Facebook Lite vs Facebook – Which One is for You?


The article covers Facebook Lite vs Facebook in 2019. Both are different apps, and when you search for one, you get recommendations about the other one. Facebook Lite and Facebook may look similar because most of the common features are available in both. You’ll see the difference when you are after something rare such as find W-Fi or nearby friends. To uncover these missing features and why Facebook Lite is so lite with so many features, I have written this article Facebook Lite vs Facebook. In this article, we are going to compare the interface, explore the missing features, storage, data, and finally, which one is for you. Continue reading “Facebook Lite vs Facebook – Which One is for You?”

Sygic vs Waze – A Detailed Comparison of Both in 2019

Sygic vs Waze
Sygic vs Waze

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the ultimate comparison of Sygic vs Waze. Both are great tools and have been here for a long time now. Sygic is a paid service while Waze is completely free. What are we going to cover? Well, the list is down below. Sygic and Waze are two fantastic services, and a fun fact is both projects started in 2004, and Sygic was the first app on iOS to provide mobile navigation. Let’s see which one is our final choice in Sygic vs Waze comparison.

Table of contents

  1. Details.
  2. YouTube video covering Sygic vs Waze on the road.
  3. Interface.
  4. Online navigation.
  5. Offline navigation.
  6. Safety and security.
  7. Unique features.
  8. Issues with both apps.
  9. Which one is better where.
  10. In conclusion.



Collecting data from over 400 million vehicles around the globe, Sygic updates the data every 2 minutes. Michal Štencl found the company in 2004. Since then it provides navigation to millions of users.


Released in 2006 Waze has been one of the favourites. The company has been operating under Google since 2013, and millions of users use Waze in their daily life.

YouTube video

Before we move on, let’s check the latest video in the comparison. I have recorded the above video to show Sygic vs Waze comparison. The video covers both apps on the road and what features they have.


Sygic and Waze Interface
Sygic and Waze Interface

Nothing special when you open the apps. Both use light colours. After putting an address both show an overview of the trip. Sygic shows alternative routes and if you prefer you can tap on the route to change. 3D interface is something to look for in Sygic. Waze has a few options including music, sound and search options on the screen.

Online navigation

Sygic and Waze - Navigation
Sygic and Waze – Navigation

Sygic is available for private cars, walking, and rideshare, while Waze is available for private cars, cyclists, and it has an option to enable taxi mode. Both use GPS to find the vehicle’s speed which is reasonably accurate on both. Sygic shows the essential notifications, petrol stations, and parking spots on the left while Waze does not show anything like that. The blue bar on the bottom in Sygic is the progress bar. It shows the trip’s progress, and if there is any traffic delay, you will see the red bar instead of blue. On the bottom, we have the tip’s information. You can tap on the button on the right to see more options. Waze has a search bar where you can search while you can also talk to Waze by saying “OK Waze”.

The three little dots in Sygic contain lots of tools. You can preview the trip, search, see directions, update traffic information, and change the settings.

Sygic updates the traffic very often, and it collects the data from over 400 million cars around the world. Waze relies on the users to update the traffic information.


Voice is also part of Sygic vs Waze comparison. Sygic comes with a few languages including English and Italiano. Waze comes with a wide range of voice options including English, Italiano, Polski, Deutsch etc. You can also record your voice and use for the navigation. Although, a problem I must mention with Waze is, it sometimes guides when we are too close to the intersection making us take the next intersection.
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Offline navigation

Sygic has an option to purchase the map for different regions. Sygic is a paid service, and after the trial period, you will have to pay to use their services. Waze on the other hand, does not come with any offline options. You will have to be connected to navigate.

Security and Safety

Sygic vs Waze Security Features
Sygic vs Waze Security Features

Safety would be one of the most important section of Sygic vs Waze. Both use some security tools to keep you out of danger. The SOS feature comes in Sygic which shows you the location with your current address, coordinates, nearest police, pharmacy, hospital, and the petrol station. You can also call on the emergency number by taping on Emergency Call. Moving to Waze, it does not allow you to search for anything while the vehicle is in motion. Also, it uses the information given by drivers. Drivers can report traffic, police, crash, fuel prices etc. As you report you to get some points which help you build your reputation and the more points you have, the faster your report will be updated.
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Unique features

Each app has some unique features, and we will be covering each in this Sygic vs Waze comparison.


  1. It shows a small window suggesting which lane should you use to drive the car.
  2. Sygic updates the route if there is a fast route available.
  3. It shows your car’s speed and the speed zone. It also beeps when you exceed the limit, or a speed trap is ahead.
  4. When moving to a different speed zone, Sygic displays the new speed on the screen.
  5. Need parking? Sygic will show you the nearest parking when you are close to the destination.
  6. Need more features? Check out Sygic Store. The tools including real-time navigation, dash cam, head up display, cockpit, travel book, maps etc.
  7. Download maps for your region.
  8. You can preview the route in the options.
  9. You can see the nearest Uber or similar rideshare driver and book a car (region limited).


  1. Get real-time traffic, hazards, police, crash reports from drivers.
  2. Waze is completely free.
  3. For your safety, you can’t search for anything when the speed is above 2.
  4. You can use Waze for cycling or use if for taxi stuff, and Waze will give you the best routes.
  5. You can play your songs with one tap if you have music apps installed.
  6. Waze shows your car’s speed and speed zone.

Problem with Both

Let’s see some of the issues with both the apps.


  1. Sygic is a paid service.
  2. Map updates will not be very often.


  1. Sometimes, it forgets to inform you about the speed traps.
  2. Being a public app it can easily be manipulated and fake data can be uploaded.

Which one is better where?

