4 Best Improve your Spelling Apps in 2019 – Both Platforms

4 Improve Spelling Apps
4 Improve Spelling Apps

What is the best improve spelling app out there? Spelling is one of the pillars of the English language. There can be many reasons, why some people can’t spell correctly. Some people even believe that spelling is part of the IQ, But I don’t think that because nobody’s perfect and everyone cannot be a master at everything. Improving spelling can be hard because once you stop using a word, you forget it’s spelling. This is the reason I have written 4 best improve spelling apps for iOS and Android in 2019. Continue reading “4 Best Improve your Spelling Apps in 2019 – Both Platforms”

How to Soft and Hard Reset Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

How to do a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. The article shows the two ways to rest your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 device. With removed Bixby button and moved power button, it may be a little bit confusing. We will cover everything from soft reset to hard reset a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, and Note 10+ 5G device.

Important information: Before you perform a reset operation, make sure to back up the data including, contacts, history, media, apps, messages, and device settings. Please make sure that you know the password for your Google and Samsung account as you may be asked to put these after resetting the phone.

Soft reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ / Note 10+ 5G

Here is a quick tutorial to reset. You’ll need the current device PIN to perform a reset on Nota 10 series.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on General Management.
  3. Touch Reset.
  4. Tap on Factory Reset.
  5. Scroll down until you find the Reset button.
  6. Enter the PIN for your device.
  7. Tap on Delete all to delete and reset.
  8. Wait for it to be reset.

Here is the details step by step tutorial. The process the same, but I have attached the images of Note 10+ 5G.

Step 01. Go to settings and find General Management and tap on it.


Step 02. In the settings, find Reset and tap on it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Reset Option
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Reset Option

Step 03: To factory reset, find the Factory data reset button and touch on it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Factory Reset
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Factory Reset

Step 04: You’ll find the information regarding the reset and the data which will be removed. Scroll down and tap on Reset. On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to insert your current PIN.


Final step:  Tap on Delete all to erase the phone. That’s it. Wait for it until it restarts and enjoy your fresh Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Delete all
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Delete all

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ / Note 10+ 5G

For some reason, if you can’t access your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, then a hard reset is another option. Please be aware that a hard reset will remove everything and restore the device to its factory data settings. Also, some functionality may be missing after the reset is complete. Furthermore, you might also require inserting the PIN, Google, or Samsung account passwords. Follow the below steps to perform a hard reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series.
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Quick tutorial

  1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
  2. Press Volume Up and the Power button at the same time. Wait until it vibrates.
  3. Press the Volume Down key until the Samsung logo appears. A bunch of options will come on the screen. Use the volume keys to go up and down and power key to select the option.
  4. Select wipe data/factory reset and press the power button.
  5. Follow any additional steps if asked. Wait for it to be reset.

Detailed hard reset tutorial

Perform a Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series
Perform a Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series

Look at the above image to get a clear idea on what to do to reset the device. Press volume up + power buttons and wait for a couple of seconds until it vibrates. Press the volume down key until the logo displays.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10

On the screen, by using volume and power keys, select the fifth option, which is Wipe data. It might ask for additional information. Once the process has been started, it will take a few minutes to reset the device entirely.

In conclusion

There are two ways to reset a device, and both are mentioned in this tutorial. I hope the article soft and hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note series helped. Let me know if you need additional help and share your thoughts so everyone can get have a pleasant experience.

Information: Images used are the images of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. Madhsudhan last updated this article on 26th/Aug/2019.

Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos – Which One is For You?

Google recently published a new app Gallery Go by Google Photos. The app is another Photos app. There is already one app Google Photos out there, then why Google has released the new app? With growing internet and fast connections, it has become easier to manage photos saved online, but the fast connection is not available everywhere. The article is all about the difference between Google Photos and Gallery Go by Google Photos. We will compare both the apps and see what’s the difference, what features are missing in Gallery Go, and finally, which one should you use. The article is the final place for Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos.

Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos

The step by step compassion follows in the below categories. You can click if you are only interested in a specific part of the comparison.

  1. Interface.
  2. What features are the same?
  3. Missing features in Gallery Go.
  4. Missing features in Google Photos.
  5. Editor.
  6. Storage.
  7. Which one is for me?
  8. In conclusion.

1. Interface differences

Google Photos and Gallery Go Interface
Google Photos and Gallery Go Interface

Everyone knows about Google Photos. The main interface is the first viewable part of the app, and we have four options down the below. On Gallery Go by Google Photos, there are only two options. The assistant which is my favourite feature as it informs me about past events, memories, suggests to free up memory by deleting the unnecessary media, and creates animations, colleges etc. is missing. The second feature which is missing in Gallery Go by Google Photos is sharing. You can still share the media, but the specific place where you can see and manage all the shared items is missing. When you open Gallery Go by Google Photos, you find the photos sorted in different albums including selfie, nature, people etc. The app is simple to use.

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What features are available in both

Features including sharing media, sorting media in folders, viewing folders, playing videos, deleting media, and editor (limited features in Gallery Go) are available.

What is missing in Gallery Go

As we have already mentioned that the assistant and sharing tab is missing. With those two, you can’t find location settings, search option, back up and sync options, Google Lens and PhotoScan support, and account management options. With those features missing, the app does not require location, telephone, and contacts permissions, making it easier to use and lightweight.

What features are missing in Google Photos

Gallery Go Night Mode GIF 2
Gallery Go Night Mode GIF 2

The app is the parent doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. There is one feature which is missing, but soon Google will implement that in Google Photos. The function is called the dark mode. Gallery Go comes with a dark mode which looks great at all the times. The photo viewing window and the sharing media feature are better in Gallery Go. Tapping on the Share button pops up the three most frequently used apps with the Other button which pops up the basic sharing window.

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Google Photos and Gallery Go by Google Photos Editors

Both apps are equipped with an editor. While Google Photos comes with a fully-featured editor, Gallery Go by Google Photos comes with a one-touch auto-enhance option. On Google Photos, you have options including auto-enhance, effects, brightness, contrast, crop, rotate, and advanced tools which we see on the editor screen. Gallery Go, on the other hand, comes with an option to auto-enhance the photo on the media view screen. You can also go to the editor to add effects, rotate and crop the photo and save a copy of it.

