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Weather plays an essential role and knowing what’s up with nature is vital. Every year weather adapts changes and comparing those changes with the past weather can give us an image of future climate. In this article, we are going to cover the five ways to check the past weather on any platform. Some of these methods are platform-dependent, and some are easily accessible on all the platforms. Continue reading “5 Ways to Find the Past Weather (covers all platforms)”

HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review 2019

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Screencast-O-Matic Review – Why I Like this Screen Recorder?

Screencast-O-Matic Review

There are hundreds of screen recording software out there. Some are good, and some are not, and almost every software has a premium version. So, how do you know which one is for you? Well, of course, by reading the reviews. Screencast-O-Matic is a multi-platform screen recorder. It comes with many features, and here I’m exploring those features. I have been using Screencast-O-Matic for over two years for my YouTube channel, and I have seen the software changing and growing. We’ll not just review the free version of Screencast-O-Matic, but the premium plans as well. Every word written in this post is from my experience. We will be reviewing each round, and after each round, there will be rating. Finally, we will calculate the overall score. After reading this review, you will not need to go anywhere, as this is the ultimate review of Screencast-O-Matic. Continue reading “Screencast-O-Matic Review – Why I Like this Screen Recorder?”

Anonymous VPN Review – How this Multi Platform VPN Fits in 2019?

Anonymous VPN Review
Anonymous VPN Review

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How to Download Original Windows Movie Maker in 2019

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Evernote vs OneNote – Which One do You Need in 2019?

Evernote vs OneNote
Evernote vs OneNote

We have many apps to stay organised, finish tasks before the deadline, help others in their tasks, shop without forgetting stuff etc. With the help of note-taking apps, everything looks so simple, but is the service you are using enough for you? There are many apps out there for iPhone and for Android, but the best ones stay on the top. The article covers the two note-taking applications Evernote and OneNote. Which one is the best? Let’s find out in Evernote vs OneNote 2019 battle.

The comparison is divided into two major rounds (Desktop and Mobile). Those two major rounds split into sub-rounds. Most of the rounds contain one point. After all the rounds we will see if it’s Evernote or Microsoft OneNote.


The desktop comparison of Evernote vs OneNote will be quick as the core functionalities of both on each platform are the same.

Evernote-vs-OneNote-Desktop – Click for full size


Both support multiple platforms, but the major functionalities are mostly the same. The desktop Evernote app is available on Microsoft Store, and it’s is easy to use. Search is the strength of the app. You can search for notes, and it also searches for the text within the notes. To make searching more easier, you can add tags to each note. On the left, we have the notebooks, shortcuts, tags, trash, shared options. Next to the menu, we have notes and search notes options. Evernote comes with a powerful text menu where you can select fonts, font size, colour, bold, and all the basic tools. We get all the tools which a typical desktop app gets. The features of the Evernote desktop app are below.

  1. You can print notes.
  2. Evernote lets you send notes in an email.
  3. You can add hyperlinks to text.
  4. Duplicate notes option is there.


Adopting Office tools, OneNote is a strong note making software available for desktop as well as online. On the left we have notebooks, and after that we have sections and then notes. The software comes with text tools including fonts, size, bold, underline, headings and all necessary tools. You can insert tables, files, pictures, online videos, links, audio from the insert menu. After the insert menu, we have the draw menu. The draw menu comes with pens, highlighters, shapes, ink shapes, undo, redo etc. We can share notes and read notifications. The search feature does the same thing as it does in Evernote.

OneNote assistant is another feature to look for because you can search for the thing you want, and the assistant does that for you. For example, type “add a table” and the assistant will open the table menu for you to select the rows and columns. OneNote looks prettier than Evernote on the desktop with its purple and white theme. Other features of OneNote desktop.

    1. You can add hyperlinks to the text.
    2. Draw on the page.
    3. Translate the text on a page.
    4. Add a sub-page in a page.
  1. Pin the page to the start menu.
  2. OneNote web is available if you don’t want to install the app.

Winner: A tough decision to make here. With lots of tools available for free, you don’t want to favour any service. OneNote comes with great tools and a web-based version. Score: Evernote: 0 and OneNote: 1.


App storage

The storage both apps take is different, and it is essential to cover the difference. On Android, OneNote occupies 183 MB of storage while Evernote occupies 88.7 MB of storage. On the iPhone, OneNote takes 211 MB of storage, which is more than OneNote Android version. Evernote, on the other hand, takes 126 MB of storage of the iPhone.
Winner: The round goes to Evernote because it occupies less storage than OneNote. Score: Evernote: 1 and OneNote: 1.