Alright, the answer to this question is complicated. The Sygic vs Waze has covered almost the features both come with. Check out the below list:

    1. If you want a rich and smooth experience, then Sygic is there.
    2. If you want free stuff, then Waze is your go.
    3. Looking for cycle routes? Waze.
    4. Looking to drive a taxi or rideshare? Waze is there.
    5. Are you a new driver? Or moving to a new place? Sygic is there to guide you about the lanes, parking, and petrol station.

In conclusion

Here is the end of Sygic vs Waze journey. I hope it helped you find the perfect navigation app for you. Let me know what do you think, and which one do you use? Also, please let me know if any of the information is missing so, I can update the article. Images are owned by the respective companies. Last updated by Madhsudhan Madhsudhan on 26th of April 2019.

i88 TWS Full Review, Features, and Comparison with AirPods 2019

i88 TWS
i88 TWS

The article covers i88 TWS review, features, and comparison with the original ones. When we talk about earphones, we talk about AirPods, but if you get the same thing for $20, then you would say, “awesome! I want that.” Well, there are plenty of earphones out there, but I’m talking about the i88 TWS which is the same size as the original and sound quality is better than AirPods. Let’s review i88 TWS and see what features are available.

What is i88 TWS

Alright, to understand i88, we must know the previous models. i88 TWS is a new model to town. Other series including i7, i8, i9, i10, i12 are already there. Before i88, i10 which costs about $30 was dominating the market. i88 TWS has only been here a few months and has taken away the i10 dominance. i88 has a similar sound quality, and it is just $20, and hopefully, by the time it will get cheaper.
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i88 TWS features

Let’s cover i88 features in i88 TWS review. i88 is available in a few colours including white, black, blue, red etc. The size is the same as the original ones, and when you put them in the ear, no one would be able to say that these are the duplicate ones. The case of colours ones feels different than the white i88 case. The white case material feels the same as the AirPods, while on colour ones it feels more greasy.

i88 TWS dimensions

i88 TWS does not differ from Apple AirPods regarding the size. i88’s case dimensions are 42 x 53 mm while AirPods’s case size is 44 x 53 mm. The bud of i88 TWS is 40 x 16 mm while the AirPods’s buds size is the same.

The case has fours green LED charging indicator lights. Each for 25% of charging. Unlike other model series i7, i9, and i11 they start working as soon as you open the case. They connect to each other automatically, but for some reason, if you can’t connect then tap on the touch sensor to connect them. The LED light on the buds itself flashes when the buds aren’t connected. Moving to battery life, they come with two hours of talk time and two hours of music time. The battery could be improved, but if you are not a big fan and want to show to the world, then these are perfect.

i88 TWS vs Apple AirPods comparison

Regarding the sound quality, there was something new. I have seen some people saying that i88 isn’t that good, but I felt something different. i88 TWS has bass which everyone would like, also the sound was louder on the maximum as compared to AirPods. The missing thing was naturality as i88 felt not the kind of buds which can provide the natural sound of a song. Let’s take a look at 11 seconds video showing i88 and original AirPods sound quality.

Personally, I think i88 are better than the AirPods regarding the sound and base. Moving on, AirPods come with touch sensor buttons in which you can pause or resume music, attend or decline calls, and talk to Siri/Google Assistant. Meanwhile, i88 TWS comes with the same touch sensor buttons with the capability of doing the same things as the AirPods expect it won’t pause when you remove the buds from your ear. Comparing with AirPods 2, i88 TWS does not come with wireless charging capability. The case supports MicroSD cable and comes with the able and a manual in the box.

Comparison with i10 TWS

In this i88 TWS review, I wanted to add some information about the comparison between i88 TWS and i10 TWS. Have a look at the below infographic. i10 TWS is better because of its sound quality. They are almost the same as AirPods. The price, of course, makes the difference and the battery capacity as well.

i88 TWS vs i10S TWS
i88 TWS vs i10S TWS

If you are a fan of wireless charging then you should go with i10. Otherwise, i88 TWS is the way to go. Both use 5.0 Bluetooth technology and i88 TWS comes with Video Synchronisation.
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i88 TWS specifications

We must cover the technical specifications in this i88 TWS review.

  1. i88 buds the same size as i10s and original AirPods.
  2. They come with 2.5 hours of talk and music time.
  3. 400mAh of the battery capacity of the case.
  4. Speakers are made of copper.

Where to buy?

These days, there are duplicates of duplicate so, you got to make sure that you are purchasing the right item. You can buy from YouLad or AliExpress.

  1. Buy i88 TWS from AliExpress (credit card).

i88 TWS review video

Let’s take a look at the below video showing the full review of i88 TWS, its features, and comparison with the original AirPods.

In conclusion

Here is the end of i88 TWS Review and comparison with the top competitors in the market. I hope the article helped you choose the right earphones for your ears. Let me know what do you think of i88 in the comments below so we can discuss more. Did I miss any of the information? Please let me know so I can improve this article. Last modified by Madhsudhan on 16th of July 2019.

Google Play Music vs Spotify – Best Music Platform in 2019

Google Play Music vs Spotify
Google Play Music vs Spotify

Love listening to music? Many services provide free music. If you are looking for a luxurious ride, you would think about Google Play Music, Spotify, or Apple Music. Over 10 thousand people search for Google Play Music vs Spotify just on Google and people should be looking for the comparison because they are about to spend money.

Google Play Music and Spotify are old enough for a battle and looking that, in this article, I’ll be focusing on the comparison of Google Play Music and Spotify. We will see all the same and the unique features of both the platforms and compare both apps on an Android device.

Google Play Music vs Spotify

Table of contents

    1. Details
    2. Platforms.
    3. Number of Songs.
    4. Android & iOS.
    5. Free vs Premium.
    6. Pricing.
    7. Results.


Google Play Music is an online audio streaming service by Google. The services started in November 2011. Currently, Google Play Music is home to over 40 million songs and is available in 63 countries in which the United Kingdom was among the first countries to get the service.

