5 Best Online Grammar and Punctuation Checkers in 2019

Digital communication in 2019 requires close expertise in writing, especially when it comes to clarity, coherence, and, most importantly, correctness. Although one might be a genuine grammar freak, communication in the online field requires flawless typing. In modern realities, no one would ever contact you in terms of business affairs if your digital communication is full of errors, both grammar and punctuation.

So, what might be a panacea in such regard? The easiest solution is to look for the best writing assistant tool. It’s not easy to find one these days because there are so many out there. But, what if the tool is recommended by experts?  Well, considering that, we went to talk to some of the writing experts and here are the 5 best online grammar and punctuation checker tools in 2019.

1. Grammarly


It would be silly from our side to make a list of the best grammar and punctuation checker tools without this groundbreaking platform. It’s now used by millions of people worldwide, both for business and academic purposes. Now, it wouldn’t be a big of a surprise to tell that the offices of huge corporations now have corporate Grammarly accounts.

This tiny Ukrainian startup has brought a real revolution on the market by offering superb algorithms, which spot grammar and punctuation errors easily. Since this platform is continually developing and progressing, it also efficiency works as a browser extension. So, what makes Grammarly such an appealing choice for so many users across the globe.

Some other features of Grammarly include the recognition of Australian and British English languages as well as full compatibility with recent additions, such as tone detection and contextual spelling advancements. You might even use a free version of Grammarly, but we commonly advise using a Premium one because of a crucial value you receive for the offered cost.

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2. Ginger


Now, here comes a platform that was once dominating the market of grammar and punctuation checker tools. Ginger Software was an Israeli startup, launched in 2007, which initially aimed to simplify digital communication for people with dyslexia. As Ginger progressed, its functionality couldn’t be unspotted in the early 2010s.

This online tool operates on the basis of natural language processing mechanisms, coupled with extended contextual databases. For ordinary users, that means that the context of your writing will be considered while checking a text. Also, the developers constructed Ginger in a way that allows eliminating nearly 95 per cent of all written errors, both grammar and punctuation. Regardless of whether you’re a native English speaker or not, Ginger might become a precaution measure, which is obligatory for eliminating failures in terms of digital communication.

When it comes to pricing and specific subscription packages, kindly check the official regulations on the website of Ginger Software. Since Ginger efficiently works on various platforms, ranging from desktop operating systems to mobile versions, feel free to choose Ginger on any of the preferred devices.

3. Hemingway Editor


One of the most widely used grammar and punctuation checkers online, Hemingway Editor is definitely worth your attention. Although its use is somewhat limited to eliminate lengthy and unnecessary constructions, don’t forget that those complex elements might be deteriorating. Hemingway was known for his unique and straightforward prose, which had no complex elements.

Being concise and coherent would become your main insights while using Hemingway Editor. Its use is entirely free on the browser so that you wouldn’t be obsessed with paying extra money for unlocking advanced features. Alternatively, you might purchase a desktop version, which costs $19.99 as a one-time fee. If you’re aiming to deliver straightforward and meaningful language constructions without extra details and obsessive elements, Hemingway Editor has something to offer to you.

However, the primary intention of this software is to make writing more clear and readable, meaning that it lacks punctuation, spelling, and grammar tools by itself. That means that you should use Hemingway Editor coupled with another decent online tool, such as those reviewed above.

4. LanguageTool


Another top-notch online grammar and punctuation checker tool, LanguageTool has proved itself as being consistent in terms of the delivered quality and value. The users of this platform might create their own personal dictionaries for proper nouns and other words, which are not included in the public analogs. The quality of the error flagging is decent, whereas cross-language compatibility might be persuasive for some users.

Moreover, LanguageTool also has browser extensions, which are perfectly suitable for checking grammar and punctuation in your email box or company’s dashboard. Regardless of the domain where you use LanguageTool, be sure that the company supports all platforms, even the desktop ones, such as LibreOffice or Microsoft Word.

The only drawback of LanguageTool that should be mentioned is that plagiarism checker isn’t provided. However, if you aim to check grammar and punctuation without using any other features, LanguageTool might become an irreplaceable option. The Premium version costs nearly $6.50 monthly, which may be a decent investment in your flawless digital communication.

5. ProWritingAid


Here comes a real underdog, ProWritingAid. This platform offers excellent grammar and punctuation checking facilities, at the same time, offering mentorship services. By referring to mentorship, we think about countless suggestions on how to make your writing better. Even if your piece is free of grammar errors, maybe you have dozens of mistakes pertaining to punctuation, style, or tone?

So, ProWritingAid is capable of making your grammar correct, clean, and neat. The platform works by generating 25 various reports, ranging from sentence length and homonyms to grammar errors and punctuation-related suggestions. By having three pricing options, such as free version and two premium ones, ProWritingAid is something that you should definitely try using.

What else?

Confidence is also one of the essential skills for writing creatively. The above tools are industry-leading, but the only problem is, some features may only be available in the premium plan, and the tools ask you to pay yearly or monthly fee in advance. If you just want something done without purchasing any subscription, then you can check out EssayShark which helps you connect to expert writers who already have experience and access to these tools.

In Conclusion

Regardless of what platform you choose, after all, all of them might make your writing more applicable to error-free standards. While some platforms have unique features, others offer consistency in use via algorithm-based design. Overall, be sure to use at least one or even multiple online grammar and punctuation checker tools to make your writing flawless, especially when it comes to work-related scenarios.

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