HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review 2019

The history of video converters is huge. Throughout time, new features have developed. HD Video Converter Factory Pro by WonderFox is another video converter with not just video converting tools, but it’s a full package of a video editor. In this article, I’m going to write HD Video Converter Factory Pro review and see what new features it brings to the world. Continue reading “HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review 2019”

Screencast-O-Matic Review – Why I Like this Screen Recorder?

Screencast-O-Matic Review

There are hundreds of screen recording software out there. Some are good, and some are not, and almost every software has a premium version. So, how do you know which one is for you? Well, of course, by reading the reviews. Screencast-O-Matic is a multi-platform screen recorder. It comes with many features, and here I’m exploring those features. I have been using Screencast-O-Matic for over two years for my YouTube channel, and I have seen the software changing and growing. We’ll not just review the free version of Screencast-O-Matic, but the premium plans as well. Every word written in this post is from my experience. We will be reviewing each round, and after each round, there will be rating. Finally, we will calculate the overall score. After reading this review, you will not need to go anywhere, as this is the ultimate review of Screencast-O-Matic. Continue reading “Screencast-O-Matic Review – Why I Like this Screen Recorder?”

Anonymous VPN Review – How this Multi Platform VPN Fits in 2019?

Anonymous VPN Review
Anonymous VPN Review

When it comes to VPN, you want fast and reliable service. VPN is essential for many purposes, and a powerful VPN can hide you from many organisations. Anonymous VPN is a VPN client with a mission. Most of the VPN software packages offer fast speed and unmetered bandwidth with a small fee. The problem with digital products is, you must make sure that you are buying something suitable for your needs. Anonymous VPN may not be so popular, but it is super fast. Being a customer, it’s is my duty to write an Anonymous VPN review. We will go through its features and do some tests to find out whether it is the right VPN client for you. Continue reading “Anonymous VPN Review – How this Multi Platform VPN Fits in 2019?”

VMOS Review – Best Samsung Knox Alternative in 2019?


VMOS, an alternative to Samsung Knox is an application available for free on Google Play. VMOS is a virtual machine (VM) based app. You can call VMOS an emulator or apps cloner. We have seen these kinds of technologies in Samsung devices (Samsung Knox). VMOS is much more than Samsung Knox. Well, this is not a comparison, so I’ll move towards what is for you in this article. The article covers VMOS review in 2019. We’ll be going through functionalities and what you can get by installing this app. We will also go through some of the issues I encountered while testing. Continue reading “VMOS Review – Best Samsung Knox Alternative in 2019?”

Google Go Review – What’s Different in the New Search App?

Google Go is a an app in the market and Google has suggested that the app is the lighter version of the Google search app. The app occupies 28 MB of storage wheres Google search app occupies 268 MB of storage. Google Go is designed for mid-range devices and supports a few features which the original app does, and some with limited functionality. After using Google Go for a couple of weeks here is a complete Google Go review. In this article, we will be looking at every bit of the app and see if the app is right for you. Continue reading “Google Go Review – What’s Different in the New Search App?”

4 Best Improve your Spelling Apps in 2019 – Both Platforms

4 Improve Spelling Apps
4 Improve Spelling Apps

What is the best improve spelling app out there? Spelling is one of the pillars of the English language. There can be many reasons, why some people can’t spell correctly. Some people even believe that spelling is part of the IQ, But I don’t think that because nobody’s perfect and everyone cannot be a master at everything. Improving spelling can be hard because once you stop using a word, you forget it’s spelling. This is the reason I have written 4 best improve spelling apps for iOS and Android in 2019. Continue reading “4 Best Improve your Spelling Apps in 2019 – Both Platforms”

Showbox App Review Details, Features – Is Showbox Safe?

Showbox App Logo
Showbox App Logo

The article covers the Showbox app review and features. Millions of users (over 60 according to their website) enjoy free movies and TV shows on services like Showbox. It’s an online media and video streaming service available for free. You can expect the latest movies uploaded within days; even the movie is still in the cinema. The review is all about the Showbox app with every little detail.

What is Showbox

Showbox or Show Box is a streaming service. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows online for free of charge. You don’t need to create an account. Showbox has over 60 million active users across all platforms.