Moving to the video editing part of Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos, the editor in Google Photos has options to trim, rotate, and stabilise the video, while in Gallery GO, you have the only option to trim the video.


Google Photos vs Gallery Go - Storage Difference
Google Photos vs Gallery Go – Storage Difference

Storage impacts on the comparison as there is a vast difference. Google Photos take 89.03 MB of storage while Gallery Go occupies 21.97 MB. That means we can install four Gallery Go apps on the place of Google Photos. Also, fewer features and less storage implies the app will run faster.

Which one is for you?

Go with Gallery Go if you are under one or more options.

  • If you have an old device with an old OS and less than 1 GB RAM.
  • If Google Photos is slow.
  • Gallery Go is for you if your phone has less than 32GB of storage.
  • If you don’t have access to the internet all the time of the internet is expensive.
  • If you don’t use Google Drive.

Well if you don’t fall into one of above, then you should continue using Google Photos.

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In conclusion

Here is the end of the Google Photos vs Gallery Go by Google Photos. Gallery Go can save a bunch of space, and it can run quicker, but favourite apps are unreplaceable. I hope the article helped. Thanks for having a read. Which app do you use? Have you tried Gallery Go yet? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Also, please let me know if any of the information is missing on this page, I’ll update as soon as possible.

Image information: The images used are the property of Google. The images are the original screenshots of the apps. Last modified by Madhsudhan on 22/Aug/2019.

3 Best Apps to Grow Instagram Quickly in 2019

Apps to Grow Instagram
Apps to Grow Instagram

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the fastest grossing social media platforms. Despite being one of the popular, it does not offer many tools to manage your account. It is difficult to check status, follow and unfollow, see who follows you and who doesn’t, edit great photos, etc., especially if you have many followers. Continue reading “3 Best Apps to Grow Instagram Quickly in 2019”

Showbox App Review Details, Features – Is Showbox Safe?

Showbox App Logo
Showbox App Logo

The article covers the Showbox app review and features. Millions of users (over 60 according to their website) enjoy free movies and TV shows on services like Showbox. It’s an online media and video streaming service available for free. You can expect the latest movies uploaded within days; even the movie is still in the cinema. The review is all about the Showbox app with every little detail.

What is Showbox

Showbox or Show Box is a streaming service. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows online for free of charge. You don’t need to create an account. Showbox has over 60 million active users across all platforms.

Showbox app platforms

The app is not just available on Android. It is available on PC, Mac, and iPhone. It’s somewhat different from installing on iPhone as you need a separate app. On PC, the simple procedure of downloading the file is followed, but the file is a downloader which downloads the app itself. You can easily install the app on Mac. On Android, you can download from many websites. The app is available on multiple platforms, but I’ll be focusing on the Android version as that one is the most popular and the features on other platforms are almost the same.

Installing Showbox on iPhone

The Showbox app review also covers the installation guide for the iPhone. Installing Showbox on iPhone requires vShare. In that app, you’ll have to search for Moviebox. The name is different, but the app is the same. Once downloaded, you can enjoy free movies and TV shows.


Showbox App Permissions
Showbox App Permissions

Beside not being an official app, the app requires a few permissions.

  1. Showbox requires the location permission, which was the reason for me to add permissions to the Showbox app review. Why does it ask for the location? Well, to show you the ads related to your device location. The trick here is even you turn off the location; it can still estimate the tower-based location. So, as long as you open the app, and you are online, the app can access your location.
  2. The second one is for downloading the media to your device.
  3. I don’t know why it reads the phone’s identity and status, but my closest guess is it is also related to ads.


On Android, the app shows the latest movies’ news. You get to see celebrities review, chats, talks, interviews etc. The screen is called Trending. It comes with a button to see all the news with the left menu. Touching on See More option separates movies news and TV shows news.
You can sort the movies by rating and the added time. There are over 15 genres to choose from. Meanwhile, you can also select the releasing year of the movie to filter the movie screen. The options are available in the top-right menu.

The left menu

Showbox App Left Menu
Showbox App Left Menu

The evergreen left menu is part of the Showbox app. It comes with trending, movies, TV shows, news, trailers, favourites, downloads, new releases, and settings options. As I’ve already mentioned in the trending section, we get the news. In the movies section, we get the latest movies. In TV shows we get TV shows. The news section shows the same news which we see in the trending section. I don’t know why there is a separate section for news. By tapping on trailers, we can see the movies’ and shows’ trailers. In the favourites menu, we have the movies we like. In the new releases, we can see the newly released movies and TV shows, and lastly, in the settings menu, we can change the settings including when to download movies and change the quality of the video etc.
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Movie Information

Showbox Movie Information
Showbox Movie Information

When you touch a movie or a TV show, another screen pops-up with the Watch Now and Download buttons. Things go a little bit messy here, and I’ll explain what, but let’s discover the screen first. On the top, we have the favourite option with share and select the server option. On the bottom, we have the movie name, releasing year, the genre with the movie rating. After that, we have the information about the movie with the watch trailer button. If you swipe down, you will be able to see the related movies. The download button shows you the servers to download the film. If the video is not available for direct download, then you have the option to download the movie via one of the torrent servers. Touching the watch now shows you the media player.

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Media Player

Showbox Video Player
Showbox Video Player

Unfortunately, the Showbox app does not come with its own media player. For the app to work properly, you will have to download Lime Player. The app shows that it is going to support MX Player and XPlayer very soon. To install Lime Player, you can click install button which will go to the Play Store link where you can download the line player. Lime Player is a separate app, and it’s not a part of the Showbox app review.

Problems with Showbox

The app has a couple of issues. The first one is you have to download a separate app on Android to watch movies. Without a video player, you can not watch videos, but you can still download the videos. Secondly, it shows ads which may not be suitable for all users. Although there is an option to disable the adult ads and the option comes enabled by default.

Is Showbox app legal?

It’s a big No! Why? Because of a few reasons.

