Safe Watch for Popcorn Time | Review, Tests and Download

Safe Watch - Secure Video Player
Safe Watch – Secure Video Player

You are here because you tried to download something on Popcorn Time and the app suggested to download Safe Watch – Secure Video Player or someone recommended you Safe Watch because it’s two in one. The post covers what is Safe Watch and its features.

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What is Safe Watch

Safe Watch – Secure Video Player is a torrent client like uTorrent and BitTorrent. The app is a video player as well as a VPN client. Popcorn Time has been promoting this app for some time now.

How Safe Watch app works

To watch and download videos, you need the magnet URL. A magnet URL is the long URL of the content. You can get the URL from torrent websites. The app can work with Popcorn Time or alone. The app takes some time to buffer first. Once it is done, the video player comes up with the video. You can see the buffer progress on the progress line.

Safe Watch review


Safe Watch VPN Feature
Safe Watch VPN Feature

It’s great when you get a free VPN which can download movies. Safe Watch app comes with a free VPN, which changes your location while downloading. Why is VPN required to download torrents? By default, the app finds the optimal location, but if you want a specific area, then you can browse the VPN location section.


The tests include the location and the speed test. The app passed the location test as it changed my position to the server country. For the speed test, the VPN enabled speed test was slightly lower than the average speed, but while downloading the file in the app, I did not see any considerable difference.

Safe Watch Location Test
Safe Watch Location Test

Location test result
Speed test result

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Video Player

The video player does the same job as the usual video players do. Although it lacks some of the advanced functionalities which others offer. According to the description, the app is based on VLC Media Player functionalities.

Free vs premium

The free version shows ads and supports limited locations. You also get to enable VPN for an hour. After an hour, you need to watch an ad to reconnect the VPN. Safe Watch Premium is a little bit expensive than other VPN clients, and the license is subscription-based. The app comes with three days free premium trial, and after that, the app automatically charges for a six-month plan for $100 to $150 depending on your location. With premium, you get more servers and an ad-free experience.

Other features

Other features suggested by the developer and taken from the description.

  • The app does not ask for any registration.
  • It offers over 20 server locations.
  • Safe Watch app uses 256-bit encryption.
  • There is no speed limit on downloading the torrents.
  • You can cast your videos on Chromecast, TV, Apple TV etc.
  • The app comes with a one-tap IP detection button.

In conclusion

When you get a free torrent downloader with a VPN, then you don’t say no. Safe watch app is new, but it has the potential to download many files simultaneously. I hope the blog post helped. Please feel free to share your views in the comments below so we can discuss more. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.

 Disclosure: The images used are the screenshots and icons of the app. They are the property of developer/publisher.

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  1. i have a cloudnet go android box and i have popcorn time app and it asked me to download the safe watch and i did but every time it shows that there is no enough space only 244 mb on my device
    i bought a usb 16gb and i would like to change the storage location how can i do this please?

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