Evernote vs OneNote | Which One is the Choice (2020)?

Evernote and OneNote Icons
Evernote vs OneNote

There are many applications to stay organised and keep notes on the go. OneNote is old, and it’s one of the most popular. Evernote, on the other hand, is an application with industry-leading tools. What do both offer? What are the features available for free? We will compare the desktop as well as mobile versions to find the best note-taking service. Let’s get into the ultimate comparison Evernote vs OneNote.

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Screenshot of Evernote Desktop
Evernote Desktop

Both support multiple platforms, but the major functionalities are mostly the same. The desktop Evernote app is available on Microsoft Store. The software comes with a powerful search which allows you to find a note and search for the text within the notes. You can extend the search functionality by adding tags to notes. Evernote comes with a powerful text editor where you can select fonts, size, colour, bold, and other basic tools. Other Evernote features include:

  1. Print notes
  2. Send notes in emails
  3. Add links to the text
  4. Duplicate notes


Image of OneNote Desktop
OneNote Desktop

Adopting Office tools, OneNote is a strong note making software available for desktop as well as online. The software comes with text editing tools including fonts, size, bold, underline, headings and other necessary tools. You can insert tables, files, pictures, online video files, links, and audio files. The draw menu comes with pens, highlighters, shapes, ink shapes, undo, redo etc. OneNote’ssearch tool is as robust as Evernote’s. OneNote assistant can also help you do the basic tasks such as adding tables, lists, paste text, insert an image, and much more. Other OneNote desktop features are

  1. Draw in the same space and draw above an image, text, and videos
  2. Translate the text
  3. Add a sub-page in a page
  4. Pin the page to the start menu

Review: Regarding the tools, it depends on each user. I’ll make this round a tie as both offer amazing tools, and we can’t expect more features for free. Score: Evernote: 1 and OneNote: 1.


Video comparison

Here is a quick video comparing both on a mobile phone. The video covers the essential features and helps in clearing your mind by presenting the comparison visually.

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The most important section in Evernote vs OneNote mobile comparison is tools and freedom to add stuff to the notes. On mobile, Evernote supports text, images, audio, camera, photos, attachments, reminders, and handwriting. As you add more stuff, the note keeps expanding. The intelligent camera is something to note because it can help you take photos of business cards, documents, and whiteboards. The camera adopts the power of AI to crop the photo and only save the required area.
You can add all the notes types in a single note. Evernote adds everything on the same page, but everything is in a separate component. Another notable feature of Evernote is templates. Unlike OneNote, you can start with any of the pre-made templates.

Moving to OneNote, you can add text, images, voice recording, checkboxes, attach files, and draw. A noticeable feature of OneNote is adding everything in the same space. You can draw on text, images, recording or add text on the drawing. OneNote also adds all the things you put on the single page.

Review: This round also goes to OneNote Score: Evernote: 1 and OneNote: 2.


The two offer widgets functionality on Android. Evernote provides three widgets. Let’s discover each one:

  1. An icon for creating new notes and opening the app.
  2. A 4×1 widget is for creating new text, photo, recording, or drawing notes.
  3. The last one is for viewing your notes. You can filter than widget to view the certain notes

OneNote diversely offers five widgets. Let’s find out what are they:

  1. A bar for creating a new photo, audio, or text notes.
  2. The second 3×2 widget is for viewing the recent notes.
  3. Other three widgets are for creating audio, text, and photo notes separately.

Drive storage

Well, OneNote has the power of Office, and after creating your free account, you can upload up to 5 GB of content on OneDrive. Evernote gives you access to 60 MB upload limit each month.

Review: Although, storage is not a big deal these days, the question os syncing notes across device arises. I’ll go with OneNote in this round. Score: Evernote: 1 and OneNote: 1.

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App storage

On Android, OneNote occupies 183 MB of storage while Evernote occupies 88.7 MB of storage. On the iPhone, OneNote takes 211 MB of storage, which is more than OneNote Android version. Evernote, on the other hand, takes 126 MB of storage of the iPhone.

Review: The round goes to Evernote because it occupies less storage than OneNote. Score: Evernote: 1 and OneNote: 0.


The last section in platforms is the web. Both come with a web version to make it easier to make notes. Evernote web has almost the same features regarding making notes. Although you will miss the Windows-style navigation bar and the insert button on the top-right is for inserting tables, lists, etc. The web version also comes with account-related options such as password, devices, email etc. OneNote’s web version has all the feature expect dictate tool.

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Evernote comes in two plans, the basic and premium. The below image compares the prices for Evernote.

Evernote Basic vs Evernote Premium

The price for the premium is $9.99/month on the monthly plan, while $7.50/month on an annual contract. There used to be a middle plan called Evernote Plus, which is not offered anymore. OneNote contrarily is free, and it is pre-installed on Windows and can be installed on iPhone and Android for free.

Winner: Both offer some tools for free Let’s tie this round. Score: Evernote: 2 and OneNote: 3.

Which one do you need?

If you want to stay up to date with new tools, then Evernote is your place, while if you want the ease of use and free tools, then Microsoft OneNote is a perfect choice.

In conclusion

The final score for the comparison was 2 and 3. Being prepared for instant moments is essential. It’s always good practice to see which one is better before starting a new service. I hope the article Evernote vs OneNote helped. Have you tried any of the note-taking apps? Share your experience with us so we can discuss more.

Image information: The images used in this comparison are the icons and screenshots.

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