4 Best Free On-Screen Piano Apps (iOS and Android) in 2020

Music is part of our lives. Many people have skills, and playing the piano is one of them. There are many apps on Android and iOS which offer to learn piano if you have a piano, but there are a few which provide the feature to play the piano on the mobile phone. On-screen piano helps in learning and understanding piano before you can spend money on a piano. In this blog post, we will explore the four apps to learn to play the Piano on your smartphone.


The video covers the same four on-screens apps for Android and iOS. You get to see how all look and work, and understand which one to choose.

Piano by Yousician

Piano App Screenshot
Piano App Screenshot

The Piano app offers to practice and play at the same time. There is a missions tab in which you practise different songs. Meanwhile, on the home screen, you can see songs and handy tutorials depending on your current course. Apart from that, there are challenges and workouts to help you achieve the goals. Some songs are premium, and if you want to play any of those, you will have to subscribe.

The keyboard interface is much easier, and it downloads the content from the internet before playing. As you start a song, the app asks to touch on the keys to show how it performs. Once the tutorial is complete, you touch on the highlighted buttons to play.

Real Piano Teacher

Real Piano Screenshot
Real Piano Screenshot

The app comes with two main parts. In one part, you learn to play the piano where a voice guides you about chords and keys. As the instructor explains, you practise different tactics. There are so many tutorials to learn before you can start play on your own. The second part is where you get to play on your own. The app offers many songs such as Jingle Bells, Ode To Joy etc. Some are free while for others you will have to watch a video ad.

The app allows you to select between an on-screen keyboard or a USB keyboard connected directly to your phone. Moreover, the app shows advertisements throughout the app, but you can unlock all the songs and enjoy an ad-free experience for $5.

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Piano – Play and Learn free Songs

Piano - Play and Learn free Songs Screenshot
Piano – Play and Learn free Songs Screenshot

Although the app does not come with any tutorials, it offers a wide range of songs. It also helps you learn to play all those songs. Most of the songs can be played and practised with coins, but you can watch a video ad to get 51 coins. Most of the songs can be practised for 100 coins or fewer, but some popular songs cost more.

Before starting, you have an opportunity to choose the setup. You can start with the beginner’s level in which you only see some dots, and you have to tap at the specific times. The intermediate and advanced levels allow using multiple fingers at the same time. The app offers the keyboard option as well if you want to practise on an on-screen keyboard. The app comes with a pro plan which costs a few bucks a month and gives you access to all the songs for free.

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Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano App Screenshot
Perfect Piano App Screenshot

Perfect Piano offers an on-screen piano. The app is simple enough to use, and it comes with a learn to play section, in which you can see songs. Below each song, the difficulty level is visible. You can also browse online content to learn. Before starting a song, you choose the level, guide mode, and practise mode. The app can also record your practice, and the data can be found in the recordings section on the home screen. Apart from that:

  1. There is a keyboard option with no tutorials to play whatever you like,
  2. a multiplayer game where you play with other players online,
  3. a multiplayer connect option to connect with other pianists, and
  4. the piano circle screen which shows some videos of people playing the piano.


Alright, those were the four on-screen keyboard apps to help you learn piano. I’m not a pianist, but being in the IT industry, I came to mind to cover those on-screen keyboard apps. Anyway, thanks for reading. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, so we can discuss more.

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