KeepVid vs TubeMate – Ultimate Video Downloaders Battle

Whenever Android users think about downloading YouTube videos, they think of KeepVid or TubeMate. There are other apps too, but KeepVid and TubeMate are one of the most installed apps. Today, in this article I’m going to compare KeepVid vs TubeMate. Even though both apps are not on Google Play, but due to high demand it is essential to see how do both compare against each other. We will go through each function and see which one is the ultimate YouTube video downloader for Android. The article is the final KeepVId vs TubeMate comparison.

Note: Before proceeding, YouTube does not allow downloading of any videos. It is against terms and conditions to download YouTube videos unless there is an official button to download a video on the website.

KeepVid vs TubeMate


Permissions - KeepVid vs TubeMate

Permissions – KeepVid vs TubeMate

While installing, these apps do not ask for permissions. When we open KeepVid for the first time, it only asks for storage permission to save the videos on the device. It does not ask for any other permission.

On the other hand, Opening TubeMate for the first time, asks for storage permission to save videos on the device, phone call permission (don’t know why), and location permission to get the device’s location. It also asks for permission to display over the other apps to download videos and play videos in the media player. Displaying over other apps is not harmful to the device’s security, but other apps might behave differently when the TubeMate is displaying over those apps.

Winner: Well, in the first section of KeepVid vs TubeMate, we have a clear winner. Score:– KeepVid 1, TubeMate: 0.


KeepVid vs TubeMate

KeepVid vs TubeMate

KeepVid uses a different interface and shows you videos from various websites. On the top right corner, we have a search button to search videos from different sites at the same time, next to the search, we have history button, and after that, we have menu button where the user can sign in, send feedback and follow the developers. In KeepVid, we can go to any video website by tapping on the icons on the top. We can also activate and deactivate certain sites in the menu. Down the bottom, we have a discover button, and a subscribe button to get the YouTube subscriptions in the app.

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TubeMate, on the other hand, uses YouTube’s default mobile interface and the user can tap on the menu button on the top left corner to search to open other websites. There is an ad at the bottom of the screen. TubeMate is actually a browser with the capability of opening limited sites. You can find a tab option on the top right corner. By tapping that button, we can access the tabs. When you tap on the new tab button, by default it opens the YouTube website, but you can go to other websites easily.

Winner: Both have an easy to use interface. Score:– KeepVid 2, TubeMate: 1.

Supported video platforms

KeepVid and TubeMate Supported Websites

KeepVid and TubeMate Supported Websites

KeepVid supports about 20 websites including TubeMate supported websites and other websites like LiveLeak, Break, Cloudy,, SapoVideo, PagalWorld, SoundCloud (audio) GameVideo etc. TubeMate supports 11 websites including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, Google Videos, Twitter, Vimeo etc.

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Winner: There is a difference of nine websites. KeepVid is the winner here. Score:– KeepVid 3, TubeMate: 1.

Install space

KeepVid occupies about 45 MB of storage while TubeMate occupies about 24 MB of the storage. There is no doubt if an app supports more platforms then competitor app, then it will occupy more storage.

Winner: We are comparing KeepVid vs TubeMate in each feature and this case, TubeMate is the winner. Score:– KeepVid 3, TubeMate: 2.

Third-party apps required

Well, the section in KeepVid vs TubeMate is for a reason. I tried downloading videos on KeepVid, and it downloaded without any issues, except 256 KB MP3 extension because that is in the premium version, but when I tried downloading a video song as MP3 in TubeMate, it asked me to download an app called MP3 Video Converter. It also suggested that if I want to download 1080p videos, I’ll have to install that video converter.

Another problem with TubeMate is if there is a * next to the video title, that means TubeMate can’t download that video. It also shows this warning when we try to download a video for the first time.

Winner: KeepVid does not require any third-party app to download the videos. Score:– KeepVid 4, TubeMate: 2.

Known issues

The major issue while testing KeepVid was, even the application is closed, the notification is always there saying “KeepVid is running”. I don’t know the actual meaning of this message, but whenever I look at my phone and see that notification, I keep thinking why the notification is there and why the app is still running. While testing TubeMate, I did not find any issues.

KeepVid Notification Issue

KeepVid Notification Issue

Winner: KeepVid’s notification is a little bit scary. Score:– KeepVid 4, TubeMate: 3.


You can create an account on KeepVid to purchase the premium version. The premium version comes with a lot of features including no ads, download video songs in 256KB MP3 formate, download playlists from YouTube, enable downloading of 2K videos, and much more. The price for the premium version is about $4, but it may vary depending on the country.

In conclusion

Both apps are viral, and thousands of people enjoy downloading videos and songs for free. Every other person has different opinions about both apps. In our KeepVid vs TubeMate comparison, the scores were KeepVid: 4 & TubeMate: 3 and the winner is KeepVid. I hope the comparison helped and if I have missed any feature, please let me know by filling this form.

Image information: All images used in this comparison are the screenshots of the apps. A screenshot is most probably the copyright of the app owner.

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