SwiftKey vs Gboard – Which One is the Ultimate Choice in 2019?

SwiftKey vs Gboard
SwiftKey vs Gboard

Google has developed over 70 apps for Android. One of them is Gboard, also called Google Keyboard. Many companies are dominating certain areas of Android. I have been using SwiftKey and Gboard for over eight months, and if anyone asks me the difference between SwiftKey and Gboard, I can explain without any hesitation. From my experience here is the ultimate SwiftKey vs Gboard blog post. Continue reading “SwiftKey vs Gboard – Which One is the Ultimate Choice in 2019?”

HERE WeGo vs Waze – Which One is Better in 2019?

HERE WeGo vs Waze
HERE WeGo vs Waze

Two navigational apps from two different companies are here on a table. HERE WeGo formerly known as Here Maps is operated by Here Global and Waze is owned and operated by Google. How do both apps stand against each other? Let’s find out in the ultimate battle of HERE WeGo vs Waze. 

Info: The comparison is based on rounds. After each round, the winning app gets one point.

Table of contents

  1. Comparison video
  2. Routing
  3. Voice navigation
  4. Reporting
  5. Transit options
  6. Offline navigation
  7. Other features
  8. Which one is better where?

Comparison video

The video explains how both work and react on the road. None of the services is perfect and in HERE WeGo vs Waze comparison, we saw something similar.


HERE WeGo vs Waze - Routing
HERE WeGo vs Waze – Routing

With the help of AI and data provided by the app/user, both services calculate the traffic. To dig deeper, I took a test drive (above video) to find the difference. Take a look at the below results.

ServiceETA on startETA on endDist. on startDist. on end
HERE WeGo19:0916:3510 km9.3 km
Waze19:0616:359.1 km9.3 km

Regarding the traffic, Both did a good job. Initially, the arrival time in Waze was quicker, and the distance was less than in HERE WeGo. But, I had to favour HERE WeGo sometimes to make it an even comparison.

Score: HERE WeGo: 0 | Waze: 0. Reviews: Both get data from multiple sources. HERE WeGo data tends to be more accurate than Waze because anyone on Waze can report the wrong traffic. This round is a tie.

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Voice navigation

HERE WeGo comes with about 78 different voices in many languages, while Waze offers about 73 voice options. A beneficial thing in Waze is to record personal voice for turns and stuff.

Score: HERE WeGo: 0 | Waze: 0. Reviews: More languages or your voice? It’s a decision of a user.


Both offer some reporting tools. Waze has an edge on reporting features because of its user based reporting tool. Take a look at the below table for all the features.

FeatureHERE WeGoWaze
Speed camera✔️✔️
Speed limit✔️✔️
Vehicle’s speed✔️✔️
Static speed camera✔️✔️
Mobile speed cameraUser-provided
Road closureUser-provided
Object on roadUser-provided
Disabled vehicleUser-provided
Fuel pricesUser-provided
Roadside help✔️
Disabled vehicleUser-provided


Waze uses a scoreboard system where users can contribute. The user-based reporting tools in the above section are the features which can be reported. Depending on the user level, the report is sent to the server. The more a person reports, the more points they get. This feature helps Waze report many things around the area.

Score: HERE WeGo: 0 | Waze: 1. Reviews: This round goes to Waze.

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Transit options

There is no comparison regarding the transport options. HERE WeGo has more transit options than Waze.

FeatureHERE WeGoWaze
Taxi driving✔️
Public transport✔️

Score: HERE WeGo: 1 | Waze: 1. Reviews: This round goes to HERE WeGo.

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Offline navigation

HERE WeGo allows downloading maps for different areas. Depending on your location, you can download your city, state or even the whole country’s map. It comes handy when you are in remote areas, or you don’t have enough data left. The app will not be able to give you traffic updates, but it would give you the smallest route. Waze does not allow to download maps on your phone.

Score: HERE WeGo: 2 | Waze: 1. Reviews:  HERE WeGo gets this round too.

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Other features


  • You can view satellite, transit, and traffic modes.
  • The service offers to view business information such as phone number, website, opening hours etc.
  • HERE WeGo shows all the possible ways to get to a location in the same window.


  • You can switch between 2D and 3D mode.
  • You can talk to Waze by saying OK Waze.
  • Waze supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


  • Both offer a web map editor. HERE WeGo also provides a map editor app.
  • Night mode is available in both.

Which one is better where?

The answer to this question is complicated. Here is a list of which service is better where.

  1. If you travel to remote areas often then you should go with HERE WeGo and download maps.
  2. In the city, both would work fine, but if you want to stay up to date with surrounding, then Waze is better.
  3. For public transport, taxi, ride-share, and walk, HERE WeGo is your choice.
  4. Love to help the community, Waze is there.

In conclusion

The end of this comparison is here. Thanks for having a read and I hope the comparison HERE WeGo vs Waze helped. Please feel free to share your views regarding both services and in the comments below and subscribe to the newsletter for updates and new blog posts.

Disclosure: Images used in this blog post are the screenshots of the apps. A screenshot is most likely the copyright of the app owner. The blog post was last updated by Madhsudhan on 10/Nov/2019.

