Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher | Is it Time to Switch?

Nova Launcher is one of the most common, and with over 50 million downloads, it dominates the market. But, is it time to consider something else? Evie Launcher is new and not popular, but it makes the phone straightforward to use and customise. To see what both can offer, we are going to explore Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher in this blog post.

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Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher

Interface and customisation

When you install Nova, you get some setup screens, including layout, theme, and drawer style. Like Nova, Evie does not show any setup screen. You install the app, and you get a launcher. All the settings are in Evie Settings.


Screenshots of Home Screen of Nova and Evie Launcher Apps
Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher Home Screen

Both automatically show the original background image. Both support dock, folder, and widgets. Evie does not offer an app drawer button. Nova allows you to customise whether should you add a button or open the drawer by swiping. The table compares the home screen features.

FeatureNova LauncherEvie Launcher
Making folders✔️✔️
App labels✔️
Infinite scroll✔️✔️
Adjust columns✔️✔️
Adjust rows✔️✔️
Icon size✔️
Search bar style✔️
Page indicator options✔️

One thing Evie does better is showing how the home screen will look like while adjusting the columns, rows, and other settings.

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Evie Feed

Like Samsung Bixby, Microsoft Launcher, and Google Feed, Evie offers a feed. On the feed screen, you can browse and personalise news, search on Google, and check the weather. You can also follow the news topics.

Winner: Evie Launcher. Nova is excellent but doesn’t offer as many features as Evie.

App Drawer

Like the home screen, Nova supports hiding the icons’ labels. You can change the app icon size, label size, colour, enable/disable shadow, get icon size from the home screen etc. Nova offers a row with the recent apps while Evie adds new apps on the top. You can also apply the home screen settings while customising the app drawer and change the app layout by tapping on the top right in the app drawer.

Winner: Nova Launcher. Nova offers more customisation options.


Screenshots of Folders of Nova and Evie Launcher Apps
Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher – Folders

Both support folders and their settings. The below table compares the features both offer.

FeatureNova LauncherEvie Launcher
Change folder mode✔️
Background colour✔️
Corner radius✔️
Folder name settings✔️✔️
Scroll direction✔️
Adjust columns✔️
Adjust icon size✔️✔️
Icon shape✔️
Transition animation✔️
Sort apps alphabetically✔️✔️

Winner: Nova Launcher. Regarding features, Nova wins.

Hiding apps

Regarding hiding the apps, Evie is one step ahead, as it allows hiding of apps. You can also enable/disable showing the hidden apps in the search results. Nova free does not support hiding the apps.

Winner: Evie Launcher. Let’s go with Evie in this round.

Notification badges

Nova free does not support customisation of notification badges. Evie Launcher, on the other hand, offers to personalise badges. You can choose counts or dots, change the size, and enable and disable badges for each application.

Winner: Evie Launcher.

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Nova comes with a themes option. You can select between light, dark, and auto. The auto mode automatically adjusts the theme depending on the current time. You can also change the night mode colours to light-dark and extremely dark. The app offers to apply the dark theme on the search bar, app drawer, drawer icon, and folders. Evie does not offer such a thing. Evie uses a white and green combination in the settings menu.

Winner: Nova Launcher. This round goes to Nova.


Evie Launcher - Gestures
Evie Launcher Gestures

Like Microsoft Launcher, Evie Launcher supports gestures. Evie offers many types of gestures for free. Nova also provides gestures, but only in the Prime version. You can add gestures on double-tap, swipe up, down, pinch, expand, two fingers swipe up, and two fingers swipe down. The features Evie support on gestures are launch an app, open app drawer, Evie search, expand notifications, Google Now, voice search, and Lock screen. For some features, you must allow the app to perform as an admin. The gestures can be customised in Evie settings.

Winner: Evie Launcher. Nova does not offer gestures feature.

Back up and restore

You can back up and restore the launcher settings, including home screen, app drawer, layouts, etc., in your Google account. To enable, you must log in in the launcher settings. When you install Nova, it asks to restore, while Evie does not ask, but you can go to settings to restore the data.

Winner: Tie. Nova and Evie, both support back up and restore.

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Evie Launcher is free, and it does not show any ads. The launcher earns money by featuring news stories in Evie Feed. Nova Launcher Prime costs about $5 depending on your region. To install Nova launcher Prime, you must install Nova Launcher free, because the paid version comes as a license. Nova Prime offers

  • All free features
  • Gestures
  • Hide apps
  • Custom icon swipe gestures
  • App drawer groups

Check out the Nova Prime features and review video

Should you switch?

After using both for many days, and considering the final score in Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher comparison, which is 4 and 3, I felt like switching to Evie. Nova is great, and it is famous, but all the excellent features are in the Prime version. Check out and download the apps below.


I always prefer the app, which makes it more comfortable for me to use my phone. Anyway, I hope the article Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher helped. Thanks for having and read and please let me know if you have any comments or questions down below, so we can discuss.

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