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Popcorn Time Review | Is Popcorn Time Safe in 2020?

Popcorn Time Review
Popcorn Time Review

Popcorn Time has been here for so long and being a controversial software; it has got immense popularity in recent years. The software is available for free on multiple platforms, and beside the fact that Popcorn Time is not safe, it is famous worldwide. The blog post takes a look at Popcorn Time, and see what it is and what can you do to stay safe.

Popcorn Time Review

What is Popcorn Time, and how does it work?

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform free torrent client and video player. The concept behind is, it downloads content from torrent websites and plays real-time.

Is Popcorn Time Safe?

No! Popcorn Time is considered as unsafe. Why? Because of many reasons and one of them is privacy. Privacy is one of the factors why people come to visit the Popcorn Time review. The reason for that is the word torrent. Torrenting uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, in which users share the traffic. Popcorn Time uses torrent downloading methods to stream the videos. To share the speed, a user shares their I.P Address with other device information, making it easier for anyone to access your information and possibly access to your system.

Furthermore, with torrent technology, the content creators get nothing, which is the reason the governments of many countries have banned different torrent websites.


Popcorn Time is available for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The app is not available on the official stores, but installation is straightforward.


Popcorn Time on PC
Popcorn Time on PC

On the main interface, we find the most popular movies and TV shows. The options on the top right are Search, Favourites, VPN, Settings and About, and the bar down the bottom is zoom in and out.

Left menu

Hovering on the left edge shows the left side menu (left menu on mobile apps), which contains content modification features including genre, sort by, and movies type including cartoons, animation, and IMDb.

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Settings and about

In the Setting menu, you can change the language, theme, subtitle fonts size, downloads directory, clear cache option, and VPN warning enable and disable option. The About menu contains hotkeys information and social media URLs.

Video screen and player

Movie Page Popcorn Time
Movie Page Popcorn Time

When you select a movie or a tv show, it shows the video information, rating, video quality, dubbing, seasons and episode (tv shows), and reviews. Once you click Watch Now, it starts downloading the video. It takes some time before the video is available to watch because it downloads the initial part first. The video player comes with options, including subtitles, audio options, sounds, pause, and stop.


History is also and an essential section of Popcorn Time review because it shows us how the software made. In 2014 the team added support for Chromecast and AirPlay machines, while in 2015 the first Android app was launched. You can still find the source code for the software on the GitHub website.

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In conclusion

Popcorn Time is a money-saving application, and thousands of users use the software every day. I hope the post Popcorn Time review helped. Thanks for having a read and let me know what do you think of Popcorn Time so that we can discuss more.

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