Top 10 Must Have Android Apps in 2020

Must Have Android Apps 2020
Must have Android Apps 2020

About three years ago, my friend forgot his wallet, and at the checkout, when the cashier asked for the money, he shared an awkward moment. That time, my skills of using a contactless payment method helped us get out of the situation.

Anyway, the idea of writing an article about the must have Android apps came to my mind at that very moment. Of course, a contactless payment app may not be one of the top Android apps, because these apps are device and country limited, but this post will surely help you find the universal top 10 must have Android apps in 2019.

Top 10 must have Android apps

01. Google Keep (free)

Google Keep – Icon

The simplicity of the app makes it so elegant. If I had to choose one between all the note-making apps, I would go with Google Keep. From business to entertainment, you always get new ideas, and you realise I need to save this thought? Some send an SMS and some email, but Google Keep allows to keep these awesome ideas in fraction of seconds.

The app is entirely free and works on multiple devices. Google Keep offers a wide range of features, and it is an Editors Choice app making it one of the top 10 must have Android apps.

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02. Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)

Adobe Acrobat Reader

You got to admit that a PDF reader is essential. There is no doubt that the official PDF reader is installed, but sometimes we want more. Scanning a document, signing a document, filling, editing, sharing, and saving to the cloud are some of the great features of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is an ultimate PDF reader app allowing you to go a step further to being smart while using your phone.

03. LastPass Password Manager (freemium)

LastPass Password Manager

I have signed up on over 30 services. I don’t remember the password for all. Why? Because LastPass makes it easy to put strong passwords and remembering them at the same time. It is not just an Android app; it is a multi-platform password suggesting and saving service. It’s similar to Google’s Password Manager and Samsung Pass, but those services may auto-fill the account details, they don’t suggest passwords. LastPass comes to the place to fill the gap.

LastPass uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your passwords. Other features include private text, audio and image notes, fingerprint password unlock, password sharing and much more. Although the app is free, there is extended security available at an additional cost. LastPass is one of the top 10 must have Android apps I have ever used.

04. Snapseed (free)

Snapseed by Albe_Albe460q

Brush, filter, lens, frames, text, white balance, you name the tool it’s in Snapseed. The app is packed with over 25 features to improve your photography levels. Snapseed allows editing large megapixel images to make sure that the quality is uncompromised. Snapseed is a Google-owned app and great for instant photo editing. The app may not overcome desktop apps such as Photoshop, but it is one of the must have Android apps these days.

05. Xnspy Monitoring App (premium)


An ultimate tracking tool for your Android phone. It lets you in on the phone’s call logs, text messages, web browsing history, multimedia, locations email, and a lot more.

The app allows you to perform some remote functions such as locking your phone, recording its surroundings, taking screenshots, and wiping off any stored data. You need to install the app on the Android device and begin to access the monitored phone’s activities remotely using your smartphone or laptop through your account. Unfortunately, the app is paid, but the demo is available on the website.

06. Google News (free)

It’s essential to stay up to date with the news. Google News app offers easy to navigate interface. Each story is separated into columns. You also get slideshows (full coverage) of stories. The way Google News works is it shows you the news based on your taste. Also, you can follow topics, categories, sports, and more. The app is designed to work even on slow connections, and you can save stories offline to read later.

07. Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation (free)


Waze is a community-based navigation service available in many countries. The most popular feature of Waze is reporting and benefiting from the information other users report. The app can do a lot of things, but I’ll mention the most important ones. Users can report accidents, roadblocks, roadworks, police etc. The below list covers all the options.

  1. Continuous car speed and zone alerts
  2. Speed camera alerts
  3. Fuel prices and stations
  4. Change navigation language
  5. Record your voice for navigation
  6. Crash reporting
  7. Roadblocks reporting
  8. Police reporting
  9. Voice address searching

Waze won the best overall app award at the Mobile World Congress in 2013. Users around the world have admired Waze, making it a great addition to the must have Android apps family.

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08. RescueTime Time Management (free)


iPhone already has a feature of calculating your time on the phone. Android phones, except Pixel, don’t have this feature. This is where RescueTime comes in handy. The app calculates how much time you are spending on apps and websites. To give you a clear picture, RescueTime categories each app, and displays the data in different colours. The app is also available for PC and Mac to track the combined data.

09. VLC Media Player (free)

VLC Media Player

The default Android video player does not support all of the video and audio formats. VLC Media Player is an open-source Media Player available for almost all the devices. The tools such as audio, subtitle syncing, selecting separate files for subtitles, background play, streaming, etc., make it an all-rounder video player. The app is an Editor’s Choice app on Google Play, and one of the must have Android apps.

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10. Avira Antivirus (freemium)

Avira Antivirus Security

Latest antivirus software packages have amazing features including virus scanning, theft control, privacy checkup, microphone monitoring, device lost and found, erasing data, calls protection, camera protection, call blocker, web protection, and much more.

If you do not have an antivirus, then you are putting your security and privacy at risk. Avira is one of the must have Android apps because it offers many security features for free. Even the premium version only costs a few bucks a year to help you secure your data and device. You should try this app.

In conclusion

You have put yourself a step closer to a safe, fast, and a better future.  The end of the top 10 must have Android apps post is here. Thanks for having a read and please let me know what do you think in the comments below so we can discuss more.

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