(Tested) 7 Best Video Converter Apps for Android in 2019


Which is the best video converter for Android? With rising technology, we want everything on our phone. No one has the time to open their PC and wait until it responses and then find a software then delete that software and find a free one. After wasting a few hours, congratulations you get a low-quality video or audio which reminds you of the 1990s. I can understand the feeling because I have been there. After testing many apps on my phone, I have concluded the top 7 best video converter apps for Android available to install for free in 2019.

The article focuses on features including speed, types, quality, freedom, and much more. Don’t worry, because this is your final place in finding the best video converter app in 2019.

Video Converter


The app is excellent, and I have already recommended this app on my article how to fix unsupported audio-video codec issues. It has a simple interface, and it asks for a few details, including video quality and the format. The app works in the background, which means you don’t need to sit and watch it converting. After installing, you will need to allow the app to see your files. Once that’s done, let’s see what the app has to offer.

    1. You can convert AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG-1,2, MOV, WMV, MKV, VOB, 3GP, SWF, MP3, AAC and few more to any of the mentioned formats.
    2. You can convert the video to high-quality audio.
    3. Merge and join videos. Add multiple video files and make them one video.
    4. Cut and trim a video.
    5. Cut and trim audio.
    6. Compress video (freemium). The app compressed a 26 MB video into 8 MB. Check out the quality comparison here.
    7. Add slow-motion effect to videos (freemium).
    8. Create ringtones.
    9. Reverse a video (freemium).

See what Video Converter can do for you. Check out the app here.

How does Video Converter work?

After opening, tap on an option and select a video. The second screen shows you the video with details. The next screen asks for the type of conversion you want. You can convert into formats supported by Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry. Other extensions include MP4, 3GP, MKV etc. After selecting one, you have an opportunity to confirm the video and the audio details. It will take some time depending on your video, and your converted file is ready.

What else can you do with Video Converter?

You can change the theme, video file directory and audio files directory in the settings menu. The left panel contains more options, including Rate Us, PRO, feedback etc. Before we move on, a premium version of the app is also available, which lets you convert more efficiently and allows you to select videos with of any length. With a vast number of features come for free, Video converter is one of the best video converter apps for Android in 2019.


  1. The app can work in the background
  2. The app supports many formats.
  3. It supports many tools.
  4. The comparison works very well.


  1. It asks for location permission, which is odd for a video converter.

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Full Video Converter


A new app Full Video Converter has the potential to take over the market and call itself one of the best video converter apps for Android. The app can do a lot of things for free (which is the best part). The app does not limit any feature. You can convert, compress, and edit as much as you want. The app only comes with ad-free in-app purchase. Here is what the app can do. The good thing about the app is it can convert the audio with the video as well.

  1. Convert a video. Full video converter supports a wide range to video formats to run and convert.
  2. Compress a video. A 30 MB video was converted into 8 MB video.
  3. Convert video to audio / MP3.
  4. Slow down a video to x0.25.
  5. Add audio to a video. You can override the existing audio and add a new to the video.
  6. Faster a video to x1.75.
  7. Rotate a video to 90 and 180 degrees.
  8. Trim a video.

The app is easy to navigate as it only has one main screen with buttons. There is help and troubleshoot options in the left-hand menu. Install the app by clicking here.

Hoe does Full Video Converter work?

When you open the app, you see a bunch of options. Select the one you are looking for. On each screen, you’ll find related options with a back button. Selecting a video will start playing that video in mute condition. The app can run in the background so you can do your work while the app renders. As you start a service the app displays a circle with the progress. Once the progress has finished, if the app is open the converted video will begin playing. You can find the videos in Full Converter folder.


  1. Completely free.
  2. Supports many features.
  3. Easy to navigate.


  1. The built-in video player can’t support some of the video formats to play after the process has finished.

Media Converter


A simple, lightweight and easy to use converter from antvplayer. It currently has over 5 million downloads and 64 thousand ratings. The default interface reminds you of Windows 98, but everything is clear to understand. The settings menu comes with options including theme, output folders, extensions and a few more. There is a button on the top to open the output folder.

You can convert videos to MP4 and MP3 with one tap. It comes with a feature called Expert. The expert mode lets you customise the video. You can:

  1. You can crop the video.
  2. Change audio quality, bitrate and sample rate.
  3. Change video quality, bitrate, save location, sample rate.
  4. Tapping on that button shows a wide range of customisation options for you to try.

The app supports formats including MP4, OGG, 3GP, AVI, MPEG, FLV, M4A, 3GA, OGA, WAV and GIF. You can also change the output folder before converting. Media Converter can also convert from MKV to MP4 quickly. Check out and install the app by clicking here.

How does Media Converter work?

After opening you’ll see all the folders available. Locate the video, and the next screen showing three buttons will come up. Tap on Expert if you want to play with the app. In the expert mode, you have options to select the extensions, trim the video, crop the screen ratio, change the audio-video quality and change the video resolution. Once you have finished, tap on Convert button and see one of the best video converter apps doing its magic.


  1. Simple to use. Convert the video with one tab.


  1. Old interface.

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Video to MP3 Converter, Video Compressor-VidCompact


Developed by VideoShow EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker Inc. VidCompact is a different level converter. The app lets you convert videos to MP4 and MP3. You can also trim and compress a video or multiple videos if you want. Using the app is straightforward, and it converts the videos faster than other converters. Another good feature of VidCompact is it lets you enjoy the premium for free. You will have to install an app suggested by VidCompact, and you can enjoy the app with functionalities including no ads, 4K video compression and support extra many other formats to convert videos to MP4. Converting the video to MP3 is also available below the MP4 option. The app can also be called one of the best video to mp3 converter for Android. Check out the app here.

