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Uber Profile

Uber is critical these days. It is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to get from location A to B. As everyone knows Uber works on ratings and it is essential to maintain that rating to use the service in the future. Today I’ll guide you on how you can keep your rating and improve if it’s below 4.6. If your rating is below 4.6, you are on the edge of losing your account. The tips I’m going to share are from real Uber drivers.

I have travelled on Uber a lot, and my current rating is 5.0. Since my first ride, it was a passion for me to maintain over 4.9 rating. It puts a great impression on drivers face. Anyway, on each of my journey, I always ask Uber driver that what makes them give five stars to the rider? After doing a lot of research here are my tips to improve your Uber a rating and maintain it.

Improve and maintain Uber rating

Be ready

Uber's Surging System
Uber’s Surging System

Always prepare everything before requesting an Uber. Uber has a surging feature. The more the demand, the higher the fares. The driver has an opportunity to see the demand on the map, and while he or she receives the request, it shows if the fare is over the normal. It is OK to take a minute or two to get the last minute things but, over three minutes can make your driver a little bit angry. Every driver wants to earn money, and Uber has a feature called “waiting time”. It starts charging the rider if he or she takes over three minutes. When surging is on drivers, do not want to wait. They think for these $2 they might lose a reasonable $50 trip.

While requesting an Uber make sure to check how far is the driver and be prepared. In the Uber app, you can see where the driver is and to put a great impression stay outside when he is near or at least be prepared.

Be ready for at least a small conversation.

Some riders like to have a chat and some not prefer to talk. The Uber driver is a human and he or she does not know if the passenger is a talker or not, so they feel from passenger’s tone. The same nature also applies to the passengers. If you don’t feel like chatting, then you can let the driver know that you don’t want to talk. A lousy way to ignore the driver is to use your phone which I will not recommend to anyone. For the whole journey, there are other ways but almost every driver asks for health so, be prepared for answering and asking the driver how has his day been.

Prepare for any changes in your aura

Vomit on Car Seat
Vomit on Car Seat

Saturday is the busiest night of the week and second is of course Friday. 100s of teenagers request an Uber. The problem though is when it comes to drinking some cannot control themselves. For a driver, the worst nightmare is someone vomiting in his car. If someone does vomit, then he cannot drive the vehicle until it is professionally cleaned. Uber charges $150 to the passenger if the passenger vomits in the car, and all the money goes into drivers account. To save yourself for embarrassment and $150, make sure to be prepared for any changes. Here are some tips to get ready.

  1. Wait for sometime before requesting. If you do not feel well, then wait for some time and try to get everything out from your system.
  2. If possible bring a bag with you or get a bag from somewhere before entering. Some drivers also carry a purse so, you can try and ask for one.
  3. Let the driver know that you are feeling like throwing up, so he can be prepared and keep an eye on you most of the time.
  4. Choose a window seat to have enough time to get out when the driver pulls over.

These simple tips can save you and the driver from huge trouble.

Never yell at the driver if he misses an intersection.

While driving some drivers get nervous. It is just because of the responsibility they have. Every driver makes sure that everything is fine. In a new area most of the driver drive carefully, so they do not miss the exit or the street, and with hidden streets, it can be easy to miss one. Most of the passengers do not yell, but some who cannot wait to go home or are people having a bad day do not care. Always make sure not to yell at the driver if he misses an exit. It will only take a few minutes, and you will be back on track.

Never smash the door.

All the drivers are concerned about this issue. Passengers do not care about the car. After leaving they smash the door. With taxis, it is not a problem because a taxi is the company’s car, but for an Uber driver, his car is everything. If you wonder you always have fun with the driver and still the rating is low, try closing the door politely.


I hope that the above tips helped. I always try my best stay on top, and every passenger should think of doing that if they are not doing. Uber is very strict, and you can lose your account if your rating goes below 4.6. Do you know any tips? Please share with us so we can share with the world.

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