  1. The first reson is the app is not available on official stores which means the app has unlimited access to our phone. Usually, when we download an app, Google Play and App Store protect us by scanning the app. We are not installing the app from stores, that means if anything happens including data hacking or a virus, no one is responsible.
  2. The second reason is, selling something without paying to the original creator is illegal. Why Netflix pays to the movie creators? Because that’s a legal thing to do.

The app is great and you get to see the new movies in good quality. If you still want to enjoy Showbox, at least use some sort of VPN to hide your identity. There are many free VPNs available to try. Check out the article free VPNs which can be helpful while watching on Showbox.

In conclusion

Here is the end of Showbox app review. There are a few services out there which allow you to watch free movies online, and Showbox is one of the easy to navigate apps. I hope that the review covered everything you wanted to know. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and if I missed anything or any of the information is wrong, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Madhsudhan last edited the post on 15/Oct/2019. The images are the screenshots of the app. A screenshot is the property of the app developer.

Tubi Review – Full Review of Tubi Online Streaming Service in 2019

Tubi TV Logo - Fan Made
Tubi TV Logo – Fan Made

The article covers the Tubi TV review. When I say, free movies, then everybody says yeah! Well, there are many services online, but almost all of them are paid. Wait, I said almost! Some think of the people too. Tubi TV is an online streaming service which is entirely free and available on many devices. You might think, how this app is legal, which I still don’t know, you might also consider what features it has? Where can I get this app? Will they ask me about my credit card? Well, we will be answering all these questions here in Tubi TV review.

Tubi TV Review 2019

Supported platforms

Tubi TV is available on below platforms.

  1. Android.
  2. iOS.
  3. Roku.
  4. Apple TV.
  5. Amazon Fire TV.
  6. Xbox One (the US only).
  7. PS3 (the US and Canada).
  8. PS4 (the US, Canada, and Latin America).
  9. Chromecast.
  10. TiVO.
  11. Xfinity x1.
  12. Cox Contour.
  13. Samsung TV.
  14. Sony TV.

That’s the list of 15 devices which Tubi TV supports. 15 is a number which made me write this Tubi TV review. You can watch movies on any of the above devices. Tubi TV comes with a free account which helps you sync movies across devices. You can watch on your phone and then come back later on PS3 to start where you left.

Tubi website

Tubi TV Website
Tubi TV Website

The Tubi website is a great place to start watching. It comes with a dark interface which gives it more of the movie and TV drama streaming style. You can create an account or login from the top right. You can browse movies straightaway by clicking on the Watch Now button. On the top left, there is a menu with the movie genre. You can search for movies on the top.

Tubi web video player

Tubi TV Website Video Player
Tubi TV Website Video Player

The video player is simple yet comes with many tools. One thing I must mention is the video player is fast, and there isn’t much of the streaming involved. You seek or click on the bar, and it starts playing. On the below, we have video options, including play, 30 seconds backward, 30 seconds forward, volume adjust, full screen, video quality, and captions. Scrolling down shows the information about the movie/tv show. Also, you’ll be able to see related movies with the data.

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Tubi mobile apps

Search and Browse Screen - Tubi Mobile
Search and Browse Screen – Tubi Mobile

Tubi TV review covers both platforms. Tubi mobile is available on iOS and Android. The interface might be different, but the functionalities are the same. The mobile version has a beautiful homepage with featured movies on the top. The app comes with home, browse, search, and account buttons down the below. As you swipe down, you find different genre movies with the movies and TV shows you had left in the middle. The search screen shows the recent searches also the trending searches.

They claim that they have the movies/tv-shows which people can’t find on Netflix. The settings options are in the account menu. You can switch on/off captions and lock in landscape mode. The app itself on iOS is 139 MB, while on Android it occupies 45.33 MB of storage. It has 4.0 ratings on iOS and 4.4 ratings on Android. Android users tend to like Tubi TV more than iOS users.

Tubi mobile video player

Tubi TV Mobile Video Player
Tubi TV Mobile Video Player

The video player on the phone has the progress bar with the current time and the remaining time. You have an option to turn on/off captions and play on TV on the top. Touching the video shows the hidden play/pause button with 30 seconds backward and forwards options.

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Is Tubi TV free?
Yes. Tubi TV is free. It does not ask for the credit card information or any of the other payment information.

Is Tubi TV legal?
Apparently, it is. On Google Play and App Store, it says that “we are 100% legal” in the app’s description.

What kind of movies are available on Tubi TV?
There are thousands of movies and tv shows on Tubi TV.

Are there any ads on Tubi TV?
Yes. Tubi uses ads to earn money.

How can I enjoy fully with Tubi TV?
Create a free account and sync across all the devices.

Any other questions? Please 🙏 leave in the comments below.

In conclusion

Here is the end of Tubi TV review. In this world, you don’t get free stuff that easily. Tubi TV is offering movies and tv shows on free of charge, which is impressive. Anyway, I hope the post helped. Let me know what do you think of Tubi TV in the comments below. Also, if I missed something, please let me know so I can update and everyone can enjoy the fresh news.

Image information: The images used in the article are the screenshots of the Tubi TV app and web. These are the property of Tubi TV developers. The post last edited by Madhsudhan 02 of August 2019.

How to Download Original Windows Movie Maker in 2019

It’s been over six years since the last update for Windows Movie Maker was released. Windows Movie Maker, a part of Windows Essentials, is famous and easy to use software for early creators. It is similar to iMovie on Mac. Unfortunately, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Movie Maker a long time ago. Many developers found the decision as an opportunity and started creating their software with similar names, but people are more likely to download the original Movie Maker. Continue reading “How to Download Original Windows Movie Maker in 2019”

Adobe Photoshop Express Tutorial and Features (2019)

Adobe Photoshop Express Icon
Adobe Photoshop Express Icon

Waiting for my bus, I started using the Adobe Photoshop Express on one of my vacation photos. In that whole hour’s journey, I checked every little feature of the app. The app can be a little bit tricky to use because the app is a complete package for editing photos. I thought of writing an article on Adobe Photoshop Express tutorial, so everyone out there can have a real experience of the app.
With over 100 million downloads just on Android, Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the favourite photo editing tools. You might wonder, there are many old photo editing apps from many experienced developers, why would you install another app? Well, I can assure you, if you master the app, you don’t need another photo editing app(s) on your phone. The article covers Adobe Photoshop Express tutorial and features in 2019. The app’s name on App Store is Adobe Photoshop Express:Editor and Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker on Play Store, but people call it Adobe Photoshop Express and I’m going to use that word in the article.

