million downloads with 4.3 ratings. Check out Google Allo here.

07. YouTube Kids (not installed)

A learning app developed by Google.YouTube Kids is specially made for kids. The purpose of the app is to give a safe and learning app for kids. The app always has safe search on, and with additional tools, parents can block certain types of videos. Check out the app here.

08. Google Pay (not installed – country and device limited)

The app is developed by Google and is available in limited countries. Google Pay is a digital wallet application which works on NFC. It also works in different applications so you can pay without touching your card. The app is limited to devices and countries and works on the digital checkouts. Check out the Google Pay here.

09. Google One

There is a difference between Google Drive and Google One. Google Drive is a storage app where you can store your photos, video, files etc. but Google One manages your storage of Google Drive, Gmail, Google Plus etc.

10. Snapseed

Developed by Nik Software and now owned by Google is technically one of the apps developed by Google. It is a photo editing application available for both platforms. You can use the application to edit photos and apply filters. Try the app here.

11. Google Podcasts

Google Podcast is an app developed by Google. The app lets you play the podcasts from around the globe. You can also download the episodes to listen when the phone is offline. Try the app here.

12. Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

A new app from Google to track your activities. It tracks the number of activities including steps, active time and much more. The app is new, and Google is slowing adding new features to the app.

13. Find My Device

Find My Device is an official app from Google. It helps you find the lost device. The app works with SIM card to find the location of the device. It says location history to make easier to find a lost device.

14. Google Lens

Another app developed by Google is Google Lens. It is a camera app which identifies the objects in the image. From businesses information to fashion products, animals to places it works for lots of types of objects.

15. Google Family Link for parents

An app which can help you track your children time on the phone and current location. With the app, parents can limit the time for the children on the phone.

16. Measure – Quick Everyday Measurements

A simple measurement app developed by Google. The app can measure the size of the object placed on the group or on a flat surface.

17. Google Slides

An app for your presentation needs. With Google Slides you can create, share, collaborate into presentations.

18. Google Tips – Travel Planner

Google Trips – Travel Planner is a trip planner app developed by Google. The app lets you find beautiful destinations including nearby and other continents.

19. Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done

Google Tasks is a new app which lets you create tasks on your Android device.

20. Android TV Remote Control

Control your Android TV with Android TV Remote Control. The app lets you control your Android TV from the phone.

21. PhotoScan by Google

Want to save the hard copy of your photos as a digital copy? The app lets you take photos and save them as in the device.

22. Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (device and watch limited)

An official app from watches. Get things done easily with the Wear OS by Google Smartwatch.

23. Cardboard

Cardboard is an app developed by Google. The app lets you watch videos in VR. Cardboard Viewer is important for the app.

24. Android Accessibility Suite

It helps people use the device without seeing or touching your phone. You can enable the features in the app and enjoy the service.

25. Wallpapers

Want a new wallpaper daily? Wallpaper is an app from Google which can change your wallpaper each day.

26. YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is an app developed by Google. The app is for YouTube Creators. You can find helpful information like views, watch time, likes, subscribes, comments, card clicks, annotation clicks, and much more.

27. Android System WebView

A pre-installed app on the Android device. It helps Android apps to display web content.

28. Cloud Print

Print any document on your Android device. A supported printer is required to complete the action.

29. Google Street View

Street View right in your pocket. See the streets from around the world in the app.

30. Chrome Remote Desktop

Want to access your PC on your Android? Chrome Remote Desktop is an app developed by Google. With the app, you can access your PC.

31. Clock

A pre-installed simple Clock app from Google. Using Clock you can see time in different countries and make alarms.

32. Google My Business

Manage your business on-the-go. With Google My Business you can manage customer reviews and get custom insights for your business.

33. Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone

Helps you remove the unnecessary files from your phone. The phone uses AI to recommend the media to delete.

34. Google VR Services

The app works with Cardboard and Daydream to provide a rich experience of VR.

