Google Maps vs Uber Navigation – Which One is Better?

Google Maps and Uber Icon
Google Maps vs Uber Navigation

Uber comes with a built-in feature of navigating in Google Maps. Some people prefer Google Maps, while others Uber. There are many factors which make them different, but which one is better? Which one should you go with ultimately? Well, it’s a personal decision, but in this post blog, I’ll be covering the differences between the two.

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In the below, Google Maps vs Uber Navigation video, we are talking about both as we drop a food delivery.


Interface - Google Maps and Uber Navigation
Interface – Google Maps and Uber Navigation

On Google Maps, you get a few options, including adding a stop, voice search, and a bottom slide menu with a few more options. You can share your live trip with family and friends. Uber, on the other hand, has a safety feature which allows you to add family and friends and share a trip with them quickly. The feature also comes with the emergency number too. The app comes with a bottom menu called trip planner. The trip planner menu offers to stop new requests, cancel the current trip if you have not picked the customer or feed, and get help with the current trip. To start the navigation in Uber, tap on the navigate button at the bottom-right of the screen.

Google Maps shows the map in more angles, while Uber shows mostly in an aerial view. Google Maps also displays alternative ways with ETA, which can be helpful if you know your way around.


At any point, if an Uber driver wants to navigate in Google Maps, they can tap on the top navigation and choose Google Maps. Uber shares the coordinates, and Google Maps finds the closest place to those coordinates. Sometimes, Uber starts navigation at the location of the restaurant, but it updates as soon as you start driving. Google Maps is the industry standard for navigation and is extremely fast and responsive whereas, in Uber, when the car speed is less than 10 km an hour, it does not update the maps immediately. Some navigation options on Uber are available in the account settings, but you can’t access them while on a trip. The option is greyed out.

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Reporting - Google Maps
Reporting – Google Maps

Google Maps now allows you to report crashes, mobile speed camera, traffic, roadworks, lane closure, and a couple more. With those features, users around the area can enjoy better navigation. Like Waze, the data may not be fully authentic as a user has proved that it is possible to manipulate Google Maps and create fake traffic jams. Also, some of these options may not be available in your region, but the company is continually adding new locations. Uber does not offer anything like that.


Traffic - Google Maps and Uber Navigation
Traffic – Google Maps and Uber Navigation

Regarding traffic, I believe Uber is more sneaky as the app tries to find the streets where possible, while Google Maps suggests main roads all the time unless there is a huge difference. Traffic is more accurate in Google Maps. Uber has an issue of not updating traffic very often. If a path turns to red, then it will stay as red for a long time. The road will be in red even though there are not many vehicles on the road.

Editor’s views: I think that Uber gets traffic data from Google and makes some changes to it as Uber already uses Google’s API to display map data on the app. Uber never comments on the traffic data they use; therefore, it can neither be confirmed nor denied.

Talking about ETA, Uber does not update the time correctly. It sometimes just does not update and suddenly updates by two or three minutes. Google Maps, on the other hand, is more accurate on ETA (source: above video).

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Regarding voice, Google Maps is more energetic and loud, and you have an option to download different voices in many languages. Uber does not offer to download voice navigation, and voice navigation is calm and relaxed. Uber voice does not say the full word sometimes. For example, if a street name is Second Street and in Uber street is in short form, then the voice navigation will say Second Street. This happens with terraces and roads too.

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Google Maps does not show the speed zone, but it shows you the vehicle’s speed which is about 1 to 2 km an hour below the actual speed. Uber, on the contrary, shows the speed limit when you exceed the speed zone. In the settings, there is an option to modify when the app should warn when you exceed the legal limit. For example, if we set the exceed limit by 10 km/hr, that means if the speed zone is 60, and we are driving at or above 60 km/h, the app will warn with the vehicle’s current speed.


Google Maps benefits

  • Accurate traffic updates
  • Reports on the route
  • Option to avoid tolls

Uber benefits

  • Less battery consumption as when you navigate in Google Maps, Uber also run in the background.
  • It requires less effort.

Which one is better?

Both get the job done, but I still prefer Google Maps, because they offer a dedicated service for navigation, while Uber places a lower priority on navigation. The only downside to using Google Maps is their inaccuracy in the drop off location. Because of coordinates transfer, the drop off may not be entirely accurate. You can also verify the address in Google Maps before starting the trip to make sure that you are going to the right address.


The article Google Maps vs Uber Navigation covered the basic features. Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think about both in the comments below so we can discuss more.

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