Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher | Is it Time to Switch?

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular, and with over 50 million downloads, it dominates the market. But, is it time to consider something else? Evie Launcher is new and not as popular as Nova, but it makes the phone straightforward to use and customise. To see what both can offer, the blog post explores Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher and covers: is it time to switch?

Home screen

Screenshots of Home Screen of Nova and Evie Launcher Apps
Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher Home Screen

When you install Nova, you get some setup screens, including layout, theme, and drawer style. Like Nova, Evie does not show any setup screen. You install the app, and you get a launcher.

Both automatically show the original background image. Both support dock, folder, and widgets. Evie does not offer an app drawer button. Nova allows you to switch between the button and swipe up. The table compares the home screen features.

Feature Nova Launcher Evie Launcher
Making folders ✔️ ✔️
Widgets ✔️ ✔️
App labels ✔️
Infinite scroll ✔️ ✔️
Feed ✔️
Adjust columns ✔️ ✔️
Adjust rows ✔️ ✔️
Adjust icon size ✔️
Search bar style ✔️
Page indicator options ✔️

Winner: Tie | Score: Nova: 1 and Evie: 1

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App drawer

App Drawer - Nova and Evie
App Drawer – Nova and Evie

Nova offers to switch between the horizontal and vertical grid app drawer. There is the search bar on the top, which separates frequently, recently, and new/updated apps. Moreover, the launcher comes with:

  1. Grid style
  2. Grid size
  3. Icon layout
  4. Background colour and transparency
  5. Search bar style
  6. Enable and disable the frequently used apps row options.

Evie, on the contrary, comes with an option to switch between the grid and list layouts, but the grid option only offers the horizontal scrolling. The launcher also allows inheriting the settings from the home screen. Alternatively, it offers to adjust the icon sizes, enable and disable icon labels, and an option to show new apps on the top of the app drawer. The launcher does not come with any search bar in the app drawer, but the alphabetical line allows to navigate the apps.

Winner: Nova Launcher | Score: Nova: 2 and Evie: 1


Nova Theme Options
Nova Theme Options

This round of Nova vs Evie goes to Nova. The launcher provides the light and dark theme options. You can select between the light, dark, and auto colours. The auto mode automatically adjusts the theme depending on the current time. You can also change the night mode colours to light-dark and extremely dark. Moreover, it offers to enable and disable the dark theme in the search bar, app drawer, drawer icons, and folders. Evie does not offer such a thing.

Winner: Nova Launcher | Score: Nova: 3 and Evie: 1

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Evie Launcher - Gestures
Evie Launcher Gestures

Nova only offers the home screen gestures in the free version. Evie Launcher like Microsoft Launcher supports gestures. You can add gestures on

  1. double-tap,
  2. swipe up,
  3. swipe down,
  4. pinch,
  5. expand,
  6. two fingers swipe up, and
  7. two fingers swipe down.

With the mentioned gestures a user can

  1. launch an app,
  2. open the app drawer,
  3. search for the apps,
  4. expand notifications,
  5. open Google Now,
  6. voice search, and
  7. lock the screen.

Winner: Evie Launcher | Score: Nova: 3 and Evie: 2


Nova free does not support customisation of notification badges. Evie Launcher, on the other hand, offers to choose numbered or doted notification badges. It also offers to change the size and enable and disable badges for each application.

Winner: Evie launcher | Score: Nova: 3 and Evie: 3

Other features

Nova Launcher

  1. The app supports the third-party Sesame shortcuts.
  2. Back up and restore the settings.

Evie Launcher

  1. The app offers to hide apps in the app drawer.
  2. Evie feed offers you to read news and check the weather.
  3. Back up and restore the settings.

Winner: Evie launcher | Score: Nova: 3 and Evie: 4

Paid nature

Evie Launcher is free, and it does not show any ads. Nova Launcher Prime costs about $5 depending on your region. The app comes with more customisation options. Here is the list of a few:

  • All free features
  • Gestures
  • Hide apps
  • Custom icon swipe gestures
  • App drawer groups

Check out the features and review video to learn more about Nova Prime.

Should you switch?

After using both for many days and considering the final score in Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher comparison, which is 3 and 4, I suggest switching to Evie. Nova is great, and it is famous, but all the excellent features are in the Prime version.


Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher covered the essential features. I hope the article Nova Launcher vs Evie Launcher helped. Thanks for having and read and please let me know if you have any comments or questions down below, so we can discuss.

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