35. Google Classroom

An app from everyone to increase the chances of learning new things. The app can help you save a lot of time and do things.

36. Hangouts Meet

A video meeting app for Android. Video call to your friends and at the workplace with Hangouts Meet.

37. Inbox by Google

Get the emails you want. With Inbox by Google, you can ignore all the junk emails and receive the important ones.

38. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is for web developers. The app lets you track the visitors on your website. It also shows the real-time active yours on your site.

39. Chrome Beta

A Beta version of Google Chrome. You can test new features before the app officially releases. The app is a little bit different than the Google Chrome.

40. Google Handwriting Input

Want to turn your hand into a keyboard? With Google Handwriting Input, you can write with your hands.

41. Google Wifi

Replace your modem with Google Wifi and download the app to manage the connected devices.

42. Google Admin

Only for Google Cloud platform users. The app lets you manage your account on the phone.

43. Google Text-to-Speech

The application lets you convert the text into audio so you can enjoy listening to the messages and books.

44. Google Pinyin Input

Easily type in Chinese on Android. With Google Pinyin Input you can type in Chinese.

45. Daydream (device limited)

A VR app in your phone. Experience VR on Android device with Daydream. A Daydream supported device like Pixel is important to experience the VR.

46. Google Ads

Google Ads, past Google AdWords, is an advertising service from Google. It lets you track data like visit and clicks to your ad campaign.

47. Google Now Launcher

A launcher developed by Google. A simple launcher which can do all the things other launchers do.

48. YouTube VR (device limited)

Get the app in VR. Watch your favourite video in VR. The app can only be open in Daydream app so make sure you have a supported device.

49. Voice Access

Control your device with your spoken commands. Control your device with your commands (English only).

50. Daydream Keyboard

Need a keyboard in daydream applications? Download Daydream Keyboard and get access to a keyboard.

51. Google Japanese Input

Want to type in Japanese? Get the app and type in Japanese.

52. Google Arts & Culture

Willing to learn about Art, History, and Culture? Google Arts & Culture developed by Google is designed to give you tours to the amazing places and shows you amazing art.

53. Google Family Link for children & teens

An application for parents to look after their children. Get the information about your children phone and teach them how to use the phone carefully.

54. Expedition

Trips to around the world in virtual reality. Download the app and enjoy different places in VR.

55. Cloud Console

Manage your solution running on Google Cloud Platform. The service is only for Google Cloud Platform users.

56. Carrier Services

One of the apps developed by Google to enhance messaging and for battery optimizing.

57. Hangouts Dialer – Cell Phones

Call any number around the world. With Hangouts Dialer – Cell Phones you can dial any number.

58. Google Indic Keyboard

What is Indic? Indo-European languages comprising Sanskrit and the modern Indian languages which are its descendants. With Google Indic Keyboard you can type in 11 Indic languages.

59. Google My Maps

Make custom places, explore cities, and plan a vacation in Google My Maps app.

60. AdWords Express

Create an ad and reach people on Google and partner websites. With AdWords Express you can create an ad within 15 minutes.

61. Cardboard Camera

Take amazing photos in VR. Cardboard Camera works with Cardboard to capture the pictures.

62. YouTube Music

A YouTube app primary for music. You can find music you want on this YouTube Music app.

63. Google Home

Set up and manage your Google Home and Chromecast devices on the go with Google Home.

64. Google Play Games

With Google Play Games, games track activities like scores, achievements and users’ behaviour while in the game. To play most of the multiplayer games, Google Play Games is essential.

65. AdCore by Google

An argument reality app developed by Google. Experience argument reality and explore new ways to work and shop.

66. Google Opinion Rewards

Want to get free Google Play credit? Install Google Opinion Rewards and enable your location history. The app will ask you simple questions and you can get from 10 cents to $2 on each survey.

67. Google Authenticator

The authenticator is an app which lets you securely log in to your account. It also works with third-party services. You can log in to your Google Account without putting in your password using this app.

