3 Best Instagram Tools To Grow Your Insta Quickly

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3 Best Instagram Tools

3 Best Instagram Tools

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the fastest grossing social media platforms. Being one of the most popular, it does not offer any tools to manage your account. It is difficult to check the status, follow and unfollow, see who follows you and who don’t, edit great photos for Instagram, etc. especially if you have many followers. I tested ten Instagram tools. Some worked and some had minimal features. The article is the results of that test. It covers the best Instagram tools available right now.

CCSoft+ Followers Analyzer / Followers Tool for Instagram (Instagram analytics)

One of the best Instagram tools, CCSoft+ is not entirely free, but it supports a lot of features which other apps don’t. The first thing about the app is analytics. It shows the stats for the below features.

  1. Past seven days posts, likes, and comments counts.
  2. Total likes.
  3. Total followers.
  4. Following.
  5. Total posts.
  6. New following.
  7. New followers.
  8. Lost following.
  9. People you follow and don’t who follow you back.
  10. The number of users who have blocked you.

Other than above, you can find Instagram users, follow user followers, follow user following. You can follow multiple users of users who you follow, or someone follows you. You can also add multiple accounts. That’s all in the free version. The plans come with different subscription options and over ten premium features including story analysis, story engagements, follow by gender in location, follow users in location, follow users posts likers and several more. The app is one of the best Instagram tools available right now. Download CCSoft+Followers Tools for Instagram on iOS here and Android here.


  1. So many features in one app. If you are serious about spending money then CCSOft+Followers Tool for Instagram is the app to discover.
  2. The app comes with several subscription packs with different features in each.


  1. There is no lifetime subscription plan.

Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete (profile clean)

Cleaner for Instagram

Cleaner for Instagram

It is a simple yet effective app. It shows your followers and following. The essential feature is bulk selecting. The app lets you select multiple users and unfollow them. You can go to anyone’ profile by tapping and holding the profile picture. You can also see your media with likes and comments counts. Holding a photo opens up the photo. You can download or delete multiple photos at the same time. Cleaner app also shows who follows you and who don’t to make it easier to manage. The app is free. However, the app only works free for a limited time. Some other options are also available in the settings menu including stats, activity log, filter lists etc. Check out the app on the App Store and Google Play Store.


  1. Multi-select users and media are the best features for managing your Insta.


  1. The app is free for a limited time. You’ll have to purchase the pro or the cloud plan after running 50 processes (actions). You can check out the status in the settings menu.
  2. The app stops working and shows nothing sometimes. Restarting the app fixes the issue.

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Gbox (for editing)

Gbox is not an analytical app for Instagram. The app is the ultimate place for media. The app lets you do many things.

  1. You can create 9-grid photos. A photo which splits into nine pieces and you upload it to Instagram.
  2. Gbox lets you choose different fonts which you can copy and paste in your posts.
  3. You can find colours in a picture. You can upload a photo to find all the colours in the photo. The tool shows you the name of the colour with its hexadecimal code which you can paste on Google to read more.
  4. Find the best hashtags for a photo. This is a premium feature, but you can test it for a couple of times in the free version. Hashtags tool finds the most related 30 hashtags about the photo you upload.
  5. Add glitch effects to photos. Glitch effect tool adds new glitch effects to your photos.
  6. Add no crop posts.
  7. Repost something on your Instagram. All you have to do is copy the post link and come back to the tool. It comes with great editing tools to edit the past before reposting.
  8. Swipe photo: This tool cuts your photo into three pieces. The tool works like the 9-grid tool, but it only cuts the photo horizontally.
  9. HD DP Viewer: If you have the username of the account, you can view and download their profile picture in HD.
  10. Split video: You can split the large videos t into smaller ones.
  11. Add space between the text.

The app is not entirely free, and some of the tools might not work in the free version, or they only work for a limited time. You can sign in with your Instagram account to unlock every feature. Download the app from App Store here and Google Play Store here.

Gbox app video review


  1. All in one Insta tool.


  1. Not so good support.
  2. The features are limited without an Instagram account login.

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In conclusion

There are so many apps out there. Instagram is one of the places to grow your fan base, and the more you manage and post onto your account, the more follows you get. Here is the end of 3 best Instagram tools available right now. I hope the article helped. Please let me know if any of the information is wrong, and if you want to share your thoughts, please write down in the comments below. The post was last edited by Madhsudhan on 20/Aug/2019.

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