Drive storage

Well, OneNote has the power of Office, and after creating your free account, you can upload up to 5GB of content on OneDrive. The free of Evernote gives you access to 60MB per month. You can’t upload over that limit. The paid plan gives you more storage.
Winner: These days, we have phones with over 500 GB storage. Drive storage is more important because we want everything on multiple devices. Score: Evernote: 1 and OneNote: 2.

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How both work


Using Evernote is easy. All the notes are on the screen when you open the app. There is a search button on the top with the menu to select notes, add notes to the home screen, sort notes, notes options, syncing, and settings. Taping on the + button opens notes menu, while to add a text note, tap on the + button two times. In the left menu, we have account details, notebooks, shared notes, photos, chat, trash menu, themes, options, settings, and explore Evernote. Evernote has a dark theme which looks cool.

OneNote, the other hand, is a little bit different. With OneNote, you get notebooks, sections and pages. In notebook you find sections, and in sections you find pages. When you open the app, notebooks are there. The search button is on the bottom with options to add sticky notes. Taping on the + button adds notebooks and same with sections and pages. On the top, we have options menu including sync all, badge, settings, feedback.
Winner: There is no comparison on how both work, but let’s give each one a point. Score: Evernote: 2 and OneNote: 3.


The most important section in Evernote vs OneNote mobile comparison is tools and freedom to add stuff to the notes. On mobile, Evernote supports text, images, audio, camera, photos, attachments, reminders, and handwriting. As you go, the note size keeps getting bigger. The intelligent camera is something to note because it can help you take photos of business cards, documents, and whiteboards. The camera adopts the power of AI to crop the photo and only save the important part.
You can add all the notes types on a single note. Evernote adds everything on the same page, but everything is in a separate component. Another notable feature of Evernote is templates. Unlike OneNote, you can start with any of the pre-made templates.

Moving to OneNote, you can add text, images, voice recording, checkboxes, attach files, and draw. A noticeable feature of OneNote is adding everything in the same space. You can draw on text, images, recording or add text on the drawing. OneNote also adds all the things you put on the single page and as you keep adding stuff. Another tool is the OneNote badge which adds a circle on the screen as we see with Messenger.




Let’s talk about pricing. Evernote comes in two plans. The free one is called Basic, and the paid one is called premium. The image compares the prices for Evernote. In the basic version, the features are:

  • Connect your account to two devices.
  • You can upload 60 MB of notes each month.
  • Maximum note size is 25 MB.
  • You get general support.
  • Evernote Premium comes with more templates.

In the paid version we get more features:

  • You can connect unlimited devices with Evernote Premium plan.
  • Evernote lets you upload 10 GB storage every month.
  • You can write up to 200 MB of notes.
  • Notes are available even you are offline.
  • You can search in Docs and PDFs.
  • With Evernote Premium, you get enhanced support.

The price for the premium is $9.99/month on the monthly plan, while $7.50/month on an annual contract. There used to a middle plan called Evernote Plus, perfect for students and people who are not into making notes but want to be ready all the time, but that one is no longer available.


OneNote is a free note-taking app. It lets you do everything for free. You also get OneDrive storage when you sign up, and there is no uploading and note size limit. You can also connect to as many devices as you want. OneNote lets you save notes on OneDrive so you can access them anywhere. You can also purchase the extra storage on OneDrive, but there is no cost of using OneNote.
Winner: Free stuff is the best stuff. Both apps are available for free so let’s tie this round. Score: Evernote: 4 and OneNote: 4.

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Other features comparison

Some of the handy features are essential to cover in Evernote vs OneNote because those prove what companies have improved in their services to attract new users.


  1. Dark theme is available for free.
  2. Reminders to remind you of tasks.
  3. Add-note notification is visible all the time (you can disable that feature).


  1. OneNote badge is available, which helps you make notes anytime easily.
  2. Completely free. Get all the features for free with OneNote.
  3. You can add sticky notes easily.

Evernote vs OneNote video comparison

Here is a quick video comparing both on a mobile phone. The video covers the essential features and helps in clearing your mind by presenting the comparison visually.

Which one do you need?

If you want to stay up to date with new tools, then Evernote is your place, while if you want the ease of use and free tools, then Microsoft OneNote is a perfect choice.