68. Android Auto – Google Maps, Media & Messaging (device and car limited)

An app from car riders. You can navigate, call, play music etc using the app. When the phone is connected to the car, Android car mode is enabled automatically.

69. Google Translate

You can translate the text in over 100 languages? Google Translate lets you translate, typed text, conversation, and photo in over 100 languages.70. Google Earth

With Google Earth, you can explore Earth, Moon, and Mars on your phone.

70. Google Photos

Get the photos from your drive instantly. Google Photos organizes your device and cloud photos in one place. It also suggests the memories for the same day.

71. Google Docs

All your documents in one place. Google Docs organize your documents from the device and the cloud.

72. Google Drive

Google Drive is a storage is one of the apps developed by Google. The is pre-installed on Android and with Google Drive, you can upload and see your files. You can also share your files with other people.

73. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a paid subscription application. After subscribing, you can get access to millions of songs. You can also watch the official YouTube video for a song in the app.

74. Google Play Movies

An app where you can find a lot of movies to watch. You can rent a movie and watch with the family.

75. Google Calendar

Simple calendar app which works with your Google account. You can set and view reminders.

76. Google Duo – High Quality Video Calls

High-quality video calls with Google Duo. You can send video messages or make high-quality video calls.

77. Contacts

Contacts app developed by Google. The app lets you save contacts, call contacts, check history etc.

78. Google Sheets

Working on spreadsheets? Download Google Sheets and work with your team on the go.

79. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a personal digital assistant which helps to get simple things done. You can ask the assistant to make calls, open apps, read a message and much more.

80. Google Play Books

Want to read books? Google Play Books lets you find books you love. Download books offline and read whenever you are offline.

81. Navigation for Google Maps Go

Have a low memory phone? Download Navigation for Google Maps Go to turn on voice navigation and real-time traffic updates.

82. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is an app developed by Google. With the app, you can find your favourite podcasts.

83. YouTube

Everyone knows this app. YouTube is an online video-sharing website where you can find videos on any topic.

84. Google+

Google+ or Google Plus is a social media platform from Google. The app is developed by Google which allows you to post, share, and like the content posted by other people.

85. Google Lens

With Google Lens, you can identify the places, animals, shopping items, and much more.

86. Google PDF Viewer

A simple PDF application by Google. PDF Viewer is pre-installed is some of the devices and with the app, you can open PDF documents.

87. Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

Google Chrome is a web browser available on lots of platforms. The is a pre-installed app on Android devices, and it syncs with your Google account to transfer your activities including history and accounts.

88. Google Maps Go – Traffic & Transit

A light version of Google Maps. Download the app and enjoy maps. The app requires Chrome to work properly.

89. Messages

A pre-installed app on Android devices is Messages. Send, receive, search for messages on Messages app developed by Google.

90. Maps – Navigation & Explore

With Maps, you can find the direction to the same country for the car, public transport, cycle, walk, taxi etc. It also gives a lot of information for the businesses.

91. Gmail

A mail system by Google. Gmail is an Android application pre-installed on Android devices. You can check out your emails, send emails, attach images, videos, and files.

92. Blogger

Blogger is a service by Google. You can access your blogs and write a blog on your Android device.

93. YouTube Kids for Android TV

YouTube Kids is for Android TV. Download the app and enjoy YouTube especially designed for kids.

94. Chrome Dev

Want to be a tester? Try Chrome Dev and try new features before they are officially live.

95. Google Apps Device Policy

The app is only for G SUIT users. It helps you manage your company.

96. Toontastic 3D

Create and move own made cartoons with Toontastic 3D.

97. Trusted Contacts

Share your location, your phone status, and alert your family with Trusted Contacts.

98. Datally: mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google

Save mobile data and WiFI with Datally – mobile data-saving & WiFi app by Google. The app is developed by Google for you, so you can save mobile and WiFi data.

99. Calculator

A pre-installed app on most of the Android devices. the Calculator is a basic calculator app by Google. In the app, you can do simple calculations and check the history.

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