5 Ways to Check Past Weather (covers all platforms)

5 Ways to Check Past Weather
5 Ways to Check Past Weather

Weather plays an essential role and knowing what’s up with nature is vital. Every year weather adapts changes and comparing those changes with the past weather gives us an image of what’s happening. In this article, we are going to cover the five ways to check the past weather on any platform. Some of these methods are platform-dependent, and some are easily accessible on all the platforms.
Before continuing to the article, let me clear one thing, that there are no Android apps to cover the past data yet. As new apps publish, I’ll update the post. The below ways are for iOS and web-based apps.

timeanddate.com (web)

timeanddate.com is a website where users can see the historical weather for hundreds of cities. The website also provides an app for iOS and Android, but it doesn’t show historical data. The site can be accessed on major web browsers. On the site, you must put the name of the place and the date. The tool does not show the data for suburbs, but it covers the significant cities.

WunderStation (iOS)

The iOS app offers to see current and historical data. The service gets data from over 180,000 weather stations in the world, and the data is checked every 2.5 seconds. You can see the current and past data for, including temperature, wind speed, direction, dew point, pressure, sunrise, sunset, rain, moon phase and much more for many cities across the world.

Weather Underground (web)

Weather Underground is another web-based weather data provider. The service allows you to view the past data for many major cities. The website is not fully developed to show the historical weather for suburbs in many countries, but you can see the data for towns. You can also find Weather Underground apps on the App Store and Google Play, but both apps do not support the historical data.

AccuWeather (web)

AccuWeather is one of the excellent weather services in the world. Unfortunately, AccuWeather apps do not allow checking of past weather, but the website can show the historical data for minimum and maximum temperature. The site has an option to select the month option to view the past and future data together.

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AccuWeather WeatherCyclopediaâ„¢ (iOS – paid)

AccuWeather WeatherCyclopedia is another app to browse through historical data. The premium app is designed for climate awareness. With the help of this app, you can gather weather data, solve weather-related trivia, predict future weather with the help of non-scientific ways, check and take precautions in different climates around the world and more.

Weather apps for Android

Android is a big platform, but there aren’t any apps to check past weather apps on Google Play. I could find one, but that one doesn’t look promising as there was a difference of 4 Degree C for my current city.

In conclusion

Like me, there are over ten thousand people who check past weather. I hope the article helped. Thanks a lot for reading and feel free to share any views if you have. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.