Google Go Review – What’s Different in the New Search App?

Google Go is a an app in the market and Google has suggested that the app is the lighter version of the Google search app. The app occupies 28 MB of storage wheres Google search app occupies 268 MB of storage. Google Go is designed for mid-range devices and supports a few features which the original app does, and some with limited functionality. After using Google Go for a couple of weeks here is a complete Google Go review. In this article, we will be looking at every bit of the app and see if the app is right for you.


The app has a unique interface. When you open the app, you find options including search, voice, Lens, discover, images, GIFs, YouTube, and downloads. On the top-left, we have weather information, and on the top right there is settings option. Down the bottom, there is the search bar which comes with voice, Lens, and 🏠 options on the right-hand side. The search button goes to the search screen with the keyboard popped up while the voice option starts the microphone. The application comes with Lens, which is a camera search.

All Apps Screen - Google Go
All Apps Screen – Google Go

The bottom half is the apps area. Google Go categorises the apps, and you can add more apps by tapping on add apps button. The all apps option opens up the screen where you find all the apps. If you open an app in the all apps menu, Google Go will automatically add that app to the home screen. You will find the list of all installed and not installed apps under certain categories. If the app is already installed on your device, touching the app opens up the app, and if the app is not installed, Google Go opens up the webpage. For example, if I tap on Wikipedia and I don’t have the app, I’ll see the Wikipedia homepage.



The next part of Google Go review is the search. Search results are, of course, the same, but the interface is different. When you search for anything on the bottom, you get more related queries with a button to show the images. The related queries change when you switch from web to pictures and vice versa. As mentioned above, the app also supports browsing the websites and web pages which means, you don’t need to leave the app to open the website.


It is an app which lets you search using your camera. Lens is developed by Google, and Google Go supports the app. Although Lens is a separate app and it does quite a lot including searching for object, text etc. but Google Go only supports text search and translation.

Search bar


You can also add the search bar widget from the widgets menu. Besides text and voice search the Google Go search bar also allows you to use Lens and open the app. You can also open the app by tapping on G icon. Tapping on the microphone pops up a small window with a message “tell me what do you want to search for”.

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Settings and permissions

In the settings menu, you can add and remove the background wallpaper, change the language of the app, enable and disable light version, which saves the data by showing the basic web pages. You can also switch accounts, see your activity, delete cookies and cached data, change notification settings, and enable and disable the safe search. The app’s version, policies, and licences are down the bottom.

The app asks for the camera, location, microphone, and storage permissions to work normally, but you can also enable calendar, contacts, and telephone permissions to sync the calendar and ask the assistant to call and message your contacts. You can manage the permissions on the app’s information page.


Unlike Google search, Google Go does not support multiple languages. The app only supports English, and the assistant sometimes doesn’t complete the word or say two together. The voice is clear and easy to understand. The assistant’s voice is more chearful compared to Google search assistant.

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The app is unique and fast. It supports the basic functionality of searching the web. It also supports images, webpages and GIFs. Although, if you don’t want to speak with it in English, then Google Go might not be the best for you. It also occupies less storage which can be beneficial if you want to save some space.

In conclusion

Here is the end of Google Go review. The app is great, and I already love it. The only thing I miss is “OK Google” wake up as I use that feature a lot. Anyway, I hope the article helped. Thanks for having a read. Let me your thoughts about this app in the comments below, so we discuss. Last updated on 09/Sept/2019.

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