How does VidCompact work?

After opening the app, you can see all the available options. Tap on the conversion type, and the next screen is for selecting the video you want to convert. A list with the video will come up. If you can’t find the video, then you can tap on the top right corner button to open all the files. The next screen will show you the details of the video where you can trim the video and change the resolution if you want. Tap on the button on the top to convert the video. Video to MP# Converter is an excellent video converter for Android because it is easy to use, and you can get the premium version for $5.


  1. Its own interface makes it different from others.


  1. The app supports limited features.

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Video Converter


The last one on the list is Video Converter by Vidsoftech. It has almost the same features as the first one. It allows you to convert, join, merge, add slow motion, reverse video, cut/trim the video, extract audio and create ringtones. All the free and premium features are the same. The app has over 50K downloads and over 550 ratings. It has a better interface and while converting it shows the percentage of the machines which can support the selected extension. What the app can do:

  1. Video Converter supports extensions including FLV, MP4, MPEG1,2, MKV, MOV, MWV, AVI, 3GP, VOB, AAC, MP3, WAV and a few more.
  2. You can compress videos.
  3. Add slow-motion effect to the video. The free one only supports 10 seconds. You can add a video and select the part you want in slow motion.
  4. Join and merge the videos.
  5. Reverse a video (10-sec rule).
  6. Cut and trim videos.
  7. Extract audio from the video.
  8. Make ringtones.

With great feature for free, Video Converter is one of the best Video Converter for Android in 2019. Install it here for free.

How does Video Converter work?

The app is one of the best video converter apps available to download in 2019 because it comes with a wide range of options and easy to understand interface. After opening, you have the options to select. To convert a video, touch on the Convert button. All the saved videos will come up. You can tap on Browse to see the storage files. Once you have selected a video, the next screen will show you the details. Tap on Next and the extensions screen will display. Find the format you want and tap on Next. Finally, select the video and audio and quality and start converting. Once converted, you can find the video in the output folder or My Studio in the left panel.


  1. Video Converter supports many formats.
  2. The app can convert in the background.


  1. None

Video Converter MP4, 3GP, MKV Cutter Trimmer


A new converter in the town. Video Converter MP4, 3GP, MKV Cutter Trimmer is an easy to navigate converter. The app has the potential to do many things:

  1. Video conversion (compress).
  2. Audio conversion
  3. Audio merging.
  4. Video cutting.
  5. Audio cutting.
  6. Video to audio conversion.

All the above features are available for free. Meanwhile, the premium is also available, which comes with some extra features including cut and trim, fast conversion, select more than two videos to convert, extended format support, and ads free. It supports MP4, 3GP, MOV, FLV, M4V, MKV, AVI, MPG, MTS, MPEG, and VOB formats. Download the app on Google Play here.

How to use the app

When you open the app, there were several options to select. Select the option you want. After selecting the video, the process is easy. A strange thing happened while testing the app. The compressed video size was higher than the normally compressed video. The normal converted video was 25 MB while the converted compressed video was 27 MB.


  1. Easy to navigate the app.
  2. It supports many formats for free.
  3. It does not take that much time to convert.
  4. The app converts the audio with the video as well.


  1. Minimising the app can stop the conversion process.
  2. The compressed video size took more storage then normally converted video.
  3. The lifetime licence is expensive.
  4. After selecting a task, the app goes to the files instead of showing all the available videos.

Video Converter Android


A simple free converter is available to install right now. The app is developed by aKingi org. The app does not ask too many questions. You can select the video you want and convert into formats including MP4, MP3, AC3, FLV, AVI, M4A, MP2, MPG, MOV, VOB, WAV, WEBM, WMA and WMV for free. Meanwhile, you can also convert the video into FLAC, MKV and OGG after purchasing the premium key. You can also configure video and audio separately before converting. Other options include adding meta information and a premium feature cutting the video. The premium key is about $5, and it is available as a separate app on Google Play. Check out the app here.

How does the converter work?

After opening the app, you can select the video you want to convert. You can customise the video and audio settings if you wish and change the output folder. Once all done, tap on Execute button on the bottom. It will take some time, depending on the video. Once all done, you can tap on Open Folder to see the converted or follow the output directory to find all the converted videos. It supports a vast number of extensions to convert for free, which is the reason the app is one of the best video converter apps for Android.


  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. Supports so many extensions.


  1. None.

In conclusion

It can be frustrating when you want the video in the format you wish, and the apps keep asking you to pay or they place the watermark. With hundreds of video converter apps, it’s hard to pick the right one. Anyway, I hope the article helped you find the perfect video converter. Let me know your experience with any video converters you have used. Leave a comment so we can discuss.

Image information: The images used are the official icon for the apps. An icon is the property of the owner/developer. None of the photos belongs to me. None of the apps is promoted for my benefit. Last edited: 6/Sept/2019.

Free Popcorn Time VPN for PC and Android in 2019

Popcorn Time on PC
Popcorn Time on PC

The article is all about the best Popcorn Time VPN on each platform. When you have a free software equivalent to Netflix, then no can’t say no. Popcorn Time is a great tool, but the downloading technology it uses is torrenting. Developers consider torrenting as not safe. When you torrent, you seed which means you are letting everyone know that I’m sitting right here downloading content from the internet. The article will explain the best Popcorn Time VPN on PC and Android.

Popcorn Time while downloading consumes the maximum speed possible and some of the VPN clients can’t support high speed downloading or if they do then only the paid versions. The article explains the top free VPN client for Popcorn Time which allows high speed downloading. First, we will enclose the best Popcorn Time VPN on PC and then on Android. Before we begin, let’s find out what VPN and torrenting is? In simple English.