In conclusion

Here is the final score of the comparison Evernote: 4 and OneNote: 4. Oh, well! Both got the same points. Being prepared for instant moments is essential. It’s always good practice to see which one is better before starting a new service. I hope the article Evernote vs OneNote helped. Which one do you use for notes? Share your experience with everyone visiting, and let me know if I’m missing anything so, I can improve this article.

Image information: The images used in this comparison are the icons and screenshots. These are the company’s properties. Last edited by Madhsudhan on 15/Oct/2019.

Google Keep vs Evernote – Comparison of Note Making Services 2019


Comparison of Google Keep and Evernote is one of the terms over a thousand people look for every month. Google Keep available on multiple platforms is one of the easiest ways to make a note, while Evernote is advanced and tools to take your notes on a high level. The article covers the ultimate fight of Google Keep vs Evernote.


Google Keep and Evernote are available on multiple platforms, but the major division works between the desktop and the mobile.

  1. General moto.
  2. Web/desktop.
  3. Mobile.

General motto

Both have the same motto, and both do a good job. With Google Keep, we can make notes, checklists, record audio, draw, and add an image. Google Keep was initially released in 2013, and Evernote was released in 2008 on the web.

Google Keep is available on the desktop as a web-based version, for Chrome, iOS, and Android. Evernote is available as a web-based version, a desktop app, extensions for browsers, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The notes you add are saved on the drive and you get 15GB of storage online with your Google account. Evernote gives nothing to a little storage. You can upload 60MB worth of notes every month.

Google Keep vs Evernote – Web

Google Keep and Evernote Web
Google Keep and Evernote Web

Both are available as a web client where you can instantly create, edit, and delete notes. Evernote web has almost all account-related features including devices, notebooks, shares and other account details. Keep, on the other hand, comes with the basic interface and account settings.

Google Keep is entirely free, and anyone can access their notes on any device. You can draw as well as type, but the service keeps both separately. Keep is powered by Google’s search, and it finds the text in the notes to give you the prominent results. You can add reminders and add users to work.

Moving to the features, Evernote also comes as a desktop application for free. The second feature is the templates. You can start making notes with the help of templates including planning, budget, meeting, gift tracker etc. templates available for free. Evernote can make all types of notes which Keep supports, and it can do a bit more than Keep.

Intelligent search is also something to consider as it searches in the notes to give you what you want. You can print notes, make reminders, add users to contribute, send notes in an email, add hyperlinks to the text, duplicate notes in Evernote with one tap.

Round 01 results: Google Keep is a tool making it easier for everyone to write and share on-the-go, but on the ladder, it doesn’t go high as Evernote. Both come with free features, but being a full-time note-making and improving the company, Evernote has done a pretty impressive job. The winner for this round is Evernote.

Google Keep vs Evernote – Mobile



In Google Keep vs Evernote, mobile covers the major section. On the left hand, we have Google Keep. When you open the app, you see the notes. The search bar is on the top with account information and view settings. To add a note, we tap on the bottom. On the bottom right, we have options to add other kinds of notes. On the top left, we have the settings menu where you can find reminders, labels, archives, deleted notes, and other settings. To delete a note simply hold and find the option on the top right.

In Evernote, the search and filter view buttons on the top right with the upgrade option. You see all the notes when you open the app. You also have an option to add more notebooks. On the bottom right, you can add notes. Touching the button lists the types of notes you can make. On the top left, there is a settings option where you’ll be able to see the account details along with plan info, notebooks, share, chat, themes, and other options. To multi-select the note you can hold on a note and then select as many as you want. The delete and archive options are on the top.

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App storage


Keep only occupies 28.35MB of size against Evernote which occupies 74.13MB of storage on Android. On iOS, Google Keep takes 94.9MB of space while Evernote takes 130.5 MB of storage, and again, the first one got the point.

Score so far: Keep: 01. Evernote: 0.

Evernote premium


This section has nothing to with Google Keep. The above image shows the Evernote plans. The free one is called basic, while the premium one is for $9.9/m on a monthly plan and $7.5/m on a yearly plan. You get features including unlimited devices, extra upload limit, increased note size, offline mode, search in PDFs and docs, and enhanced support in the premium plan.

Keep vs Evernote all features comparison

Here is the list of both services benefits with added points.

