93 YouTube Video Ideas to Start Creating on YouTube in 2019

93 YouTube Video Ideas

93 YouTube Video Ideas

What is the total number of YouTube video ideas in the world? Do you want to start a career on YouTube? It’s 2019, and many think it’s difficult to impossible. That’s not true at all. Many have started in 2017 and 2018, and they are big stars now. Look at the channel TheRankings. They started in 2017, and they have over 220K subscribers. It’s not just TheRankings; there are many YouTube channels which have started recently and have over 10K subscribers.

It is essential to have a nice idea to start. Here are 93 YouTube video ideas in 2019 to inspire you to start on YouTube today. Some of the video ideas are advanced and require skills. One thing I’ll add is never starting making videos before fully understanding the idea. If you start making something on YouTube and after a few weeks or months, you realise it’s not something I want to do, then your whole time will be gone to waste. Check out the 93 YouTube video ideas categorised below.

YouTube video ideas table of contents

    1. Technology.
    2. Entertainment.
    3. Science and Educational.
    4. Household YouTube Video Ideas.
    5. YouTube Video Ideas for Kids.
    6. Value for Life.
    7. General Help.

YouTube video ideas list is in sections. The list does not define high paying or low paying niches or any popularity. However, if any idea has anything different than the common ideas, then the information is with the idea.

Technology YouTube video ideas

YouTube Video Tech Ideas

YouTube Video Tech Ideas

01. Make coding tutorials

If you like programming, you might want to show to the world. With new and a different approach, you can make hundreds of dollars. You can cover the programming languages like Java, C#, C++, Python, etc.

Some coding channels
  1. Derek Banas.
  2. ProgrammingKnowledge.
  3. thenewboston.

02. Teach computer stuff

Teaching computer stuff is one of the top YouTube video ideas. If you are good enough to prove yourself, then go ahead and prove.

Some computer guru channels
  1. ToBe.
  2. Geeks Tutorial.

03. Cover how to make Websites

A web development course for $30 on Udemy has over 200K students. From WordPress to HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to Bootstrap, a massive number of topics to cover. If you have enough knowledge about web development, then you can start a YouTube channel and begin uploading the videos.

YouTubers covering web development on YouTube
  1. freeCodeCamp.

04. Make videos on mobile phones

It will take time to be a pro, but once you become a pro, you’ll be earning while sleeping. Check out Gadget Hacks and Howtosolveit to get some motivation.

05. Make videos on specific tasks in games

Making videos on video games is one of the best YouTube video ideas because you get to play your favourite games, and you can earn money by uploading them.

YouTubers who upload their gaming activities
  1. GTA Series Videos.
  2. GameUnboxingReviews.

06. Teach about YouTube

You can teach people how to make videos and upload them to YouTube. You can also talk about how to rank high on YouTube and if any changes are coming to the YouTube policies or if YouTube is releasing a new feature etc.

YouTubers who teach how YouTube works
  1. Creator Insiders.
  2. Video Creators.

07. How to use software like Adobe Photoshop

You can cover highly technical and advanced in a separate channel. Software like Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, video editors or any other software which a little bit are complex and high paying.

Anyway, here is the list of skilled YouTubers
  1. Photoshop Tutorials.
  2. Brackeys.

08. Talk about different computers specs

If you are a gamer and you know about the specs for various games and the specifications for your computer, then go ahead and explain.

YouTubers who talk about specs
  1. NCIX Tech Tips.
  2. Techquickie.

09. Cover ways to earn money on the internet

A massive number of people are searching for ways to make money online. You can upload videos on how to earn money online and cover as many as possible ways. Channels like Practical Psychology and Nate O’Brien do this perfectly.

10. Review mobile phones

Reviewing mobile phones on YouTube is a great video idea these days. The only problem you will have is to struggle a bit in the beginning. Do you own a new phone? If yes, then start making videos on the features your mobile has and buy a couple of phones and review them.

YouTubers who review the mobile phones
  1. Unbox Therapy.
  2. Jared Busch.

11. Review games

You might not want to show how to complete the missions and tasks, but you can review specific games on YouTube.

YouTubers who review games
  1. IGN.
  2. AngryJoeShow.

12. Compare one software to another

Comparing one software to another one is not just limited to monetising your channel. Companies pay to YouTubers and bloggers to put their software on the list. If you are trustworthy, then compare software honestly if not then earn money by marketing different brands of software by putting them on the list.

YouTubers who compare software
  1. tutvid.