Spotify, on the other hand, is a Swedish audio streaming platform launched in October 2007 and has over 40 million songs and currently, it is available in 79 countries.

Google Play Music vs Spotify Search Trend
Google Play Music vs Spotify Search Trend

For the past five years, Spotify has consistently been a hot search term as compared to Google Play Music because of a number of the facts including Spotify is older than Google Play Music and available in more countries than Google Play Music.


PlatformGoogle Play MusicSpotify
Windows Phone✔️

With the rise of the mobile phone, other devices have not vanished. Platforms are one of the sections of Google Play Music vs Spotify. Google Play Music is available on iOS, Android as an app while on Windows and macOS accessible on the web browser. Spotify is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, and macOS.
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Number of Songs

Both platforms support over 40 million songs as of Feb 2019.

AppNumber of songs
SpotifyOver 40 million
Google Play MusicOver 40 million

Android & iOS app

Cutting to the chase, we are not going to cover every little detail in this Google Play Music vs Spotify because the mission for the both is the same. Let’s see some of the unique features both apps provide.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music Identify What's Playing
Google Play Music Identify What’s Playing

The app comes with a sleep timer available in the settings. You can activate the timer to turn off the app. You can detect what song is playing by tapping on the search button and taping on the first option. It identifies the song currently playing and shows you on the screen. The problem with this feature is it does not start when you tap. It shows you the message “Could not identify what’s playing. Try again”. You have to touch on that music icon to identify.

Another feature is the Top Chart which is available in the left menu. The window shows the top 100 songs around the globe. Google Play Music allows you to upload 100,000 songs and play them on any of the supported devices. Other than that, we have stations where we can select the music on mood and activity like driving and dancing etc. The search window is filled with details. It shows the artists, albums, radios, playlists, songs and YouTube video songs related to the searched song.


Spotify Lyrics By GENIUS
Spotify Lyrics By GENIUS

This app also comes with some of the unique features. The first one is lyrics by Genius visible below the song as you play. The panel is not just for lyrics; it shows the facts and story behind the song. It’s not available for all the songs, but you can expect for most of the songs. You can add songs to the queue by tapping on add queue in the menu. The queue is a temporary playlist you can enjoy.

Another feature is called share activity available in the settings. If you are an artist, then you can share the music you listen with your followers to increase fan following. Also, an option for a private session is available when you want to listen in private. If you use Waze then you can connect Spotify to play music instantly while navigating. My Library screen shows all your playlists, artists and downloaded songs. You can also find podcasts in the podcasts menu.

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Free vs Premium

Moving on to the next chapter in Google Play Music vs Spotify, we have free vs premium features. Both services in some way allow free content. Google Play Music lets you upload your songs and listen to them on other devices. The limit is 100,000 songs per account.

Meanwhile, Spotify lets you only shuffle play the songs. You can search for a song and shuffle play, and it’s the luck when it’s time for your song. You will also experience audio ads on Spotify.


Google Play Music vs Spotify Pricing
Google Play Music vs Spotify Pricing

The pricing for both is the same. For US$9.99/month you can enjoy the music for free on any of the supported devices. The family plan price is also the same at US$14.99/month. Up to six users can enjoy free music. Spotify has a couple more pricing plans. If you are a student, then you can get the same individual plan for $4.99/month. The discount is available in limited states at the moment. Meanwhile, there is another one called Spotify for Business which we will not be covered in this article. Google Play Music also comes with a student plan available in limited countries.

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It’s never easy to pick one when all the companies provide the same thing at the same cost. The unique features switch the table. This is the end of the article Google Play Music vs Spotify. I hope the article helped you find the perfect music platform. Let me know what do you think of both in the comments below so we can discuss more.

Sygic vs Google Maps – A Detailed Comparison of Sygic and Google Maps

Sygic vs Google Maps
Sygic vs Google Maps

Reviewing apps and comparing with others is fun. It lets you decide which one to go for the rest of your life. I found my buddy while comparing Sygic and Google Maps. The article is all about those two. We are going to compare Sygic vs Google Maps on an ultimate level. From app features to navigation, everything is here. Before we begin, let me clear that Sygic is a paid service and Google Maps is free and still if you want a comparison then here we are.


Sygic: Founded in 2004, Sygic is a Slovak company. Sygic uses 2D and 3D navigation from TomTom. It was the first mobile app on the iPhone to provide GPS based navigation.

Google Maps: Where 2 Technologies started the project in 2004. In 2005 Google Maps was launched after Google purchased the company. Google Maps is the most popular app, with over 50% of global smartphone owners using it at least once. The credit goes to Android because Google Maps is a pre-installed app.

Sygic and Google Maps in a video

Before we get to the article, let’s watch a video of Sygic vs Google Maps. The video shows both maps on the road. A journey of 30 minutes will show you most of the features of and comparison between both.


Google Maps and Sygic – Interface

When we put an address, we can see the distance, time, and arrival time on Sygic, and time and the distance on Google Maps. Both come with a bottom menu where we can see the details or change the route. Finding information is also easy. When you zoom out, you can see blocked roads in Sygic. Both show the recommended route with alternative ways. While in navigation, Sygic displays the 3D building in 3D on the map while Google Maps focuses on navigation. Let’s begin the navigation and move to the second part of this Sygic vs Google Maps.


Navigation Comparison
Navigation Comparison

Google Maps has a wide range of options, including car, public transport, walk, cycle, etc. Sygic only has the option for the car, but there are other apps available for other types of vehicles. The trip details are everywhere on the screen in Sygic. We have petrol stations, parking, next turn, speed trap, traffic delay etc. on the left of the screen.

Meanwhile, car’s speed and the speed zone is right the bottom. You can see the name of the street on the top while route’s information is down the bottom. The blue bar below the route info is the progress bar which shows the remaining journey with traffic delay.