  1. You can work on as many devices as you want. Keep: 02.
  2. 15GB of free storage. keep: 03.
  3. Add templates to the notes. Evernote: 01.
  4. Chat with collaborates in Evernote. Evernote 02:
  5. You can add links to the text in Evernote. Evernote: 03.
  6. Change the colour of the note in Keep. Keep: 04.
  7. Evernote comes with an intelligent camera which scans the business cards quickly. Evernote: 04.
  8. Both come with an intelligent search. Tie.
  9. Evernote supports more note types including audio, attachment, and others. Evernote: 05.
  10. Both have a dark theme option. Tie.
  11. Add notebooks. Evernote 06.
  12. Available on many devices than Keep. Evernote 07.


Evernote won the desktop battle with 1 point, while it also won the mobile phone battle leaving Keep behind. Final mobile results are Google Keep: 04 and Evernote: 07. The winner of this battle is Evernote. Keep needs new features to come back and tackle, but for now, we can close this battle.

In conclusion

There are over 8.9 billion unique mobile connections in the world. Yes! You read that right. With that many mobile phones, we can imagine how it would be being the ultimate note-taking app. The end of Google Keep vs Evernote is here. I hope you found the article helpful. Please share, comment, and advise if anything is missing from this post.

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Image information: Google keep icon is created by Stratos Stratos under Creative Commons and Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). Post last updated by Madhsudhan on 17th of July 2019.

Google Play Music vs Spotify – Best Music Platform in 2019

Google Play Music vs Spotify
Google Play Music vs Spotify

Love listening to music? Many services provide free music. If you are looking for a luxurious ride, you would think about Google Play Music, Spotify, or Apple Music. Over 10 thousand people search for Google Play Music vs Spotify just on Google and people should be looking for the comparison because they are about to spend money.

Google Play Music and Spotify are old enough for a battle and looking that, in this article, I’ll be focusing on the comparison of Google Play Music and Spotify. We will see all the same and the unique features of both the platforms and compare both apps on an Android device.

Google Play Music vs Spotify

Table of contents

    1. Details
    2. Platforms.
    3. Number of Songs.
    4. Android & iOS.
    5. Free vs Premium.
    6. Pricing.
    7. Results.


Google Play Music is an online audio streaming service by Google. The services started in November 2011. Currently, Google Play Music is home to over 40 million songs and is available in 63 countries in which the United Kingdom was among the first countries to get the service.

Spotify, on the other hand, is a Swedish audio streaming platform launched in October 2007 and has over 40 million songs and currently, it is available in 79 countries.

Google Play Music vs Spotify Search Trend
Google Play Music vs Spotify Search Trend

For the past five years, Spotify has consistently been a hot search term as compared to Google Play Music because of a number of the facts including Spotify is older than Google Play Music and available in more countries than Google Play Music.


PlatformGoogle Play MusicSpotify
Windows Phone✔️

With the rise of the mobile phone, other devices have not vanished. Platforms are one of the sections of Google Play Music vs Spotify. Google Play Music is available on iOS, Android as an app while on Windows and macOS accessible on the web browser. Spotify is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, and macOS.
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Number of Songs

Both platforms support over 40 million songs as of Feb 2019.

AppNumber of songs
SpotifyOver 40 million
Google Play MusicOver 40 million

Android & iOS app

Cutting to the chase, we are not going to cover every little detail in this Google Play Music vs Spotify because the mission for the both is the same. Let’s see some of the unique features both apps provide.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music Identify What's Playing
Google Play Music Identify What’s Playing

The app comes with a sleep timer available in the settings. You can activate the timer to turn off the app. You can detect what song is playing by tapping on the search button and taping on the first option. It identifies the song currently playing and shows you on the screen. The problem with this feature is it does not start when you tap. It shows you the message “Could not identify what’s playing. Try again”. You have to touch on that music icon to identify.

Another feature is the Top Chart which is available in the left menu. The window shows the top 100 songs around the globe. Google Play Music allows you to upload 100,000 songs and play them on any of the supported devices. Other than that, we have stations where we can select the music on mood and activity like driving and dancing etc. The search window is filled with details. It shows the artists, albums, radios, playlists, songs and YouTube video songs related to the searched song.


Spotify Lyrics By GENIUS
Spotify Lyrics By GENIUS

This app also comes with some of the unique features. The first one is lyrics by Genius visible below the song as you play. The panel is not just for lyrics; it shows the facts and story behind the song. It’s not available for all the songs, but you can expect for most of the songs. You can add songs to the queue by tapping on add queue in the menu. The queue is a temporary playlist you can enjoy.

Another feature is called share activity available in the settings. If you are an artist, then you can share the music you listen with your followers to increase fan following. Also, an option for a private session is available when you want to listen in private. If you use Waze then you can connect Spotify to play music instantly while navigating. My Library screen shows all your playlists, artists and downloaded songs. You can also find podcasts in the podcasts menu.

