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In this scientific world, we always find helpful tools to make our life easier. In this review, I’ll be exploring the Grammarly writing assistant. A tool which changed people’s writing habits. Grammarly teaches us how to write professionally.

From simple mistakes like “your vs. you’re”, “there vs. they’re, “subject-verb agreement errors” to missing comma, even a professional writer can make mistakes because of their carelessness.

Over a million search queries happen on Google for Grammarly every month. In this review, I’m going to explore the Grammarly world.  I’ll write everything from my experience. We will also see how Grammarly can improve our English and at the same time how it can save us from getting punished or banned in the online world. The article is the ultimate review of Grammarly.

Grammarly review


The company released the tool in 2009, and since then the company is on a mission to make Grammarly the number one writing assistant. You will need continuous internet and an email address to start typing. The basic checker checks for spelling and limited grammar mistakes, while premium checker checks your content against over 400 grammar rules. You can write in four versions of English. It supports American, Australian, British and Canadian English.

In the beginning, Grammarly was just a web-based tool where users can create an account and start writing. It could check your writing and spelling mistakes and give you the recommendations. The company then thought about expanding the tool as extensions for browsers and Microsoft Office and then app for mobile phones. Today we have an online editor, a desktop app, an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge, a beta extension for Google Docs released in late 2018, an add-in for Microsoft Word and an app for iOS and Android.

Today Grammarly has 15 million active users who find the mistakes every day. There is no doubt that Grammarly is an important part of professional life, and with machine learning and artificial intelligence who does not want to use a grammar tool?

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Is it beneficial for you?

Generally, it is beneficial for everyone. Specifically, Grammarly is useful for those who work in the professional environment, whose English is the second language, who are studying, bloggers, publishers and others who write a lot.

Grammarly Free vs Premium

You don’t need to pay anything for Grammarly free. The free tool only checks grammar and spelling mistakes. While premium tool checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation, context and sentence structure mistakes. It suggests vocabulary enhancement, checks genre-specific writing styles and detects plagiarism. The problem with Grammarly Premium is you can’t try for free. If you even want to use for a day, then you will have to get a plan.

On each platform and tool, the rules for free and premium are the same. Grammarly has an advanced editor where you can review advanced grammatical mistakes. I hope you now know the difference between Grammarly free and premium; we are going to review Grammarly premium as it would help you understand the limitations of Grammarly clearly.

Premium Plans

The premium plan comes with three different payment options. If you want to give it a try the premium, then the monthly plan which costs $29.95/month would be the best. The quarterly plan cost 19.98/month while the annual plan costs 11.66/month.

Online Editor and Desktop app

Image Showing Grammarly Online Editor (Premium) with Assistant
Grammarly Online Editor with Assistant

The basic idea of the online editor is typing, and it would automatically save to your account. The online editor would be the most advanced version of Grammarly. The online editor comes with an assistant which helps you get things done.

Image Showing Goals Menu on Online Editor
Grammarly Assistant Goals

Grammarly online editor categorises the mistakes in grammar, punctuation, conciseness, confidence, variety and vocabulary. By default, the plagiarism is disabled, but you can enable it by clicking on the button. The assistant can work as you want. The option “Set/Update Goals” specify your needs. You can select the intent, audience, style, emotion, and domain of the document. The editor will readily adapt the goals and then recheck the document. You can also check or uncheck if you want Grammarly to set goals for each new document. There an option to upload Microsoft Word document on the editor and after uploading you can continue working. You can download the document as a .txt extension but, unfortunately, there is no way to save Grammarly document as .docs (Microsoft Word).

The documents are saved in the database, and you can access them on Grammarly website and Grammarly desktop app. The desktop app is like the online editor. The good thing is you don’t need to open the web browser and go to the website. The app saves your account details, and you can access all the documents and edit them right away.

Extension for browsers

Grammarly Extension Menu on Chrome
Grammarly Extension for Chrome

The extensions do the same thing, but you can write on thousands of websites. The extension is highly beneficial for Gmail, WordPress, Blogger and your educational site. With the extension, you can see word’s meaning and synonyms by double-clicking on the word on most of the websites. When the extension is on, it disables the browser’s error and spells checking feature. You can review basic errors in the text field, but for premium mistakes and plagiarism, you can find the option to open the premium editor on the bottom of the text field.

The beta version for Google Docs works like the same, but it is only available for premium users. According to Grammarly Blog, the browser extension can also work with Google Docs, but users wanted a tool which can fully support Google Docs. All the mistakes highlighted in red. Premium users can send the feedback

Problems with the browser extension

I have been using Grammarly premium for over eight months, and I have found a few issues which I think would be good to mention. The first problem I encounter is the premium editor might change the settings and style for the typed text. For example, on WordPress, if I check “Open the link in a new tab” on the link text, and then open the advanced editor, it unchecks that option for all the texts with links, and to fix it, I have to go to settings for each text and recheck the option.

Android and iOS keyboard App

Some Written Text on Android Using Grammarly Keyboard
Grammarly Keyboard App on Android

The keyboard app is still new, but it does the same thing as the editor. As compared to other keyboard apps, it lacks features like words suggestions, themes, languages and flow typing. As you type, it checks for errors and shows the mistake above the keyboard. You can tap on the correct word to fix, or you can tap on the green button to activate the advanced error checking tool. The advanced error checking tool shows each error one by one, and you can tap on the correct word to fix the mistake.

Regarding the tool, it comes with a light and a dark theme. It supports auto correction, auto capitalisation, disable space period and contact name suggestions settings. You don’t need an account for the basic check with the keyboard, but for the premium checker, you must sign-in.

Problems with the app

The problem I usually face with the keyboard app is, even the internet is connected it displays “internet is required”. The message goes away after 30 seconds, but no one likes to wait for 30 seconds. Another problem with keyboards apps is they do not support plagiarism checking. You can save the document and check on your PC, or if your browser supports desktop version, then you can go to My Grammarly and then review the text.


It’s better to be safe than sorry. Another Grammarly’s feature is checking for plagiarism. Grammarly checks your text on over eight billion web pages. Plagiarism is one of the dangerous practices in the world. From search engines to universities, no one likes plagiarised content. The feature is only available in the premium version.

A complete review of Grammarly on YouTube

In conclusion

Being a blogger and being English my second language, Grammarly helps me write my posts as well as my assignments. From the online editor to phone apps, Grammarly is part of my life. The best thing about Grammarly is you don’t need to pay anything. That’s is the end of Grammarly premium review. I hope the article helped. Do you use any grammar tool? If so, please share your experience with us so everyone can benefit.

Image info: The images used in this article are the screenshots of the original tool. A screenshot is the copyright of the developer. Please contact me if any questions.

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