4 Apps Like Parallel Space Which Work in 2019

Parallel space is an app cloner application available on Google Play. The app lets you install or clone apps. Parallel Space is available for free, although device and OS comparability sometimes don’t mix and match. In that situation, you can’t do anything except finding an alternate. An alternate is what we will be looking for in this article. The post covers the 4 apps like Parallel Space. Continue reading “4 Apps Like Parallel Space Which Work in 2019”

Photoshop Express vs Lightroom Mobile: Which One is For You in 2019?

Photoshop Express vs Lightroom
Photoshop Express vs Lightroom

The debate between Photoshop Express vs Lightroom has been going on for about the past decade, as this is how old Lightroom is. For digital photographers, both offer great features, function, and online tools for editing. But, you want to know whether to invest in Photoshop Express or Lightroom, based upon your photography needs. Let’s delve into each program. Continue reading “Photoshop Express vs Lightroom Mobile: Which One is For You in 2019?”

Anonymous VPN Review – How this Multi Platform VPN Fits in 2019?

Anonymous VPN Review
Anonymous VPN Review

When it comes to VPN, you want fast and reliable service. VPN is essential for many purposes, and a powerful VPN can hide you from many organisations. Anonymous VPN is a VPN client with a mission. Most of the VPN software packages offer fast speed and unmetered bandwidth with a small fee. The problem with digital products is, you must make sure that you are buying something suitable for your needs. Anonymous VPN may not be so popular, but it is super fast. Being a customer, it’s is my duty to write an Anonymous VPN review. We will go through its features and do some tests to find out whether it is the right VPN client for you. Continue reading “Anonymous VPN Review – How this Multi Platform VPN Fits in 2019?”

VMOS Review – Best Samsung Knox Alternative in 2019?


VMOS, an alternative to Samsung Knox is an application available for free on Google Play. VMOS is a virtual machine (VM) based app. You can call VMOS an emulator or apps cloner. We have seen these kinds of technologies in Samsung devices (Samsung Knox). VMOS is much more than Samsung Knox. Well, this is not a comparison, so I’ll move towards what is for you in this article. The article covers VMOS review in 2019. We’ll be going through functionalities and what you can get by installing this app. We will also go through some of the issues I encountered while testing. Continue reading “VMOS Review – Best Samsung Knox Alternative in 2019?”

How to Use Uber Driver App in 2019 – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Uber Logo
Uber Logo

Uber is one of the services where there is the constant use of mobile. The Uber Driver app is specially designed for Uber drivers around the world. In every country, the app is the same with small tweaks. Mastering Uber Driver app is essential because you want to be on top of the game and earn money smartly and quickly. For all those new Uber drivers, here is a how-to-use Uber Driver app in 2019. This tutorial will cover most of the app features including trips, earnings, account, interface, settings etc. Continue reading “How to Use Uber Driver App in 2019 – Step-by-Step Tutorial”

Google Go Review – What’s Different in the New Search App?

Google Go is a an app in the market and Google has suggested that the app is the lighter version of the Google search app. The app occupies 28 MB of storage wheres Google search app occupies 268 MB of storage. Google Go is designed for mid-range devices and supports a few features which the original app does, and some with limited functionality. After using Google Go for a couple of weeks here is a complete Google Go review. In this article, we will be looking at every bit of the app and see if the app is right for you. Continue reading “Google Go Review – What’s Different in the New Search App?”

Facebook Lite vs Facebook – Which One is for You?


The article covers Facebook Lite vs Facebook in 2019. Both are different apps, and when you search for one, you get recommendations about the other one. Facebook Lite and Facebook may look similar because most of the common features are available in both. You’ll see the difference when you are after something rare such as find W-Fi or nearby friends. To uncover these missing features and why Facebook Lite is so lite with so many features, I have written this article Facebook Lite vs Facebook. In this article, we are going to compare the interface, explore the missing features, storage, data, and finally, which one is for you. Continue reading “Facebook Lite vs Facebook – Which One is for You?”

5 Best Selfie Apps in 2019 – Take Your Selfies to the Next Level


Taking that picture-perfect selfie can sometimes be too challenging, and we usually go through several attempts before you’re satisfied with your shot. There are times when we can’t find the right angle. The shot looks too dull or too dark, or you feel like you want to enhance some of your facial features to make you look radiant and blooming. Continue reading “5 Best Selfie Apps in 2019 – Take Your Selfies to the Next Level”

4 Best Improve your Spelling Apps in 2019 – Both Platforms

4 Improve Spelling Apps
4 Improve Spelling Apps

What is the best improve spelling app out there? Spelling is one of the pillars of the English language. There can be many reasons, why some people can’t spell correctly. Some people even believe that spelling is part of the IQ, But I don’t think that because nobody’s perfect and everyone cannot be a master at everything. Improving spelling can be hard because once you stop using a word, you forget it’s spelling. This is the reason I have written 4 best improve spelling apps for iOS and Android in 2019. Continue reading “4 Best Improve your Spelling Apps in 2019 – Both Platforms”

Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos – Which One is For You?

