Snaptube vs TubeMate – The Best Video Downloader in 2019

The article covers Snaptube vs TubeMate. Two video downloaders that are dominating the world. Both are great and support many websites, but which one would be the best? We’ll be covering all the essential features and do a download test to see which one is faster. This is a complete battle of Snaptube vs TubeMate.


Starting with the permissions, Snaptube asks for the location, storage, and read phone identity permissions. It also asks to appear on top of other apps. TubeMate asks for the same permissions, but after we have installed the app. A good thing about TubeMate is, it displays the reason for each permission.
Winner: Tie. Both ask for the same permissions.


Snaptube vs TubeMate Interface
Snaptube vs TubeMate Interface


The interface is entirely different in both the apps. Snaptube comes with a unique interface. You can turn on the dark mode if you prefer, while TubeMate adopts a straightforward approach. On the top, you see all the websites with trending videos. On the bottom, we have home, subscriptions, files, and account options.

TubeMate, on the other hand, is like a browser with an additional download button. As it supports multiple websites, you have an option to keep various sites open at the same time. The website we open in the app and the browser are alike. TubeMate has a feature of opening websites list and downloads by swiping left and right from the edge.

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Watch page

The watch page interface is also different, which is the reason it is included in TubeMate vs Snaptube comparison. Snaptube comes with the video player with information, including views, likes, dislikes, subscribe button etc. You can sign in with your YouTube account and get all the features you get with YouTube. If you are using data, a warning message is displayed when you play the video. The download button is below the video.

TubeMate uses YouTube’s watch page. You see video’s information including views, likes, dislikes, subscribe count. You can sign in with your account to do everything you do on the YouTube mobile website.
Winner: Because of its unique interface, I’ll choose Snaptube. Score: Snaptube: 1 and TubeMate: 0.

Download formats and qualities

A video on YouTube is available in many qualities, including 320, 720 etc. Snaptube calls them qualities, while TubeMate uses resolutions for different quality videos. For example, a 720px video resolution is 1280×720. Snaptube only supports MP4 in video and MP3 and M4A in audio, while TubeMate comes with a few more. With TubeMate, you get MP4 and WEBM in video and M4A, ACC, OGG, and MP3 formats in audio.
Winner: Because it supports more formats, I’ll go with TubeMate. Score: Snaptube: 1 and TubeMate: 1.

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Download speed test

One of the main reasons for Snaptube vs TubeMate is the speed test. We will be testing by downloading the same song on the same network at the same time. The below video shows the last few seconds of the test. Watch the video below to see a few more test seconds.

In the video, TubeMate won the speed battle. There was a difference of a couple of seconds although Snaptube can be faster than TubeMate in some circumstances.
Winner: Both are fine, but the winner is the winner. Let’s go with TubeMate this time as well. Score: Snaptube: 1 and TubeMate: 2.


The next topic is the issues with both the apps. Well, none of the apps is perfect. Starting with Snaptube, you can download the videos, but can’t play them in the app. You’ll need a video player. It’s a part of the promotion as you can still go to the download folder and play with VLC or the default video player. TubeMate, on the other hand, has a similar problem. TubeMate requires you to install a video player app to download videos in full HD. This is also a part of promotions. The second issue you find is, the app gives warning that videos with * sign can’t be downloaded, but I have never seen a video with * ‘symbol.


Storage Comparison
Storage Comparison

Snaptube takes 37 MB of storage, which is more than TubeMate, which occupies 20 MB. Snaptube’s unique interface is one of the main reasons for it’s more space issue.
Winner: Again, we have a clear winner. Score: Snaptube: 1 and TubeMate: 3.

Video comparison

Adding a video comparison will help in understanding both visually. The below video covers Snaptube vs TubeMate.

Which one is for you?

Both apps work fine. You get more formats in TubeMate, but it can’t download all the videos. One way or another, both ask for an app to be installed. Both are relatively fast and depending on the load on the server, both can surpass each other. If you are OK with the MP3 Video Converter which TubeMate suggests when downloading full HD videos, then I’ll recommend TubeMate. Otherwise, Snaptube is the way to go.

Download SnaptubeDownload TubeMate

In conclusion

Here is the end of Snaptube vs TubeMate. As you can see the final results (Snaptube: 1 and TubeMate: 3), I can’t say enough. Although trying both apps would be essential before choosing your buddy. I hope the article helped you find the perfect video downloader. Please let me know what do you think of both the apps in the comments below. Also, if any of the information needs an update, please inform me.

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