Adobe Photoshop Express Tutorial Video

Here is s video covering the full tutorial. The video will give you enough idea. To learn more and see all up to date features, please read the article below.


Table of contents

  1. Editor interface.
  2. Looks.
  3. Lights.
  4. Cropping tool.
  5. Editor.
  6. Blemish removal.
  7. Red-eye removal.
  8. Text editor.
  9. Stickers.
  10. Borders.
  11. Camera.
  12. Collage maker.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express tutorial and tools

Abode Photoshop Express comes with several tools. Let’s go through each tool and see what we can do with that tool.

1.1 Editor Interface

Editor Interface
Editor Interface

Before we go deep and start the tutorial, we must understand the interface and what we can do on the editor screen. On the top-right, we have a few buttons. The first one is undo, the second one is redo, the third one is the lighting button. The lightning tool will lighten the screen. The fourth one is the comparison option which will show you the original image and taping on this button again will show the edited. The final button is the share button. Taping on the image anytime will hide the buttons and the tools. You can zoom in and out anytime by pinching the picture.

1.2 Looks

Looks Tool
Looks Tool

After selecting a photo, the first feature looks. Looks is just like the filter in other apps. Photoshop Express has so far more looks than any other app. The app categorises looks in my looks (the looks you save), free, charm, white-balance, black & white, portrait, nature, splash, and duo-tone. All of these categories contain over a hundred looks. You can also create custom looks and give them names.

1.3 Lights

Lights Feature
Lights Feature

The second new feature in the editor is the lights tool. With this tool, you can add lights in the picture. The app categories the lights in light-leaks, bokeh, grunge, raindrops, paper, cosmos, and water-colour. In total, the app comes with over 85 lights. You can add light from the top, bottom, left or right. You can add multiple light effects.
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1.4 Cropping tool

The most basic tool of all the apps on the App Store and Play Store. Adobe Photoshop Express comes with an advanced cropping feature. The app has some built-in aspect ratios (cropping sizes) to make sharing more fun. You can crop the photos for one of below devices and platforms with one tap.

  1. Mobile device.
  2. Facebook ad.
  3. Profile cover.
  4. Event cover.
  5. Page cover.
  6. Profile picture.
  7. Instagram photo.
  8. Twitter post.
  9. Twitter header.
  10. Medium.
  11. LinkedIn background.
  12. ETSY cover.
  13. Pinterest photo.
  14. YouTube channel art.
  15. Thumbnail.
  16. Kindle.

Also, some of the aspect ratios are available if you want the size in the aspect ratios. The tool automatically crops the photo and gives you the perfect size. Once you have got the aspect ratio, you can move the picture to select the visible portion.

The second feature of the cropping tool is rotation. You can rotate a photo in 360 degrees. You can also flip the picture horizontally and vertically. The last feature of the cropping tool is the transform tool. With this tool, you can select the auto-rotate, which will find the best rotation. You can also skew the photo horizontally and vertically.

1.5 Editor

The third tool of Adobe Photoshop Express is the editor. There are four sub-tools of the editor tool. The first one is Corrections, and the second one is Split Tone. The third one is Blur, and the fourth one is Vignette.

There are 17 options in the corrections menu. You can adjust clarity, sharpen, luminance noise, colour noise, dehaze, grain, fade, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, white, blacks, temperature, tint, vibrance, and saturation. The opacity line makes sure that you get the perfect colour for your photo.

The second option is the split tone. With this tool, you can add many colours to your image; you can also change the opacity of the colour using the opacity line.

The next option in the editor is the blur. There are two options available in the Blur menu. The first one is Radial and the second one is Full. You can select a portion of the photo and make that blur or leave that portion and make the other area blur. The second one works perfectly if you want to blur the whole picture.

The last tool, Vignette is some rare options. It contains the amount, mid-point, feather, and roundness options. You can play with these to add shadows, dark borders, and darken the photo.

1.6 Blemish removal

It works great. You can remove blemishes from the skin with the blemish removal tool. For the better results, zoom in and find the spot, change the size of the brush using the brush size line. Tap on the spot to remove the blemish.

1.7 Red-eye removal

The next tool in Photoshop Express tutorial is red-eye removal. Red-eye is very common, especially when the light flashes very close to the eyes. Although the amount of blood choroid also plays a part in the red-eye effect. Anyway, Photoshop Express comes with the tool to remove the red-eye effect. The tool comes with two options. The first one is the Red Eye, which will remove the red-eye effect. For the best results, zoom-in the picture, so the eye is visible on the screen. The second option is Pet Eye, which is used for removing the red-eye effect of pets.

1.8 Text editor

The next in the line is the text editor. The menu itself comes with four options. The first one is the styles, the second one is the font, the third is the colour, and the last one is alignment. The Style option comes with over 50 built-in text styles for you to choose. Almost all of them look the ones which are used in infographics. After selecting the style, you can move to the font menu to select the perfect font. The option has about 25 fonts.

Moving to the third option, you can pick the colour for the text. The option comes with many colours to choose, but if you don’t like any of these, you can tap on the custom button to add select own colours and themes. The last option alignment lets you align the text to the left, right or the centre.

1.9 Stickers

With so many tools, there is no doubt the Adobe Photoshop Express is the ultimate package. There are over 80 stickers for you to add to the picture. You can add stickers from categories including love, flowers, decorate, party, adventure, food, vintage, and splashes categories. The more stickers button contains some of the other stickers. You can adjust the size and the position of the sticker, and you can use multiple stickers in one photo.

