Microsoft Launcher Review 2020 | Covering Pretty Much Everything

Microsoft Launcher Review
Microsoft Launcher Review

An upgrade project of Microsoft Garage Arrow Launcher, it comes with a wide range of features, including Cortana, Feed, Dock, Daily Bing Wallpaper and more. Within three years, over 10 million users have installed Microsoft Launcher, and with an average rating of 4.6, it competes with significant launchers. Being a regular user, I think everyone should know about Microsoft Launcher’s features and customisation tools. This is the ultimate review of Microsoft Launcher in 2020.

Microsoft Launcher review

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Review video

before we begin, let’s watch a review video, which covers the most basic features and see the launcher in action.

Home screen

Microsoft Launcher Home Screen
Microsoft Launcher Home Screen

The home screen is the first thing to notice. We can add Bing as well as Google search bar. A few apps are already on the home screen. By default, the swiping down opens up the search bar, while swiping up opens up the app drawer. You can customise those options in the gestures settings. On the far left, we have the Feed menu, and swiping up above the bottom apps displays the Dock menu. You can change the wallpaper in the settings, but the thing I most like is Bing Daily Wallpaper. You can choose the category and see a new wallpaper every day.


Microsoft Launcher Feed
Microsoft Launcher Feed

Like Bixby Home and Google News Feed, Microsoft Launcher comes with its own Feed. On the top, you can see your account info with weather, rewards, and calendar events. Below the account info, we have the Bing search bar which supports camera as well as barcode scan.

If you are wondering what the rewards are, then Bing rewards is a program where users earn points by searching on Bing. A user can redeem the rewards in exchange for gift vouchers, event entries, or donations to non-profit charities. Depending on the user’s country, the rewards are redeemable.

Other than above, the Feed section comes with three sections, including Glance, News, and Timeline. The glance section contains cards including calendar, Cortana, recent activities, people, tips and much more. You can also add and delete cards. On the news screen, you can find personalised news, while the timeline tracks your activities, including app timing, recent apps and more. Another feature called Continue On PC is a way of working on the mobile and on PC simultaneously. It supports limited apps, including Excel and Word, and if you see an option Continue on PC in your timeline, then a browser window will open on PC where you can continue your work.

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Microsoft Launcher Dock
Microsoft Launcher Dock

On the home screen, you can quickly access favourite apps and settings by swiping up on the line below the Bing Search bar. Apps like Google Play, Phone, Messages, Camera etc. with settings including Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, torch, mobile data etc. are available in the dock menu. The feature is similar to iOS’s Control Center, but the look and feel are different. You can customise Dock in Personalization settings.

Apps Menu

Microsoft Launcher Apps Screen
Microsoft Launcher Apps Screen

Microsoft Launcher separates new and recent apps to make it easier to navigate. You can also find those apps in the app drawer down below. On the right, you can see the alphabetical line. The search bar is also available on the top. Other than that, you can change menu settings, hide apps, hide recent apps section and even select multiple apps to add to the home screen. Some apps support extra options which can be found by holding the apps. The standard options such as uninstall the app, find related widgets, add to the home screen, and select multiple apps options are available in the three dots menu. Furthermore, you can change the app’s name in the middle option and open the app info on the left.

Theme options

The launcher comes with light, dark, and transparent themes. With the light theme, you get a white coloured background, while the dark theme offers a black look. The transparent theme shows the home screen wallpaper as the background. You can change the background blur, transparency, opacity, and the accent colour in the settings.


Microsoft Launcher Home Button Gesture
Microsoft Launcher Home Button Gesture

One of the great tools of Microsoft launcher is the gestures, which enables an advanced level of navigation options. With gestures, you can specify the tasks on touch, swipe, double touch/swipe, pinch tasks on the home screen. For example, in the above GIF, the search screen display on double touch on the home screen. Microsoft Launcher also supports Android 10 gestures such as corner swiping, going back to home, switching apps, and a couple more.

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In conclusion

The review covered almost everything about Microsoft launcher, and I hope the article helped. Which launcher do you use? Have you tried Microsoft Launcher? Please share your experience with me so we can discuss more, also subscribe to the newsletter for post updates.

Image information: Images used in this text are the screenshot of the app. A screenshot is most likely copyright of the app owner.

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