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Which One is the Best Plagiarism Checker in 2019? Conducting Tests

Plagiarism is one of the vital problems on the internet. From universities to search engines every tool checks for the plagiarism before anything else. Are you confused which Plagiarism Checker you should trust? In this post, I have put the top 8 plagiarism checkers to find out the best Plagiarism checkers. The post is going to test below tools, and we will put some hard to find text on the internet to see which tools are the best to check for the plagiarism.

Please note that this is the second test and the final results in the test are the combined scores from the previous test and current test. Tools we are going to check are:

  1. Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools.
  3. Grammarly (paid).
  4. Dupli Checker.
  5. EduBirdie.
  6. Quetext.
  7. PaperRater.
  8. Plagium.

Testing the text from one of my newly written posts

Before we begin, there are quite a few things which we must keep in mind before finding the best plagiarism checker. The first thing is, a plagiarism checker is the best if it can check the newest possible writing and it can guide us to the original content. Considering that, I’m going to test a piece of text from one of my new posts and see which plagiarism checkers can detect the text.

The text I’m going to test is from the post SwiftKey Keyboard vs Gboard and compare the functionality for each checker. The best Plagiarism Checker will most likely to show me the plagiarised text with the link, and hopefully, all of the checkers will be able to identify that. I’m using the scoring system which will give you an idea about the tool and its functionalities.

01. Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools (free) | Score: 90

Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools
Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools

In my previous tests, Plagiarism got 70 scores, and at that time, the interface was different. Now they have updated the interface, and I must say they have improved the tool too. Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools is one of the great tools, According to the tool, 83% of the content was plagiarised, and 17% of the material was unique. The best thing about this tool is, it gives you the options to compare the plagiarised text which mainly goes to google and searches the text, it shows you the website address of the original content in the second menu, and it shows the highlighted plagiarised text in the third menu. I have given 90 scores to this tool because it does not ask for any account information and the tool is free.

02. PLAGIARISMA (free) | Score: 50


I hate to say this, but PLAGIARISMA could not find the text at all. The tool has two options (Google/Bing), and you must select one, so the checker can check for the writing on the search engine. There is also an option to find the exact match or similar. Picking Google showed me that the text is 100% unique while selecting Bing showed me that the writing is 10% unique. I can understand that selecting Bing gives somehow accurate results but most of the people are always scared of Google. There is a limit on how many times you can check the content each day so make sure you are not splitting the text.

03. Grammarly (paid) | Score: 80


The tool is one of the great Plagiarism checking tools out there and my favourite too, but the problem with this tool is you can’t check the content for free. In the tests, Grammarly could find the real text within a couple of seconds, and it showed the text as 100% plagiarised with a link to the original text post. The paid version is $11 per month on an annual plan and $29 per month on the monthly plan. The reason I have given this tool 80 scores is that the tool is paid so you can not check the text for free. You can check prices here.

04. DupliChecker (free) | Score: 95

Dupli Checker
Dupli Checker

The fourth plagiarism checker on the list is Dupli Checker. The tool is one of the best plagiarism checkers out there because it is fast, free, and up-to-date. The tool could find the text source and shows me a link to the post. If you want to compare the text, then hit the Compare Text button and it will download shows you the original page with red highlighted plagiarised text. Surely one of the great tools to try.

05. EduBirdie (free) | Score: 90


When I first wrote this post, the tool got 35 scores because it could not find the text, but I must say this time it could find the text and showed the source. The tool has improved, and the best thing about EduBirdie is it shows you every possible source which contains the original text. You can differentiate between sources by clicking on the show button.

06. quetext (free) | Score: 30


Oops! quetext missed the text, I think. The tool showed me that, the text was unique. The reason I have given this tool 30 scores is that it has a great interface and it displays the red highlighted plagiarised text when it finds anything.

07. PaperRater (free) | Score: 95


The seventh plagiarism checker on the list in PaperRater and I was satisfied with the results because in the tests I could see that 89% of the text was not real. It also showed me both possible links which contain the original content. You can hover to the source to see the highlighted text. Clicking on the source goes to the website straight away.

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08. Plagium (free) | Score: 100



It is a great plagiarism checker and the way it handled my text was beautiful. It comes with two options “the web” and “news” with two buttons “Quick Search” and “Deep Scan”. The deep scan requires a free account sign up, but you can quickly search with the quick search button. In results, it showed the source of the text with the percentage of similar text. The other best thing about Plagium is it sorts all the source from most similar to less similar so you can get the most accurate result on the top. The checker got 100 scores because it sure is one of the best plagiarism checkers.

Final results

The final results are combined results for the previous test and this test. The score might be different because of the comparison with the old test.

Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools80
Dupli Checker93

In conclusion

Well, the results from plagiarism checkers are in front of you. The results table shows that in both the tests, Grammarly, Dupli Checker, PaperRater, and Plagium found the correct sources. Grammarly is a paid one, and if you don’t want to pay, then you can go Plagium, PaperRater, or Dupli Checker.

What do you think of the best plagiarism checkers? Please share your thoughts and help me improve the text.

Image information: All the images used in the post are the screenshots of the tools. If you are the owner of any of the images used, then please let me know.