Facebook Lite vs Facebook – Which One do You Need?

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Facebook vs Facebook Lite

Facebook and Facebook Lite Logo

The article covers Facebook Lite vs Facebook. Both are two different apps, and when you search for one of these, you get recommendations about the other one. On Google Play, if you have installed one of both and you try to install the other one, you see a message “Similar app installed”. Facebook Lite and Facebook are from Facebook, and there are a few difference in both the apps. The article covers Facebook Lite vs Facebook, including the interface differences, what features are missing, how it can save your data and storage, and which one do you need.

Interface differences

Facebook vs Facebook Lite Interface

Facebook vs Facebook Lite Interface

The interface on Facebook and Facebook Lite are different. The Facebook Lite comes with News Feed, Friend Requests, Messenger which goes to Messenger Lite if installed, Notifications, Videos and finally Main Menu. On the Facebook app homepage, we have News Feed, Groups, Marketplace, Profile, Notifications, and Main Menu. On the Facebook app, the Messenger icon in on the top right corner, but on Facebook Lite, it’s with one of the primary tabs. The background is white, which is one of the reasons for its reduced size.

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Facebook and Facebook Lite Storage Comparison on Android

Facebook and Facebook Lite Storage Comparison on Android

The is one of the primary reasons behind Facebook Lite vs Facebook. Facebook app occupies 144 MB of space while Facebook Lite only takes 1.81 MB of storage. Both apps have the basic functionalities, but there is over 140 MB of difference. On the iPhone, the Facebook app takes 458.3 MB of storage, which is three times as the Facebook app on Android. Meanwhile, Facebook Lite occupies 18.4 MB of storage, which also is more than Facebook Lite on Android.

How they managed to reduce the size?

The primary reason is reducing the size of the images which include icons, background images, removing the functionalities, using the default and saved fonts etc. For example, you can see the bar colour on the Facebook app is blue and on Facebook Lite, it’s all white. The second thing to notice is the fonts used in Facebook Lite which are the default fonts. The third thing to notice is the reduced functionalities in Facebook Lite which are mentioned below.

What’s missing in Facebook Lite

When you see an app taking three times less storage, you might wonder, what’s missing? Facebook Lite comes with most of the features. You can find groups, pages, memories, local places, a most recent news feed, stories, jobs, Ads Manager, events, and games. But, there are some which are missing. Here is the list of features which are missing in Facebook Lite.

  1. Nearby friends option.
  2. Oculus VR option.
  3. Find Wi-Fi.
  4. Fundraisers.
  5. Offers option.
  6. Weather option.
  7. Send or Request Money option.
  8. Device Requests.
  9. Crisis Response.
  10. City Guides.

The above features are missing in the app as of Jun 2019. One thing to notice is most of the location features are missing in Facebook Lite. Although, if you go into the local menu, it uses location services to find the places near you.

Device compatibility

Facebook is available for most of the new devices which support one of the latest OSs. For older devices, Facebook can possibly be very slow. The minimum OS version for the Facebook app is not known, but if the Facebook app is not available for your device, the app crashes, or it is reasonably slow, then you can try the download the Facebook Lite app. Facebook Lite is designed to work on older operating systems and on slow internet connections.

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In conclusion

Here is the end of Facebook Lite vs Facebook. The Facebook app is pre-installed on some of the devices, but you can try downloading Facebook Lite and see if it suits your needs. Facebook Lite lacks some of the features, but to save memory, storage and internet, it might be your ideal choice. I hope the article helped you find the perfect Facebook app for your device. Thanks for reading, and let me know what do you think of both apps. Also, if any of the information is missing or wrong, please don’t hesitate to share.

Image Information: The images and icons used are the property of Facebook. The icons are in the public domain, and the other pictures are the screenshots of the original apps. The post is last edited by Madhsudhan on 19/Aug/2019.

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