1.10 Borders

The last editing tool is the border. There are over 30 borders available to choose from. The basic ones are the first ones which add some beautiful border to the image. There are some edges ones which cover the full photos, while there are some frame borders which add a beautiful frame to the picture.

1.11 Camera

Adobe Photoshop Editor is not just a photo editor; it’s photos taker as well. If you can’t find the photos, you can tap on All Photos on the top to open up the menu. In the menu, you’ll find all the folders available on the phone, camera, Lightroom, Creative Cloud, and Library. Taping on the camera open ups the camera where you can take a photo and start editing.

1.12 Collage Maker

Photoshop Express Collage
Photoshop Express Collage

What is Collage?
Generally, a collage is a collection of various things, but in photography, a collage is a collection of photos. In a collage, we put a few or many photos to make a collection.

A new feature available in the later versions of the app. Adobe Photoshop Express has this tool. You can add photos and make a collection. Like cropping tool, you can choose one of the available aspect ratios for the collage. Another best part is, you can move around photos by holding them, and you can also edit any of the photos and once done, the editor will bring you back to the collage maker.

2. Preferences

That’s not it. The Adobe Photoshop Express tutorial will also cover the options. The app has a setting menu called preferences. In the menu, you can:

  1. Change the quality of the saved photos. You can select low, medium, high or very high. Depending on the photo quality, the photo storage size would be different.
  2. Select the size of the photo. You can select 800 px, 1500 px, 2000 px, 4000 px, or leave it as the original. You can also set a custom size for the saved photos.
  3. Want to add watermarks to the edited photos? You can add text or an image as the watermark. There are already some built-in Photoshop Express watermarks, but you can add own and change the size and the opacity of the text or the photo.
  4. The edited photos saving location option is there.
  5. You can add or change the names of the edited photos. If you want to add some text before the name or after the name, then this tool will help you do that.
  6. Reset the tooltips to default settings.

3. App details

The next part of Adobe Photoshop Express tutorial is App details. The app size on iOS is 217.4 MB while on Android the app occupies 151 MB of storage. Photoshop Express needs device storage permission to access the photos. On App Store, Adobe Photoshop Express has 4.6 ratings as of August 2019. The app does not display any ads, nor there are any in-app purchases.

4. In conclusion

Here is the end of Adobe Photoshop Express tutorial. Photoshop Express has many powerful tools to make it one of the great photo editing tools. With Adobe Photoshop, people already know what Adobe can do to make an app for the phone. I hope the article helped you. Have you tried the app yet? Share your experience in the comments to help the people and to improve this post.

Safe Watch App Review – A new VPN and Video Player Review

Safe Watch - Secure Video Player
Safe Watch – Secure Video Player

Safe Watch app review, features, and tests. You are here because you tried to download something on Popcorn Time and the app suggested to download Safe Watch – Secure Video Player. Or Maybe someone recommended you to check it out. The article is all about Safe Watch app, its features, and tests.

What is Safe Watch app?

Safe Watch – Secure Video Player is another torrent client like Popcorn Time or BitTorrent. It comes with a free built-in VPN, so you don’t need to install one externally. Now, why Popcorn Time is promoting this app, I don’t know, but sooner or later we will find the answer. The app has 100,000 downloads on Android, and because of Popcorn Time, the app is getting lots of downloads every day.

How does Safe Watch app work?

The app can work with Popcorn Time or alone. In Popcorn Time when you tap on the play or download button, the app opens with the URL and the watch now button. If you have the magnet URL, you can paste that URL directly into the app to download and play videos. The app takes some time to buffer first. Once it is done, the video player comes up with the video. You can see the buffer progress on the progress line.

App Features


Safe Watch VPN Feature
Safe Watch VPN Feature

It’s great when you get a free VPN which can download the torrent files. Safe Watch app comes with a free VPN, which changes your location while downloading. Why is VPN required to download torrents? By default, the app finds the optimal location for you, but if you want a specific country, then you can browse the VPN location menu. A free VPN does not mean that it is the best. To check its speed and location, I put the app on a test.


The test includes the location and the speed test. The app passed the location test as it changed my position to some other country. For the speed test, the VPN enabled speed test was slightly lower than the normal speed, but while downloading the file in the app, I did not see any considerable difference.

Location test result
Speed test result

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Video Player

Safe Watch – Secure Video Player app comes with a video player. The video player does the same job as the usual video players including Popcorn Time video player and VLC Media Player etc. do. Although it lacks some of the advanced functionalities which others provide. According to the developer, the app adopts VLC Media Player functionalities.

Free vs premium

Safe Watch free has essential features and provides good speed. The free version shows ads and limited locations. Safe Watch premium is a little bit expensive, and the license is not for the lifetime. You will pay for the subscription, and once the time is over, you’ll have to pay again. You can try the trial for a couple of days. The premium one does not show any ads, and you have the freedom to choose more locations around the globe.

Other features

  • The app does not ask for any registration.
  • It provides over 20 locations.
  • Safe Watch app uses 256-bit encryption.
  • There is no speed limit on downloading the torrents.
  • You can cast your videos on Chromecast, TV, Apple-TV etc.
  • The app comes with a one-tap IP detecting button.

In conclusion

When you get a free torrent downloader with VPN then you don’t say no. Safe watch app is new, but it has the potential to download many files simultaneously. Do you use Popcorn Time or any other torrent client? Are you thinking of trying Safe Watch app? Please share your thoughts, and if any of the information is missing, please let me know. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Information: The images used are app’s and the owner hold the copyrights for all the images. Last modified by Madhsudhan on 18th of July 2019.

Evernote vs OneNote – Which One do You Need in 2019?

Evernote vs OneNote
Evernote vs OneNote

We have many apps to stay organised, finish tasks before the deadline, help others in their tasks, shop without forgetting stuff etc. With the help of note-taking apps, everything looks so simple, but is the service you are using enough for you? There are many apps out there for iPhone and for Android, but the best ones stay on the top. The article covers the two note-taking applications Evernote and OneNote. Which one is the best? Let’s find out in Evernote vs OneNote 2019 battle.