Showbox app platforms

The app is not just available on Android. It is available on PC, Mac, and iPhone. It’s somewhat different from installing on iPhone as you need a separate app. On PC, the simple procedure of downloading the file is followed, but the file is a downloader which downloads the app itself. You can easily install the app on Mac. On Android, you can download from many websites. The app is available on multiple platforms, but I’ll be focusing on the Android version as that one is the most popular and the features on other platforms are almost the same.

Installing Showbox on iPhone

The Showbox app review also covers the installation guide for the iPhone. Installing Showbox on iPhone requires vShare. In that app, you’ll have to search for Moviebox. The name is different, but the app is the same. Once downloaded, you can enjoy free movies and TV shows.


Showbox App Permissions
Showbox App Permissions

Beside not being an official app, the app requires a few permissions.

  1. Showbox requires the location permission, which was the reason for me to add permissions to the Showbox app review. Why does it ask for the location? Well, to show you the ads related to your device location. The trick here is even you turn off the location; it can still estimate the tower-based location. So, as long as you open the app, and you are online, the app can access your location.
  2. The second one is for downloading the media to your device.
  3. I don’t know why it reads the phone’s identity and status, but my closest guess is it is also related to ads.


On Android, the app shows the latest movies’ news. You get to see celebrities review, chats, talks, interviews etc. The screen is called Trending. It comes with a button to see all the news with the left menu. Touching on See More option separates movies news and TV shows news.
You can sort the movies by rating and the added time. There are over 15 genres to choose from. Meanwhile, you can also select the releasing year of the movie to filter the movie screen. The options are available in the top-right menu.

The left menu

Showbox App Left Menu
Showbox App Left Menu

The evergreen left menu is part of the Showbox app. It comes with trending, movies, TV shows, news, trailers, favourites, downloads, new releases, and settings options. As I’ve already mentioned in the trending section, we get the news. In the movies section, we get the latest movies. In TV shows we get TV shows. The news section shows the same news which we see in the trending section. I don’t know why there is a separate section for news. By tapping on trailers, we can see the movies’ and shows’ trailers. In the favourites menu, we have the movies we like. In the new releases, we can see the newly released movies and TV shows, and lastly, in the settings menu, we can change the settings including when to download movies and change the quality of the video etc.
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Movie Information

Showbox Movie Information
Showbox Movie Information

When you touch a movie or a TV show, another screen pops-up with the Watch Now and Download buttons. Things go a little bit messy here, and I’ll explain what, but let’s discover the screen first. On the top, we have the favourite option with share and select the server option. On the bottom, we have the movie name, releasing year, the genre with the movie rating. After that, we have the information about the movie with the watch trailer button. If you swipe down, you will be able to see the related movies. The download button shows you the servers to download the film. If the video is not available for direct download, then you have the option to download the movie via one of the torrent servers. Touching the watch now shows you the media player.

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Media Player

Showbox Video Player
Showbox Video Player

Unfortunately, the Showbox app does not come with its own media player. For the app to work properly, you will have to download Lime Player. The app shows that it is going to support MX Player and XPlayer very soon. To install Lime Player, you can click install button which will go to the Play Store link where you can download the line player. Lime Player is a separate app, and it’s not a part of the Showbox app review.

Problems with Showbox

The app has a couple of issues. The first one is you have to download a separate app on Android to watch movies. Without a video player, you can not watch videos, but you can still download the videos. Secondly, it shows ads which may not be suitable for all users. Although there is an option to disable the adult ads and the option comes enabled by default.

Is Showbox app legal?

It’s a big No! Why? Because of a few reasons.

  1. The first reson is the app is not available on official stores which means the app has unlimited access to our phone. Usually, when we download an app, Google Play and App Store protect us by scanning the app. We are not installing the app from stores, that means if anything happens including data hacking or a virus, no one is responsible.
  2. The second reason is, selling something without paying to the original creator is illegal. Why Netflix pays to the movie creators? Because that’s a legal thing to do.

The app is great and you get to see the new movies in good quality. If you still want to enjoy Showbox, at least use some sort of VPN to hide your identity. There are many free VPNs available to try. Check out the article free VPNs which can be helpful while watching on Showbox.