What is torrenting

Torrent Example
Torrent Example

A file-sharing system based on peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. The technology allows people to share files. There is no limit on how many people can join. The more people join the speed they get. In simple words, a torrent cuts a big file into small pieces and rather than only you downloading everyone is sharing that file. Things go wrong when you torrent. The torrent file you download always keeps track of who is downloading which part of that file and what is the download location, which hackers use to steal your data. The software like BitTorrent and uTorrent are famous for downloading torrents from the internet.

What is VPN

What is VPN Example
What is VPN Example

The virtual private network is an encrypted protocol. VPN adds an extra layer of security on your network. In simple English, VPN encrypts all the data you send from your computer. While torrenting you download and upload which means you send the data. A user should not be worried about other users, but hackers are looking for these kinds of people all the time. The first thing a VPN client does is changing your location and IP Address to the country you select. The second thing it does is encrypt your data so the other users can’t read. When VPN is enabled, even your service provider can’t track you down.

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Free Popcorn Time VPN for PC


UltraSurf 19.02
UltraSurf 19.02

An old friend who has supported me a lot. UltraSurf is a free ad-free VPN client for PC and Android. It comes with some amazing tools. You don’t need to install the software on the PC, and it is only 3.4 MB. When you open the software, it connects to the best server by default. Once connected it shows the IP Address with a message “Successfully connected to server!”. You can also change the server by clicking on one of the other servers. The options menu comes with options including HotKeys, history, port, proxy settings etc. When started it opens a web page called “UltraSurf Top Stories” for advertising purposes. Another great feature is when you exit it asks to close the browsers before closing software. UltraSurf is one of the top Popcorn Time VPNs. Check out the software in-action.

The down point of UltraSurf is, it does not support specific country servers. It shows only three different servers while it automatically connects with the high speed one. Download UltraSurf now and enjoy ad-free for Popcorn Time VPN. UltraSurf is also available on Android, but unfortunately, it could not support Popcorn Time’s download speed requirements.

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Free Popcorn Time VPN for Android

Tested many VPN client apps on Android and hardly found one. A VPN with unlimited bandwidth and high speed is hard to find. Let’s see the best Android VPN client for Popcorn Time.

Free VPN Unlimited – Best Fastest VPN Hotspot!

Free VPN Unlimited - Best Fastest VPN Hotspot
Free VPN Unlimited – Best Fastest VPN Hotspot

The only VPN client available for free for Android is Free VPN Unlimited – Best Fastest VPN Hotspot!. The app comes with many servers to select. A great thing about the app is a message on the start-up which is the information on how to connect for torrenting purposes. The interface is straightforward to follow. On the top right, we have an option to re-download the server list and refresh the app. The left panel comes with options including premium promotion, share, rate us, FAQ and settings.

What is Free VPN Unlimited – Best Fastest VPN Hotspot! premium and what features it provides?

The premium version of Unlimited VPN costs $3.92 per month if you select 12 months plan. The premium version gives access to worldwide servers, more faster connection, quick customer support and no ads.

Other than the premium promotion you can change the settings in the Settings menu. It allows automatic switching of servers if a server is not responding, connect on start-up and favourite country server. You will have to play with the app a bit to find the optimal server as it depends on your location as well as internet connection speed.

In conclusion

Saving money is essential, and when you have access to hundreds of movies and TV shows for free, then it’s entertainment unlimited. I hope the article helped you find the perfect VPN client for Popcorn Time. Do you use any other Popcorn Time software? Please share with us so we can update the article.

VLC Media Player for Android Review – Tech is Tech Reviews

VLC Media Player by Nizar
VLC Media Player – by Nizar

Lying in my bed watching a video in VLC on my Note 9 brought me to my website and start writing about VLC Media Player. There is no doubt that VLC is one of the great video players for Android but what exactly VLC Media Player can offer and when you should choose VLC? The article is the ultimate review of VLC for Android.

Facts about VLC

Let’s see some facts about VLC in general.

  1. It’s been over fifteen years the name of VideoLAN exists.
  2. Over 700 contributions have recorded.
  3. Over three billion downloads have been recorded.

Interface & Menu

VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player

All the videos are there when you open VLC. On the top left, we have the menu button which includes options like audio, directories, history, about etc. You can search for video and audio songs by tapping on the search button. VLC has a feature of restoring the last playing video by tapping on the button next to the search bar. The second left button will help you sort out the videos by name and length. The last one is to refresh the player and change equaliser settings. The button on the bottom right is to play the first video.

VLC Media Player for Android


Video Tutorial - VLC Media Player
Video Tutorial – VLC Media Player – Flickr

VLC is a simple but advanced media player. That’s why I could not stop myself writing a review of VLC for Android. The buttons show us what we can do while watching a video. The first three are invisible, and the rest can be accessed by touching anywhere on the screen.

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  1. You can seek by swiping left and right anywhere on the screen.
  2. You can change the brightness by swiping up and down on the left side of the screen. On Android, it requires you to give permission to change the brightness.
  3. You can change the volume by swiping left and right on the right side on the screen.
  4. The first button on the menu is lock/unlock. You can lock the screen with one touch. Of course, you will have to unlock by touching on the same button again.
  5. The second left button is for audio and subtitles. You can select the audio track, subtitles, choose a different subtitle file and download subtitles which goes online and then finds the subtitles.
  6. The third option is for pausing and resuming the video.
  7. The fourth one is packed with a wide range of options.