The comparison is divided into two major rounds (Desktop and Mobile). Those two major rounds split into sub-rounds. Most of the rounds contain one point. After all the rounds we will see if it’s Evernote or Microsoft OneNote.


The desktop comparison of Evernote vs OneNote will be quick as the core functionalities of both on each platform are the same.

Evernote-vs-OneNote-Desktop – Click for full size


Both support multiple platforms, but the major functionalities are mostly the same. The desktop Evernote app is available on Microsoft Store, and it’s is easy to use. Search is the strength of the app. You can search for notes, and it also searches for the text within the notes. To make searching more easier, you can add tags to each note. On the left, we have the notebooks, shortcuts, tags, trash, shared options. Next to the menu, we have notes and search notes options. Evernote comes with a powerful text menu where you can select fonts, font size, colour, bold, and all the basic tools. We get all the tools which a typical desktop app gets. The features of the Evernote desktop app are below.

  1. You can print notes.
  2. Evernote lets you send notes in an email.
  3. You can add hyperlinks to text.
  4. Duplicate notes option is there.


Adopting Office tools, OneNote is a strong note making software available for desktop as well as online. On the left we have notebooks, and after that we have sections and then notes. The software comes with text tools including fonts, size, bold, underline, headings and all necessary tools. You can insert tables, files, pictures, online videos, links, audio from the insert menu. After the insert menu, we have the draw menu. The draw menu comes with pens, highlighters, shapes, ink shapes, undo, redo etc. We can share notes and read notifications. The search feature does the same thing as it does in Evernote.

OneNote assistant is another feature to look for because you can search for the thing you want, and the assistant does that for you. For example, type “add a table” and the assistant will open the table menu for you to select the rows and columns. OneNote looks prettier than Evernote on the desktop with its purple and white theme. Other features of OneNote desktop.

    1. You can add hyperlinks to the text.
    2. Draw on the page.
    3. Translate the text on a page.
    4. Add a sub-page in a page.
  1. Pin the page to the start menu.
  2. OneNote web is available if you don’t want to install the app.

Winner: A tough decision to make here. With lots of tools available for free, you don’t want to favour any service. OneNote comes with great tools and a web-based version. Score: Evernote: 0 and OneNote: 1.


App storage

The storage both apps take is different, and it is essential to cover the difference. On Android, OneNote occupies 183 MB of storage while Evernote occupies 88.7 MB of storage. On the iPhone, OneNote takes 211 MB of storage, which is more than OneNote Android version. Evernote, on the other hand, takes 126 MB of storage of the iPhone.
Winner: The round goes to Evernote because it occupies less storage than OneNote. Score: Evernote: 1 and OneNote: 1.

Drive storage

Well, OneNote has the power of Office, and after creating your free account, you can upload up to 5GB of content on OneDrive. The free of Evernote gives you access to 60MB per month. You can’t upload over that limit. The paid plan gives you more storage.
Winner: These days, we have phones with over 500 GB storage. Drive storage is more important because we want everything on multiple devices. Score: Evernote: 1 and OneNote: 2.

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How both work


Using Evernote is easy. All the notes are on the screen when you open the app. There is a search button on the top with the menu to select notes, add notes to the home screen, sort notes, notes options, syncing, and settings. Taping on the + button opens notes menu, while to add a text note, tap on the + button two times. In the left menu, we have account details, notebooks, shared notes, photos, chat, trash menu, themes, options, settings, and explore Evernote. Evernote has a dark theme which looks cool.

OneNote, the other hand, is a little bit different. With OneNote, you get notebooks, sections and pages. In notebook you find sections, and in sections you find pages. When you open the app, notebooks are there. The search button is on the bottom with options to add sticky notes. Taping on the + button adds notebooks and same with sections and pages. On the top, we have options menu including sync all, badge, settings, feedback.
Winner: There is no comparison on how both work, but let’s give each one a point. Score: Evernote: 2 and OneNote: 3.


The most important section in Evernote vs OneNote mobile comparison is tools and freedom to add stuff to the notes. On mobile, Evernote supports text, images, audio, camera, photos, attachments, reminders, and handwriting. As you go, the note size keeps getting bigger. The intelligent camera is something to note because it can help you take photos of business cards, documents, and whiteboards. The camera adopts the power of AI to crop the photo and only save the important part.
You can add all the notes types on a single note. Evernote adds everything on the same page, but everything is in a separate component. Another notable feature of Evernote is templates. Unlike OneNote, you can start with any of the pre-made templates.

Moving to OneNote, you can add text, images, voice recording, checkboxes, attach files, and draw. A noticeable feature of OneNote is adding everything in the same space. You can draw on text, images, recording or add text on the drawing. OneNote also adds all the things you put on the single page and as you keep adding stuff. Another tool is the OneNote badge which adds a circle on the screen as we see with Messenger.




Let’s talk about pricing. Evernote comes in two plans. The free one is called Basic, and the paid one is called premium. The image compares the prices for Evernote. In the basic version, the features are:

  • Connect your account to two devices.
  • You can upload 60 MB of notes each month.
  • Maximum note size is 25 MB.
  • You get general support.
  • Evernote Premium comes with more templates.

In the paid version we get more features:

  • You can connect unlimited devices with Evernote Premium plan.
  • Evernote lets you upload 10 GB storage every month.
  • You can write up to 200 MB of notes.
  • Notes are available even you are offline.
  • You can search in Docs and PDFs.
  • With Evernote Premium, you get enhanced support.

The price for the premium is $9.99/month on the monthly plan, while $7.50/month on an annual contract. There used to a middle plan called Evernote Plus, perfect for students and people who are not into making notes but want to be ready all the time, but that one is no longer available.


OneNote is a free note-taking app. It lets you do everything for free. You also get OneDrive storage when you sign up, and there is no uploading and note size limit. You can also connect to as many devices as you want. OneNote lets you save notes on OneDrive so you can access them anywhere. You can also purchase the extra storage on OneDrive, but there is no cost of using OneNote.
Winner: Free stuff is the best stuff. Both apps are available for free so let’s tie this round. Score: Evernote: 4 and OneNote: 4.