In conclusion

Here is the end of Showbox app review. There are a few services out there which allow you to watch free movies online, and Showbox is one of the easy to navigate apps. I hope that the review covered everything you wanted to know. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and if I missed anything or any of the information is wrong, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Madhsudhan last edited the post on 15/Oct/2019. The images are the screenshots of the app. A screenshot is the property of the app developer.

Tubi Review – Full Review of Tubi Online Streaming Service in 2019

Tubi TV Logo - Fan Made
Tubi TV Logo – Fan Made

The article covers the Tubi TV review. When I say, free movies, then everybody says yeah! Well, there are many services online, but almost all of them are paid. Wait, I said almost! Some think of the people too. Tubi TV is an online streaming service which is entirely free and available on many devices. You might think, how this app is legal, which I still don’t know, you might also consider what features it has? Where can I get this app? Will they ask me about my credit card? Well, we will be answering all these questions here in Tubi TV review.

Tubi TV Review 2019

Supported platforms

Tubi TV is available on below platforms.

  1. Android.
  2. iOS.
  3. Roku.
  4. Apple TV.
  5. Amazon Fire TV.
  6. Xbox One (the US only).
  7. PS3 (the US and Canada).
  8. PS4 (the US, Canada, and Latin America).
  9. Chromecast.
  10. TiVO.
  11. Xfinity x1.
  12. Cox Contour.
  13. Samsung TV.
  14. Sony TV.

That’s the list of 15 devices which Tubi TV supports. 15 is a number which made me write this Tubi TV review. You can watch movies on any of the above devices. Tubi TV comes with a free account which helps you sync movies across devices. You can watch on your phone and then come back later on PS3 to start where you left.

Tubi website

Tubi TV Website
Tubi TV Website

The Tubi website is a great place to start watching. It comes with a dark interface which gives it more of the movie and TV drama streaming style. You can create an account or login from the top right. You can browse movies straightaway by clicking on the Watch Now button. On the top left, there is a menu with the movie genre. You can search for movies on the top.

Tubi web video player

Tubi TV Website Video Player
Tubi TV Website Video Player

The video player is simple yet comes with many tools. One thing I must mention is the video player is fast, and there isn’t much of the streaming involved. You seek or click on the bar, and it starts playing. On the below, we have video options, including play, 30 seconds backward, 30 seconds forward, volume adjust, full screen, video quality, and captions. Scrolling down shows the information about the movie/tv show. Also, you’ll be able to see related movies with the data.

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Tubi mobile apps

Search and Browse Screen - Tubi Mobile
Search and Browse Screen – Tubi Mobile

Tubi TV review covers both platforms. Tubi mobile is available on iOS and Android. The interface might be different, but the functionalities are the same. The mobile version has a beautiful homepage with featured movies on the top. The app comes with home, browse, search, and account buttons down the below. As you swipe down, you find different genre movies with the movies and TV shows you had left in the middle. The search screen shows the recent searches also the trending searches.

They claim that they have the movies/tv-shows which people can’t find on Netflix. The settings options are in the account menu. You can switch on/off captions and lock in landscape mode. The app itself on iOS is 139 MB, while on Android it occupies 45.33 MB of storage. It has 4.0 ratings on iOS and 4.4 ratings on Android. Android users tend to like Tubi TV more than iOS users.

Tubi mobile video player

Tubi TV Mobile Video Player
Tubi TV Mobile Video Player

The video player on the phone has the progress bar with the current time and the remaining time. You have an option to turn on/off captions and play on TV on the top. Touching the video shows the hidden play/pause button with 30 seconds backward and forwards options.

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Is Tubi TV free?
Yes. Tubi TV is free. It does not ask for the credit card information or any of the other payment information.

Is Tubi TV legal?
Apparently, it is. On Google Play and App Store, it says that “we are 100% legal” in the app’s description.

What kind of movies are available on Tubi TV?
There are thousands of movies and tv shows on Tubi TV.

Are there any ads on Tubi TV?
Yes. Tubi uses ads to earn money.

How can I enjoy fully with Tubi TV?
Create a free account and sync across all the devices.

Any other questions? Please 🙏 leave in the comments below.