Google Maps, on the other hand, comes with a voice search. You can tap on the little microphone or say OK Google if it is activated. You can search, turn on/off the app sound, and report crashes, mobile camera, congestion etc. The street name is on the top and trip’s information is down the bottom. A new feature available for some users in some countries is the speedometer in Google Maps. The speedometer only shows your car’s current speed.

The three little dots in Sygic and the up arrow in Google Maps opens a menu. In Sygic, the menu is for some of the paid features and route info. You can preview the route and cancel the navigation. The menu in Google Maps is for sharing the trip, searching for anything close by, see the directions, on/off traffic information, and change the settings.

Voice navigation

Sygic comes with a few languages including English UK, US, Deutsch, Italiano and a couple more. Google Maps comes with a wide range of voice options, including English (multiple), Deutsch, Eesti, Filipino, Italiano, Magyar, Norsk, Suomi, and much more. Regarding voice command, Google Maps is better. Google Maps voice navigation only guides at the needed times, while Sygic voice navigation guides even there is no turning required.

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Offline navigation

Both apps are available in so many countries. The information on how many countries Sygic supports is missing, but Google Maps is available in over 200 countries. Sygic is a paid service, and you will have to purchase a plan. You can buy your area with or without traffic information, or you can buy the whole world’s access. After the purchase, you can download the maps. Google Maps has a feature to download a particular area. In the settings, you can find the option to download maps on your phone.

Other Sygic vs Google Maps features

Let’s talk about some of the unique features both maps apps provide. Sygic and Google Maps have a few things in common and a few uncommon. We will be covering all those in Sygic vs Google Maps article.

SygicGoogle Maps
  1. A small window which is visible on the right side of the screen shows how many lanes are in total and which lane the driver should be driving on. The feature makes driving easier when there are many lanes, and your intersection is near.
  2. Sygic updates if there is a fast route available even you are halfway there.
  3. It shows your car’s speed and the speed zone. It beeps when you exceed the limit.
  4. Sygic finds speed traps and continuously beeps until you don’t cross it or change the way.
  5. When we get to close to our destination, Sygic shows a notification with the nearest parking.
  6. Sygic has a store for some fantastic add-ons.
  7. Sygic remembers where you have parked your car.
  8. Another feature is called SOS. SOS shows your location, nearest police station, hospital, petrol station, and pharmacy. You can also call emergency number by tapping on the button.
  1. Google Maps shows lanes on the top at an intersection. It shows how many lanes in total and which lane the driver should choose.
  2. Traffic update is better in Google Maps.
  3. More travelling options including public transit, cycle, walk etc.
  4. Find the information for millions of businesses including their business hours, reviews, ratings, photos etc.
  5. Street-view feature to experience true navigation.
Sygic and Google Maps common features
  1. Real-time traffic updates.
  2. Both show nearby places on the map while we are driving.
  3. An option to travel with Uber. Both show the nearest Uber driver and how much it would cost.


Sygic Store
Sygic Store

Sygic has a store where users can purchase add-ons like real-time navigation, dashcam, head-up display, cockpit, travel book, maps etc. You can enjoy free navigation for a week, and after that, you will have to buy access to the map. Some of the ado-ons are mentioned here. The first add-on is Real View Navigation, which comes with a real view driving experience. The second one is the Cockpit, which checks your vehicle’s performance by continuously calculating your driving style. The third one is the Head-up Display, which rotates the map and brightens the screen. You can place your phone near the windshield, and the maps will be visible on the windshield. The fourth one is Dashcam, which uses your phone’s camera to record while navigating. You can find other cool add-ons in the store.

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Which one is better where?

  1. Free stuff? Google Maps.
  2. Public transport. Google Maps.
  3. Want to be ahead of traffic and find a different route. Sygic.
  4. Traffic camera and speed reporting. Sygic.
  5. Driving? Sygic is better.

In conclusion

Both are great and can be used on different occasions. The final question comes to money. If you want to spend some money, then Sygic is the way to go. With many features, including real-time traffic, constant alternative routes searching, speedometer, security cameras, etc. Sygic will get you there quickly. Anyway, I hope the article Sygic vs Google Maps helped. Which app do you use for getting one place to another? Share your thoughts in the comments below so we can discuss more.

Google Keep vs OneNote – The Ultimate Note Service in 2019

Keep vs OneNote
Keep vs OneNote

Looking for Google Keep vs OneNote? In the tech world, many companies try to tackle down each other. The fight between two always leads to comparison. This is a fight between Google Keep and OneNote. Both services are similar but have some unique features which make both different from each other. In current situations, one company is ruling PC world while other Android and internet world. How do Google Keep and OneNote stand against each other? Let’s find out in this ultimate Keep vs OneNote comparison.

What this article covers?

The journey from Google Keep to OneNote starts here, and I have written the Android and desktop versions separately.

  1. Keep vs OneNote Desktop.
  2. Keep vs OneNote Android.


Google Keep and OneNote - Web
Google Keep and OneNote – Web

Google Keep is a web-based service which you can access on your browser. On the top, there is a text space to start a new note. You can create notes, checklist, draw or add an image. Keep supports drawing, typing and pictures in one note, but it keeps everything in a sperate space. You can add an image to note and also type something below the image. An extension is also available for Chrome if you make notes very often. When you open a note, you find options including remind, add people, change note colour, add images, archive, delete, add a label, add a drawing, make a copy, checkboxes and copy the note to Google Docs. You can pin a note on top by clicking on the pin button.

OneNote is a desktop app as well as a web-based app that comes with advanced features. It adapts the Office apps shape. The Home, Insert, Draw and View menus are on the top. It comes with a wide range to begin. The desktop and web-based have almost the same tools.