Google recently published a new app Gallery Go by Google Photos. The app is another Photos app. There is already one app Google Photos out there, then why Google has released the new app? With growing internet and fast connections, it has become easier to manage photos saved online, but the fast connection is not available everywhere. The article is all about the difference between Google Photos and Gallery Go by Google Photos. We will compare both the apps and see what’s the difference, what features are missing in Gallery Go, and finally, which one should you use. The article is the final place for Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos.

Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos

The step by step compassion follows in the below categories. You can click if you are only interested in a specific part of the comparison.

  1. Interface.
  2. What features are the same?
  3. Missing features in Gallery Go.
  4. Missing features in Google Photos.
  5. Editor.
  6. Storage.
  7. Which one is for me?
  8. In conclusion.

1. Interface differences

Google Photos and Gallery Go Interface
Google Photos and Gallery Go Interface

Everyone knows about Google Photos. The main interface is the first viewable part of the app, and we have four options down the below. On Gallery Go by Google Photos, there are only two options. The assistant which is my favourite feature as it informs me about past events, memories, suggests to free up memory by deleting the unnecessary media, and creates animations, colleges etc. is missing. The second feature which is missing in Gallery Go by Google Photos is sharing. You can still share the media, but the specific place where you can see and manage all the shared items is missing. When you open Gallery Go by Google Photos, you find the photos sorted in different albums including selfie, nature, people etc. The app is simple to use.

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What features are available in both

Features including sharing media, sorting media in folders, viewing folders, playing videos, deleting media, and editor (limited features in Gallery Go) are available.

What is missing in Gallery Go

As we have already mentioned that the assistant and sharing tab is missing. With those two, you can’t find location settings, search option, back up and sync options, Google Lens and PhotoScan support, and account management options. With those features missing, the app does not require location, telephone, and contacts permissions, making it easier to use and lightweight.

What features are missing in Google Photos

Gallery Go Night Mode GIF 2
Gallery Go Night Mode GIF 2

The app is the parent doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. There is one feature which is missing, but soon Google will implement that in Google Photos. The function is called the dark mode. Gallery Go comes with a dark mode which looks great at all the times. The photo viewing window and the sharing media feature are better in Gallery Go. Tapping on the Share button pops up the three most frequently used apps with the Other button which pops up the basic sharing window.

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Google Photos and Gallery Go by Google Photos Editors

Both apps are equipped with an editor. While Google Photos comes with a fully-featured editor, Gallery Go by Google Photos comes with a one-touch auto-enhance option. On Google Photos, you have options including auto-enhance, effects, brightness, contrast, crop, rotate, and advanced tools which we see on the editor screen. Gallery Go, on the other hand, comes with an option to auto-enhance the photo on the media view screen. You can also go to the editor to add effects, rotate and crop the photo and save a copy of it.

Moving to the video editing part of Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos, the editor in Google Photos has options to trim, rotate, and stabilise the video, while in Gallery GO, you have the only option to trim the video.


Google Photos vs Gallery Go - Storage Difference
Google Photos vs Gallery Go – Storage Difference

Storage impacts on the comparison as there is a vast difference. Google Photos take 89.03 MB of storage while Gallery Go occupies 21.97 MB. That means we can install four Gallery Go apps on the place of Google Photos. Also, fewer features and less storage implies the app will run faster.

Which one is for you?

Go with Gallery Go if you are under one or more options.

  • If you have an old device with an old OS and less than 1 GB RAM.
  • If Google Photos is slow.
  • Gallery Go is for you if your phone has less than 32GB of storage.
  • If you don’t have access to the internet all the time of the internet is expensive.
  • If you don’t use Google Drive.

Well if you don’t fall into one of above, then you should continue using Google Photos.

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In conclusion

Here is the end of the Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos. Gallery Go can save a bunch of space, and it can run quicker, but favourite apps are unreplaceable. I hope the article helped. Thanks for having a read. Which app do you use? Have you tried Gallery Go yet? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Also, please let me know if any of the information is missing on this page, I’ll update as soon as possible.

Image information: The images used are the property of Google. The images are the original screenshots of the apps. Last modified by Madhsudhan on 22/Aug/2019.

3 Best Apps to Grow Instagram Quickly in 2019

Apps to Grow Instagram
Apps to Grow Instagram

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the fastest grossing social media platforms. Despite being one of the popular, it does not offer many tools to manage your account. It is difficult to check status, follow and unfollow, see who follows you and who doesn’t, edit great photos, etc., especially if you have many followers. Continue reading “3 Best Apps to Grow Instagram Quickly in 2019”

Showbox App Review Details, Features – Is Showbox Safe?