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Free vs Premium

Moving on to the next chapter in Google Play Music vs Spotify, we have free vs premium features. Both services in some way allow free content. Google Play Music lets you upload your songs and listen to them on other devices. The limit is 100,000 songs per account.

Meanwhile, Spotify lets you only shuffle play the songs. You can search for a song and shuffle play, and it’s the luck when it’s time for your song. You will also experience audio ads on Spotify.


Google Play Music vs Spotify Pricing
Google Play Music vs Spotify Pricing

The pricing for both is the same. For US$9.99/month you can enjoy the music for free on any of the supported devices. The family plan price is also the same at US$14.99/month. Up to six users can enjoy free music. Spotify has a couple more pricing plans. If you are a student, then you can get the same individual plan for $4.99/month. The discount is available in limited states at the moment. Meanwhile, there is another one called Spotify for Business which we will not be covered in this article. Google Play Music also comes with a student plan available in limited countries.

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It’s never easy to pick one when all the companies provide the same thing at the same cost. The unique features switch the table. This is the end of the article Google Play Music vs Spotify. I hope the article helped you find the perfect music platform. Let me know what do you think of both in the comments below so we can discuss more.

Free Popcorn Time VPN for PC and Android in 2019

Popcorn Time on PC
Popcorn Time on PC

The article is all about the best Popcorn Time VPN on each platform. When you have a free software equivalent to Netflix, then no can’t say no. Popcorn Time is a great tool, but the downloading technology it uses is torrenting. Developers consider torrenting as not safe. When you torrent, you seed which means you are letting everyone know that I’m sitting right here downloading content from the internet. The article will explain the best Popcorn Time VPN on PC and Android.

Popcorn Time while downloading consumes the maximum speed possible and some of the VPN clients can’t support high speed downloading or if they do then only the paid versions. The article explains the top free VPN client for Popcorn Time which allows high speed downloading. First, we will enclose the best Popcorn Time VPN on PC and then on Android. Before we begin, let’s find out what VPN and torrenting is? In simple English.

What is torrenting

Torrent Example
Torrent Example

A file-sharing system based on peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. The technology allows people to share files. There is no limit on how many people can join. The more people join the speed they get. In simple words, a torrent cuts a big file into small pieces and rather than only you downloading everyone is sharing that file. Things go wrong when you torrent. The torrent file you download always keeps track of who is downloading which part of that file and what is the download location, which hackers use to steal your data. The software like BitTorrent and uTorrent are famous for downloading torrents from the internet.

What is VPN

What is VPN Example
What is VPN Example

The virtual private network is an encrypted protocol. VPN adds an extra layer of security on your network. In simple English, VPN encrypts all the data you send from your computer. While torrenting you download and upload which means you send the data. A user should not be worried about other users, but hackers are looking for these kinds of people all the time. The first thing a VPN client does is changing your location and IP Address to the country you select. The second thing it does is encrypt your data so the other users can’t read. When VPN is enabled, even your service provider can’t track you down.

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Free Popcorn Time VPN for PC


UltraSurf 19.02
UltraSurf 19.02

An old friend who has supported me a lot. UltraSurf is a free ad-free VPN client for PC and Android. It comes with some amazing tools. You don’t need to install the software on the PC, and it is only 3.4 MB. When you open the software, it connects to the best server by default. Once connected it shows the IP Address with a message “Successfully connected to server!”. You can also change the server by clicking on one of the other servers. The options menu comes with options including HotKeys, history, port, proxy settings etc. When started it opens a web page called “UltraSurf Top Stories” for advertising purposes. Another great feature is when you exit it asks to close the browsers before closing software. UltraSurf is one of the top Popcorn Time VPNs. Check out the software in-action.

The down point of UltraSurf is, it does not support specific country servers. It shows only three different servers while it automatically connects with the high speed one. Download UltraSurf now and enjoy ad-free for Popcorn Time VPN. UltraSurf is also available on Android, but unfortunately, it could not support Popcorn Time’s download speed requirements.

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Free Popcorn Time VPN for Android

Tested many VPN client apps on Android and hardly found one. A VPN with unlimited bandwidth and high speed is hard to find. Let’s see the best Android VPN client for Popcorn Time.

Free VPN Unlimited – Best Fastest VPN Hotspot!

