You would agree when I say free stuffy is the great stuff in the world. A software which is useful for saving you lots of $. Popcorn Time, a free alternative to Netflix. You might think it’s hokum or it costs some money. Well, its true and millions of users are enjoying this free tool. After using Popcorn Time for over six months on my PC and my Nokia 8, I’m ready to write a Popcorn Time review article. Besides the fact that Popcorn Time is not available in some of the countries, it is one of the favourite applications featured in over ten websites. The article explores Popcorn Time on PC and Android, and this is the ultimate Popcorn Time review.

Popcorn Time review

What is Popcorn Time and how it works?

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform free torrent client including a media player. It is a video player who downloads movies and tv shows from different torrent websites like YTS. It is capable of downloading and streaming videos at the same time so you can enjoy HD videos instantly. Once the download stream is finished, you can expect the movie in the downloads folder.


Popcorn Time is available on PC, Mac, Linux and Android. The software can be downloaded from the official website for free. The official Popcorn Time Android app is not available on the Google Play store because it is against Google’s policy to publish Popcorn Time. To download the official app, you can go to the website and click on the Android button to download.


Popcorn Time on PC
Popcorn Time on PC

When you open Popcorn TIme, by default, you find out all the most popular movies and tv shows. The options on the top right are search, favourites, VPN, settings and about. To switch to tv shows you can click on the “TV Shows” button. The hidden menu on the left side comes up if you hover your mouse towards far left. The menu contains options including genre, sort by, and movies type. A bar down the bottom is for zoom in and zoom out.

Settings and about

In the Setting menu, you can change the language, theme, subtitle font size, change and view downloads folder. You can also check and uncheck the option if you want to clear cache on exit or if you are tired of VPN warning. About menu contains hotkeys information and social media URLs.


This Popcorn Time review has changed my life of privacy and VPN. Privacy is one of the important factors these days. Popcorn uses torrent downloading methods to stream the videos. The problem is while streaming your information like IP, location, device information etc. is visible to other users which means it will be easier for the hackers to hack your data. There have already been many cases, and most of the countries have banned most of the torrent websites.

Well, there is always a solution. Popcorn Time always warns you about privacy and asks you to turn on the VPN. You can go with the default one which will cost you some money, or you can go with a free one like Ultrasurf. I’ll recommend you to go with Ultrasurf because it is free and it does not show any ads. Once the software is activated, ignore the warning in Popcorn Time.

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Infinity War on Popcorn Time
Infinity War on Popcorn Time

The software comes with great features. The first one is the VPN. As with VPN, other users can see your IP address, and with IP address the information including your location and device information is visible. To project and remain hidden the software asks for VPN activation while watching a movie. The second feature is dubbing. Where available the program gives the options to play the audio in a different language. You can also select the video quality before playing the movie.

On the left side of the program on PC, there is a category menu where you can select a category you want. You can also select movies type including cartoons, animation, and IMDb. Once a movie or a show is selected a play button with reviews, movie details, year, movie duration, movie trailer, and peers settings come up on the screen. After clicking the watch button, it starts downloading the video. It takes a few seconds to play depending on the internet connection.

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Download problems

Torrenting is a different type of service. It’s like you give you take. The more users are streaming at the same time, the faster the speed you get. While reviewing the software, I went to stream an episode of a famous program. I waited for five minutes, and the buffering even did not start. If there are not many users downloading, then the speed will be very slow.

How to stay safe while torrenting?

Anonymous - Pixabay
Anonymous – Pixabay

Until now you know how torrenting works. If not then here is what we do while watching. Torrenting works on seeds. The more users are downloading/streaming than, the better speed you get. When you download, you also upload which helps everyone get good speed. It’s like sharing, and you not only share your speed but IP address, device location and even your device’s information. You should not be worried about good people, but black hackers are always there looking for week nerds like you.

Popcorn Time website’s FAQs page suggests that you should have a VPN to download. If you don’t know what a VPN is then:


Virtual Private Network hides your online activity by routing your connection through a server. While using a VPN your location and device’s information is hidden. In easy words, a VPN encrypts your data so end user can’t read it easily. If you are using a VPN, your service providers will not even be able to see it. People all over the world use VPN for different benefits. Anyway, back to the topic:

How to stay safe while torrenting continue?

Popcorn Time without any VPN is not safe. If you want to watch videos freely then you can download any of the VPNs which can download at high speed. Popcorn Time’s VPN is paid, and it costs about $5 every month, but if you can find a free one which works then, you can go with that.


History is also one of the important topics of Popcorn Time review because it shows us how the software made and how it has survived until now. Popcorn Time uses the torrent methodology to download the movies and then play in the media player. Most of the countries have already banned torrenting websites. After the release of the software certain countries have taken legal actions against the site and the software. Since the official release different features have made it a great tool. In 2014 they added support for Chromecast and AirPay machines while in 2015 the initial Android app was launched. You can still find the source for the software on the GitHub website.

Popcorn Time review and tutorial on YouTube

In conclusion

Popcorn Time is a money saving application and with thousands of movies and TV shows to play at any time. Thousands of users use the software every day, and while you are studying, it can save a lot of money. I hope the article Popcorn Time review helped to understand what Popcorn Time is? How does it work? And how to stay safe? Let me know what software you use to watch free movies and tv shows so we can discuss more.

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