Edge Chromium vs Chrome – What’s New and What’s Missing?

Edge Chromium vs Chrome
Edge Chromium vs Chrome

Edge is now Edge Chromium. Microsoft has said that soon Windows 10 users will get an update with Edge Chromium installed, but it is available to download now. Edge has adopted the style of Chrome. By looking at both, you don’t see much of a difference. The article takes a look at both and sees similarities and differences. We will also take a look at the battery consumption to see if Edge Chromium is lighter than Chrome. This is the ultimate comparison of Edge Chromium vs Google Chrome.

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Importing Data in Microsoft Edge Chromium
Importing Data in Microsoft Edge Chromium

Instead of Google account, on Edge Chromium, you get the Microsoft account settings. When you install Edge Chromium, it gets data from Chrome. It imports

  • favourites and bookmarks,
  • saved passwords,
  • addresses,
  • payment info,
  • browsing history,
  • settings,
  • and tabs data.

If Edge does not get the data, you can manually import by going to settings and clicking on Import browser data. By default, Bing is the search engine, but you can change that in the settings.


Microsoft Edge Chromium supports the same extensions which the older version of Edge does, but the newer version also supports the extensions from Chrome Web Store. Before installing, you will need to go to Extensions in the upper right menu and then enable the option Allow extensions from other stores. After that, go to Chrome Web Store and install the extensions you want. In the beginning, Google was issuing a warning to users about using Google Chrome while downloading extensions, but the warning has been removed now.


Both save the passwords on PC, and Google Chrome also saves passwords on your Google account. To view the password for an account, you will need to enter your Windows password on both. Both come with the same offer to save passwords and enable or disable the auto sign-in feature.

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New tab

Newtab is a bit different. Edge Chromium shows a different background image every day, whereas Google Chrome does not come with any background image by default, but there is an option to show a background image. Google Chrome also does not change the image by itself. On the new tab, you get the search bar with the most used tabs, and if you scroll down on Edge Chromium, you get to see the Microsoft News. The app uses location to show the relevant news, and it also comes with a settings menu, in which you can adjust the page layout.

Settings menu

The right-hand side menu also looks identical. You have tab options, history, and then zoom settings. Both offer the dark theme as you can see, and both offer the same account details with an option to login as a guest and add a new profile.

Additional features

Some of the features are the same while there are some which are different in both. Let’s take a look at each one by one.

Edge Chromium

Tracking Protection in Microsoft Edge Chromium
Tracking Protection in Microsoft Edge Chromium
  1. The software comes with the legacy Edge’s read-aloud feature.
  2. Edge Chromium comes with a built-in cookies tracker and blocker. Firefox has been using this feature for a long time. Edge has adopted this feature, and it comes with three protection levels.
    • The first one is Basic. The basic tacking prevention allows most trackers on all websites and blocks harmful ones.
    • Balanced is already selected, which blocks trackers from sites you visit for the first time and blocks harmful ones.
    • Strict is the third and the last level of protection, in which the browser blocks the majority of the trackers as well as harmful ones. This feature may limit the functionality of a site.
  3. The browser allows installing Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on your machine. Instead of going to Microsoft Store, a user can install the apps by going to a supported website and then going to the apps menu under settings and clicking on the install app_name button. The app is run by itself, but it’s a little bit easier to download those apps now.


  1. You have an option to manage music and videos next to the account icon. The feature lets you pause the music and videos.


  1. Both offer the translation feature. The difference is, Chrome uses Google Translate while Edge uses Bing Microsoft Translator.
  2. Microsoft Edge Chromium supports sync, but you can’t sync history, tabs, extensions, and collections. Although Microsoft is working on this feature and the options will be enabled when they release, the release date is not known.


Battery Test - Edge Chromium vs Chrome
Battery Test – Edge Chromium vs Chrome

How did I take the test: I used the default Windows battery monitor to detect the battery usage. Both browsers were not used for six hours to clear past battery usage.

What I did to test: I played the same video on full HD on the highest volume at the simultaneously.

The result: Edge Chromium consumed 10% of the battery life, whereas Google Chrome consumed 14%. The test proved that I could watch a full HD video on maximum volume for 60 minutes on Edge Chromium whereas on Google Chrome, a little bit more than 40 minutes. Moreover, Android Authority has also reported that Chrome uses more RAM than Edge Chromium.


I have been using Edge Chromium for up to three weeks now. No complaints from me, but the race is just the beginning. Indeed, Microsoft’s work will also help developing Chrome as both will work on the same project now, but unique features will also release alongside. Anyway, thanks for reading. I’ll keep updating this post as new elements are released. Please share your views in the comments below so we can discuss more.

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