    Video Options - VLC
    Video Options – VLC
  8. The second option is the playback speed.
  9. You can set up the timer to help you stop at the right time.
  10. The third option helps you go anywhere in the video. Also called seek faster option. You can set the time and video will start playing from that time.
  11. The fourth button is the equaliser settings.
  12. The fifth one is called background video. It converts your video into audio so you can close VLC and do other things.
  13. The sixth button is for subtitles delay, which I find helpful when there is a difference in audio and subtitle time.
  14. The seventh one is the audio delay button.
  15. You can enable the pop-up view. With that view, there will be a small video pop up on the screen.
  16. The ninth option is for repeating. If you have selected only one video, then it would only go from zero to one.
  17. The tenth one enables digital audio output. I don’t know what the option does, but it is something to try.
  18. The last button on the screen is the screen ratio. You can change the video size with this button.


VLC Media Player Tutorials for Audio
VLC Media Player Tutorials for Audio

VLC also supports audio files. You can play any extensions. It supports the most common and the rear ones. It quickly syncs the audio files in your device and then shows you tips about the audio player and playlist. The notification for VLC is like YouTube where you have to tap on the cross “x” button to remove the notification. The audio player has improved a lot, and it is my favourite player on Android so far.

In conclusion

I hope the review for VLC Media Player helped you choose which app to download for your videos. Which app do you use for watching videos and audio songs? Please let me know in the comments below so everyone reading this article can easily choose a video player. You can also check out the app on the Google Play Store from here.

Image information: The logo image is created by Nizar (the link for his twitter is in the image caption). One of the pictures is from a user on Flickr. All other images are the screenshots of VLC Media Player on Android. Please let me if you have any concerns about the images used.

Grammarly Review – A Complete Review of Grammarly Free and Premium

An Image of Grammarly official Logo
Grammarly Logo

In this scientific world, we always find helpful tools to make our life easier. In this review, I’ll be exploring the Grammarly writing assistant. A tool which changed people’s writing habits. Grammarly teaches us how to write professionally.

From simple mistakes like “your vs. you’re”, “there vs. they’re, “subject-verb agreement errors” to missing comma, even a professional writer can make mistakes because of their carelessness.

Over a million search queries happen on Google for Grammarly every month. In this review, I’m going to explore the Grammarly world.  I’ll write everything about Grammarly from my experience. We will also see how Grammarly can improve our English and at the same time how it can save us from getting punished or banned in the online world. The article is the ultimate review of Grammarly.

Grammarly review


The company released the tool in 2009, and since then the company is on a mission to make Grammarly the number one writing assistant. You will need continuous internet and an email address to start typing. The basic checker checks for spelling and limited grammar mistakes, while premium checker checks your content against over 400 grammar rules. You can write in four versions of English. It supports American, Australian, British and Canadian English.

In the beginning, Grammarly was just a web-based tool where users can create an account and start writing. It could check your writing and spelling mistakes and give you the recommendations. The company then thought about expanding the tool as extensions for browsers and Microsoft Office and then an app for mobile phones. Today we have an online editor, a desktop app, an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge, a beta extension for Google Docs released in late 2018, an add-in for Microsoft Word and an app for iOS and Android.

Today Grammarly has 15 million active users who find the mistakes every day. There is no doubt that Grammarly is an important part of professional life, and with machine learning and artificial intelligence who does not want to use a grammar tool?

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Is it beneficial for you?

Generally, it is beneficial for everyone. Specifically, Grammarly is useful for those who work in the professional environment, whose English is the second language, who are studying, bloggers, publishers and others who write a lot.

Grammarly Free vs Premium

You don’t need to pay anything for Grammarly free. The free tool only checks grammar and spelling mistakes. While premium tool checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation, context and sentence structure mistakes. It suggests vocabulary enhancement, checks genre-specific writing styles and detects plagiarism. The problem with Grammarly Premium is you can’t try for free. If you even want to use for a day, then you will have to get a plan.

On each platform and tool, the rules for free and premium are the same. Grammarly has an advanced editor where you can review advanced grammatical mistakes. I hope you now know the difference between Grammarly free and premium; we are going to review Grammarly premium as it would help you understand the limitations of Grammarly clearly.

Premium Plan

The premium plan comes with three different payment options. If you want to give it a try the premium, then the monthly plan which costs $29.95/month would be the best. The quarterly plan cost 19.98/month while the annual plan costs 11.66/month.

Online Editor and Desktop app

Image Showing Grammarly Online Editor (Premium) with Assistant
Grammarly Online Editor with Assistant

The basic idea of the online editor is typing, and it would automatically save to your account. The online editor would be the most advanced version of Grammarly. The online editor comes with an assistant which helps you get things done.

Image Showing Goals Menu on Online Editor
Grammarly Assistant Goals

Grammarly online editor categorises the mistakes in grammar, punctuation, conciseness, confidence, variety and vocabulary. By default, the plagiarism is disabled, but you can enable it by clicking on the button. The assistant can work as you want. The option “Set/Update Goals” specify your needs. You can select the intent, audience, style, emotion, and domain of the document. The editor will readily adapt the goals and then recheck the document. You can also check or uncheck if you want Grammarly to set goals for each new document. There an option to upload Microsoft Word document on the editor and after uploading you can continue working. You can download the document as a .txt extension but, unfortunately, there is no way to save Grammarly document as .docs (Microsoft Word).

The documents are saved in the database, and you can access them on Grammarly website and Grammarly desktop app. The desktop app is like the online editor. The good thing is you don’t need to open the web browser and go to the website. The app saves your account details, and you can access all the documents and edit them right away.

