ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN | 100% Honest Comparison (2020)

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ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN

When it comes to VPN, there are no compromises. A VPN is essential, but getting the best VPN is challenging. The post will take a look at ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN in 2020. ProtonVPN is from ProtonMail emailing service, which promises the encrypted transfer of emails, while ExpressVPN is famous for its great features. Starting with platforms, we will go through some essential tests which one must pass to prove itself. So, without wasting your time, let’s jump right into it.


Not all VPN clients support all the devices. The table below covers the combined platforms and check marks on supported platforms.

Windows Phone✔️
Apple TV✔️
Amazon Fire TV✔️
Samsung Smart TV✔️
Kindle Fire✔️
Playstation 3 & 4✔️
Nintendo Switch✔️
Chrome extension✔️
Firefox extension✔️
Safari extension✔️

Winner: The winner of this round is ExpressVPN. It supports over 15 platforms. On top of that, you have an option to set up a router which enables VPN on every device connected via that router. Learn how does ExpressVPN router work.

Winner: ExpressVPN | Score: ProtonVPN: 0 and ExpressVPN: 1


ProtonVPN offers over 785 servers in 48 countries, including Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Iceland, and more. ExpressVPN offers servers in 94 nations, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK, USA, Croatia, Ireland, Japan, India, and many more. Interested in the full list? Check out the full list of ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN. Compared to ExpressVPN, which uses IPSec/IKEv2 only on iOS devices, ProtonVPN uses IPSec/IKEv2 on all the platforms.

Winner: Tie | Score: ProtonVPN: 1 and ExpressVPN: 2

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ProtonVPN Secure Core

Secure Core is a feature in ProtonVPN which allows extended security by transferring the traffic to one of the servers in Switzerland, Sweden, or Iceland and then sending and receiving the data from the user-selected server. The user will also get the location of the desired server. The feature is available in Plus and Visionary plans.

In the tests, I found that Secure Core feature slows down the speed as you are connected to a server in one of the mentioned countries. Depending on your region it may very. I believe people living in Europe are likely to get the best speed on Secure Core.

Speed tests

To find the fastest VPN provider, I took a few speed tests on the same network. How did I choose the servers? Well, both offer an option to connect to the fastest/smart server. Let’s take a look at the results.

Screenshots of ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN Speed Tests
ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN Speed Tests

Both perform very well on the optimal server. ExpressVPN went below 40 Mbps, and on average its speed was a little bit lower than ProtonVPN, but on a fast speed network, this should not be an issue.

Winner: ProtonVPN | Score: ProtonVPN: 2 and ExpressVPN: 2

Location test

Location is the most basic requirement, and even a free VPN should be able to pass that. I tested both on four servers in different cities. Here is the comparison table. The table shows ✔️ if the VPN passed the location test.

Sydney, Australia✔️✔️
Mumbai, India✔️✔️
Dallas, USA✔️✔️
Helsinki, Finland✔️✔️

Winner: Tie | Score: ProtonVPN: 3 and ExpressVPN: 3

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DNS leak test

Although, both services do mention that they are DNS leak-free, but to accept fully, I took the DNS leak test on Wondering what DNS leak is?

Screenshots of ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN DNS Leak Tests
ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN – DNS Leak Tests

Connecting to a server in Canada showed one IP Address in the server location in ProtonVPN, whereas the site displayed two IP Addresses while testing ExpressVPN. The positive thing was, both were connected to the secure ExpressVPN servers, and both IP Addresses were showing Canada.

Winner: Tie | Score: ProtonVPN: 4 and ExpressVPN: 4

NordVPN is now 70%. It also comes with 30 days money-back guarantee 👇.

P2P test

The last test in ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN is P2P test. One of the important topics of VPN is Peer-to-Peer (P2P). P2P is a type of technology which torrents use. Some VPN clients support, and some don’t. While testing P2P on ProtonVPN, the download started within a fraction of seconds on the Plus servers. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, was not as excited as ProtonVPN. I had to try a couple of servers to get the downloading started.

Winner: ProtonVPN | Score: ProtonVPN: 5 and ExpressVPN: 4

Other features


  • Uses AES-256 encryption level
  • Log free service
  • See load on each server
  • Separates Plus and Basic servers 👇
  • Swiss-based tool


  • Uses AES-256 encryption level
  • Log free service

Winner: ProtonVPN | Score: ProtonVPN: 6 and ExpressVPN: 4


Pricing changes everything as at the end, a user looks for cost-effective software. The table compares both and features each plan offers. The mentioned prices are as of 20th May 2020.  ProtonVPN also comes with a free plan, which provides slow speed and servers in three countries.

Pricing - ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN
Pricing – ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN

Which one should you choose?

Overall, I believe I would go with ProtonVPN. While testing, the service was flawless. I encountered a couple of issues with ExpressVPN mentioned in the P2P test section. ProtonVPN is cost-effective, and Plus plan would be the perfect choice for a severe VPN user. In this comparison, the final score is 6 against 4.

Recommended choice

ProtonVPN | Review video


Both offer a 7-day free trial. With ProtonVPN, no matter which subscription you select, you will get 7-day free access to all the features.


The comparison ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN covered the basic features of both. If you think something is missing or needs an update, please send me a message or comment down below. Thanks for having a read and have a nice day.

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