4 App Cloner Apps Like Parallel Space for Android 10

Parallel Space is an app cloner application available on Google Play. The app lets you install or clone apps. Parallel Space is available for free, although device and OS (Android 10) comparability sometimes don’t mix and match. In that situation, you can’t do anything except finding an alternate. An alternate is what we will be looking for in this article. The post covers the 4 apps like Parallel Space.

Why you need an alternative?

Recent news has come through that Parallel Space can’t support Android 10. One of my site users encountered this issue, and when they tried to contact the support, the team responded: “We are aware of this issue and finding a solution”. The team has also removed the app for Android 10 users. Well, if you are updating to Android 10 or already have, then the blog post: Parallel Space alternatives is for you.

Apps like Parallel Space

Dual Space

Image Showing Dual Space App
Dual Space App

An excellent service which allows you to add as many apps as you want. The app is one of the simplest and doesn’t require that much effort. Dual Space is fully compatible with Android 10 (I have tested, and it says in the description). The app offers the privacy zone, which means your information will be hidden from the device.

The app is lightweight, but still, if your device can’t support, then Dual Space Lite is also available. There is no restriction on features in the free version, but an ad-free version for around $8 is available. You might also need the Dual Space 64-Bit Support app as some apps require that. Check out the app here.

Multiple Accounts

Image Showing Multiple Accounts App
Multiple Accounts App

Another app, like Parallel Space, Multiple Accounts, is an alternative as it allows you to use multiple accounts simultaneously. The app is easy to use and takes as little as 12 MB of storage. Another advantage is the app supports 64-Bit, making it one of the apps like Parallel Space. You can enjoy two apps at the same time in the free version, but to use three or more, you’ll have to purchase a plan starting from $7/month. The subscription also offers ad-free, VIP zone to hide apps and security lock.

Clone App

Another Parallel Space alternative is Clone App. The app is ad-free and compatible with Android 10. My favourite feature is the dark mode of WhatsApp. Yes, it provides a WhatsApp dark mode for free. You can also try WhatsApp gold and colour modes if you like. The app itself is 12 MB with over 500,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.4.

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Multi Clone

Another app is available to download for free. Fully compatible with Android 10 and no need to download 64-Bit Support. Multi Clone is easy to use, and you can import as many apps you want for free. The Members Centre contains some extra tools and features. The ad-free version is also available starting at $3 per month. Install the app from here.


I tested over eight apps, but only the above four could work on my Nokia 8.1. I hope the article apps like Parallel Space helped. Thanks for having a read and let me know if you have any comments or questions in the comments below.