4 Best Ways to Screenshot Snapchat Without Notification in 2020

Screenshot Snapchat without notification
Screenshot Snapchat without notification

Snapchat records when you take a screenshot, and sends other people a notification. How do you screenshot snapchat without sending a notification? Well, in this article, we are going to reveal the top four ways to become smarter and take screenshots without notification. So, let’s jump into it.

Disclaimer and suggestion: Taking a screenshot of snaps is not a good practise and it’s illegal in some countries. You should only take screenshots of snaps of people who have permitted you.

Using app Screenshot without knowing them (Android)

Screenshot without knowing them
Screenshot without knowing them

It’s a simple app with fewer ads to screenshot Snapchat without a notification. This 12 MB screenshot-taker captures one screenshot every second and automatically saves in a folder. You can come back to delete the unnecessary images. The only problem with this app is the floating icon. The only way to take screenshots is by enabling the floating icon and taping on it to start. In screenshots, you’ll find the same icon in the image.


  • With screenshots, you can keep the best pictures and delete the rest.
  • You can create GIF of 1 frame per second.
  • The app hides information from online and offline apps.
  • The app is free and doesn’t save their data to the cloud.


  • The floating icon doesn’t look good in the pictures.
  • The maximum screenshots you can take is 250.

Using a Screen Recorder (Android & iPhone)

I have been using this screen recorder for over a year. Download the free app and start capturing what’s on the screen. The app lets you record anything. Once you have finished recording, the app allows you to crop, share, and make GIF from that video. The problem is, if you want to take screenshots, then you’ll need to take screenshots of the recorded video.


  • You can record video snaps.
  • Most screen recorders allow you to create GIF.
  • You can record your face while watching the snap.


  • Some screen recorders can’t take screenshots.

Clearing the data cache (Android & iOS | tested only on Snapchat)

The method does not require any third-party app, but it is risky because you must do the process in steps. If you miss a step, then there are chances that they will get the notification. Make sure you remember your account details because you might have to log in again. Follow the below steps.

  • Open Snapchat and load the snap (do not watch).
  • Turn on the aeroplane mode.
  • Watch the snap and take a screenshot. The app will not send the notification until you are not online.
  • On Android, hold Snapchat and then app setting or go to settings –> Apps & notifications –> Snapchat –> Storage –> Clear cache.
  • On iPhone, go to the app settings and scroll down –> Clear cache.

This will clear the cache and remove the data which contains about screenshots. Once the cache is cleared, you can connect to the internet.


  • Doesn’t require a third-party app.


  • This method is uncertain.
  • It involves turning off mobile data and WiFi until the process is completed.

Recording the phone on PC (Android & iOS)

Another way which doesn’t involve any apps on your phone is phone recording from the PC. You need a couple of software tools.


Connect your iPhone to Mac using the data cable. Follow the below steps.

  • Open QuickTime Player –> New Movie Recording –> Hover on the record and click on the arrow to select iPhone.

The screen starts to record your phone. If you want to take screenshots, then cmd + shift + 4.


To use ApowerMirror, download the app on both devices. Open the app in both devices and wait for the app to detect the device. Once the service is detected, you can tap on it to connect. You can play around to find the additional settings on your devices.


LonelyScreen is used to connect iPhone/iPad to a Windows PC. Using AirPlay, you can connect your phone. Download the software on Windows and open it. Open AirPlay on iPhone and find the device. The name will be the same which you set on the PC.

In conclusion

You can screenshot and record snaps with one of the above easy to follow methods. I hope the article helped you take screenshots with notification. Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you have any thoughts. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.