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Other features comparison

Some of the handy features are essential to cover in Evernote vs OneNote because those prove what companies have improved in their services to attract new users.


  1. Dark theme is available for free.
  2. Reminders to remind you of tasks.
  3. Add-note notification is visible all the time (you can disable that feature).


  1. OneNote badge is available, which helps you make notes anytime easily.
  2. Completely free. Get all the features for free with OneNote.
  3. You can add sticky notes easily.

Evernote vs OneNote video comparison

Here is a quick video comparing both on a mobile phone. The video covers the essential features and helps in clearing your mind by presenting the comparison visually.

Which one do you need?

If you want to stay up to date with new tools, then Evernote is your place, while if you want the ease of use and free tools, then Microsoft OneNote is a perfect choice.

In conclusion

Here is the final score of the comparison Evernote: 4 and OneNote: 4. Oh, well! Both got the same points. Being prepared for instant moments is essential. It’s always good practice to see which one is better before starting a new service. I hope the article Evernote vs OneNote helped. Which one do you use for notes? Share your experience with everyone visiting, and let me know if I’m missing anything so, I can improve this article.

Image information: The images used in this comparison are the icons and screenshots. These are the company’s properties. Last edited by Madhsudhan on 15/Oct/2019.

Google Keep vs Evernote – Comparison of Note Making Services 2019


Comparison of Google Keep and Evernote is one of the terms over a thousand people look for every month. Google Keep available on multiple platforms is one of the easiest ways to make a note, while Evernote is advanced and tools to take your notes on a high level. The article covers the ultimate fight of Google Keep vs Evernote.


Google Keep and Evernote are available on multiple platforms, but the major division works between the desktop and the mobile.

  1. General moto.
  2. Web/desktop.
  3. Mobile.

General motto

Both have the same motto, and both do a good job. With Google Keep, we can make notes, checklists, record audio, draw, and add an image. Google Keep was initially released in 2013, and Evernote was released in 2008 on the web.

Google Keep is available on the desktop as a web-based version, for Chrome, iOS, and Android. Evernote is available as a web-based version, a desktop app, extensions for browsers, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The notes you add are saved on the drive and you get 15GB of storage online with your Google account. Evernote gives nothing to a little storage. You can upload 60MB worth of notes every month.

Google Keep vs Evernote – Web


Both are available as a web client where you can instantly create, edit, and delete notes. Evernote web has almost all account-related features including devices, notebooks, shares and other account details. Keep, on the other hand, comes with the basic interface and account settings.

Google Keep is entirely free, and anyone can access their notes on any device. You can draw as well as type, but the service keeps both separately. Keep is powered by Google’s search, and it finds the text in the notes to give you the prominent results. You can add reminders and add users to work.

Moving to the features, Evernote also comes as a desktop application for free. The second feature is the templates. You can start making notes with the help of templates including planning, budget, meeting, gift tracker etc. templates available for free. Evernote can make all types of notes which Keep supports, and it can do a bit more than Keep.

Intelligent search is also something to consider as it searches in the notes to give you what you want. You can print notes, make reminders, add users to contribute, send notes in an email, add hyperlinks to the text, duplicate notes in Evernote with one tap.

Round 01 results: Google Keep is a tool making it easier for everyone to write and share on-the-go, but on the ladder, it doesn’t go high as Evernote. Both come with free features, but being a full-time note-making and improving the company, Evernote has done a pretty impressive job. The winner for this round is Evernote.

Google Keep vs Evernote – Mobile



In Google Keep vs Evernote, mobile covers the major section. On the left hand, we have Keep. When you open the app, you see the notes. The search bar is on the top with account information and view settings. To add a note, we tap on the bottom. On the bottom right, we have options to add other kinds of notes. On the top left, we have the settings menu where you can find reminders, labels, archives, deleted notes, and other settings. To delete a note simply hold and find the option on the top right.

In Evernote, the search and filter view buttons on the top right with the upgrade option. You see all the notes when you open the app. You also have an option to add more notebooks. On the bottom right, you can add notes. Touching the button lists the types of notes you can make. On the top left, there is a settings option where you’ll be able to see the account details along with plan info, notebooks, share, chat, themes, and other options. To multi-select the note you can hold on a note and then select as many as you want. The delete and archive options are on the top.

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App storage


Keep only occupies 28.35MB of size against Evernote which occupies 74.13MB of storage on Android. On iOS, Google Keep takes 94.9MB of space while Evernote takes 130.5 MB of storage, and again, the first one got the point.

Score so far: Keep: 01. Evernote: 0.

Evernote premium


This section has nothing to with Google Keep. The above image shows the Evernote plans. The free one is called basic, while the premium one is for $9.9/m on a monthly plan and $7.5/m on a yearly plan. You get features including unlimited devices, extra upload limit, increased note size, offline mode, search in PDFs and docs, and enhanced support in the premium plan.

Keep vs Evernote all features comparison

Here is the list of both services benefits with added points.

  1. You can work on as many devices as you want. Keep: 02.
  2. 15GB of free storage. keep: 03.
  3. Add templates to the notes. Evernote: 01.
  4. Chat with collaborates in Evernote. Evernote 02:
  5. You can add links to the text in Evernote. Evernote: 03.
  6. Change the colour of the note in Keep. Keep: 04.
  7. Evernote comes with an intelligent camera which scans the business cards quickly. Evernote: 04.
  8. Both come with an intelligent search. Tie.
  9. Evernote supports more note types including audio, attachment, and others. Evernote: 05.
  10. Both have a dark theme option. Tie.
  11. Add notebooks. Evernote 06.
  12. Available on many devices than Keep. Evernote 07.


Evernote won the desktop battle with 1 point, while it also won the mobile phone battle leaving Keep behind. Final mobile results are Google Keep: 04 and Evernote: 07. The winner of this battle is Evernote. Keep needs new features to come back and tackle, but for now, we can close this battle.

In conclusion

There are over 8.9 billion unique mobile connections in the world. Yes! You read that right. With that many mobile phones, we can imagine how it would be being the ultimate note-taking app. The end of Google Keep vs Evernote is here. I hope you found the article helpful. Please share, comment, and advice if anything is missing from this post.

