Google Maps vs Google Maps Go – Which One You Need?

Go apps developed by Google have been trendy these days. With slow devices, Go apps tend to work better. Even nerds like me use Go and lite apps where possible. For a slow phone, there isn’t a choice, but what about people who have powerful phones? Well, today, we are going to explore this topic. This post covers Google Maps vs Google Maps Go. We will see how both differ and which one should you download.

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Screenshots Showing Interface in Google Maps and Maps Go
Google Maps vs Google Maps Go – Interface

There isn’t much of the difference as both are from the same company. On Google Maps, you get to see the nearby places on the top, but Maps Go shows those categories down the bottom. You get to select between terrain, traffic, and satellite on the interface, while Maps Go puts those options in the left menu. Google Maps also supports voice typing whereas the other one does not. You can search for places, check the public transport, find walking paths and do other common things, but you can’t navigate on Maps Go.

Navigation and offline maps

Image Showing Offline Maps on Google Maps
Google-Maps – Offline Maps

So, why can’t you navigate on Google Maps Go? Because it needs another app to navigate on the vehicle, bike and foot. Google Maps Go works with Navigation for Google Maps Go to provide with the navigation. The app is specially made for Maps Go and designed for low memory phones. The navigation app only comes with a couple of options, including exit navigation and set maps to face towards north. Google Maps, on the other hand, is an all-rounder app with built-in navigation provider.

Moving to offline navigation, we don’t have an option to download maps, nor you can use the app while you are offline. Google Maps can be opened without the internet, and you can download offline maps. While offline, the app finds the shortest route as traffic information is not available. Both get traffic data from the same sources, so there is no point comparing that.

Transit and options

Screenshot Displaying Bottom Menu on Maps Go
Maps Go Bottom Menu

Let’s talk about transit options. Everyone knows, Google Maps supports walking, cycling, motorbike, car, and public transport routes. Maps Go comes with the same options. Although as mentioned, we need the other app to navigate in car, bike, or walk. In the bottom menu on Maps Go, you get options, including drive, walk, bike, bus, metro, and train. Those easily allow you to put the address and start navigating. You can even add a stop while travelling.

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Location sharing

Location sharing is a feature which allows you to share your current as well as the live location on Google Maps. Google Maps allows both features, but Maps Go does not. You will be able to see the people you are sharing the location with but to share the live location, you need Google Maps original app.

Businesses information

Regarding the information, I did not see any less info on Maps Go. The app is equipped to show the name, average rating, phone, website, address, reviews, photos, and street view options. In street view, instead of the blue line, there are arrow buttons to navigate.


The final part in Google Maps vs Google Maps Go is storage comparison. There is a huge difference in storage. Google Maps occupies 121 MB of storage whereas Google Maps Go occupies about 330 KB. The reason for less than one MB storage is the interface. Maps Go does not have its own interface. It uses Google Chrome to populate the maps. But, Navigation for Maps Go is also a part of this comparison which takes more than 29 MB. So in total, both apps occupy about 30 MB of storage.

You might wonder, what if you disable/uninstall Chrome? Well, Google Maps Go won’t work. The app requires Google Chrome, and if you even try to open it, you’ll get a message “The app needs Chrome to run”. Other than that, you can change the language in the settings, which is unique to Maps Go. Google Maps relies on the device’s language.

Which one is for you?

Google has suggested that Google Maps Go is a lightweight app and designed for low memory and storage devices. While testing both on 3G network, I did not see any issues, so as long as you have a 3G network, both will work fine. Here is a turning point, if are a regular Maps user, then go with Google Maps, while for an occasional user, I would say Maps Go, as it won’t consume that much memory nor it will send many traffic, restaurants, or other types of notifications.


The article covered the basic functionalities. I hope Google Maps vs Maps Go helped you find the perfect app to choose. Let me know what you think of both in the comments below, so we can discuss more.

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