13. Test different software

You can test various software and let people know the best and worst features. Software packages are paid these days, and people look for recommendations on whether to buy software or go somewhere else.

14. Talk about different brands

You can talk about Google, Apple, Microsoft, or any other brand. Different people cover different topics about various brands.

Channels covering brands
  1. Gaming Wildlife.

15. Compare one game to another

What is the difference between IGI: I’m Going In and Call of Duty? What is the difference between Call of Duty and Counter-Strike? These sorts of questions are always here so if you know the difference then record your screen.

16. Review different version of the software

If you are good at using software, then you can review the software when a new version release. Software like Adobe Photoshop, Unity3D, Android Studio, Unreal Engine etc. are complicated, and people do not know the new features.

17. Review apps

Just like reviewing software, games, and mobile phones you can review apps. Every day developers are publishing new apps. Some are unique, and some are like old ones. Reviewing apps is a hard thing because you must continually look for new apps which have the potential to become famous.

Entertainment YouTube video ideas

Multimedia Video Ideas

Multimedia Video Ideas

18. Review Movies

Watched a movie? You might want to share your thoughts on YouTube. People ask their friends about a film, and they check the ratings on Google, but what if a trusted YouTuber gives them the right advice?

Some movie reviewing channels
  1. Chris Stuckmann.
  2. ScreenCrush.

19. Share your travelling diaries

You can upload the videos you record while visiting some other city or region. People love to see some action before selecting their annual travelling location.

Some travelling diaries channels
  1. Emma Chamberlain.
  2. Vagabrothers.
  3. Travel Channel.

20. Love your city? Show to people

If you do not have enough time to go to other places, then why not own city? Why is Melbourne the most liveable city? Where is the famous museum in Italy? You can make YouTube videos of exciting facts and show people the never seen places.

21. Do you like to sing?

Well, singing is an ongoing trend, and it is a great YouTube video idea. Singing requires equipment, but you can start with your voice, and once you get some money from YouTube channel then you can spend that money to buy the equipment.

22. Do you like to dance?

If you are well enough to dance in front of the camera, then start recording yourself and cover thousands of songs.

Some singing and dancing YouTubers
  1. The Compiler.
  2. Felicia Ricci.
  3. 1MILLION Dance Studio.

23. Make a loop of a song or music.

People love to listen to some songs all the time, so YouTubers add one song like 20 times to make it an hour long. Careful about copyrights.

24. Make vines

Vine is one of the excellent YouTube video ideas. These days people who make funny videos earn more than any other. People used to make funny videos, and upload to Vine and the concept came to YouTube. YouTubers make much money from videos. YouTube is old now, and already many creators are creating funny videos and because the new generation is more like a time waster which makes vines one of the great YouTube video ideas.

Famous vines making channels
  1. The Life Of Us Vlogs.
  2. Logan Paul Vlogs.

25. Review other YouTubers’

Review other and give your opinion and you are golden. Some YouTubers review other YouTubers show their true identity.

26. Make the cover of the songs

Do you have a beautiful voice but do not have much of the equipment and a team? Maybe you want to start this video idea and show what you got.

YouTubers who make cover videos
  1. Vidya Vox.
  2. JFlaMusic.

27. Make mashups

Well, if you do not want to sign, then you might want to buy some software and start making a mashup. If you are interested in something like this, then search for video editors and begin cutting the songs mix them with other songs.

  1. Earlvin14 Mashups.
  2. Mashup Songs.

28. Upload commercials

Start uploading some funny ads and mix many commercials to make a video. Careful about the copyrights.

Channels covering commercials
  1. Dalibor Truhlar.
  2. Funniest Commercials Compilation.

29. Upload short movie clips

You can put a specific scene from various movies on YouTube. The clips like end credit scene or a specific dialogue or a particular action etc. Careful about the copyrights.

YouTubers covering short movie clips:
  1. Flimic Box.

30. Cover music instruments

Thousands of people are out there who want to learn how to play the guitar. If you know how to do anything about the guitar or any other instrument, then start a camera and teach how to use that.

YouTubers who upload the videos on instruments
  1. Worship Tutorials.
  2. Andrew Furmanczyk.

31. How about making videos on facts?

Make a video on facts; any fact will do. Countries, people, culture, history, science, and much more you can cover with facts videos.

YouTubers covering facts
  1. The Why.
  2. 101Facts.

32. Top list

You can also make videos on the top list. Top 10, 25, 50 or even 100 list. Make a list of countries, technology, brands, food, languages, and anything else you like.

Covering top list YouTubers
  1. Nexus.
  2. WatchMojo.

