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SwiftKey Keyboard Review. A long time ago in 2011, a keyboard was published on the Android platform. No one knew about this struggling keyboard app available to download. By the time, people started downloading the keyboard and found the perfect keyboard for Android device. Acquired by Microsoft in 2015, SwiftKey is one of the most downloaded keyboards in the world. Only on Android, over 250 million users are currently using this keyboard. With its impressive word prediction and many other features here is the complete review of SwiftKey Keyboard. In this review, we will go through every bit of SwiftKey and see why the keyboard is one of the best Keyboards.

SwiftKey Keyboard Review

Word prediction

SwiftKey Predicting Two Words
SwiftKey Predicting Two Words

SwiftKey uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the next word. It also learns along the way and suggests an appropriate word every time you type. There can be problems in the wrong prediction if you have multiple languages enabled and you also type in a different language. For me, I type in three different languages, so sometimes I don’t get the word I want. At a time, it can also suggest two words. Usually, when I type an email, I put my details at the bottom, and the keyboard knows what I type and it advises me the words to type.

In the example in the image, I typed my name, and it predicted that in the emails, after my name, I type my education status which is “Bachelors of Software Engineering”. Another good thing about SwiftKey keyboard’s prediction feature is, even if you type wrong spelling for a word it predicts the closest matching word to correct that spelling. After installing other languages, you will start seeing the words from those languages too.


SwiftKey Keyboard Themes Store
SwiftKey Keyboard Themes Store

SwiftKey comes with many themes to customise your keyboard. It is one of the keyboards to support themes. In December 2016, all the themes available on the store made free to download. All the themes available are free to download. Anyway, SwiftKey comes with over 130 themes to customise and personalise your keyboard. If you don’t like any, you can also create a custom theme and add a background image. I have also written a post on five best SwiftKey Themes to check out. From classic to professional, rock, dark to light, you will find themes for every occasion. I personally have five themes installed and I put a different theme ar different locations.

Typing Stats

SwiftKey Keyboard Typing Stats
SwiftKey Keyboard Typing Stats

SwiftKey comes with typing stats. It learns and generates typing stats overtime to give you an idea on how do you type. Let’s take a look at some of the generated typing stats.

  • Typing Heatmap shows an image of the keyboard with highlighted buttons. It shows which buttons you use most and which you don’t.
  • More Efficient calculates how efficient you are while typing. It is the combination of unique words, spelling and other stuff. The average efficiency is around 35%. Below 35% means you are using characters from other languages or you do not use different English words.
  • Taps Saved shows the number of times, SwiftKey has saved you a tap. From example, if you tap on a button, it counts a one tap, and if you tap on a predicted word like “friend”, then SwiftKey saves your six taps.
  • Words Predicted shows the number of times it has predicted a correct word. For me it’s is very low because I have already mentioned that I type in three different languages.
  • Words Completed explains the total number of words you have successfully written with SwiftKey.
  • Words Flowed guides the number of words you have typed with SwiftKey Flow.
  • Distance Flowed shows the distance you have flowed with SwiftKey. You can hardly get to 500 meters.

Typing options

Along with typing, with SwiftKey you can speak to type, use GIF, and send stickers. A GIF usually goes as a link of the GIF. You can send the current location with one tap and send the calendar data right on the keyboard. You can also create collections, download stickers, and use all available emojis.


Translator in SwiftKey Keyboard
Translator in SwiftKey Keyboard

The latest version of Swiftkey also comes with a translation service. You can translate the message you type in over 70 languages. It doesn’t need any other app to do the translation. If you want more languages, you can download Microsoft Translator which works seamlessly with SwiftKey to translate the messages in other languages. The feature is new and whichever you translate goes to Microsoft to improve the service.

Other features

SwiftKey Keyboard review is not complete without all the features explained. Here are some of the other features which SwiftKey supports.

  • SwiftKey works with Google account so on every device you can access your saved words, typing stats, themes etc. You can also delete your personal data and account information.
  • It supports over 300 languages, and it supports Flow Typing for many languages.
  • You can enable Incognito Mode in which SwiftKey doesn’t save your data.
  • You can enable emoji prediction in the setting menu. Emoji prediction predicts emojis whenever you type an emoji related word.
  • You can change the Keyboard’s size. It supports Small, Large and Largest sizes.
  • Flow keyboard to type as you swipe.

In conclusion

SwiftKey has come a long way, and the developers have learnt over time. It might not be the best keyboard for you, but surely it is for the world. The end of SwiftKey Keyboard Review is here. Let me know if I have missed anything in this review.

Images license: Most of the images are the copyright of the app owner except the SwiftKey Logo which is in Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0). Please send me a message for any questions about the images.

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