4 Ways to Fix Hotspot Shield “Something Went Wrong” Error

Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong Error
Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong Error

Hotspot Shield is one of the popular VPN clients available to download for free. The software is available for desktops and mobile phones. The message which pops up when you start Hotspot Shield “Something went wrong!” is common. In this blog post, we are going to get rid of this issue with one of the below ways.

Method 01 – Ending cmw_srv.exe task

The first and easiest way is to end the cmw_srv.exe in Task Manager. Follow the steps below to end the task.


Task Manager  ->  Details -> cmw _srv.exe. Right-click on the process to end the task. The below image shows the process.

cmw_srv.exe Menu in Hotspot Shield
cmw_srv.exe Menu in Hotspot Shield

A warning message will pop-up. Click on End Process to end the process. Start Hotspot Shield and if the issue is fixed.

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Method 02 – restarting the service hshld

hshld is a service by Hotspot Shield. For any reason, if you can’t find cme_srv.exe or the above method did not work, then try this method. Make sure Hotspot Shield is closed. Follow the steps.


Task Manager -> Services -> hshld. Right-click on the service to see if it is on start. If it’s on start, then stop the service and start it again. If the service is stopped, then start it.

Hotspot Shield hshld
Hotspot Shield hshld

Make sure the service is on start before starting Hotspot Shield.

Method 03 – Restarting PC

The third one is a straightforward method. In most cases, one of the above fixes the issue. If not then there might be some issue with your PC. Close Hotspot Shield and try rebooting your PC. A tip might be helpful, to toggle on “start on startup” in the settings menu before restarting.

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Method 04 – Reinstalling Hotspot Shield

If restarting the PC did not work then try uninstalling Hotspot Shield. Reinstalling is our last hope, and it will not take enough time to do that. Follow the steps to reinstall Hotspot Shield successfully.


  1. Before doing anything, make sure you have your account details saved or remembered.
  2. Control Panel -> Hotspot Shield -> Uninstall. If you are on Windows 10, then search for software and right-click to uninstall.
  3. Go to the website to download Hotspot Shield. Make sure to download the original software from the download page.

If none of the above methods worked then, try a different version. You can always contact their team for help.

Fixing error video

If you still can’t fix the issue, then here is a video.

Final words

I hope the tutorial helped. The second method should work if not the first one. Anyway, please share your views in the comments below so everyone can benefit.

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  1. mark anthony ames

    For some reason I cannot stop cmw_srv.exe in the task manager. I click “end task” then nothing happens.

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