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Grammarly vs Microsoft Word | Taking 2 Grammar Tests

Grammarly vs Microsoft Word
Grammarly vs Microsoft Word

Hello to you in Grammarly vs Microsoft Word. Grammarly and Microsoft Word are two tools people think of comparing. Microsoft Word is designed for writing and printing documents where Grammarly is a writing assistant. How do these perform in the tests I’m going to conduct? Let’s find out in the ultimate Grammarly VS. Microsoft Word comparison in 2019.

Grammarly vs Microsoft Word

Table of contents

  1. Functional differences
  2. Spell and grammar check – Test 01
  3. Spell and grammar check – Test 02
  4. A review video of Grammarly vs Microsoft Word
  5. Issues with both tools
  6. Other comparisons
  7. In conclusion

Functional differences

Before reviewing both, let us see the features and primary goals for both software. Microsoft Word is a software available on multiple platforms. The primary purpose of Microsoft Word is writing and printing the documents. On the other end, Grammarly is a unique tool made for checking spelling and grammar mistakes.

Grammarly comes with an assistant in the premium version which can help you with punctuation, remove unnecessary words, fix passive words, grammar, spelling, punctuation, context, sentence structure in sentences and find synonyms for the words you type.

Grammarly Assistant Goals
Grammarly Assistant Goals

Spell and grammar check – Test 01

Let us dive into the comparison of Grammarly vs Microsoft Word and see which one can perform better under certain circumstances. I took a piece of content and tested it in both the software. Both software showed corrected the grammar, but after fixing all the issues, the text was a little bit different. Below is the original text which I tested on both tools.

Original text

Being a Youtuber I get lots of messages every day, and I don’t have enough time to respond to each person because I’m busy learning how google works. on Youtube so that’s why I have hired an assistant who handles all these messages and if he finds anything important he sends the message in email with particular video URL.

If you want I can ask the guy if he can work for you too in his free time but he is expensive and it can cost you a lot if you ask him to work on Sundays.

Grammarly after fixing the mistakes

Grammarly Results
Grammarly Results

Microsoft Word after fixing the mistakes

Microsoft Word Results
Microsoft Word Results


Grammarly premium is a great tool, and because it is specially made for checking grammar and spelling mistakes, it could find and fix more issues than Word. Here is the list of fixes which Grammarly could solve. Here is the detailed comparison of both tools.

  1. Changed “on YouTube” to “On YouTube”, and also it added a comma after YouTube in the second line.
  2. It added a comma after “messages”.
  3. Grammarly added, “the” before email and “a” before particular video at the end of the paragraph.

Here is the list of fixes which Word could solve but Grammarly.

  1. It changed Youtube to YouTube.
  2. It deleted “particular” before “video” because it was unnecessary.

Although, there were some mistakes which both software could not find.

  1. In the first line, Youtuber should be YouTuber.
  2. google should be Google.

Spell and grammar check – Test 02

To clear the doubt, I put both on test again. In the second spell and grammar check in Grammarly vs Word, I selected a different topic.

Original text

According to majority of people hard work is the key to success. People should not waste the time on social media like facebook or Instagram. I highly recommend to search on google to see the ways to be a successful person in this world. Ocean’s water is salty and a human need fresh water.


Grammarly Test Results 2
Grammarly Test Results 2

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Test Results 2
Microsoft Word Test Results 2


Here are the results for the second test.


  1. Added “the” after “according”.
  2. It removed “the” before “time.
  3. Grammarly changed facebook and instagram to Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Changed “to search” to “searching on”.
  5. Grammarly added the comma before “and”.
  6. It added “s” to need.

Microsoft Word:

  1. Microsoft Word changed facebook and instagram to “Facebook and Instagram”.
  2. Changed “to search” to “searching on”.

In the second test, Microsoft Word could not find anything other than two mistakes which Grammarly also found.

Winner: Regarding grammar, Grammarly is the winner.

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A review video

Before we begin comparing both services, let’s watch a video made purely for the comparison. The video shows the same mistakes mentioned in this blog post and explains what happens and why.

Issues with both tools

Anyway, no software is perfect, but if you have both, then it is essential to check the grammar in both the tools. I have been using both for a while now, and here are some of the negatives about both.

  1. Grammarly has a lack of knowledge about checking for brand names.
  2. Microsoft Word isn’t good at suggesting comma.
  3. Overuse of Grammarly can be harmful. For example, sometimes it keeps suggesting the verbs like the word “software” to “tool” then same “tool” to “machinery”, You can see we were talking about computer software, and in two clicks Grammarly changed it to a physical machine.

Other comparisons


KeyGrammarlyMicrosoft Word
Pricing$11.66 per month on the annual plan$7 per month with OneDrive, and other Office apps
Searches1,500,000 monthly searches2,240,000 monthly searches
Overall Score8.5 out of 107 out of 10
Minimum priceFree for basic checksFree for viewing documents
LanguagesEnglish (US, UK, Canada, and Australia)English (all), China, Germany, Japan, Spain France, Russia, Italy, Turkish, Swedish, Portugal, and Dutch
Supported devicesMicrosoft Word, Mac, Web (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), Android, and iPhone/iPadMicrosoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Windows Phone

In conclusion

Both are great tools, and both are famous for their abilities to check for grammatical mistakes and other tasks. Word is an app for office where Grammarly is a writing assistant. I hope the comparison Grammarly vs Microsoft Word helped. What do you think about the comparison? Please share your thought to help improve this post.

By Madhsudhan Khemchandani

Hello, my name is Madhsudhan Madh-sudhan). I'm a Software Engineer, graduated from UniSA, Adelaide. I'm the owner, author, and maintainer of this post and the site. Please contact me if you have any questions or feedback.

2 replies on “Grammarly vs Microsoft Word | Taking 2 Grammar Tests”

Thank you for this useful comparison, especially in pointing out some the specific differences between the two. Ultimately, it comes down to price. I was surprised to see the relatively high price tag of Grammarly premium compared to Microsoft Office. Considering everything that comes along with Microsoft Word, including a top-tier office productivity suite, collaborative functionality, access to a cloud drive, etc., Grammarly premium is simply too expensive and definitely not an option worth considering for casual writers like me, which I imagine comprise the vast majority of people.

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