The Home menu comes with tools including fonts, fonts size, colour, copy, paste and some more editing options. The Insert menu comes with options including tables, file, adding PDF, pictures, online videos, link, audios, meeting details and symbols. The Draw menu contains all your drawing needs including pens, erasers, shapes etc. The last one is the View menu which comes with window options, zoom levels, page colour options etc.

OneNote desktop can store and show typed, drew, images, videos etc. in the same space. You can add these together as well. Both come with collaborating and printing options. One thing to consider is you will need an account to use their software.
Score: Looking at the features I don’t know if we even need to speak the results out loud. In this Keep vs OneNote desktop comparison, we have the clear winner which is OneNote. Keep has an extension for Chrome, but that is not enough. Keep comes with necessary tools, while OneNote acquires tools from Word and other Office apps which makes it powerful and stronger.


Homepage and interface

Google Keep vs OneNote - Interface
Google Keep vs OneNote – Interface

Google Keep comes with a simple interface. When you open the app, all the notes are there, while OneNote is different. OneNote shows your Notebooks when you open. You can create notebooks and then notes inside each notebook. Google Keep shows the type of note when we open the app. OneNote only shows a list of all the notes, and you can see what’s in it by tapping on the note.
Winner: Create multiple notebooks, but we have a better interface in Keep. Score: Google Keep: 1, OneNote: 1.

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Note types

Google Keep vs OneNote - Notes Types
Google Keep vs OneNote – Notes Types

Both support typing, drawing, voice recording, shopping checklist, and images notes. OneNote has a feature of typing and drawing in the same space while Keep separates typed and drawn content. Google Keep doesn’t support anything like that but you can write stuff on the note, and the written material will be in a separate space and typed will in a separate.
Winner: With OneNote’s drawing and typing feature and adding many notes, I’ll go with OneNote.Score: Google Keep: 1, OneNote: 2.

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With fast core phones, we keep downloading different apps. We don’t check the storage until the device’s storage is full. I did not care for the storage until I checked myself. The Keep and OneNote comparison article covers the storage as well.

Google Keep and OneNote Android Size Comparison
Google Keep and OneNote Android Size Comparison

After cleaning the storage, the install size of Google Keep is 29.7 MB while OneNote occupies 183.3 MB which is much more than Google Keep. OneNote, although comes with more features, but we are comparing different parts separately.

Winner: Google Keep. Score: Google Keep: 2 and OneNote: 2.

Keep vs OneNote other features comparison

Well, we have covered the top features now let’s look at what both apps can provide uniquely.

  1. OneNote comes with a badge so you can add a note anytime. OneNote: 3.
  2. Google Keep has an option to add multiple recipients to the notes who can collaborate. Google Keep: 3.
  3. OneNote has an option to disable syncing while Wi-Fi is not available. OneNote: 4.
  4. Want to set a reminder? Google Keep is there. Google Keep: 4.
  5. OneNote has a fantastic feature which only works on Samsung Galaxy Note phones. If you get the S Pen closer, it will automatically enable drawing mode. OneNote: 5.
  6. Both apps simultaneously sync the notes to the cloud so you can access them on any device. Tie.
  7. You can add links to the text in OneNote. OneNote: 6.
  8. You can add labels to your notes in Google Keep. Google Keep: 5.

Comparison video of both apps on Android

Here is the video showing the comparison of both the apps on Android.

In conclusion

The desktop battle went to OneNote, and in the Android battle, the results are Google Keep: 5 and OneNote: 6. Google Keep is useful for collaborating, and it comes with necessary tools which may or may not be enough. For now, OneNote would be the better choice if you are an everyday note keeper. You can install OneNote and Google Keep from Play Store. Anyway, thanks for checking out Google Keep vs OneNote. What do you think of both? Which one do you use? Please comment on your thoughts so we can discuss more and also if I have missed anything, please let me know so I can improve this post.

Important information: Google Keep logo created by Stratos Stratos under Creative Commons and Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). Read more at Use of Microsoft Copyrighted Content and Logo and Trademark Permissions on Google. Last modified by Madhsudhan on 17th of July 2019.

SwiftKey vs Gboard – Which One is the Choice in 2019?

SwiftKey vs Gboard
SwiftKey vs Gboard

Google has developed over 100 apps for Android. One of them is Gboard, also called GBoard or Google Keyboard. Google is the owner of Android, and there is no doubt that Google develops better and helpful apps. Many companies are dominating certain areas of Android. I have been using SwiftKey and Gboard for over eight months, and if anyone asks me the difference between SwiftKey and Gboard, I can explain without any hesitation. From my experience here is the ultimate SwiftKey vs Gboard article.

In the tech world, there is always competition. For those who do not know, Microsoft purchased SwiftKey in 2016. With over 100 million downloads and 250 million active users only on Android, SwiftKey is a competitor in the industry. How do both stand against each other? Let’s find out in this SwiftKey vs Gboard battle.

SwiftKey vs Gboard

Table of content

  1. Comparison in a YouTube video.
  2. Word prediction.
  3. Search.
  4. Themes.
  5. Languages.
  6. Accents and special characters.
  7. Emoji and GIF.
  8. Translation.
  9. Other features.

SwiftKey vs Gboard video comparison

Forget everything for now. Here is the YouTube video comparing SwiftKey and Gboard. Although the video explains so much, some of the information released after the video is missing. Follow the article for the updated SwiftKey vs Gboard battle.

Word prediction

The definition of word prediction is predicting a word which suits the written words and sentence. It also applies to the historical data of the user. From past data to the language, a keyboard must figure out what would be the next word. Every keyboard app uses the word prediction algorithm to predict the next word. Word prediction is essential, and a wrong words prediction can slow down your speed.