Extension for browsers

Grammarly Extension Menu on Chrome
Grammarly Extension for Chrome

The extensions do the same thing, but you can write on thousands of websites. The extension is highly beneficial for Gmail, WordPress, Blogger and your educational site. With the extension, you can see word’s meaning and synonyms by double-clicking on the word on most of the websites. When the extension is on, it disables the browser’s error and spells checking feature. You can review basic errors in the text field, but for premium mistakes and plagiarism, you can find the option to open the premium editor on the bottom of the text field.

The beta version for Google Docs works like the same, but it is only available for premium users. According to Grammarly Blog, the browser extension can also work with Google Docs, but users wanted a tool which can fully support Google Docs. All the mistakes highlighted in red. Premium users can send feedback.

Problems with the browser extension

I have been using Grammarly premium for over eight months, and I have found a few issues which I think would be good to mention. The first problem I encounter is the premium editor might change the settings and style for the typed text. For example, on WordPress, if I check “Open the link in a new tab” on the link text, and then open the advanced editor, it unchecks that option for all the texts with links, and to fix it, I have to go to settings for each text and recheck the option.

Android and iOS keyboard App

Some Written Text on Android Using Grammarly Keyboard
Grammarly Keyboard App on Android

The keyboard app is still new, but it does the same thing as the editor. As compared to other keyboard apps, it lacks features like words suggestions, themes, languages and flow typing. As you type, it checks for errors and shows the mistake above the keyboard. You can tap on the correct word to fix, or you can tap on the green button to activate the advanced error checking tool. The advanced error checking tool shows each error one by one, and you can tap on the correct word to fix the mistake.

Regarding the tool, it comes with a light and a dark theme. It supports auto-correction, auto capitalisation, disable space period and contact name suggestions settings. You don’t need an account for the basic check with the keyboard, but for the premium checker, you must sign-in.

Problems with the app

The problem I usually face with the keyboard app is, even the internet is connected it displays “the internet is required”. The message goes away after 30 seconds, but no one likes to wait for 30 seconds. Another problem with keyboards apps is they do not support plagiarism checking. You can save the document and check on your PC, or if your browser supports desktop version, then you can go to My Grammarly and then review the text.


It’s better to be safe than sorry. Another Grammarly’s feature is checking for plagiarism. Grammarly checks your text on over 8 billion web pages. Plagiarism is one of the dangerous practices in the world. From search engines to universities, no one likes plagiarised content. The feature is only available in the premium version.

In conclusion

Being a blogger and being English my second language, Grammarly helps me write my posts as well as my assignments. From the online editor to phone apps, Grammarly is part of my life. The best thing about Grammarly is you don’t need to pay anything. That’s is the end of Grammarly premium review. I hope the article helped. Do you use any grammar tool? If so, please share your experience with us so everyone can benefit.

Image info: The images used in this article are the screenshots of the original tool. A screenshot is the copyright of the developer. Please contact me if any questions.

Best Android Apps for your Health – Top Apps for your Health

Android Apps for your Health
Best Android Apps for your Health

What are the best Android apps for your health? Health is one of the most important things in our lives, and in this modern era, people are lazy, and they always find shortcuts to solve problems. In this scientific world, there are many ways to stay active and healthy, and one of them is your phone. Your Android phone comes with apps for your health. Play Store comes with millions of apps, and hundreds of apps on yoga, meditation, gym exercises, and mental relaxation come to fulfil the void of health in life. In this article, we are going to explore some of the Android apps that are essential for your health. Let’s begin this healthy adventure and explore the best apps for your health.

Samsung Health (fitness and tracking)

Samsung Health
Samsung Health

The app is official in most of the Samsung devices. You can also download Samsung Health from the Play Store on most of the Android devices. Samsung Health is one of the advanced apps for your health because it tracks your steps, water intake, breathing exercise, weight, height, stress (device dependent), heart rate (device dependent), SPO2 (device dependent), calories intake, calories lost, running, cycling, sleeping, and much more.

Steps count uses motion and GPS to count the step as you walk. You can add the water intake data, your weight, height, Blood Glucose, Caffeine, Sleep etc. It saves the data on the cloud as you put and you can see the trends for each of these items. You can also set goals for calories, water intake, weight, caffeine etc. Samsung Health is without the doubt one of the best apps to track your health and stay active. Download the app from Play Store here.

Calm (meditation and relaxation)


An app with over 10 million downloads. Although the main focus of the app is helping with your sleep and body relaxation, but it does a lot. You can listen to sleep stories, listen to calm and relaxing music while sleeping. You can play different exercise videos on yoga to relax your body and brain. It comes with a breathing exercise, so you can stay mentally active even you are tired. These all are available in the free version. Some of the stories, music, yoga exercises are locked in the free version.

The premium version is about $52 per year which comes with over 100 guided meditations covering anxiety, focus, stress and much more, entire sleep stories library with free access to upcoming stories, and much more. If you are not sure, then you can try the premium for seven days. The app is easy to use, and it does not ask for any account information to use the app. Calm is one of my best Android apps for our health. Check out the app here.

30 Day Fitness Challenge (fitness and gym)

30 Day Fitness Challenge
30 Day Fitness Challenge

Want to challenge yourself and don’t have enough time to go to the gym? 30 Day Fitness Challenge is one of the awesome Android apps for your health. 30 Day Fitness Challenge is all about gym workouts, and each exercise lasts for 30 days. The app comes with full body workout, abs workout, butt workout, arm workout, leg workout. Going in each section will come with a screen asking for the level (easy, medium, and hard) of the workout.  After that, we go to the calendar showing the current status, and we can continue the exercise. 30 Day Fitness Challenge also comes with necessary weight and height tracking tools. The best thing about the app is it displays and speaks the voice-guided animations, so you enjoy workout even when you can’t look at the phone. Check out the app here.

