Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5 – A Perfect Android Launcher?

Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5

Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5

Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5. Some say Microsoft Launcher is the best, but others might disagree. Both have over 10 million downloads with over 4.3 ratings. Which launcher is the best for your Android phone? Let’s find out in this Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5 article.

Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5


Looking at the interface both are entirely different. Smart Launcher 5 comes with a couple of wallpapers to add to home screen. Microsoft Launcher also comes with built-in wallpapers, but with Microsoft Launcher you can set the wallpaper to change automatically which never worked on my phone.

On the other hand, the free version of Smart Launcher 5 doesn’t come with widgets. You will have to purchase the premium version to add widgets to the home screen. Microsoft launcher supports all the same widgets as a default Launcher does.


Smart Launcher 5 Categorised Menu

Smart Launcher 5 Categorised Menu

Smart Launcher 5 doesn’t come with any menu which contains all the apps. It comes with a categorised menu in which the user can browse the apps in categories.

The categorised menu in Smart Launcher 5 is different than any other launcher out there. The only problem I had is sometimes it’s hard to find the right category when you are in a hurry. The icons do not represent a clear image for each category.


Microsoft Launcher Search

Microsoft Launcher Search

Regarding searching for the apps, both are quite similar. In Smart Launcher 5 you can smart search by swiping the screen from bottom to top. While in Microsoft Launcher we swipe from top to bottom to search for any apps.

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Feed in Microsoft Launcher

Feed in Microsoft Launcher

The smart launcher has other great features, but it doesn’t support an assistance mode. Microsoft Launcher also comes with Cortana voice assistant and Bing search bar.

Other features

In the paid version of Smart Launcher 5, we can change the size and shape of icons and add own categories. Other pro features include adding extra widget home screens, ultra-impressive mode, and much more.

Microsoft Launcher, on the other hand, is free and it comes with the bottom to top slide panel similar to iOS software. Options like the torch, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and some top apps can be found in the panel. Microsoft Launcher also sorts new apps and most recent ones separately in the main menu so the user can quickly identify what is recent and fresh.

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In conclusion

Well, it doesn’t matter which one you choose both are powerful and secured. It depends on how you want your phone to perform. If you are top and bottom scroller than Microsoft Launcher would be a great idea. If you are categorised person than Smart Launcher 5 would be the best option.

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