SwiftKey memorises what you type quickly, and whenever you type that word again, it will most likely show you the next word. Meanwhile, Gboard checks how often you are typing those exact words. If very often then it memorises, otherwise it doesn’t. For my address, I had to type at least once every day for many days before Gboard started suggesting the next word as I typed. Another difference in prediction is SwiftKey supports numbers prediction as well. For information such as postcode, phone number, etc. SwiftKey suggests the best possible number.
Winner: Tie. Score: SwiftKey: 0 | Gboard: 0. Both keyboards are adapted with AI to make your typing a bit easier.

Search Engine

Search Style
Search Style

Browsing is a big thing now. You need internet to search all the time. A fun fact is over 3 billion queries happen on just Google every day. Gboard comes with a built-in Google search button, which is a unique feature. You can search for anything you want and send the information in messages. While, SwiftKey comes with Bing search, but you can change the search engine to Google in including and after version

There is a difference in how both keyboards search the web. Gboard replaces the keyboard with the web results, while SwiftKey opens up a window which occupies about 75% of the screen and shows you the results. Gboard shows the results in a different style than the browsers show. SwiftKey shows the same page, which looks exactly like a webpage. The point of this article is not two search engine’s comparison so that we will move to the next part SwiftKey vs Google Keyboard.


SwiftKey vs Gboard - Layout and Themes
SwiftKey vs Gboard – Layout and Themes

SwiftKey comes with a store where the user can download themes. The store comes with over 300 themes. Creating a custom theme is also easy. You have options to add a background image, enable or disable borders, and add or remove the number line. All the available themes on the store are free to install.

Gboard, on the other hand, comes with a few themes, background images and styles. The good thing about Gboard is it comes with you a highly customisable store where you can add any style and background image to any theme. The size for each button and the distance in Gboard is more extensive than in SwiftKey, which is helpful on small screen phones.
Winner: Tie. Score: SwiftKey: 0 | Gboard: 0. Both have the same features with some customisation differences.


SwiftKey vs Gboard - Supported Languages
SwiftKey vs Gboard – Supported Languages

SwiftKey supports over 300 while Gboard supports over 500. Yes, that’s right, over 500 languages. SwiftKey allows you to type in five languages at the same time. You can swipe the space bar to move through the languages. Gboard also allows to type in multiple languages. Both keyboards support different input types such as QWERTY, QWERTZ, PC etc. It depends on the language you are using. For my language, Gboard has a feature in which you can type in English, and the keyboard will convert in my language.
Winner: Gboard. Score: SwiftKey: 0 | Gboard: 1.

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Accents and special characters

Accents and Special Characters
Accents and Special Characters

Adding accents and special characters in SwiftKey vs Gboard review was essential because there is a difference in how both work. Regarding showing hidden accents when you hold a key, SwiftKey does a better job. The option is disabled in the settings but after enabling you will be able to see other accents and special characters when you hold a key. Gboard only shows one character expect Gboard does a better job on full stop menu. You see lots of other symbols, while SwiftKey shows four symbols when you hold the full stop key.
Winner: Tie. Score: SwiftKey: 0 | Gboard: 1. Both have something special, and something missing at the same time.

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Emoji and GIF

SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji Prediction
SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji Prediction

Both come with a wide range of emoji and both support GIFs provided by GIPHY. A neat feature SwiftKey has is emoji prediction. If you turn on this feature, you will be able to see emoji related to the term you type. Gboard sometimes suggests the emoji, but not all the time, and there is no option to enable and disable this feature.

Meanwhile swiping the space bar from right to left opens Emoji, GIF and Stickers menu in Gboard. Both apps come with eight categorised emoji sections and different stickers to use in the messages. With stickers in SwiftKey, you can create collections and save to use later. SwiftKey also comes with a basic image editor in which you can add stickers to images.
Winner: SwiftKey. Score: SwiftKey: 1 | Gboard: 1. With emoji prediction and other features, SwiftKey takes this round.


Translation - Gboard and SwiftKey
Translation – Gboard and SwiftKey

In the latest version of SwiftKey, there is a new option which is the translator. To enable the translation in SwiftKey, you can tap on the translate button on the top row. Gboard also comes with a translation feature which can be enabled in G icon.

Regarding the translation, both do a good job. Gboard uses Google Translation while Bing powers SwiftKey. Both translated the test very well. Both support over 70 languages. SwiftKey works with Microsoft Translator app to translate the text even when the phone is offline.
Winner: Tie. Score: SwiftKey: 1 | Gboard: 1. Both come with a translation service. The difference here is Google and Bing and online and offline.

SwiftKey vs Gboard other features comparison

  1. You can quickly send the current location in a message after tapping the location button in SwiftKey Keyboard. SwiftKey: 2.
  2. Typing stats are available for you to record typing habits in SwiftKey. SwiftKey: 3.
  3. You can change the keyboard size in both the keyboards. Tie.
  4. You can enable Incognito Mode in both the keyboards. The data won’t be saved. Tie.
  5. Gboard highlights the wrong spelled words. Gboard: 2.
  6. SwiftKey Keyboard comes with a customizer row where the user can select emojis, GIF, settings, location, clipboard, calendar, translation etc. SwiftKey: 4.
  7. Both automatically turn on the incognito mode in browsers’ incognito mode. Tie.
  8. Both support floating feature. After enabling you can place the keyboard wherever you want. Tie.
  9. Gboard has an option for an on-screen copy, paste, move text cursor etc. The feature is available in the settings menu after taping G icon. Gboard: 3.

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In conclusion

Alright, here is the end of SwiftKey vs Gboard battle. When I first wrote this article, the score was 10 SwiftKey and 4 Gboard, but now Google has added new features which have bought Gboard close. Take a look at the score SwiftKey: 4 and Gboard: 3. That’s a difference of 1 point. Anyway, I hope the article helped. Thanks for having a read. Which app do you use and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments below so we can discuss more.

