Google Photos App Review and Features (2019)

Google Photos App Icon - Google

Google Photos App Icon – Google

The article covers the Google Photos app review and features. After two years, I switched my phone from Samsung Note 9 to Nokia 8.1. The photos app was different. I did not know if Google Photos is well designed to fill that Samsung Gallery habit. After taking many photos at different places, I found out that Google Photos does a better job than any other app out there. Google Photos is the official pre-installed photos app in many models. In this article, we will cover the Google Photos app review and its features. We will start from its look to settings, features, back up tools etc. So, let’s begin.

Google Photos app review

The review of the app is divided into many parts. You can go to any part by clicking on one of the below.

  1. Interface.
  2. Intelligent search.
  3. Assistant.
  4. Editor.
  5. Cleaning and Bin.
  6. Back up.
  7. Albums menu.
  8. Sharing.
  9. In conclusion.

1. Interface

Google Photos App Interface

Google Photos App Interface

The main interface is the first viewable part of the app, which is the reason that it is included in the Google Photos app review. Google has tried to optimise the app as much as possible. What is on the screen when you open the app.

  1. Opening the app shows the most recent photos taken from the camera.
  2. The search bar is on the top.
  3. On the right side of the screen, there is a scroll bar from where you can go to the time when the photos were taken.
  4. On the top right, we have viewing options in which we can sort and filter the media.
  5. The main menu is on the top left of the screen where you can find account, drive storage, bin, settings etc.
  6. On the bottom, we have the navigation menu. We can go to albums, assistant, and see what we have shared in the last menu.

2. Intelligent Search

Google Photos Intelligent Search

Google Photos Intelligent Search

These days, the photos taken from camera or the screenshots contain very long and not so good-looking names. You might wonder what a search bar would do in a photos app if you don’t know the photo’s name? Google Photos app comes with an intelligent search bar. It works just like Google search but limited to your drive and the pictures on the phone. For example, if you search for a location, the app will show you the photos taken at that place or near that place.

That’s the starting part. It understands what’s in the photo, and gives you the best results. Searching for water will bring up photos of water. Similarly, it separates your friends’ pictures so you can name the whole album, and search for that album to share with your friend. Other common search terms are selfies, screenshots, favourites, videos etc. Intelligent search is one of the best and my favourite features of Google Photos app.

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3. Assistant

Google Photos App Assistant

Google Photos App Assistant

Assistant does the hard work for you. You just have to take some photos. The Assistant helps you rediscover the moments, give meaning to photos, suggest the missing part in the picture, add some light to the photo etc. As you go, the assistant regularly shows you the memories. It also sends you the notification to check out the past you. The app also compares the new photos with the old ones and shows you the comparison. It works even there are two people in one picture.

As you take some photos at a place, it makes movies from those photos and adds some nice music to it. It also creates animations like this one. Other than that, it suggests you the most stylish photo, so you can share with your friends. It also suggests if there is a lightning issue with a photo, which you can fix with one tap.

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4. Photos App Editor

Editor - Google Photos App

Editor – Google Photos App

Another tool is the editor. The app has a reasonably good editor which works with the assistant. The first menu is the filter menu in which you can change the colour of the image. My most favourite is the auto which gives the colouring to the photo depending on what’s in the photo. The second option contains editing tools. You can change brightness, contrast, colouring etc. Taping on one of the sliders opens the advanced editing menu. The third one is a cropping tool which helps you crop the photos.

4.1 Google Lens

Google Lens is a separate app, and it can work with the photos app. The option is visible on the screen while viewing a photo. What Google Lens does is, it scans the photo and looks for the text, items, locations etc. and searches for those terms and show you the result. For example, in the above image, Google Lens showed about JB Hi-Fi and the official website.

5. Cleaning and Bin

Google Photos app Cleaning Feature

Google Photos app Cleaning Feature

You might have heard of Google Screen Cleaner. Trust me! It’s nothing like that. It comes with a built-in cleaner. You can say the cleaner is also an intelligent cleaner. As mentioned, Google Photos can understand what’s in the photos. The first thing is as you back up the images to drive, it asks you to delete the media and save storage. Secondly, as you download memes from social media sites or WhatsApp, the app asks you to remove those memes and save storage. It does from time to time as you add more stuff. If you miss any of these notifications, you can go to the settings menu and tap on clean storage.

Bin is also part of the app and the Google Photos app review. The app comes with a bin where you can restore the deleted media. It does not save all the media you delete. There is a limit for each file and the total files. If it can’t save to the bin, it will warn you to remove them permanently.

6. Back Up

Every person using a Gmail account gets 15 GB of free storage. That storage counts towards the emails, email attachments, phone back up, and drive storage. Back up is a part of the Google Photos app review. The app comes with the nice feature which automatically saves your photos in the driver, so you can confidently delete the media from the phone. The backup option is right on the top on the photos menu. The blue progress indicates the uploading progress. If any of the folders are not being backed up, you’ll find a switch on the top to back up that folder.

A tip I would like to share is, if you can’t browse the internet while uploading the photos, then god knows what’s the issue. You can read more about this issue and how to fix it here. It generally happens with slower networks but can happen to anyone. If the problem occurs, stop the back up in the phone settings and turn it back on when you go to bed.

7. Albums menu

Albums menu is the second in line where you can find albums for your phone. In the albums menu, you can find albums you have created and the folders in the device. The most typical ones are the camera, screenshots, places, favourites, people (auto-generated), apps data (WhatsApp, Snapchat etc.), videos, colleges (created by the assistant) etc.

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8. Sharing

The last part of the Google Photos app review is sharing. In Google Photos, everything works together in a team to deliver you the luxurious experience. As you take photos of your friends, it recognises your friends and suggests you share their photos (only a person’s pictures) with them. Also, you can see the manually shared content in the menu and do lots of things with that shared content. You can also see the media of your friends shared with you.

9. In conclusion

Here is the end of the Google Photos app review. The app comes with many features and powerful tools to make our life easier. Google is adding new features to the app regularly and hopefully, as the latest updates come, I’ll update the article. Which app do you use? Have you tried the Google Photos app yet? What feature do you like the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Also, please let me know if any of the information is missing on this page, I’ll update as soon as possible.

Image information: The images used are the property of Google. The images are the original screenshots of Google Photos app on Nokia 8.1 Last modified by Madhsudhan on 18th of July 2019.

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