In conclusion

Here is the end of Tubi TV review. In this world, you don’t get free stuff that easily. Tubi TV is offering movies and tv shows on free of charge, which is impressive. Anyway, I hope the post helped. Let me know what do you think of Tubi TV in the comments below. Also, if I missed something, please let me know so I can update and everyone can enjoy the fresh news.

Image information: The images used in the article are the screenshots of the Tubi TV app and web. These are the property of Tubi TV developers. The post last edited by Madhsudhan 02 of August 2019.

i88 TWS Full Review, Features, and Comparison with AirPods 2019

i88 TWS
i88 TWS

The article covers i88 TWS review, features, and comparison with the original ones. When we talk about earphones, we talk about AirPods, but if you get the same thing for $20, then you would say, “awesome! I want that.” Well, there are plenty of earphones out there, but I’m talking about the i88 TWS which is the same size as the original and sound quality is better than AirPods. Let’s review i88 TWS and see what features are available.

What is i88 TWS

Alright, to understand i88, we must know the previous models. i88 TWS is a new model to town. Other series including i7, i8, i9, i10, i12 are already there. Before i88, i10 which costs about $30 was dominating the market. i88 TWS has only been here a few months and has taken away the i10 dominance. i88 has a similar sound quality, and it is just $20, and hopefully, by the time it will get cheaper.
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i88 TWS features

Let’s cover i88 features in i88 TWS review. i88 is available in a few colours including white, black, blue, red etc. The size is the same as the original ones, and when you put them in the ear, no one would be able to say that these are the duplicate ones. The case of colours ones feels different than the white i88 case. The white case material feels the same as the AirPods, while on colour ones it feels more greasy.

i88 TWS dimensions

i88 TWS does not differ from Apple AirPods regarding the size. i88’s case dimensions are 42 x 53 mm while AirPods’s case size is 44 x 53 mm. The bud of i88 TWS is 40 x 16 mm while the AirPods’s buds size is the same.

The case has fours green LED charging indicator lights. Each for 25% of charging. Unlike other model series i7, i9, and i11 they start working as soon as you open the case. They connect to each other automatically, but for some reason, if you can’t connect then tap on the touch sensor to connect them. The LED light on the buds itself flashes when the buds aren’t connected. Moving to battery life, they come with two hours of talk time and two hours of music time. The battery could be improved, but if you are not a big fan and want to show to the world, then these are perfect.

i88 TWS vs Apple AirPods comparison

Regarding the sound quality, there was something new. I have seen some people saying that i88 isn’t that good, but I felt something different. i88 TWS has bass which everyone would like, also the sound was louder on the maximum as compared to AirPods. The missing thing was naturality as i88 felt not the kind of buds which can provide the natural sound of a song. Let’s take a look at 11 seconds video showing i88 and original AirPods sound quality.

Personally, I think i88 are better than the AirPods regarding the sound and base. Moving on, AirPods come with touch sensor buttons in which you can pause or resume music, attend or decline calls, and talk to Siri/Google Assistant. Meanwhile, i88 TWS comes with the same touch sensor buttons with the capability of doing the same things as the AirPods expect it won’t pause when you remove the buds from your ear. Comparing with AirPods 2, i88 TWS does not come with wireless charging capability. The case supports MicroSD cable and comes with the able and a manual in the box.

Comparison with i10 TWS

In this i88 TWS review, I wanted to add some information about the comparison between i88 TWS and i10 TWS. Have a look at the below infographic. i10 TWS is better because of its sound quality. They are almost the same as AirPods. The price, of course, makes the difference and the battery capacity as well.

i88 TWS vs i10S TWS
i88 TWS vs i10S TWS

If you are a fan of wireless charging then you should go with i10. Otherwise, i88 TWS is the way to go. Both use 5.0 Bluetooth technology and i88 TWS comes with Video Synchronisation.
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i88 TWS specifications

We must cover the technical specifications in this i88 TWS review.

  1. i88 buds the same size as i10s and original AirPods.
  2. They come with 2.5 hours of talk and music time.
  3. 400mAh of the battery capacity of the case.
  4. Speakers are made of copper.

Where to buy?

These days, there are duplicates of duplicate so, you got to make sure that you are purchasing the right item. You can buy from YouLad or AliExpress.

