Pixlr vs Lightroom Mobile – Which One is the Ideal Choice?

Pixlr vs Lightroom
Pixlr vs Lightroom

Mobile photography has reached new limits, and with those limits, photo editing apps are becoming more advanced. Pixlr and Lightroom are two of the popular photo editing apps. Both offer many unique tools. The blog post takes a look at all those tools and sees which one is the ideal choice. This is Pixlr vs Lightroom Mobile final comparison.


Interface - Pixlr vs Snapseed
Interface – Pixlr vs Snapseed

There are not many differences on the main editing interface. Both use the dark theme with most of the tools at the bottom. Lightroom comes with a few options, including photo info, ratings, and histogram at the top. Holding on the editing photo shows the original in both.


Pixlr comes with over 20 features in total, while you will find sub-tools in many elements. Lightroom, on the contrary, comes with about 15 features and again, you find the sub-sections in almost every tool. The blog post compares the major tools one by one.

Crop and rotate

Pixlr provides the crop and rotate options. The crop option contains four pre-made aspect ratios, while the rotate tool offers the straighten and flip (horizontally and vertically) features additionally. Lightroom contrarily provides the same tools, but all the features are in the crop option. Lightroom also offers seven pre-made ratios.

Filters and effects

Regarding the filters, Pixlr wins as it offers close to 100 filters, over a 100 overlays, and 12 stylized effects making the total of over 200 effects. Lightroom, on the other hand, comes with 45 filters and close to 45 presets depending on the device. In total, Lightroom comes with 90. You can also create and save custom presets. Well, custom presets is a great concept, but can’t compete with the huge number.

Auto fix

Auto-fix - Pixlr and Snapseed
Auto-fix – Pixlr and Snapseed

Many tools provide this feature, and thankfully, Pixlr and Lightroom both come with this element. To better compare this round, the above auto-fix has been applied on the above photo –. There is never a winner in this round, because depending on the algorithm, one may perform better in different circumstances. See the original photo here.


Both offer similar features in terms of exporting. Pixlr asks for the image resolution before exporting. It offers the same resolution and custom options. Lightroom saves the same resolution image by default. The below table compares all the exporting features.

ResolutionSame or customSame
Camera info

Comparison review

Both are used for different purposes. Pixlr is used for basic editing as it offers the easy to use features such as text editor, double exposure, blur, red-eye, brush, frames, heal, and a few more.

Lightroom, on the other hand, is used for professional photo editing. It offers tools such as light, colour, effects, and detail which come with advanced features to edit the photo professionally. You also find new tutorials regularly on the main interface to learn about photo editing.

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Which one to use

As discussed, Pixlr is for quick edits and normal users. Lightroom is for professionals who already know some about photography and want to enhance their skills.

Free vs Pro

Pixlr premium comes with

  1. 441 stickers
  2. 182 overlays
  3. 150 borders and & fonts
  4. No ads

The yearly plan costs $15 whereas the price changes to $3.2 if you go with the monthly plan. Lightroom, on the other hand, also comes with premium features. All premium features include

  1. Selective adjustments
  2. Healing brush
  3. Fix and adjust perspective
  4. Edit ram photos
  5. Online web galleries
  6. Auto sort
  7. Auto sort people photos
  8. Apply the same adjustment to multiple photos

The app does not come on its own. Lightroom premium is available in the Adobe Photography plan, which costs $15 per month. The program comes with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom desktop and apps.

Adobe Photography plan is a great place to learn about photo editing tactics.

Are you a student? Get the whole Creative Cloud plan on 70% off.


Pixlr vs Lightroom covered the essential features. I hope the comparison helped to choose the ideal product. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below, so we can discuss more. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.

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