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Image information: Google keep icon is created by Stratos Stratos under Creative Commons and Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). Post last updated by Madhsudhan on 17th of July 2019.

Sygic vs Waze – A Detailed Comparison of Both in 2019

Sygic vs Waze
Sygic vs Waze

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the ultimate comparison of Sygic vs Waze. Both are great tools and have been here for a long time now. Sygic is a paid service while Waze is completely free. What are we going to cover? Well, the list is down below. Sygic and Waze are two fantastic services, and a fun fact is both projects started in 2004, and Sygic was the first app on iOS to provide mobile navigation. Let’s see which one is our final choice in Sygic vs Waze comparison.

Table of contents

  1. Details.
  2. YouTube video covering Sygic vs Waze on the road.
  3. Interface.
  4. Online navigation.
  5. Offline navigation.
  6. Safety and security.
  7. Unique features.
  8. Issues with both apps.
  9. Which one is better where.
  10. In conclusion.



Collecting data from over 400 million vehicles around the globe, Sygic updates the data every 2 minutes. Michal Štencl found the company in 2004. Since then it provides navigation to millions of users.


Released in 2006 Waze has been one of the favourites. The company has been operating under Google since 2013, and millions of users use Waze in their daily life.

YouTube video

Before we move on, let’s check the latest video in the comparison. I have recorded the above video to show Sygic vs Waze comparison. The video covers both apps on the road and what features they have.


Sygic and Waze Interface
Sygic and Waze Interface

Nothing special when you open the apps. Both use light colours. After putting an address both show an overview of the trip. Sygic shows alternative routes and if you prefer you can tap on the route to change. 3D interface is something to look for in Sygic. Waze has a few options including music, sound and search options on the screen.

Online navigation

Sygic and Waze - Navigation
Sygic and Waze – Navigation

Sygic is available for private cars, walking, and rideshare, while Waze is available for private cars, cyclists, and it has an option to enable taxi mode. Both use GPS to find the vehicle’s speed which is reasonably accurate on both. Sygic shows the essential notifications, petrol stations, and parking spots on the left while Waze does not show anything like that. The blue bar on the bottom in Sygic is the progress bar. It shows the trip’s progress, and if there is any traffic delay, you will see the red bar instead of blue. On the bottom, we have the tip’s information. You can tap on the button on the right to see more options. Waze has a search bar where you can search while you can also talk to Waze by saying “OK Waze”.

The three little dots in Sygic contain lots of tools. You can preview the trip, search, see directions, update traffic information, and change the settings.

Sygic updates the traffic very often, and it collects the data from over 400 million cars around the world. Waze relies on the users to update the traffic information.


Voice is also part of Sygic vs Waze comparison. Sygic comes with a few languages including English and Italiano. Waze comes with a wide range of voice options including English, Italiano, Polski, Deutsch etc. You can also record your voice and use for the navigation. Although, a problem I must mention with Waze is, it sometimes guides when we are too close to the intersection making us take the next intersection.
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Offline navigation

Sygic has an option to purchase the map for different regions. Sygic is a paid service, and after the trial period, you will have to pay to use their services. Waze on the other hand, does not come with any offline options. You will have to be connected to navigate.

Security and Safety

Sygic vs Waze Security Features
Sygic vs Waze Security Features

Safety would be one of the most important section of Sygic vs Waze. Both use some security tools to keep you out of danger. The SOS feature comes in Sygic which shows you the location with your current address, coordinates, nearest police, pharmacy, hospital, and the petrol station. You can also call on the emergency number by taping on Emergency Call. Moving to Waze, it does not allow you to search for anything while the vehicle is in motion. Also, it uses the information given by drivers. Drivers can report traffic, police, crash, fuel prices etc. As you report you to get some points which help you build your reputation and the more points you have, the faster your report will be updated.
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Unique features

Each app has some unique features, and we will be covering each in this Sygic vs Waze comparison.


  1. It shows a small window suggesting which lane should you use to drive the car.
  2. Sygic updates the route if there is a fast route available.
  3. It shows your car’s speed and the speed zone. It also beeps when you exceed the limit, or a speed trap is ahead.
  4. When moving to a different speed zone, Sygic displays the new speed on the screen.
  5. Need parking? Sygic will show you the nearest parking when you are close to the destination.
  6. Need more features? Check out Sygic Store. The tools including real-time navigation, dash cam, head up display, cockpit, travel book, maps etc.
  7. Download maps for your region.
  8. You can preview the route in the options.
  9. You can see the nearest Uber or similar rideshare driver and book a car (region limited).


  1. Get real-time traffic, hazards, police, crash reports from drivers.
  2. Waze is completely free.
  3. For your safety, you can’t search for anything when the speed is above 2.
  4. You can use Waze for cycling or use if for taxi stuff, and Waze will give you the best routes.
  5. You can play your songs with one tap if you have music apps installed.
  6. Waze shows your car’s speed and speed zone.

Problem with Both

Let’s see some of the issues with both the apps.


  1. Sygic is a paid service.
  2. Map updates will not be very often.


  1. Sometimes, it forgets to inform you about the speed traps.
  2. Being a public app it can easily be manipulated and fake data can be uploaded.

Which one is better where?

Alright, the answer to this question is complicated. The Sygic vs Waze has covered almost the features both come with. Check out the below list:

    1. If you want a rich and smooth experience, then Sygic is there.
    2. If you want free stuff, then Waze is your go.
    3. Looking for cycle routes? Waze.
    4. Looking to drive a taxi or rideshare? Waze is there.
    5. Are you a new driver? Or moving to a new place? Sygic is there to guide you about the lanes, parking, and petrol station.

In conclusion

Here is the end of Sygic vs Waze journey. I hope it helped you find the perfect navigation app for you. Let me know what do you think, and which one do you use? Also, please let me know if any of the information is missing so, I can update the article. Images are owned by the respective companies. Last updated by Madhsudhan Madhsudhan on 26th of April 2019.