Image information: The images used in this comparison are the screenshots of the app. The copyright owner for these images is most likely the owner of the app. Last updated by Madhsudhan on 5/Oct/2019.

Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5 – A Perfect Android Launcher?

Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5
Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5

Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5. Some say Microsoft Launcher is the best, but others might disagree. Both have over 10 million downloads with over 4.3 ratings. Which launcher is the best for your Android phone? Let’s find out in this Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5 article.

Microsoft Launcher vs Smart Launcher 5


Looking at the interface both are entirely different. Smart Launcher 5 comes with a couple of wallpapers to add to the home screen. Microsoft Launcher also comes with built-in wallpapers, but with Microsoft Launcher you can set the wallpaper to change automatically which never worked on my phone.

On the other hand, the free version of Smart Launcher 5 doesn’t come with widgets. You will have to purchase the premium version to add widgets to the home screen. Microsoft launcher supports all the same widgets as a default Launcher does.


Smart Launcher 5 Categorised Menu
Smart Launcher 5 Categorised Menu

Smart Launcher 5 doesn’t come with any menu which contains all the apps. It comes with a categorised menu in which the user can browse the apps in categories.

The categorised menu in Smart Launcher 5 is different than any other launcher out there. The only problem I had is sometimes it’s hard to find the right category when you are in a hurry. The icons do not represent a clear image for each category.


Microsoft Launcher Search
Microsoft Launcher Search

Regarding searching for the apps, both are quite similar. In Smart Launcher 5 you can smart search by swiping the screen from bottom to top. While in Microsoft Launcher we swipe from top to bottom to search for any apps.

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Feed in Microsoft Launcher
Feed in Microsoft Launcher

The smart launcher has other great features, but it doesn’t support an assistance mode. Microsoft Launcher also comes with Cortana voice assistant and Bing search bar.

Other features

In the paid version of Smart Launcher 5, we can change the size and shape of icons and add own categories. Other pro features include adding extra widget home screens, ultra-impressive mode, and much more.

Microsoft Launcher, on the other hand, is free and it comes with the bottom to top slide panel similar to iOS software. Options like the torch, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and some top apps can be found in the panel. Microsoft Launcher also sorts new apps and most recent ones separately in the main menu so the user can quickly identify what is recent and fresh.

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In conclusion

Well, it doesn’t matter which one you choose both are powerful and secured. It depends on how you want your phone to perform. If you are top and bottom scroller than Microsoft Launcher would be a great idea. If you are categorised person than Smart Launcher 5 would be the best option.

HERE WeGo vs Waze – Which One Should You Choose in 2019?


Two great navigational apps from two different companies. HERE WeGo was previously known as Here Maps, and it is currently owned by multiple brands and Waze which is now owned and operated by Google. Both are great, and both have lots of unique features which make both apps quite a competitor. How do both apps stand against each other? Let’s find out in the final battle of HERE WeGo vs Waze.

Table of contents

  1. Details.
  2. Navigation.
  3. Interface and transit options.
  4. Offline navigation.
  5. Security and reporting.
  6. Business-information.
  7. Contributions.
  8. Which one is better where?
  9. Comparison video.
  10. In conclusion.


HERE WeGo is a map and navigation app for Android and iOS. Web mapping service for desktops is also available. Here WeGo was originally developed by Nokia in 2012 for Windows Phone. Over 10 million users have downloaded the app only on Android.

Waze was first released in 2006, and then Google acquired the company in 2013. The app is available to download on iOS and Android. Waze comes with some of the great features which other maps apps do not provide. Over 100 million users have downloaded Waze only on Android.



Both use AI and satellites to track the traffic, but both have different algorithms to figure out the best route. Waze prefer street and try to ignore the traffic lights, but HERE WeGo gives the fastest way possible. Waze also uses the information provided by the users and shows if a road is busy.

Once we put the address in HERE WeGo, it displays the location with a “Directions” button. Tapping on the button shows all available routes. You can select the car, public transport, any rideshare services, taxi, cycle and walk. You can also choose the option to give the best available route including all the methods to get to the location. Once the route is selected the screen with options comes up.
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Waze only allows private vehicles, taxi or cycle. After the user enters the address, an overview of the trip including the address, significant roads, travel time, distance and arrival time comes on the screen. Tapping on Go Now starts the journey.

Interface and transit options

HERE WeGo uses light colours for the map and pink and yellow for roads and streets. Waze, on the other hand, uses light colours and black colour for roads and streets. Both have a search bar on the top with the current location on the bottom right corner. Both feature a dark mode which can be turned on at any time or you can leave that to auto.

HERE WeGo comes with an option to select the map view like satellite, transit, and traffic. Like Google Maps, HERE WeGo allows choosing transit options. Users can choose from a private vehicle to public transport, taxi, rideshare, cycle and walking route. Some of the options might not be available in offline mode.

Waze, on the other hand, does not come with any public transport options but it comes with three options to select including private vehicle, taxi or cycle. Waze also comes with an option to change the map view to 2D, 3D, or leave that to auto.

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Offline navigation


These days the data is vital for essential tasks like Facebook and Instagram 😜. HERE WeGo allows downloading maps for different areas. Depending on your location, you can download your city, state or even the whole country’s map. It comes handy when you are in remote areas, or you don’t have enough data left. The app will not be able to give you traffic updates, but it would give you the easiest route. Waze does not allow to download maps on your phone, but it if the internet goes off while in a route, the app would not stop working.

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Security and reporting

Safety Features in Waze
Safety Features in Waze

HERE WeGo reports current vehicle speed, current speed zone, safety camera, and traffic. Waze is a community-based application where users can report from traffic to police, crash, hazard, gas prices, map issues, places, camera, closure and more. Another feature in Waze is it warns the driver not to use the maps while the vehicle is in motion. A passenger can tap on the “Passenger” button to override the message.

