Sygic vs Google Maps – A Detailed Comparison of Sygic and Google Maps

Sygic vs Google Maps
Sygic vs Google Maps

Reviewing apps and comparing with others is fun. It lets you decide which one to go for the rest of your life. I found my buddy while comparing Sygic and Google Maps. The article is all about those two. We are going to compare Sygic vs Google Maps on an ultimate level. From app features to navigation, everything is here. Before we begin, let me clear that Sygic is a paid service and Google Maps is free and still if you want a comparison then here we are.


Sygic: Founded in 2004, Sygic is a Slovak company. Sygic uses 2D and 3D navigation from TomTom. It was the first mobile app on the iPhone to provide GPS based navigation.

Google Maps: Where 2 Technologies started the project in 2004. In 2005 Google Maps was launched after Google purchased the company. Google Maps is the most popular app, with over 50% of global smartphone owners using it at least once. The credit goes to Android because Google Maps is a pre-installed app.

Sygic and Google Maps in a video

Before we get to the article, let’s watch a video of Sygic vs Google Maps. The video shows both maps on the road. A journey of 30 minutes will show you most of the features of and comparison between both.


Google Maps and Sygic – Interface

When we put an address, we can see the distance, time, and arrival time on Sygic, and time and the distance on Google Maps. Both come with a bottom menu where we can see the details or change the route. Finding information is also easy. When you zoom out, you can see blocked roads in Sygic. Both show the recommended route with alternative ways. While in navigation, Sygic displays the 3D building in 3D on the map while Google Maps focuses on navigation. Let’s begin the navigation and move to the second part of this Sygic vs Google Maps.


Navigation Comparison
Navigation Comparison

Google Maps has a wide range of options, including car, public transport, walk, cycle, etc. Sygic only has the option for the car, but there are other apps available for other types of vehicles. The trip details are everywhere on the screen in Sygic. We have petrol stations, parking, next turn, speed trap, traffic delay etc. on the left of the screen.

Meanwhile, car’s speed and the speed zone is right the bottom. You can see the name of the street on the top while route’s information is down the bottom. The blue bar below the route info is the progress bar which shows the remaining journey with traffic delay.

Google Maps, on the other hand, comes with a voice search. You can tap on the little microphone or say OK Google if it is activated. You can search, turn on/off the app sound, and report crashes, mobile camera, congestion etc. The street name is on the top and trip’s information is down the bottom. A new feature available for some users in some countries is the speedometer in Google Maps. The speedometer only shows your car’s current speed.

The three little dots in Sygic and the up arrow in Google Maps opens a menu. In Sygic, the menu is for some of the paid features and route info. You can preview the route and cancel the navigation. The menu in Google Maps is for sharing the trip, searching for anything close by, see the directions, on/off traffic information, and change the settings.

Voice navigation

Sygic comes with a few languages including English UK, US, Deutsch, Italiano and a couple more. Google Maps comes with a wide range of voice options, including English (multiple), Deutsch, Eesti, Filipino, Italiano, Magyar, Norsk, Suomi, and much more. Regarding voice command, Google Maps is better. Google Maps voice navigation only guides at the needed times, while Sygic voice navigation guides even there is no turning required.

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Offline navigation

Both apps are available in so many countries. The information on how many countries Sygic supports is missing, but Google Maps is available in over 200 countries. Sygic is a paid service, and you will have to purchase a plan. You can buy your area with or without traffic information, or you can buy the whole world’s access. After the purchase, you can download the maps. Google Maps has a feature to download a particular area. In the settings, you can find the option to download maps on your phone.

Other Sygic vs Google Maps features

Let’s talk about some of the unique features both maps apps provide. Sygic and Google Maps have a few things in common and a few uncommon. We will be covering all those in Sygic vs Google Maps article.

SygicGoogle Maps
  1. A small window which is visible on the right side of the screen shows how many lanes are in total and which lane the driver should be driving on. The feature makes driving easier when there are many lanes, and your intersection is near.
  2. Sygic updates if there is a fast route available even you are halfway there.
  3. It shows your car’s speed and the speed zone. It beeps when you exceed the limit.
  4. Sygic finds speed traps and continuously beeps until you don’t cross it or change the way.
  5. When we get to close to our destination, Sygic shows a notification with the nearest parking.
  6. Sygic has a store for some fantastic add-ons.
  7. Sygic remembers where you have parked your car.
  8. Another feature is called SOS. SOS shows your location, nearest police station, hospital, petrol station, and pharmacy. You can also call emergency number by tapping on the button.
  1. Google Maps shows lanes on the top at an intersection. It shows how many lanes in total and which lane the driver should choose.
  2. Traffic update is better in Google Maps.
  3. More travelling options including public transit, cycle, walk etc.
  4. Find the information for millions of businesses including their business hours, reviews, ratings, photos etc.
  5. Street-view feature to experience true navigation.
Sygic and Google Maps common features
  1. Real-time traffic updates.
  2. Both show nearby places on the map while we are driving.
  3. An option to travel with Uber. Both show the nearest Uber driver and how much it would cost.


Sygic Store
Sygic Store

Sygic has a store where users can purchase add-ons like real-time navigation, dashcam, head-up display, cockpit, travel book, maps etc. You can enjoy free navigation for a week, and after that, you will have to buy access to the map. Some of the ado-ons are mentioned here. The first add-on is Real View Navigation, which comes with a real view driving experience. The second one is the Cockpit, which checks your vehicle’s performance by continuously calculating your driving style. The third one is the Head-up Display, which rotates the map and brightens the screen. You can place your phone near the windshield, and the maps will be visible on the windshield. The fourth one is Dashcam, which uses your phone’s camera to record while navigating. You can find other cool add-ons in the store.

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Which one is better where?

  1. Free stuff? Google Maps.
  2. Public transport. Google Maps.
  3. Want to be ahead of traffic and find a different route. Sygic.
  4. Traffic camera and speed reporting. Sygic.
  5. Driving? Sygic is better.

In conclusion

Both are great and can be used on different occasions. The final question comes to money. If you want to spend some money, then Sygic is the way to go. With many features, including real-time traffic, constant alternative routes searching, speedometer, security cameras, etc. Sygic will get you there quickly. Anyway, I hope the article Sygic vs Google Maps helped. Which app do you use for getting one place to another? Share your thoughts in the comments below so we can discuss more.

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7 thoughts on “Sygic vs Google Maps – A Detailed Comparison of Sygic and Google Maps”

  1. Nice comparison. Completely agree sygic is better overall. Funny thing happens on one of my tablets, essentially there was a sygic product that they pulled and I’m sure you’ve seen how their navigation apps are so similar to each other with relatively minor differences. I think mine is called sygic taxi which they no longer provide and since they pulled it from the play store when I was in the middle of a free trial on my rooted tablet, it just never stopped the professional / full set of features so thankfully I have this psychic taxi products unlimited without even having to pay for it. Just an anecdote I thought I would share.

  2. I am just investigating sygic as I am told it can connect to my Ford Sync3 infotainment system. However there seem to be 2 completely separate apps?? Can you shed any light on this?

    1. Hi, Chris. There is a seperate app Sygic Car Connected Navigation, but I have never tried that. Sygic gives seven days of free trial. You can try installing and see if it works for you

  3. As long as you download the area (read country or state) maps, Sygic works offline seamlessly. Google does not work offline as well.


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