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PicsArt is one of the most used image editing apps, and it has over 500 million downloads on Google Play Store alone. The blog post explores PicsArt on mobile and sees what can be done with this app. The blog post is the ultimate place if you are looking for PicsArt tutorial.

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PicsArt tutorial

Background remover / free crop

Image Showing PicsArt Background Remover Example
PicsArt Background Remover Example

There are multiple ways to crop a person and remove the background, but we will see the easiest way. Here is what we can do to get that nice (much better than above one) cropped photo with background removed.

  1. Under tools, select free crop.
  2. Tap on the person-shaped icon. The icon will only capture the person in the app. It’s not entirely accurate, so you will have to use the brush and eraser to polish the marked area.
  3. Once are you comfortable enough, tap on the top right next button to see the cropped person photo.


Image Showing PicsArt Blend Effect Example
PicsArt Blend Effect Example

One of my favourite tools, Blend allows dual exposure. There are so many videos on YouTube on how to make stunning photos using this tool. What do you need to achieve something like in the above image:

  1. Create a new image or find an image which can go with your own photo.
  2. Tap on add photo and select the photo.
  3. You can edit, crop, and adjust the recently added photo.
  4. The tool we want is Blend. The tool may not do anything, but the sub-tools will change how your photo looks like. You can try different effects to see which one looks better.

Water effect

Image Displaying PicsArt Water Effect Example
PicsArt Water Effect Example

This effect works better if the photo was taken near water. You can add water to the photo to add water to the camera. To apply the effect:

  1. Find the water brush under brushes.
  2. If you tap the effect the second time, you will get the effect size and opacity level.
  3. Adjust them according to your needs. Move the finger on the screen to add the effect.

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Image Showing PicsArt Dispersion Example
PicsArt Dispersion Example

Have you seen Avengers Infinity War? Did you see how they vanish at the end? The app allows that kind of dispersion. The free app comes with limited, but it is enough to try something new. To apply this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Find Dispersion under tools.
  2. Adjust the size of the brush.
  3. If you want this effect on a person, then I’ll recommend selecting about half of the person.
  4. Tap on the OK button to see the effect.
  5. You will see a few tools, such as stretch counts, direction, and opacity. Adjust those according to your needs.


Image Showing PicsArt Clone Example
PicsArt Clone Example

The next tool in PicsArt tutorial is the cloning tool. This tool allows you to clone a part of the picture to another part or you can add multiple images to clone a part of one photo to another. In this example, I’ll be getting rid of the handrail so that it can look like we are in the water. Follow the steps to learn how to clone:

  1. Choose Clone under tools.
  2. The first thing we have to do is to select the area to clone. In this case, it’s water.
  3. Now, move your finger on the handrail to clone it with water. Set the brush size before applying.
  4. Save the photo once satisfied with the results.


Image Displaying PicsArt Sketch Effect
PicsArt Sketch Effect

Another effect I like the most is the sketch tool. The sketch looks cool when you are standing near a wall or there aren’t many colours in the picture. Well, if you have a picture which you think may not look good with a sketch, then you can add an effect (black and white) and then sketch yourself. The app is adapted with AI to automatically select the person in the photo. Follow steps to apply sketch:

  1. Go to effect section.
  2. Find sketch and try the second option.
  3. Tap on the sketch effect button to access more tools such as position, sketch thickness, black and white photo, sketch colour and more.
  4. Tap on the eraser button to erase the lines you don’t want.

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The tips part of PicsArt tutorial covers some of the tips and tricks to help you learn PicsArt quickly.

Adjusting the image size

A few PicsArt users have told me that the app breaks the pixels. That’s because of resolution. No matter what resolution image you edit, there is a constant size you’ll get back. Well, there is a way around for that. On the profile screen, you will find the three dots on the top-right. In that menu, there is a settings button. In the settings, you’ll find a resolution option. Change and select a higher resolution for pictures. I would recommend setting the maximum, which is 8 megapixels.

Extended draw features

By default, the app comes with simple colours to draw on a white image, but there is an app called PicsArt Color Paint which allows to access more advanced colour picking tools and draw options. You can try mixing up two colours, add multiple layers, try fully customisable brushes etc.

View original image

Anytime, if you want to view the original image, just tap on hold onto the image, and you will see the original photo. This trick is not limited to PicsArt only!

Wrap up

Here is the end of PicsArt tutorial article. I’ll keep updating as I learn new features and tools. Please let me know if you want me to add an effect or a tip you would like to share with the world. I hope you liked this article, please comment and share and spread the love.

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