Free VPN Unlimited - Best Fastest VPN Hotspot
Free VPN Unlimited – Best Fastest VPN Hotspot

The only VPN client available for free for Android is Free VPN Unlimited – Best Fastest VPN Hotspot!. The app comes with many servers to select. A great thing about the app is a message on the start-up which is the information on how to connect for torrenting purposes. The interface is straightforward to follow. On the top right, we have an option to re-download the server list and refresh the app. The left panel comes with options including premium promotion, share, rate us, FAQ and settings.

What is Free VPN Unlimited – Best Fastest VPN Hotspot! premium and what features it provides?

The premium version of Unlimited VPN costs $3.92 per month if you select 12 months plan. The premium version gives access to worldwide servers, more faster connection, quick customer support and no ads.

Other than the premium promotion you can change the settings in the Settings menu. It allows automatic switching of servers if a server is not responding, connect on start-up and favourite country server. You will have to play with the app a bit to find the optimal server as it depends on your location as well as internet connection speed.

In conclusion

Saving money is essential, and when you have access to hundreds of movies and TV shows for free, then it’s entertainment unlimited. I hope the article helped you find the perfect VPN client for Popcorn Time. Do you use any other Popcorn Time software? Please share with us so we can update the article.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners – Step By Step Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

The article is about a step-by-step Photoshop tutorial for beginners. Photoshop is a powerful tool but confusing at the same time. You may want to start using Adobe Photoshop but not sure where to start or think you might do something wrong. If you don’t have Photoshop yet, then get onto the 30-day free trial that is downloadable from their website. The trial version will give you some time to have a play and explore all the fun and amazing things it can do. If you find it’s not your thing, or you find it too difficult then as it was only a trial, there are no strings attached. This article will give you the basics to get you started using Adobe Photoshop and a step-by-step Adobe Photoshop tutorial.h

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Video

iVideo is one of the easiest ways to learn Photoshop. The video covers the basics of Photoshop. The video covers most of the tools mentioned here, but for up to date information, I’ll recommend watching the video, and reading the article too.

The Photoshop Tools

Adobe Photoshop has a group of tools, just like anyone with a hobby will have. The toolbar in the photoshop is long and narrow and found on the left side. These tools are what you will need to paint, erase, draw and plenty of other cool things.

The first thing is the basics of what you would find in the toolbar. You can break the tool down into sections or categories if you like. Breaking into categories is suitable for beginners to help you find the tool you need. Once you have familiarized yourself with the tools, you can create shortcuts for them which will help in speeding up the process when you are working in photoshop.

Toolbar - Photoshop Tutorial
Toolbar – Photoshop Tutorial

How to use the tools

If you want to select a tool, click on the tool icon in the toolbox. If you hover your mouse over a tool icon in the toolbar, you will see a tooltip that will appear and then shows you the name of that tool and what the keyboard shortcut is. Once you understand the tools and what they do, it is best to learn the shortcuts to speed up your work. Some shortcuts are simple like Z for zoom and E for the eraser. A shortcut merely means you press the shortcut letter on your keyboard. Tool keyboard shortcuts enable you to change your tools without taking your hands from the keyboard.

Different column toolbar

The toolbar is one long column by default. You can make it shorter, into a double column by merely going to the double arrows at the top and clicking. If you wish to change back to a single column, you only have to click it, again.

Two Column Toolbar - Adobe Photoshop
Two Column Toolbar – Adobe Photoshop

Accessing the hidden tools

There are so many tools in photoshop than what we can see at first.  When you see a little arrow on the bottom of an icon, it means there are hidden tools there. These tools are accessed by clicking on the tool icon and holding it. As you are holding it, you will get a set of tools to appear that show all the hidden tools for the one item.

Hidden Tools - Adobe Photoshop
Hidden Tools – Adobe Photoshop

The menu bar

File Toolbar - Adobe Photoshop
Menu Bar – Adobe Photoshop

Along the top of the photoshop screen, you will see a menu bar. The Menu Bar is where you will find options and commands all arranged into groups.


Starting we have the File toolbar”. In this Photoshop tutorial, we will cover all the most common tools. The File Menu is used similarly to how you would in other programs. You go here to make new files, save files, print a project or open an existing file.

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The edit menu is for editing. You can edit objects on the page, from the menu or shortcuts. You can undo or redo actions and even cut and paste from the same place. The shortcuts for the keyboard are found here it is good to get familiar with these for later on. In the edit part, you can search for specific text and even replace the text with something different using the find and replace button.