Down Dog (Yoga)

Down Dog
Down Dog

All about Yoga, Down Dog is a guided app specially made to help you do yoga. The app comes with voice-guided videos where a person does the yoga. The app comes with levels like beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can select the type of yoga you want, then the length of the yoga. In the settings menu, you can change the voice, background music, pace, instructions style, video settings etc.

The app is easy to use because after setting all these it straight goes video page where you can watch the video. Other than that, you can connect the app with Google Fit. You can also purchase premium for around $10 per month. Down Dog comes with three months of the trial, so you can enjoy the app for three months and cancel if you don’t like. The app sure is one of the great apps for your health. Check out Down Dog here.

Moodpath (anxiety and depression test)


A different kind of app for your health. The app is simple enough, but it takes 14 days to get the results. The app asks you questions about your day, feelings, mental condition etc. for 14 days. If you are feeling depressed or any symptoms for anxiety, then you should try Moodpath which gives you the results based on your answers. The app collects the data for 14 days and gives you a detailed summary which you can share with your family members and doctors. You can also use the app as a journal for your mood. Check out the app here.

Lifesum (health and diet)


The app is primarily for your diet. The app comes with exercises, calories tracking, water intake tracking, etc. You can find the perfect recipe (premium) for your meal. You can save information like weight, height, fat, etc. to see the progress. The app comes with a built-in test that will help you find the best diet plan for you. It also reminds you to drink water whenever necessary. You can connect the app with Google Fit, Samsung Health, Fitbit etc. and add the walking, running, and cycling data to update your daily calories goals. Check out Lifesum here.

Daily Yoga (yoga)

Daily Yoga
Daily Yoga

The app comes with plenty of yoga exercises. Each meditation has a different length. Once found the perfect exercise you can download the voice-guided video. The problem with the app is it doesn’t give much in the free version. The first day of some of the exercises is free. To unlock everything, you will have to pay $19 per month. You can also connect the app with Google Fit to keep track of your steps. When you start a program, it downloads the video straight away. The best thing about Daily Yoga is it shows the real person with voice guidance to help you exercise efficiently. Check out Daily Yoga here.

In conclusion

Health has been one of the essential factors of a human being’s life. Health is everything, and keeping us active, healthy, and mentally prepared for everything is a great habit. In this article, we covered apps on yoga, workout, anxiety, meditation, and mental relaxation. Anyway, I hope my article “best apps for your health” helped. Which app do you use? Have I missed that one? Please let me know in the comments, and I’ll investigate the app.

Image Information: All the images used are the screenshots of the apps. A screenshot is most likely the copyright of the app owner. If you are the owner of any of the images and don’t want these images here, please let me know, and I’ll remove the photo(s) as soon as possible.

Google Keep vs OneNote – The Ultimate Note Service in 2019

Keep vs OneNote
Keep vs OneNote

Looking for Google Keep vs OneNote? In the tech world, many companies try to tackle down each other. The fight between two always leads to comparison. This is a fight between Google Keep and OneNote. Both services are similar but have some unique features which make both different from each other. In current situations, one company is ruling PC world while other Android and internet world. How do Google Keep and OneNote stand against each other? Let’s find out in this ultimate Keep vs OneNote comparison.

What this article covers?

The journey from Google Keep to OneNote starts here, and I have written the Android and desktop versions separately.

  1. Keep vs OneNote Desktop.
  2. Keep vs OneNote Android.


Google Keep and OneNote - Web
Google Keep and OneNote – Web

Google Keep is a web-based service which you can access on your browser. On the top, there is a text space to start a new note. You can create notes, checklist, draw or add an image. Keep supports drawing, typing and pictures in one note, but it keeps everything in a sperate space. You can add an image to note and also type something below the image. An extension is also available for Chrome if you make notes very often. When you open a note, you find options including remind, add people, change note colour, add images, archive, delete, add a label, add a drawing, make a copy, checkboxes and copy the note to Google Docs. You can pin a note on top by clicking on the pin button.

OneNote is a desktop app as well as a web-based app that comes with advanced features. It adapts the Office apps shape. The Home, Insert, Draw and View menus are on the top. It comes with a wide range to begin. The desktop and web-based have almost the same tools.

The Home menu comes with tools including fonts, fonts size, colour, copy, paste and some more editing options. The Insert menu comes with options including tables, file, adding PDF, pictures, online videos, link, audios, meeting details and symbols. The Draw menu contains all your drawing needs including pens, erasers, shapes etc. The last one is the View menu which comes with window options, zoom levels, page colour options etc.

OneNote desktop can store and show typed, drew, images, videos etc. in the same space. You can add these together as well. Both come with collaborating and printing options. One thing to consider is you will need an account to use their software.
Score: Looking at the features I don’t know if we even need to speak the results out loud. In this Keep vs OneNote desktop comparison, we have the clear winner which is OneNote. Keep has an extension for Chrome, but that is not enough. Keep comes with necessary tools, while OneNote acquires tools from Word and other Office apps which makes it powerful and stronger.


Homepage and interface

Google Keep vs OneNote - Interface
Google Keep vs OneNote – Interface

Google Keep comes with a simple interface. When you open the app, all the notes are there, while OneNote is different. OneNote shows your Notebooks when you open. You can create notebooks and then notes inside each notebook. Google Keep shows the type of note when we open the app. OneNote only shows a list of all the notes, and you can see what’s in it by tapping on the note.
Winner: Create multiple notebooks, but we have a better interface in Keep. Score: Google Keep: 1, OneNote: 1.