33. What to wear where

Often people get confused about what should they wear in different parties or what is the traditional clothes for a specific country. It is one of the YouTube video ideas, and it is a fun and exciting thing to teach about the different types of clothes around the world.

34. Stand-up comedy

Stand-up comedy is high paying YouTube video idea because comedians are making a good income. If you know how to make laugh your friends, then get a camera and your crew and begin recording.

35. Truth or dare?

Can you sound like the elephant? Truth or dare is commonly played play. You might want to cover this topic.

36. Song’s lyrics

People around the world upload videos on songs with lyrics. Some songs are hard to understand. If you can understand a new song or find the lyrics somewhere, then you can upload the video before anyone else. Careful about copyrights.

37. Take photos

You might be interested in taking pictures. It is one of the YouTube video ideas and a picture worth hundreds of dollars if it is unique. You can capture some beautiful photos and upload them to YouTube.

38. Teach how to organise parties

Some people have the talent for arranging certain things, and that’s why organising the parties is one of the YouTube video ideas. If you are good at something like hosting parties or arranging dining, then you can start your channel and upload videos.

39. How about a prank?

Pranks are one of the funniest topics and YouTube video idea. From the cute bottle of water in the eyes prank to walking at the scary heights prank, people earn passive money from the video they upload on YouTube.

40. Your pets’ skills

You might have seen videos on YouTube or Facebook about how pets play with owners. If you think your pet has some skills or if you do some fun things with your pets, then start a camera and record the moments.
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41. What is trending

Remember Pokémon Go? The game which made the world walk along the street looking for Pokémon. With the help of this game, people found many things on the streets. How about Fidget Spinners, Mannequin Challenge, Floor is Lava, Avengers and Yanny or Laurel.

42. Make animated videos

With good software and tools, you can create your animated videos and upload on YouTube.

YouTubers covering this topic

  1. Kids Channel – Cartoon Videos for Kids.

Science and educational YouTube video ideas

43. Teach how to sing

You can teach people how to sing, and you can talk about different instruments which are needed to sign the songs.

44. If not singing then how about dancing?

Dancing is a popular idea. You can teach people how to dance. Hundreds of people are getting married every day, hundreds are getting engaged, and thousands have marriages at home, and like singing, people search for dancing classes on YouTube to impress someone special.

Some YouTubers who teach singing or dancing
  1. Felicia Ricci.
  2. EricArceneaux.
  3. Mihran Kirakosian.

45. Teach how to play board games?

Teaching how to play board games like Chess, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders etc. would be one of the great YouTube video ideas if you know how to play any board games.

YouTube channels with videos on board games:
  1. Saint Louis Chess Club.
  2. Sports Games & Fun.

46. If not a board game then how about a physical sport?

Millions of Football and Cricket, Badminton etc. fans are out there. If you know how to play a sport, then start recording yourself in the field and show how it works.

YouTubers who upload sports-related videos
  1. Unisport.
  2. Ben Williams – My Cricket Coach.

47. Explain how to play cards

From Black Jake to Hearts, cards are popular around the world. If you can play cards then, start a YouTube channel and teach people about cards and cool tricks and tips about cards.

48. Make videos on how to do anything

Doing anything is a YouTube video idea which is hard to follow, but it is an idea.

Channel who make How-to videos
  1. Center Stage Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Academy.
  2. BuzzFeedBlue.

49. Introduction to different fields of study

You can make tutorials on different subjects and explain various topics. Some YouTubers cover the presentation and a bit of the information about a specific issue, and some YouTubers focus on one or a couple of areas of study.

50. Teach people about religions and cultures

Teaching about religion is controversy sometimes, but if you are good at explaining then, it will not be a problem. Studying different faiths and describing how things work in real life is a great way to begin on YouTube.

YouTubers who share religious and cultural knowledge
  1. The Life of Jesus.
  2. Koi Fresco.

51. Talk about history

How the Great Wall of China built? How World War 2 started? Talk about history and if any information is missing then put your opinions in videos.

YouTubers who talk about the history
  1. Hip Huges.
  2. Science Channel.

52. Discuss pet care

Do you own a pet? If yes, then you would know how to take care of the pets. When people own a pet, they go to Google or YouTube and search for how to take care of him or her.

53. Cover how to train your pets

Teaching the pets is a little bit complex topic as you need skills. Families who do not have a baby and own a pet are always worried about what will happen when the baby comes? The questions like how to train the pet for the baby or to take care of both at the same time etc. are prevalent.