  1. Buy i88 TWS from AliExpress (credit card).

i88 TWS review video

Let’s take a look at the below video showing the full review of i88 TWS, its features, and comparison with the original AirPods.

In conclusion

Here is the end of i88 TWS Review and comparison with the top competitors in the market. I hope the article helped you choose the right earphones for your ears. Let me know what do you think of i88 in the comments below so we can discuss more. Did I miss any of the information? Please let me know so I can improve this article. Last modified by Madhsudhan on 16th of July 2019.

SoloLearn Android App Review and Tutorial – Tech is Tech Reviews

SoloLearn Review - Twitter
SoloLearn Android App Review – Twitter

The era we live in is fast-forwarding, and we don’t need a college or a university to learn. SoloLearn is changing the future of over 29 million around the globe. The numbers are shocking, but it is correct. In this article, we are exploring SoloLearn Android app review and tutorial. We are going to cover from the core features to app features and watch a YouTube video covering a full review and tutorial of SoloLearn on my Nokia 8.

What is SoloLearn?

SoloLearn is an online free code learning platform. New coders sign up to learn to code. The company has aimed to share knowledge in the world. According to them currently, over 29 million users from SoloLearn. It is available on Desktop, Google Play and App Store.

YouTube video covering SoloLearn Android app Review

Here is the YouTube video covering SoloLearn Android app review on my Nokia 8.


Yeva Hyusyan and Davit Kocharyan created SoloLearn in 2014, and within a few years, the platform attracted thousands of people keen to learn to code.


You can find the courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and Bootstrap 3 in the Web Development section.
Meanwhile, all the programming languages including C++, Java, C#, Python, Kotlin, JavaScript, C, PHP, Ruby and Swift 4 Fundamentals are available in Programming Languages section.

Other courses including Machine Learning, SQL and Python 3 are found in the Data Science section. That’s not it; you can find other courses created by the community and the team. Enrolling in any of the courses is easy. Each course is divided into sections. As you complete a section, there is a quiz. After you complete the questionnaire, you can move to the next section.

App Features

SoloLearn All Menus
SoloLearn All Menus

The app is not just courses and quizzes. Let’s see some of the great features the app provides. The app comes with five menus, and each menu is for a different purpose. We will cover all these menus in SoloLearn review and tutorial.


The first menu is the Learn menu where you can find all the courses and latest additions. The latest addition option comes with the most recent articles on the website. You can see and comment on the report. You can also search for an article by tapping on the search button.


The second is the Challenge menu where you can confront with your friends or select a random person to challenge. To do that, you will have to choose your language as a weapon and find your friend or tap on Random to play with a random person. Once you are matched with someone, a series of questions will be asked from both of you. The winner earns XP.

Activity Feed

Activity Feed menu is like a social menu. Here you can find thoughts, photos and links shared by other users. You can like, dislike, and comment on the posts. After verifying your email, you can also join the community and share thoughts and pictures.

Code Playground

SoloLearn Code Playground Menu
SoloLearn Code Playground Menu

Code Playground is one of the advanced sections on SoloLearn Android app. You can see other users programs. You can create your programs or contribute to others’. After taping a project, you can see the languages and scripts used to make the program and tap on Output on the top or Run on the bottom to see the output of that program. You can also edit the code to make it better or like, dislike and comment on the project. You can see the others’ comments by tapping on the comments icon.

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Q&A Discussions

The last section is Q&A Discussions also called SoloLearn forums is a great place for your doubts. You can ask questions related to coding, answer the questions and search for the question if you already have any.

SoloLearn PRO

SoloLearn PRO
SoloLearn PRO

There is a PRO version of the SoloLearn which cost about $5/month on a monthly plan and $4/month on a yearly plan. The PRO version gives you access to the daily learning goal, personalised activity insights, see who’s viewed your profile, who’s learning nearby and no ads. You can try it for free before purchasing the plan.

Should you buy SoloLearn PRO

Well, if you are keen to learn to code and thinking about a future then go for it. It doesn’t cost that much, and you get many features like who’s viewed your profile. People from requiring agencies look for programmers to hire and spending $4 a month gets you closer then why not?

Do I need anything else than SoloLearn PRO to get a job?

