How to Use Uber Driver App in 2020 – Step-by-Step Tutorial

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How to Use Uber Driver App

Uber is one of the services where there is constant use of mobile. The Uber Driver app is designed for Uber drivers around the world. In every country, the app is the same with small tweaks. Mastering the Uber Driver app is essential because you want to be on top of the game and earn money smartly and quickly. For all those new Uber drivers, here is the Uber driver app tutorial in 2020. This tutorial will cover most of the app features, including trips, earnings, account, interface, settings and more.

How to Use Uber Driver app video

A video gives more fun to a tutorial. The vide covers most of the features. For up to date information, please read the article.

Going online and offline

Uber Driver App Main Interface
Uber Driver App Main Interface

When you are online, you are ready to work, while if you want a break or want to go home, make sure to offline the app first. Going online is pretty easy. You have to touch on Go button on the main screen. If any phone or document issues, you won’t be able to go online. The error message will be displayed below the Go button. To go offline, swipe up the screen or tap on the button on the bottom right corner to open the trip planner, and Go Offline button is the one you are looking for.

What’s on the interface?

The main interface is the map which is always visible. When you are online, and the Uber app is open, the phone won’t sleep. There are a few things on the main interface.

  1. The search on the top is for putting a destination. The destination tool only sends you the request towards the destination.
  2. On the top, you have the earnings and points tab categorised in three (today’s earnings, last trip’s earnings, and this quarter’s points) options. You can tap on the button and swipe to change.
  3. On the top right, there is earnings, profile, and account button.
  4. On the bottom left, we have safety toolkit option. You can add a couple of friends and send them the trip info. Your friends will also be able to see your live location.
  5. Above that, you’ll find the speed zone with the vehicle’s current speed. That one is only visible when you are in a job.
  6. On the right-hand side, we have a direction lock option which locks the map’s face towards North. That is only visible while you are in a job or if the destination is on.
  7. As you can move around by swiping the map, you can always come back by tapping on the GPS button on the bottom right.
  8. You’ll also find a navigate option when you are in a job, or the destination is active.

Trip Planner

Screenshot of Trip Planner in Uber Driver App
Trip Planner in Uber Driver App

The trip planner contains upcoming promotions, driving time, set destination, Go offline button, and preferences option. On the preferences screen you can on or off UberX or Eats if you are doing both. If there is an issue with the app or with your documents, you’ll find the message here.

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Receiving trips and interface (continue)

When you receive a trip-request, a small 30% screen-size windows pops-up. Depending on your status, you’ll see certain information on that pop-up. The travel time, rider’s rating and the type of service is always there. Here is Australia; if a driver’s status is gold, he or she can see the trip direction. The pop-up lasts for 10 seconds, and you must accept the trip within that period. To accept, tap on anywhere on that pop-up. The decline button is above the trip request panel. If you don’t accept the trip or decline, then it counts towards the account status. Depending on your location, you might lose some benefits if you decline and not answer more than you should be.

Once you have accepted the trip your phone’s screen will be something like this. We have the name of the passenger, address, arrival time, etc. We can contact the passenger and if any issues we can get some help or cancel the ride in the trip menu. You can open the trip menu by tapping on the bottom right corner of the bar. Furthermore, we can also see additional information and stop new requests in the trip planner. The Uber app automatically starts the navigation, but if you want to use a separate app, you can do so in the settings.

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When we get to pick up the passenger

When you are close to the destination, the Uber app automatically opens with the trip menu. The green bar “Start + service type” is there. Depending on your location, if the rider doesn’t come within some time, Uber starts to charge them. Contacting the rider is easy, and the app comes with a couple of options, including internet calling, cellular calling, and messaging. Depending on the rider’s settings, you might also be able to see their location on the map. When all the passengers are in the car, you can swipe that green bar to start the trip.

Pro tip: Always ask the passenger about their address or at least confirm by saying the drop-off address. Sometimes people jump into someone else’s Uber.

Dropping off the passenger

When you are close to the drop off location, the Uber app will automatically open. When everyone is out, open the trip menu and swipe on that red “End trip” bar. After that, you have a chance to rate the rider.

Earnings, profile, and account

Screenshot of Profile Screen Uber Driver App
Profile Screen Uber Driver App

Tapping on the profile button opens the profile menu. On the screen, you can find your ratings with account status, earnings, account, notifications, and help options.


Earnings Tab in Uber Driver App
Earnings Tab in Uber Driver App

The earnings tab gives you a quick look at the money you have earned this week. You can go into the details by tapping on the Earnings details button. The recent transaction screen shows the information about transactions, while in the promotion menu, you can see the upcoming promotions. Below that, we have the account status button. You can see what benefits you have and how to upgrade your status. Depending on the location, you can also cash out the money to your account. The last thing is the invite feature which shows the invites. You can also track trips of your referred friends until you don’t get the referral money. At any point, if you need assistance, the help button is on top. The help screen contains the most common questions and ways to contact support.

Weekly earnings

Weekly Earnings in Uber Driver App
Weekly Earnings in Uber Driver App

On the top, we have total earnings, whereas the day to day earnings can be opened by tapping on each bar. Other earnings such as previous payouts if any are shown at the bottom.


Daily Earnings Screen in Uber Driver App
Daily Earnings Screen in Uber Driver App

You can find the earnings for the day, total trips, hours online. There is an option to see the trips. The trip screen shows a list of all the trips. If you see the green checkmark on a trip, that means the passenger has left some tip. Tapping on each trip displays the trip details like this. The menu shows a map of the journey, total earnings, duration, distance, trip type, time requested, and date. You can also review the fare in detail such as Uber fee, wait time, and more.

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On the profile screen, we have UberX and Uber Eats ratings with cancellation and acceptance rates. You can also find information about you, including how many years you have been working and the total trips you have done. The compliments section shows the compliments you get, notes left by the passengers, achievements, and a few facts about you. Your profile can be edited by tapping on the edit button on the top right.


Account Settings in Uber Driver App
Account Settings in Uber Driver App

In the account settings, you can see the vehicles you own. If any of the document is expired, you can tap on the document and upload a new one in the documents menu. The payment information is next to the documents. Edit info is the following element to edit your legal information. You can also report any issues with the app, read about the terms and conditions, enable or disable two-step verification, and change the app settings. On the settings screen, you can change the navigation app, change sound settings, check accessibility options, enable or disable night mode, and change vehicle speed settings.

Well, that’s pretty much what the Uber Driver app can do. For more features like statements, help, etc. you can log in on a PC.

In conclusion

Here is the end of the Uber Driver app tutorial 2020 version. Uber Driver app has so many features and understanding each before starting driving is essential. Anyway, I hope the article helped. Have you used the Uber Driver app? Did I miss something? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below so we can make sure that we are up to date.

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