54. Talk about accounting and finance

Are you an expert in accounting and finance? You might want to share some of the skills. Although accounting and financing probably are great YouTube video idea because of increasing demand for internet banking. Student all over the world are studying in this field of study, and they always need help with specific topics.

YouTubers who upload videos on accounting and financing
  1. Executive Finance.
  2. WolveAnd Finance.

55. Teach languages

Teaching different languages is one of the popular YouTube video ideas. If you are passionate about different languages, then you can teach different languages. Start with your native language and reach out to the audience and then spread your channel. Check out English in Brazil by Carina Fragozo for inspiration.

56. Make videos on herbal treatment

Do you know any easy way to treat the flu? Perhaps you might want to share with the world. Herbal remedies are still a vital part of daily life.

YouTubers who cover herbal treatment
  1. Direct Trend.

57. Talk about the physics stuff

Physics is the hot topic of the scientific world. How are black holes formed? How big is our universe? If you know much about Physics, then start recording and explain how things are as they are today.

Channels covering Physics
  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.
  2. Unveiled.

58. Talk about the health

You need to be a doctor or a well-trained person to upload health-related videos on YouTube. Make sure you upload the videos which contain the real information as health is a serious topic and it is a high paying niche too.

59. Job interview questions

From MacDonald’s to Google, they ask questions in the interviews. Brands look for an active and confident person to hire, and if you know what sort of question they are going to ask, then you already have high chances to nail the interview.

60. Explain how to teach kids

There are different ways to teach and if you know the good ones and go ahead and show us.

61. Evergreen videos

Evergreen can be anything but not news and sometimes also not trending stuff. Trending involves reviews, explanations, lists, FAQs etc. Make some evergreen videos and relax for a couple of years.

62. Teach being hygienic

Some people can’t hold their unhygienic habits. Teach them how to stop them. Hygiene is a personal thing and people don’t want to talk to anyone about these kinds of stuff. If they watch something helpful on YouTube, they will love to follow.

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63. Famous architectures around the globe

Mountains, structures, bridges, and other historical, and famous architectures have a story and you are the one to explain if you go with this YouTube video idea.

64. Teach how to study

Just talk about the best ways to study. You can cover topics like how to motivate towards education and relaxing songs for study etc. It is a great topic to start on YouTube.

Household YouTube video ideas

65. Any idea of how to cook?

People love to learn about cooking. Whether it is an Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, or food from somewhere else, if you know anything about making food then start recording yourself making something delicious and upload to YouTube.

YouTubers who cooks and upload on YouTube
  1. Greg’s Kitchen.
  2. Pailin’s Kitchen.

66. If not cooking, then how about cleaning?

Some are travelling, some are studying abroad, some are on punishment, and some are cleaning just for fun. So why not you start cleaning the house and make a video?

YouTubers who show how to clean anything
  1. Clean My Space.
  2. Hannah’s Happy Home.

67. How about reviewing the products?

You can explain why you love the products you use. The formula and speciality different products offer are good to know sometimes.

People who review the products
  1. BluMaan.
  2. Ashley Weston.

68. Do you know about the nutrition of vegetables and fruits?

Have enough knowledge about supplements and nutrition? People need help with nutrition sometimes. Check out Yuri Elkaim and HomeVeda Nutrition to see how it works.

69. Share the information

Is there any information that you know better than others? Perhaps you might want to share with the world.

70. Discuss how tools work

How does plunger work? How does a screwdriver work? Different tools have various benefits and which tools we need for specific tasks. If you know about the tools, then you can record yourself applying different instruments on separate occasions.

People who talk about tools
  1. Ultimate Handyman.
  2. Vortex Garage.

71. Fix car problems

Would you like to fix car problems? Oops! My car stopped, I should check YouTube and see if I can find any help.

YouTubers who upload videos about car-related problems
  1. ChrisFix.
  2. Top 5 Auto Repairs.

72. Teach how to drive

You can teach new drivers how to drive. Driving to parking, so many topics to cover.

YouTubers who upload videos on driving
  1. Helpful DIY.
  2. The Learner Driving Centre.

73. Make YouTube videos on simple hacks

Make videos on simple hacks like fixing phone screen with toothpaste or whiten your teeth with Lemon or anything else which can be considered as a simple hack. If you know simple solutions to problems, then upload to YouTube and people all around the world will love to see your content because everyone wants to save money. Channels like 5-Minute Crafts and SkyBek are famous on YouTube.

Kids YouTube video ideas

74. Play kid’s rhythms

Kids videos are popular these days. Parents at places like at the shopping mall or while driving play kids’ rhythms for the children. It helps a child learns faster, and it is entertainment for the kids at the same time.