Yes, you will have to be an active learner and community helper. Find the questions and answer them, check out Code Playground and see if you can help improve any of the projects. Create your projects and ask people to contribute. The more you contribute the XP’s you get and requiring people can see your XP while checking out your profile.

Profile menu

You can see your profile, level, friends, codes, posts, activity, skills and badges in the profile menu. Other options and data include your goals, weekly visits, nearby learners and leaderboard. The leaderboard section uses Google Play Games to record your rank locally and globally.

Settings menu

The three little dots on the top contains some of the options. The menu comes with buttons SoloLearn PRO, leaderboard, invite friends through your phone number and Facebook, share SoloLearn PRO, edit profile and settings. Let’s discover the settings menu in SoloLearn Android app review. You can find settings to edit profile, change the password, see connected accounts, see blocked accounts, manage weapons (languages), SoloLearn PRO settings, activity feed, push notifications settings, change default section (activity feed), enable or disable night mode, change the theme, change sound options, enable and disable location services, change the language, see terms of use and sign out. That’s a lot of settings to explore and customise.

In conclusion

SoloLearn would be the easiest way to learn to code. With so many web development, programming and data science languages you can learn any language whenever you want. Here is the end of SoloLearn Android app review and tutorial. I hope the article helped you understand SoloLearn and the Android app. What service do you use to learn to programme? Share us your thought about SoloLearn or the service you use so we can discuss. Last updated on 12/08/2019.

ExpressVPN Test – LTE, Location, and Download Tests (2019)

ExpressVPN Review, Download, Upload and Torrent Speed Test

There are a few VPN clients which have the potential to provide security and performance at the same time. The article is about ExpressVPN. We are going to review and take a few tests on ExpressVPN. We will connect VPN to different regions and then check if it changes our location and then we will test the download and upload speed and finally torrent test. The article is the ultimate review for Express VPN.

ExpressVPN review and features

ExpressVPN Review
ExpressVPN Review

It supports a vast number of servers — a unique feature available is Smart Location which connects to the nearest server. Meanwhile, if you want to choose a server, then tap on the Servers options. You can see the recommended servers by ExpressVPN or tap on All Locations to see all the available servers. It comes with two VPN protocols. The first one is UDP which is the best combination of speed and security, and the second one is TCP. You can also tap on Automatic if you want fate to decide. You can find these options in the settings menu.

Why should you try ExpressVPN?

256-bit encryption

ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) comes in different key strengths: 126, 192, and 256. 256-bit encryption is a highly powerful AES, and it is widely used on major websites. ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption which is very hard for a typical hacker to hack. The protocol changes unsecure VPN connection to a highly secured one.

Unlimited bandwidth

ExpreeVPN comes with unlimited bandwidth which means you can stream and download full HD videos. Looking at the fact that ExpressVPN is only paid everyone would expect it to provide unlimited bandwidth.

Left panel menu

On each platform, ExpressVPN comes with the same and different options. We are testing ExpressVPN on Android, so I’ll mention the settings available on Android. In the left panel, we can change the settings including protocol, language, set up other devices and log out while the alternative settings include start ExpressVPN on startup, get 30 days free, improve ExpressVPN and a couple more.

ExpressVPN review, download, upload and torrent speed video

The video shows what you need to know about ExpressVPN. Continue to the rest of the article.


ExpressVPN is available for Windows, iPhone & iPad, BlackBerry, Apple TV, PlayStation, Linux, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Xbox, Chromebook, Nook, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV as an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

It also supports Router which means after setting up you can secure all the devices connected to that router. By default, you can connect up to three devices, but you can connect as many as you want using the ExpressVPN for the router.

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Location test

Let’s see if ExpressVPN changes our location. After connecting to a server in the United States here are the results.

UFO VPN Location Test
UFO VPN Location Test

ExpressVPN does an excellent job of hiding you. Test results: Passed.

ExpressVPN download and upload speed test

The speed test is essential and ExpressVPN review comes with this test. Before we finish, we still have two tests to take. Let’s move to the second test which is the speed test. Both tests were conducted at the same time at the same location. The left one is the LTE while the right one is LTE + ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Download and Upload test
ExpressVPN Download and Upload test

We can surely say there is a difference in speed. We lost about 57Mbps download, and 9 Mbps upload speed. Although ExpressVPN’s speed on LTE is excellent, there might be more different in Wi-Fi. Test results: Passed.