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Note types

Google Keep vs OneNote - Notes Types
Google Keep vs OneNote – Notes Types

Both support typing, drawing, voice recording, shopping checklist, and images notes. OneNote has a feature of typing and drawing in the same space while Keep separates typed and drawn content. Google Keep doesn’t support anything like that but you can write stuff on the note, and the written material will be in a separate space and typed will in a separate.
Winner: With OneNote’s drawing and typing feature and adding many notes, I’ll go with OneNote.Score: Google Keep: 1, OneNote: 2.

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With fast core phones, we keep downloading different apps. We don’t check the storage until the device’s storage is full. I did not care for the storage until I checked myself. The Keep and OneNote comparison article covers the storage as well.

Google Keep and OneNote Android Size Comparison
Google Keep and OneNote Android Size Comparison

After cleaning the storage, the install size of Google Keep is 29.7 MB while OneNote occupies 183.3 MB which is much more than Google Keep. OneNote, although comes with more features, but we are comparing different parts separately.

Winner: Google Keep. Score: Google Keep: 2 and OneNote: 2.

Keep vs OneNote other features comparison

Well, we have covered the top features now let’s look at what both apps can provide uniquely.

  1. OneNote comes with a badge so you can add a note anytime. OneNote: 3.
  2. Google Keep has an option to add multiple recipients to the notes who can collaborate. Google Keep: 3.
  3. OneNote has an option to disable syncing while Wi-Fi is not available. OneNote: 4.
  4. Want to set a reminder? Google Keep is there. Google Keep: 4.
  5. OneNote has a fantastic feature which only works on Samsung Galaxy Note phones. If you get the S Pen closer, it will automatically enable drawing mode. OneNote: 5.
  6. Both apps simultaneously sync the notes to the cloud so you can access them on any device. Tie.
  7. You can add links to the text in OneNote. OneNote: 6.
  8. You can add labels to your notes in Google Keep. Google Keep: 5.

Comparison video of both apps on Android

Here is the video showing the comparison of both the apps on Android.

In conclusion

The desktop battle went to OneNote, and in the Android battle, the results are Google Keep: 5 and OneNote: 6. Google Keep is useful for collaborating, and it comes with necessary tools which may or may not be enough. For now, OneNote would be the better choice if you are an everyday note keeper. You can install OneNote and Google Keep from Play Store. Anyway, thanks for checking out Google Keep vs OneNote. What do you think of both? Which one do you use? Please comment on your thoughts so we can discuss more and also if I have missed anything, please let me know so I can improve this post.

Important information: Google Keep logo created by Stratos Stratos under Creative Commons and Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). Read more at Use of Microsoft Copyrighted Content and Logo and Trademark Permissions on Google. Last modified by Madhsudhan on 17th of July 2019.

(Tested) 6 Ultimate YouTube Video Downloaders for Android in 2019

YouTube Logo
YouTube Logo

Looking for the best YouTube video downloader in 2019? The article covers the best downloaders for Android. I tested 15 YouTube downloaders on Android, and only six could properly work. In this article, we are going to explore the all-time best YouTube video downloader apps for Android in 2019.

Note: YouTube’s terms and condition do not allow anyone to download videos from YouTube until there is not any official download button to download the video. However, if you still want to download YouTube videos then check out this article before downloading a wrong app.

SnapTube Downloader

SnapTube Interface
SnapTube Interface

It isn’t the best, but the app is good for short term usage. SnapTube Downloader is a great YouTube video downloader for Android, and it does download videos from YouTube. I also ran into a couple of problems 👇. If you are looking for a long-term YouTube video downloader for Android, then SnapTube Downloader might not be the perfect solution. The app has its own interface where you can browse YouTube videos.
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  • A unique interface. It comes with a new interface, and everything is up-to-date from YouTube.
  • It doesn’t require any special and sensitive permissions.


  • The downloading speed is slow as compared to other YouTube video downloaders.
  • You can’t play the video in the downloads menu of the app because if you tap on a video, it goes to the Play Store and shows you an app to download. You can play the videos from your video player or files, but do not play from the downloaded menu.

Videoder – YouTube downloader and MP3 converter

Videoder - YouTube Downloader & MP3 ConverterVideoder - YouTube Downloader & MP3 Converter
Videoder – YouTube Downloader & MP3 Converter

The app works perfectly fine. You can use Videoder to download videos from over 30 services including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Dailymotion. You can also download some other stuff; if you know what I mean. Anyway, the app has a different interface where you can search for videos. You can also tap on YouTube to go to the YouTube website and search for videos. It supports most of the extensions and video qualities. Other than that, if you are looking for a built-in downloader for Instagram, then it can download videos straight in the Instagram app which makes Videoder one of the trusted YouTube video downloaders for Android in 2019.


  • Supports over 30 websites.
  • Videoder comes with a new interface where you can search for videos.


  • Asks for location, and SD card media modify permissions.

InsTube Free Video and Music Downloader

InsTube Free Video and Music Downloader
InsTube Free Video and Music Downloader

Undoubtedly one of the best YouTube video downloaders for Android. InsTube did an excellent job surprisingly. The first thing, the app doesn’t require any special permission to run. It only requires storage and location permissions. InsTube supports over 30 websites including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Twitter. You can also watch videos from “+” sites. The only problem I found is ads which I don’t think are harmful. The app shows you trusted AdMob and AdSense ads.


  • Supports over 30 websites.
  • The app doesn’t require any special permissions.


