i88 TWS Review, Features, and Comparison with AirPods

i88 TWS
i88 TWS review

When we talk about earphones, we talk about AirPods, but if you get the same thing for $20, then you would say, “awesome! I want that.” Well, there are plenty of earphones out there, but I’m talking about the i88 TWS which is the same size as the original and sound quality is excellent. The article covers i88 TWS review, features, and comparison with the original ones and sees which one is better.

What is i88 TWS

To understand i88, we must know the previous models. i88 TWS is a new model. Other series including i7, i8, i9, i10, i12 are already there. Before i88, i10, which costs about $30, was dominating the market. i88 TWS has only been here a few months and has taken away the i10 dominance. i88 has a similar sound quality, and it is just $20, and hopefully, by the time it will get cheaper.

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i88 TWS features

i88 is available in a few colours, including white, black, blue, red etc. The size is the same as the original ones, and when you put them in the ear, no one would be able to say that these are the duplicate ones. The case of colours ones feels different than the white i88 case. The white case material feels the same as the AirPods, while on colour ones, it feels more greasy.

i88 TWS dimensions

i88’s case dimensions are 42 x 53 mm while AirPods’s case size is 44 x 53 mm. The bud of i88 TWS is 40 x 16 mm while the AirPods’s buds size is the same.

The case has fours green LED charging indicator lights. Each for 25% of charging. Unlike other model series i7, i9, and i11, they start working as soon as you open the case. They connect to each other automatically, but for some reason, if you can’t connect, then tap on the touch sensor to connect them. The LED light on the buds itself flashes when the buds aren’t connected. Moving to battery life, they come with two hours of talk time and two hours of music time. The battery could be improved, but if you are not a big fan and want to show to the world, then these are perfect.

i88 TWS vs Apple AirPods comparison

Regarding the sound quality, there was something new. I i88 TWS has bass which everyone would like, also the sound was louder on the maximum as compared to AirPods. The missing thing was naturality as i88 felt not the kind of buds which can provide the natural sound of a song. Let’s take a look at 11 seconds video showing i88 and original AirPods sound quality.

Personally, I think i88 are better than the AirPods regarding the sound and base. Moving on, AirPods come with touch sensor buttons in which you can pause or resume music, attend or decline calls, and talk to Siri/Google Assistant. Meanwhile, i88 TWS comes with the same touch sensor buttons with the capability of doing the same things as the AirPods expect it won’t pause when you remove the buds from your ear. Comparing with AirPods 2, i88 TWS does not come with wireless charging capability. The case supports Micro SD cable and comes with the able and a manual in the box.

Comparison with i10 TWS

In this i88 TWS review, I wanted to add some information about the comparison between i88 TWS and i10 TWS. Have a look at the below image. i10 TWS is better because of its sound quality. They are almost the same as AirPods. The price, of course, makes the difference and the battery capacity as well.

i88 TWS vs i10 TWS
i88 TWS vs i10 TWS

If you are a fan of wireless charging, then you should go with i10. Otherwise, i88 TWS is the way to go. Both use 5.0 Bluetooth technology and i88 TWS comes with Video Synchronisation.

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i88 TWS specifications

  1. i88 buds the same size as i10s and original AirPods.
  2. They come with 2.5 hours of talk and music time.
  3. 400mAh of the battery capacity of the case.
  4. Speakers are made of copper.

Where to buy?

These days, there are duplicates of duplicate so, you got to make sure that you are purchasing the right item.

  1. Buy i88 TWS from AliExpress.

i88 TWS review video

Let’s take a look at the below video showing the full review of i88 TWS, its features, and comparison with the original AirPods.

In conclusion

Here is the end of i88 TWS Review and comparison with the top competitors in the market. I hope the article helped you choose the right earphones. Let me know what do you think of i88 in the comments below so we can discuss more.

2 thoughts on “i88 TWS Review, Features, and Comparison with AirPods”

  1. I bought these this morning. I can’t wait to take these back, they look good yes, but that’s it! When I first received these I opened the box and started to charge them. They were already at 80%, I plugged them into my car, and went to work. By the time I got to work, they were charged at 100%. I go to my desk and proceeded to connect them to my phone with no issues. 1 hour later the lady speaks into my ear and says “battery low”. I was like WTH??, so I take them off and put them back in the case. I go find the instruction manual to read into this further. It says music time of 2-2.5 hours and talk time of 5 hours. Are you kidding me, I have to charge this every couple hours. (whatever) Then I looked and it said when charging the first lamp from the left to right is charged to 25% and the second lamp is flashed to 50% and so on and so on. So I looked at the charge, it shows its full. All 4 green lights are lit and not flashing. So I take the ear phones out of its little box and a message flashed on my phone saying 80% charged. So I started using them again, 15 minutes goes by, ” battery low” voice comes back on. So now I’m upset I just had them on the charger and it showed my battery was full. So then I decided to take a lunch and leave them on the charger for a full hour. I come back and the charge now says 70% but before I went to lunch it showed 80%. So I decided to use them again. Even after being gone that whole entire hour. Guess what?! 15 minutes later goes by and “battery low” voices comes back on and this time my phone revealed a message saying 10% battery left. So I don’t know what’s wrong with these things. But I am getting my money back! PERIOD!!!

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