106 Ultimate Long-Running YouTube Video Ideas for 2020

YouTube Video Ideas
YouTube Video Ideas

It’s 2019, and many think it’s impossible, but that’s not true at all. Many have started recently, and they have grown huge. Look at the channel TheRankings. They began in 2017, and they have over 290K subscribers. It’s not just TheRankings; there are many YouTube channels which have started recently and have over 10K subscribers.

It is essential to have an excellent idea to start. Here are 98 YouTube video ideas in 2019 to inspire you to start on YouTube today. YouTube is a platform where there is no turning. You’ve got to make sure that you are picking up the perfect niche because you will have to start from the beginning if you change your mind. So, with that clear, let’s dive in.

Table of contents

    1. Technology ideas
    2. Entertainment ideas
    3. Science and educational ideas
    4. Household video ideas
    5. Ideas for girls
    6. Ideas for kids
    7. Value for life ideas
    8. General help ideas

YouTube video ideas

Technology ideas

  1. Make coding tutorials.
  2. Teach computer stuff.
  3. Cover how to make websites.
  4. Make videos on mobile phones.
  5. Make videos on specific tasks in games.
  6. Review games.
  7. Teach about YouTube.
  8. Teach how to use software (software tutorials).
  9. Talk about different computers specs.
  10. Cover ways to earn money on the internet.
  11. Review mobile phones.
  12. Review games.
  13. Compare one software to another.
  14. Test different software.
  15. Talk about different brands.
  16. Compare one game to another.
  17. Review different version of the software packages.
  18. Review apps.
  19. Do you know what Arduino is? It’s an open-source hardware and software company. Arduino is widely popular in building digital devices. It’s a DIY solution for many projects such as water level system, temperature detection, etc.

Entertainment ideas

  1. Review Movies.
  2. Share your travelling diaries.
  3. Love your city? Show to people.
  4. Enjoy singing? Show your talent.
  5. You can show your dancing skills as well.
  6. Teach how to sing.
  7. If not singing, then how about dancing?
  8. Make a loop of a song or music.
  9. Make vines.
  10. Review other YouTubers.
  11. Make the cover of the songs.
  12. Make mashups.
  13. Upload commercials.
  14. Upload short movie clips.
  15. Cover music instrument.
  16. How about making videos on facts?
  17. Cover top lists videos (best earning niche).
  18. Talk about what to wear where.
  19. Stand-up comedy.
  20. Truth or dare?
  21. Song’s lyrics.
  22. Take photos and upload them.
  23. Teach how to organise parties.
  24. How about a prank?
  25. Your pets’ skills.
  26. What is trending? Maybe a challenge or something.
  27. Make animated videos.
  28. Cover magic tricks.

Science and educational ideas

  1. Teach how to play board games?
  2. If not board games, then how about a physical sport?
  3. Talk about Sports specifically.
  4. Explain how to play cards.
  5. Make videos on how to do anything.
  6. Introduce to different fields of study.
  7. Teach people about religions and cultures.
  8. Talk about history.
  9. Discuss pet care.
  10. Cover how to train your pets.
  11. Talk about accounting and finance.
  12. Teach different languages.
  13. If not languages, then share your ascent.
  14. Make videos on herbal treatment.
  15. Talk about the physics stuff.
  16. Talk about health.
  17. Job interview questions.
  18. Explain how to teach kids.
  19. Teach being hygienic.
  20. Cover Famous architectures around the globe.
  21. Teach people how to study.
  22. Talk about Earth and solar system.
  23. Cover different countries and their history.

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Household ideas

  1. Any idea of cooking? Record it.
  2. If not cooking, then how about cleaning?
  3. How about reviewing products?
  4. Cover fruit and veg nutrition videos.
  5. Discuss how tools work.
  6. Fix car problems.
  7. Cover different vehicles’ specs.
  8. Teach how to drive.
  9. Make YouTube videos on simple life hacks.

YouTube video ideas for girls

  1. Cover fashion.
  2. Teach a girl’s life.
  3. Discuss how to be a mum.
  4. Teach ow to be a housewife.
  5. Be a helping hand.
  6. Teach what you do.

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YouTube video ideas for kids

  1. Play kid’s rhythms.
  2. Teach about toys.

Value for life video ideas

  1. Make videos on Yoga.
  2. Cover gym videos.
  3. Make motivational videos.
  4. Fashion and beauty is an ongoing trend?
  5. Talk about the lessons you have learned in your life.
  6. Make videos on quotes.
  7. Talk about time management.
  8. What does your horoscope say?
  9. Help people lose weight.
  10. Explain perfect diets.
  11. Discuss how to enjoy life fully.
  12. Explain how to save money.

General help ideas

  1. Give your views about what is happing in the country right now.
  2. Talk about specific rules.
  3. Talk about buying used items.
  4. Teach about selling used items.
  5. Help people advertise.
  6. Talk about surviving in the forest.
  7. Teach about build houses and swimming pools in the forest without special equipment.

In conclusion

Here is the end of the YouTube video ideas list. I hope the list helped you pick that idea. Thanks for having a read, and let me know if you have any comments or you want to add a missing idea to this list.

The post was last updated on 9/Nov/2019.

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