  • None

KeepVid Video Downloader

KeepVid Video Downloader
KeepVid Video Downloader

The trusted app KeepVid Video Downloader is one of the great YouTube video downloaders. The app only requires storage permission and runs smoothly. The only problem I found is, even the app is closed the notification is visible “KeepVid is running, tap here to find more or stop”. I can stop the app, but the notification doesn’t look good if a person does not know how to get rid of it. KeepVid supports many websites, and it comes with a new interface, and if you want the YouTube, you can tap on the YouTube button.


  • KeepVid doesn’t require any special permissions.


  • Notification is visible all the time.



Simple, secured, and trusted app TubeMate is the best YouTube video downloader in the market. The app is easy to use. It comes with tutorials to explain how to use the app. Regarding permissions, it asks for location and storage. The app is perfect for downloading YouTube videos on Android devices for free. You can select the video quality and an extension if you want. The app supports MP3 format if you want a song in audio. The app is an excellent YouTube video downloader for Android in 2019.


  • TubeMate doesn’t ask for any special permissions.
  • Light and doesn’t show so many ads.


  • None.

Dentex YouTube Downloader


Another simple and YouTube video downloader.  The app’s APK is less than 5 MB, but it downloads a plugin to download videos. It uses a unique interface and the query you type goes straight onto YouTube to show the results. Furthermore, when you tap on a video, it doesn’t play, it shows the download qualities available. To play the video you can touch on the video on the download page. Once the video is downloaded, you can find in the files or play from the downloads menu of the app. You can backup and restore as well as open YouTube app from the right menu.


  • Unique design.
  • Denntext YouTube downloader can convert the videos into MP3.
  • Does not ask for location, contacts, or any other sensitive permissions.


  • It downloads a plugin to download the videos.
  • Going back from the video player takes a few touches.

Not very good apps

I also tested WonTube, NewPipe, TubeGod, Vuclip, TubeX, YouTube Downloader for Android, YT3 TouTube Downloader for Android, and VidMate, but those apps either ask for sensitive permissions like accounts info, device identity and get access to contacts or do not download the videos at all. I would recommend you to download one of the above YouTube video downloaders for Android to download the YouTube videos securely.

In conclusion

By asking for sensitive permissions apps are stealing your data and selling to other companies. Always keep yourself away from these apps. I hope the article best YouTube video downloaders helped. Have you already tried any of the mentioned YouTube video downloader apps? Do you know any of the apps which are not listed here? Please let me know so I can review and add the apps to this article. Last modified by Madhsudhan on 30/Aug/2019.

3 Ways to Fix Unsupported Audio-Video Codec on Android Device

Unsupported Audio/Video Codec

Unsupported Audio/Video Codec is a message which pops up when your default video player can’t play the audio or the video of a file. The error “unsupported audio codec” displays when the player can’t play the audio and “unsupported video codec” pops up when the player can’t play the video. If that’s the case with you then, don’t worry, because in this article, I will show you three ways to fix unsupported audio-video codec issues on an Android device.

Simple Answer

The easiest fix is using the VLC Media Player app on your phone. If you want to learn more about VLC or wish to use the default video player, then follow the article.

Why I get this message?

Well, to understand why you get unsupported audio-video codec, you must understand what a codec is.

What is a codec?

Before we get to the solution, let’s learn why we get this warning. You might have seen the extensions like MP3, WMA, etc., at the end of an audio file and MKV, WMV, etc., on a video file. These are called containers. A container contains codecs. The video and audio files take a considerable amount of space, so developers use the codecs to compress the file into a transferable source.

Find your fix

There are many ways to fix the issue, but the article covers three. The first is the easiest one, but you can’t play the video in the default Android player. The last two are advanced and can take a long time, depending on the length of the video.

  1. Using VLC Media Player.
  2. Converting the video on Android.
  3. Converting the video on a PC.

Using VLC Media Player to fix unsupported audio-video codec

The goal here is to play the video, and the solution is downloading VLC Media Player, which is a free and open-source media player. VLC Media Player comes with a vast amount codecs installed, making it more powerful than the default video player. Download the app and open it to sync the media. You can also play the video with VLC using open with option.

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Using a video converter on Android to convert the video

I have received messages about playing the videos in the default video player because of many reasons. There are many apps on the Google Play Store. Try Fully Video Converter or Video Converter to convert the video in MP4 (or select Android if device option is available) and choose MP3 or OGG as audio format and wait for the video to be converted. Some converters don’t convert the audio file, so you will have to be careful while choosing the converter.

Using a video converter on PC to convert the video

This is called an old-fashioned way. You might have used video converters on PC. These days it’s hard to find a free and relevant video converter. You will need a charging cable for your phone to open files on the PC. Once everything is ready, let’s download a video converter. Some of the free video converters are Freemake Video Converter and Any Video Converter. Before starting, make sure you understand what resolution your device supports. If your device is one of the latest ones, then 1080P would be fine.


Let’s go through the step by step process on how to convert for Android device. I’ll be using Freemake Video Converter, but the technique is the same for most of the converters.


Freemake Video Converter

Step 01: To begin, click on Video and then add the video you want to convert.


Converting Video in Freemake

Step 02: Once the video has been added, click on “to MP4” in the footer. MP4 is one of the popular extensions, and most Android devices support it.


Converting Video in Freemake 2

Step 03: The convert screen will come up. It would take some time to convert the video. Click on the “Convert” button to begin.


Converting Video in Freemake 3

Once the video is converted, you will be able to play the video on your Android device.

Fix unsupported audio-video codec on Android YouTube video

In conclusion

With great phones and software, we expect everything to be perfect, but it’s not the case every time. I hope you found the solution to your issue. Please feel free to ask any questions, and if you have a different way.