In the image, the section is where you can change the mode of your project to grayscale, multichannel, duotone and plenty more. In the adjustment, the section is where you can get access to the tools used for changing the brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation and the colour balance. There are a few automatic tools here where you can improve the way the image looks without needing to go into specific tools. You have the options of auto tone, auto colour and auto contrast.


In the layer menu, you can see where all the manipulation tools are hiding. You can create new layers, delete, rename the layer and duplicate existing ones.


The filters are where you can get into tools such as the brush stroke, sketch, texture, distort and other special filters. Located directly in the filter menu is where you will find the blur filter, render, pixelate, and sharpen tools.

The right side panels

Photoshop comes with right side panels and covering those in Photoshop tutorial for beginners is essential. On the right side of the interface is where you can find what are called panels. The panels give you access to commands and options. You will see there are different panels for all the various tasks. The main board you need to be familiar with is the layer panel. The layer panel where you can delete, add and work within the layers of the document.

Right Side Panels - Adobe Photoshop
Right Side Panels – Adobe Photoshop

How to panel groups

If you want to save some space on your screen, then you can put panels together that are similar. Each panel has a tab which displays the names of the sections. The panel that is currently open will appear brighter than the rest. There are also tabs on the right with the layers tab one is paths, and the other is Channels. These are other panels that are among the layer panel but within the same group.

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More Panels in Photoshop

You will see only a small number of panels are displayed. There are more there to discover which you can find under the window menu that is located in the menu bar.

The Search Bar

The search bar gives you access to finding tools and commands in photoshop, which is an excellent tool for beginners. It also offers tutorials. To use this feature, you click the magnifying glass that you will find in the upper right corner side. You need to search for your term by typing it in. The search bar will then expand, showing you the results of the search. Below the search term, you will see a menu that will allow you to limit the type of results that you are seeing. As a default setting all is selected, but you can change this by restricting the results to Photoshop tools, commands or panels.

How to crop in photoshop

You must know of this tool to get started with Photoshop. When you crop, you are changing the number of pixels that are in the image by cropping away the surrounding area. In the photo editor, you can crop an image using the Crop tool or command.

Crop Tool - Adobe Photoshop
Crop Tool – Adobe Photoshop

To crop an image, follow these steps:

  • Choose the crop tool from the panel, or you can press the keyboard shortcut C.
  • Take the cursor to the point of the image where the corner of the image will be and then click the left side of your mouse.
  • Then move your mouse diagonally while keeping the mouse button pushed down.

There is another feature that isn’t used as commonly, which is the crop tool used for adding more canvas space all around your image, which can be used space for a decorative border.

To do this, follow these instructions:
First, open the image you want to add space too. Set the background colour to default by pressing the keyboard shortcut D. Then go on and press control and minus to zoom out then press the shortcut F. This will allow you to see the grey area that surrounds your picture.
Press the letter c to switch over to the crop tool then you can drag a cropping border out to any size. Now grab a side of the corner point and start to drag outside of the image area heading into the grey area. The cropped area that the border extends out to is the area that will become the extra canvas space. Press the enter key to complete the crop where you will find the canvas area has now turned white.

Zooming in and out of an image

You can find the zoom level in two spots. The first one is up in the document tab above your image. The second you can find is in the bottom left side corner of your document window. As you can see the zoom in the picture below is sitting at 25%.

Zooming In and Out - Adobe Photoshop
Zooming In and Out – Adobe Photoshop

How to change the Zoom Level

You may wonder why your zoom information is seen in two different places. The zoom level that you can see in the document tab is for information purposes. You can’t change the zoom level from there. You can change the zoom level by the bottom left corner. If you want to zoom into an image at 50% then to change this level, you need to highlight the current level then enter in the new percentage. You don’t need to include the per cent symbol as photoshop will include this itself.

Keeping the Zoom Level box in sight

Complex things can happen any time, and it is vital that you know what is going on. That’s why I have covered if you face any troubles while using Photoshop in this step-by-step Photoshop for beginners tutorial. Sometimes you can run into a problem when you press enter to complete your new value you may notice your input box has lost focus. A special trick to avoid this is simply holding down the shift key and press enter to accept the amount you entered. You will notice the zoom level has remained highlighted. This is good for when you want to try out a new size without completely changing it and not liking it.

Continuous Zoom

There is another way to use the zoom tool, and that is the continuous zoom. You must choose the zoom tool from the keyboard shortcut or the toolbar. You then click on the spot where you want to zoom in while keeping your mouse button down. Photoshop will continuously zoom inwards until you stop holding the mouse button down. Vice versa you hold your alt key down, so you can zoom out continuously until you let go of the button.

