Showbox Review | What is Showbox | Is Showbox Safe in 2020?

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Showbox Review

Millions of users enjoy free movies and TV shows on Showbox. It’s an online media and video streaming service available for free. What is Showbox? Is Showbox Legal? Those answers are enclosed in this Showbox review blog post.

What is Showbox

Showbox is a streaming service similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Tubi. Compared to other streaming services, movies and TV shows on are uploaded on Showbox in a matter of days, and you’ll find almost everything on Showbox.

Is Showbox Safe?

Showbox is not legal and not safe if you watch without any protection. The reason for this is:

  • All the content on Showbox is used without permissions from the actual creators. Like torrenting, using Showbox to watch movies is illegal and unsafe.

The app is also not on Goole Play and the App Store because it violates many policies. Furthermore, the app asks for sensitive permissions such as location, which means developers have access to your location. Moreover, we don’t know how your data is used. Also, apps such as Showbox are perfect destinations for hackers.

What can you do?

The app is excellent, and you get to see the new movies in good quality. If you still want to enjoy Showbox, at least use a VPN to hide your identity. A VPN will change your location and encrypt your data.

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Showbox review


The app is not just available on Android. It is available on PC, Mac, and iPhone. It’s different from installing the app on the iPhone as you need a separate app. On PC, the simple procedure of downloading the file is followed, but the file is a downloader which downloads the software. You can easily install the app on Mac.

On Android, you can download from many websites. The app is available on multiple platforms, but I’ll be focusing on the Android version as that one is the most popular and the features on other platforms are almost the same.

Installing Showbox on iPhone

The Showbox app review also covers the installation guide for the iPhone. Installing Showbox on iPhone requires vShare. In that app, you’ll have to search for Moviebox. The name is different, but the app is the same.


Screenshot of Permissions in Showbox App
Showbox App Permissions

Beside not being an official app, the app requires a few permissions. As I have already mentioned that the app needs location permission. The app suggests the location is used for advertisements, but who knows. The second sensitive information the app is allowed to track is your phone’s status and identity. It also asks for storage permission to download videos.

App home

On Android, the app shows the latest movies’ news. You get to see celebrities review, chats, talks, interviews etc. The screen is called Trending. It comes with a button to see all the news with the left menu. Touching on See More option separates movies news and TV shows news.
You can sort the movies by rating and the added time. There are over 15 genres to choose from. Meanwhile, you can also select the releasing year of the film to filter the movie screen. The options are available in the top-right menu.

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Movie information

Screenshot of Movie Information in Showbox
Showbox Movie Information

When you touch a movie or a TV show, another screen pops-up with the Watch Now and Download buttons. Things go a little bit messy here, and I’ll explain what, but let’s discover the screen first. On the top, we have the favourite option with share and select the server option.

On the bottom, we have the movie name, releasing year, the genre with the movie rating. After that, we have the information about the movie with the watch trailer button. If you swipe down, you will be able to see the related movies. The download button shows you the servers to download the film. If the video is not available for direct download, then you have the option to download the movie via one of the torrent servers. Touching the watch now shows you the media player.

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Media player

Screenshot of Showbox Video Player
Showbox Video Player

Unfortunately, the Showbox app does not come with its own media player. For the app to work correctly, you will have to download Lime Player. The app shows that it is going to support MX Player and XPlayer very soon. To install Lime Player, you can click install button which will go to the Play Store link where you can download the line player. Lime Player is a separate app, and it’s not a part of the Showbox app review.

Problems with Showbox

The app has a couple of issues. The first one is you have to download a separate app on Android to watch movies. Without a video player, you can not watch videos, but you can still download the videos. Second, it shows ads which may not be suitable for all users. Although there is an option to disable the sensitive ads, the option is enabled by default.


Here is the end of Showbox review. There are a few services out there which allow you to watch free movies online, and Showbox is one of them. I hope the post helped, please share your thoughts in the comments below so we can discuss more.

Important information: The images are the screenshots of the app. A screenshot is the property of the developer.

Showbox Review | What is Showbox | Is Showbox Safe in 2020?

Showbox Review

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