ExpressVPN torrent test

Let’s move to the final test in ExpressVPN review which is the torrent speed test. Many people are concerned whether it can download torrent at high speed. I’ll go with Smart Location so it can get the maximum speed. I’ll test ExpressVPN on Popcorn Time because it quickly starts downloading if the video is popular. In the test, I found positive results. On my LTE connection, the downloading began in a few seconds. Test results: Passed.


ExpressVPN comes in three different plans.

  1. For $12 you can enjoy ExpressVPN for a month.
  2.  For six months you pay $60.
  3. The most popular is the annual plan for $100. You will get three months extra (15 months in total) on this plan.

Get ExpressVPN annual plan here.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that ExpressVPN is a fantastic VPN client, but as my brain works, I think ExpressVPN is the best. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Express VPN review and download speed article. Do you use any VPN clients? Tell us about your experience in the comments so everyone can decide quickly.

UFO VPN Location and Download Test 2019 (Android)

UFO VPN Review - Note 9
UFO VPN Review – Note 9

Released in October 2018, UFO VPN is one of the new VPN apps. It currently has over 500K downloads and has the potential to reach millions of users. After testing and reviewing I’m fully prepared to write an article and make a video. The post is the ultimate place for UFO VPN review and download speed. So let’s begin.

UFO VPN Review – YouTube video

A tutorial looks good when a video is included. To save you some time I have made this video which explains everything you need about UFO VPN.

UFO VPN Review

Unique features

A unique feature which you might love is Smart Location. When you tap on Smart Location, it will connect to the nearest server. The close the server is the speed you get. Smart Location is beneficial if you only want to hide your location because if the closest server is in your country, then it will connect to that one which means you will be in the same region.

UFO VPN like others has the option to select the prefered server. The free version comes with countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canda, Australia and a few more.

To connect you can tap on Choose Location and the list with countries names will come up. To see all the servers, tap on the country name, and you will find all the servers in the chosen country. Tap the server which is best for you.

Another cool feature of UFO VPN is if you’re not sure which country to select then tap on the button on the top right corner in the servers menu. The option does only one thing which is finding the closest server to you.

Free and paid

The free version comes with limited servers. If you want more servers than you can buy the premium one. The premium plan comes in three different plans.

  1. $3 of one week.
  2. $8 for one month.
  3. $30 for six months.
  4. $36 for one year.

An Important message to add to UFO VPN review is in the coming weeks UFO VPN will be completely free which means no premium at all. The message also means the company will increase the frequency of the ads.

Meanwhile, the Premium UFO VPN has the benefits including unlimited bandwidth & usage, can connect on up to five devices, worldwide servers, no ads and ultra-fast speed.

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Using UFO VPN is a straightforward job. You open the app and tap on either Smart Location or Choose Location. The left panel comes with options including sign/out, premium, language (English & Farsi), help centre (FAQs and contact us), feedback, Invite friends, rate UFO VPN, about, and follow us.

Connection test – Does it really work?

UFO VPN Location Test
UFO VPN Location Test

In the above image, we can see if UFO VPN works. I chose my location to the US and then I selected Atlanta. Bravo! It worked like a charm. UFO VPN does an excellent job of hiding your location and connecting you to the chosen location.

One issue I encounter sometimes is the message “Can’t make the connection”. The chances of getting this message are low meagre and it comes when you try to connect to different servers again and again. If you find this message continuously, then restart the app, and it will work fine (fingers crossed).

UFO VPN torrent speed test

One of the main reasons to test VPN clients is whether it can support torrenting. Popcorn Time is a torrent client and if you try downloading a trending video, then Popcorn Time starts downloading within a few seconds. To maximise the chances of high speed, I will go with Smart Location. After testing UFO VPN on three different servers, only once Popcorn Time could start the downloading. You will have to play with the app to find the optimal server.

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In conclusion

UFO VPN has made thousands of customers and among the thousands of happy customers. Without a doubt, I will recommend UFO VPN to everyone. I hope the video UFO VPN review and download speed helped. Do you use any VPN client? Which one is it? Tell us your experience with UFO VPN and overall with VPN clients, so everyone reading this can get benefits.