The Scroll Bars

This is how you can scroll your image left, right up or down. It works much the same way as the scroll bar on a normal word document. The scroll bars are found along the right side of the window and the bottom.

Using the Scroll Wheel

You can also scroll your image by using the scroll wheel found on your mouse. To move the image up scroll the mouse wheel up and the same for going downward, you simply scroll down. By using the keyboard, you can scroll by pressing down and holding the ctrl button scrolling down to go to the right and move it up to move to the left.

Magic Wand Tool

Magic Wand Tool - Adobe Photoshop
Magic Wand Tool – Adobe Photoshop

This tool is ideal for the times when you are working with a background that is a solid colour or something like a clear blue sky. This tool is used to change backgrounds. Once you have selected the tool from the toolbar, you then click on the area of the image you want to select. You need to toggle the add to selection part from the icon of the two squares in the top bar. This will let you move forward with changing the colours and tones of the image you have selected.

Final words

Photoshop can seem daunting when you first start, but once you have mastered what each tool is for and get to know the keyboard shortcuts, you will find it is not that hard to navigate around and complete projects. There is so much you can do in photoshop, and it will all come to you once you start playing around it with. You can delete blemishes on faces, change looks or hair colours, you can even place your photo somewhere else around the world.

Adobe Photoshop is around 28 years old, and it still impresses people with everything that one program can do when it comes to image manipulation. I hope the article step-by-step Photoshop tutorial for beginners helped. Have you started using Photoshop? Or already, master? Please share us some tips so everyone can get benefits. The article was last updated by Madhsudhan on 31/Aug/2019.

4 Ways to Fix Hotspot Shield “Something Went Wrong” Error

Hotspot Shield Error
Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong

Hotspot Shield is one of the popular VPN clients available to download for free. The software is available for desktops and mobile phones. The message which pops up when you start Hotspot Shield “Something went wrong!” is common. In this blog post, we are going to get rid of this issue with one of the below ways.

Method 01 – Ending cmw_srv.exe task

The first and easiest way is to end the cmw_srv.exe in Task Manager. Follow the steps below to end the task.


Task Manager  ->  Details -> cmw _srv.exe. Right-click on the process to end the task. The below image shows the process.

cmw_srv.exe Menu - Task Manager
cmw_srv.exe Menu – Task Manager

A warning message will pop-up. Click on End Process to end the process. Start Hotspot Shield and if the issue is fixed.

Method 02 – restarting the service hshld

hshld is a service by Hotspot Shield. For any reason, if you can’t find cme_srv.exe or the above method did not work, then try this method. Make sure Hotspot Shield is closed. Follow the steps.


Task Manager -> Services -> hshld. Right-click on the service to see if it is on start. If it’s on start, then stop the service and start it again. If the service is stopped, then start it.

Hotspot Shield hshld
Hotspot Shield hshld

Make sure the service is on start before starting Hotspot Shield.

Method 03 – Restarting PC

The third one is a straightforward method. In most cases, one of the above fixes the issue. If not then there might be some issue with your PC. Close Hotspot Shield and try rebooting your PC. A tip might be helpful, to toggle on “start on startup” in the settings menu before restarting.

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Method 04 – Reinstalling Hotspot Shield

If restarting the PC did not work then try uninstalling Hotspot Shield. Reinstalling is our last hope, and it will not take enough time to do that. Follow the steps to reinstall Hotspot Shield successfully.


  1. Before doing anything, make sure you have your account details saved or remembered.
  2. Control Panel -> Hotspot Shield -> Uninstall. If you are on Windows 10, then search for software and right-click to uninstall.
  3. Go to the website to download Hotspot Shield. Make sure to download the original software from the download page.

If none of the above methods worked then, try a different version. You can always contact their team for help.

Fixing error video

If you still can’t fix the issue, then here is a video.

Final words

I hope the tutorial helped. The second method should work if not the first one. Anyway, please share your views in the comments below so everyone can benefit.

Popcorn Time Review – Is it Safe in 2019? Tips Included

Popcorn Time Review
Popcorn Time Review

Popcorn Time has been here for so long and being a controversial software; it has got immense popularity in recent years. The software is available for free on multiple platforms, and beside the fact that Popcorn Time is not safe, it is famous worldwide. Continue reading “Popcorn Time Review – Is it Safe in 2019? Tips Included”