Showbox App Logo
Showbox App Logo

The article covers the Showbox app review and features. Millions of users (over 60 according to their website) enjoy free movies and TV shows on services like Showbox. It’s an online media and video streaming service available for free. You can expect the latest movies uploaded within days; even the movie is still in the cinema. The review is all about the Showbox app with every little detail.

What is Showbox

Showbox or Show Box is a streaming service. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows online for free of charge. You don’t need to create an account. Showbox has over 60 million active users across all platforms.

Showbox app platforms

The app is not just available on Android. It is available on PC, Mac, and iPhone. It’s somewhat different from installing on iPhone as you need a separate app. On PC, the simple procedure of downloading the file is followed, but the file is a downloader which downloads the app itself. You can easily install the app on Mac. On Android, you can download from many websites. The app is available on multiple platforms, but I’ll be focusing on the Android version as that one is the most popular and the features on other platforms are almost the same.

Installing Showbox on iPhone

The Showbox app review also covers the installation guide for the iPhone. Installing Showbox on iPhone requires vShare. In that app, you’ll have to search for Moviebox. The name is different, but the app is the same. Once downloaded, you can enjoy free movies and TV shows.


Showbox App Permissions
Showbox App Permissions

Beside not being an official app, the app requires a few permissions.

  1. Showbox requires the location permission, which was the reason for me to add permissions to the Showbox app review. Why does it ask for the location? Well, to show you the ads related to your device location. The trick here is even you turn off the location; it can still estimate the tower-based location. So, as long as you open the app, and you are online, the app can access your location.
  2. The second one is for downloading the media to your device.
  3. I don’t know why it reads the phone’s identity and status, but my closest guess is it is also related to ads.


On Android, the app shows the latest movies’ news. You get to see celebrities review, chats, talks, interviews etc. The screen is called Trending. It comes with a button to see all the news with the left menu. Touching on See More option separates movies news and TV shows news.
You can sort the movies by rating and the added time. There are over 15 genres to choose from. Meanwhile, you can also select the releasing year of the movie to filter the movie screen. The options are available in the top-right menu.

The left menu

Showbox App Left Menu
Showbox App Left Menu

The evergreen left menu is part of the Showbox app. It comes with trending, movies, TV shows, news, trailers, favourites, downloads, new releases, and settings options. As I’ve already mentioned in the trending section, we get the news. In the movies section, we get the latest movies. In TV shows we get TV shows. The news section shows the same news which we see in the trending section. I don’t know why there is a separate section for news. By tapping on trailers, we can see the movies’ and shows’ trailers. In the favourites menu, we have the movies we like. In the new releases, we can see the newly released movies and TV shows, and lastly, in the settings menu, we can change the settings including when to download movies and change the quality of the video etc.
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Movie Information

Showbox Movie Information
Showbox Movie Information

When you touch a movie or a TV show, another screen pops-up with the Watch Now and Download buttons. Things go a little bit messy here, and I’ll explain what, but let’s discover the screen first. On the top, we have the favourite option with share and select the server option. On the bottom, we have the movie name, releasing year, the genre with the movie rating. After that, we have the information about the movie with the watch trailer button. If you swipe down, you will be able to see the related movies. The download button shows you the servers to download the film. If the video is not available for direct download, then you have the option to download the movie via one of the torrent servers. Touching the watch now shows you the media player.

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Media Player

Showbox Video Player
Showbox Video Player

Unfortunately, the Showbox app does not come with its own media player. For the app to work properly, you will have to download Lime Player. The app shows that it is going to support MX Player and XPlayer very soon. To install Lime Player, you can click install button which will go to the Play Store link where you can download the line player. Lime Player is a separate app, and it’s not a part of the Showbox app review.

Problems with Showbox

The app has a couple of issues. The first one is you have to download a separate app on Android to watch movies. Without a video player, you can not watch videos, but you can still download the videos. Secondly, it shows ads which may not be suitable for all users. Although there is an option to disable the adult ads and the option comes enabled by default.

Is Showbox app legal?

It’s a big No! Why? Because of a few reasons.

  1. The first reson is the app is not available on official stores which means the app has unlimited access to our phone. Usually, when we download an app, Google Play and App Store protect us by scanning the app. We are not installing the app from stores, that means if anything happens including data hacking or a virus, no one is responsible.
  2. The second reason is, selling something without paying to the original creator is illegal. Why Netflix pays to the movie creators? Because that’s a legal thing to do.

The app is great and you get to see the new movies in good quality. If you still want to enjoy Showbox, at least use some sort of VPN to hide your identity. There are many free VPNs available to try. Check out the article free VPNs which can be helpful while watching on Showbox.

In conclusion

Here is the end of Showbox app review. There are a few services out there which allow you to watch free movies online, and Showbox is one of the easy to navigate apps. I hope that the review covered everything you wanted to know. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and if I missed anything or any of the information is wrong, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Madhsudhan last edited the post on 15/Oct/2019. The images are the screenshots of the app. A screenshot is the property of the app developer.