75. Teach about toys

Teaching the kids about toys is a unique idea. If you have a kid willing to explain about toys and where to buy them, then you can create a new YouTube channel and start recording.

Value for life video ideas

76. Make videos on Yoga

Everyone wants to have a relaxed life, and value for life YouTube video ideas are highly motivational and inspiring because these ideas teach the ways to live life. Yoga is old, and it helps people to a stress-free experience. If you are a teacher or ever been a Yoga student, then you can upload the Yoga videos on YouTube.

Channels covering Yoga
  1. Yoga With Adriene.
  2. Good Health 24/7.

77. Cover gym videos

Making videos on the gym would be one of the high motivational YouTube video ideas because you get the motivation and you get the money.

Some gym channels on YouTube
  2. Nordic Fitness Magazine.

78. Make motivational videos

Many video ideas are around the corner; you have to figure out what you are and what you can do. Sometimes people need a small motivation to wake up early, work harder, or keep up with their diets.

One of the great motivational YouTubers
  1. Be Inspired.

79. Fashion and beauty is an ongoing trend?

All right, you know about fashion and beauty. Making videos on trends and style is one of the great YouTube video ideas because they keep changing all the time. If anyone let the world know what is changing and where is changing, then surely people will love that person.

YouTube channels which focus on trends
  1. New Hairstyle & Fashion World.
  2. Fashion Trends.

80. Talk about lessons you have learned in your life

The world is full of beautiful people, and no one is perfect. People sometimes search for these types of videos to learn about life.

YouTubers who share life lessons
  1. Evan Carmichael.
  2. PositivityxSuccess.

81. Make videos on quotes

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” Albert Einstein. Quotes are part of our life because they teach us the value for life. Quotes teach us the importance of the future, time, money, human, friend, work etc.

YouTubers who make videos on quotes
  1. Tom Bilyeu.

82. Talk about time management

Thousands of peoples have problems in managing the time correctly. If you know how to handle the time at work, with family etc. then please explain to the world.

83. What does your horoscope say?

Horoscopes are popular, and people see their daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes on televisions or read in the newspapers. You can upload videos on horoscopes and let people know what they are about to explore. Channels like Wonder Girl Astrology cover videos on the horoscope.

84. Help people lose weight

You can help people lose weight. It is hard for some people to control their eating habits and doing exercises. You can teach people how and why to give some time to exercise every day.

85. Explain perfect diets

Some people have a hard time maintaining the diet. Will you help them? You can cover food to eat, fluids to drink and a bit of the exercise.

86. How to live life

A proper way to live life is key to a prosperous future. Teach people if you think you are better.

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87. Explain how to save money

From electricity to gas, toothpaste, cans to cleaning, teach people how to save money.

General help YouTube video ideas

88. Give your views about what is happing in the country right now

Is the election close? Are there any changes coming to the current rules? Have fuel prices increased? If you are an ordinary person news channel will never ask you to talk, but if you have ideas to talk about changes, then you can create a channel on YouTube. Check out Amit Sengupta who does this.

89. Talk about specific rules

Different countries have different principles, and people search for these rules before visiting a country. It can be a great YouTube video idea if you know what you are doing.

90. Talk about buying used items

Bogus brands always make fake items. From phones to computers to graphics cards, you will find fake items everywhere. You can research these fake items and stop the people from buying them.

91. Teach about selling used items

Buying and selling used products is also a kind of strategic business and can be a YouTube video idea. My friends used to buy iPhones and sell them to earn some extra money. The hard part was selling because not all the time market is high.

92. Help people advertise

Help people in marketing is a high paying video idea. Marketing is one of the top YouTube video ideas because it helps people how to trick customers into buying or considering something. You can make videos on these marketing tips and support the business owners around the world. Neil Patel and Roberto Blake help people advertise.

93. Stay motivated and positive

Here is the bonus tip, which is my suggestion to be motivated. Give yourself an hour and think about what you like and write down all the interesting topics. Then think about the most favourite, then go with that one. First six months to a year would be hard, and the only cure for that is being motivated. Above YouTube, video ideas might even have not covered the one you are thinking, but it does not matter. Always be positive and keep uploading the good stuff.

In conclusion

Here is the end of our beautiful YouTube video ideas list. I hope my article helped and thanks for having a read. Do you have any idea in mind to begin on YouTube? Is it different than the listed? Let me how if you have any new ideas and feedback. Last updated: 07th July 2019.

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