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Sitting with my mates, using my i10 makes me wonder why these are the best AirPods duplicates? The article covers the i10 TWS review, features, and comparison with i88 TWS. With rising technology, new gadgets are releasing every week. i10 TWS is one of the most purchased AirPods duplicates. i10 costs about $30 and look the same as the original AirPods. For those who can’t afford $150 AirPods and for all the Android users, i10 is a great alternative. In this article, we are going to review i10 TWS, explore its features and see where we can buy i10 TWS.

i10 competitors

i10 TWS is not alone in the AirPods duplication race. Although it is one of the best models available to purchase. Different model series like i11, i12, i13, i14, i88, i130 etc. are available. Some of them are of course better than i10 but are expensive and/or overrated. i19, i11, and i14 are not even in comparison. i88 is a new model released in Feb 2019. i88 is a little bit cheaper than i10 because of having only one LED light, but does everything the same.

i10 TWS features

i10 in Case with Charging Cable

i10 in Case with Charging Cable

The earbuds are available in white colour. On the case, we have four LED charging indicator lights. On the buds itself there are two (red and blue) LED lights. The lights on both bud’s flash when they are not connected with each other while, only one bud’s lights flash when they are connected with each other, but not with the phone. Both bud’s light stops flashing when the buds are connected with the phone. i10 start working as soon as you take them out.

They connect automatically, but for some reason, if they don’t, then you can double-tap on the bud’s head to connect. The old i10 comes with no wireless charging support, but the new 2019 ones support wireless charging. Here is the full comparison of old i10 vs new i10. Although depending on the seller, you might get some features in one and some bought from another seller.

i10 old VS. new

i10 old VS. new

Check out: i88 TWS review and features.

Touch sensor

On the head of the buds’, there is a touch-sensitive button. You can attend, decline, and cut the calls, pause, resume, play next and previous songs. You can talk to Siri or Google Assistant on Android.

Battery and charging

The battery is part of the i10 TWS review. Each indicating lights show 25% of the case’s battery power. To see the buds’ battery capacity, you can go to the Bluetooth settings and see the battery power on Android, or with the new i10 model, a pop-up comes showing the battery capacity on iPhone, and in the notification centre, there is a tiny battery indicator next to the connected image. The buds can last for two to three hours, and the case can charge the buds for up to three times. Some models come with lighting charging cable and some don’t. The charging cord is less than a meter, and the case can be charged from an adapter, laptop, or a power bank.

i10 TWS sound quality

In my i10 review, the sound was impressive. While comparing i10 with i88, I found out that i10’s sound is more natural. Although the bass was better in i88, which was the reason for i10 being more natural. Have a look below video comparing i10 with i88.

Where to buy i10 TWS

There are many websites where you can purchase i10. Some sell fake ones, and some sell original. Some provide some features, and some offer other features. It is just a difference in the place you buy. I purchased mine from AliExpress which took about a month to get to me in Australia, but it was worth the wait. Check out the below links to buy i10 from AliExpress.

  1. i10 TWS with wireless charging (connect buds to two devices).
  2. i10 TWS with wireless charging.

There is a difference in pricing. Make sure to read the customer reviews and the specifications to find what features are available and what are missing.

In conclusion

Here is the end of i10 review, features and comparison with i88. There are many duplicates available, but the best ones last longer. Anyway, that’s all from me. If you have a second, please let me know your experience with one of these and inform me if the information on this page is missing or incorrect. Last modified by Madhsudhan on 1st of July 2019.

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