Other than that, safety camera reporting in Waze is better than HERE WeGo. Waze displays the location of the camera by highlighting the map and reminding the driver, while HERE WeGo sometimes warns with the voice or sometimes it beeps if a camera is ahead. HERE WeGo does not display the camera on the map.

Businesses information


HERE WeGo comes handy regarding the information about the shops. In HERE WeGo we can see the details like opening hours, website, phone number etc. for different places. HERE WeGo is not as good as Google Maps, but they are working to make HERE WeGo an app for everyone to find the information for any business.


Waze uses a scoreboard system where users can contribute to maps and see their contributions. A user can earn proper respect by reporting the information including cameras, police, crash, traffic etc. The more you share the respect you get. Tap on “Scoreboard” button in your profile settings to see your level, score and rank. You can see your level on the screen and all time points. In “My Achievements” menu you can see all your achievements including milestones, reports etc. Not all the reports are updated straight away although you can keep reporting to receive the score. HERE WeGo does not come with any contributions in the app, but you can go to their website and edit the map.
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Which one is better where?

The answer to this question is difficult to answer. Here is what I think about both apps.

  1. If you prefer the streets and want to avoid the roads, then Waze would be your choice.
  2. Going toward a new location? Waze is your buddy.
  3. If you are thinking about finding the cheapest possible way, then HERE WeGo can give you information about public transport.
  4. For a known location, you can choose either, because both will get you there.
  5. Public transport? HERE WeGo is there.
  6. For shopping, I would suggest HERE WeGo because you can see the business information before leaving.

HERE WeGo vs Waze video comparison

You can watch the below video on HERE WeGo vs Waze. The video explains how both work on the road and how do both maps react in busy traffic and changing of the route. None of any apps is perfect and in HERE WeGo vs Waze comparison, we saw something similar.

In conclusion

I hope the comparison HERE WeGo vs Waze cleared your thoughts. No matter what you select, both apps will get to the destination and depending on the traffic condition either can give you the best route. If you want to be safe from fines, then Waze would be your app, but for public transport and businesses details, HERE WeGo is better.

Image information: Images used in this article are the screenshots of the apps. A screenshot is most likely the copyright of the app owner. If you have any concerns about the images, please contact me. Last updated on 17th of July 2019 by Madhsudhan.

HERE WeGo vs Google Maps – Comparing Two Mapping Apps

HERE WeGo vs Google Maps
HERE WeGo vs Google Maps

HERE WeGo vs Google Maps. Two maps apps with the potential to help you find the fastest and easiest route to your destination. HERE WeGo previously called Here Maps previously owned by former mobile phones reader company Nokia and right now owned by multiple companies including BMW and Audi, and Google Maps by leader search engine Google. Which app will get the glory to the ultimate navigational app? Let’s find out in this HERE WeGo vs Google Maps comparison.

HERE WeGo vs Google Maps


HERE WeGo vs Google Maps - Interface
HERE WeGo vs Google Maps – Interface

Regarding the interface, both maps apps are different. HERE WeGo uses dark Pink colour to show the major roads which look very good in satellite mode while Google Maps uses the Gray colour to identify important roads which don’t make an excellent impression in satellite mode but it looks detailed on the navigational mode. Both have the search bar on the top and options bar at the top left corner. Modes button is also on the top while the current location button in on the bottom left on HERE WeGo and bottom right on Google Maps.

Google Maps have a benefit of a microphone with the search bar and some options at the bottom. At the same zoom level, Google Maps did an excellent job showing the roads’ names while HERE WeGo did not show the close ones but the roads which were a bit further.

Score: HERE WeGo: 1, Google Maps: 1. Both are well made regarding the interface, so both get one point.


HERE WeGo vs Google Maps - Routing
HERE WeGo vs Google Maps – Routing

In the experiment, I put about 30 minutes far journey, and both showed a little bit different path with a couple of alternate routes. Regarding the routing in HERE WeGo vs Google Maps, both maps perform well because depending on the time and traffic both maps can give you a long route. I’m using both for quite a while, and sometimes HERE WeGo works better than Google Maps. There was a difference of four minutes in arrival time, and Google Maps was a clear winner. For routing, I’ll go with Google Maps because the journey was a kilometre shorter than HERE WeGo.

Score: HERE WeGo: 1, Google Maps: 2. Well, Google Maps perform better, but HERE WeGo also does a great job.


Both apps use satellite technology to bring you the latest traffic updates. Google Maps uses an intelligent AI to find the perfect route to the destination while HERE WeGo also uses AI and the positive thing about HERE WeGo is it warns you about speed and red-light cameras. HERE WeGo has another feature which Google Maps does not have is real-time vehicle speed and the speed zone limit.

HERE WeGo Under-Construction Roads
HERE WeGo Under Construction Road
Both apps support a wide range of navigational languages. The other best feature I noticed in HERE WeGo is I could see on-going projects. While browsing the maps, I saw that an under-construction highway was on the map showing in a dash-dotted line.

Score: HERE WeGo: 2, Google Maps: 2. HERE WeGo is better than Google Maps concerning reporting and updating.

Transit options

HERE WeGo vs Google Maps - Transit Options
HERE WeGo vs Google Maps – Transit Options

In the comparison of HERE WeGo vs Google Maps, I put the same address as in the driving mode. The results were different. The left one showed a bit of the walk and then a bus and then another bus from the city while Google Maps also showed walk and a bus change. HERE WeGo showed a journey of an hour and thirty-two minutes while Google Maps showed the route of an hour and twenty-nine minutes. HERE WeGo informed to leave at 07:34 pm, and arriving time was 09:07 pm. On the other hand, Google Maps advised to leave at 07:32 pm and arrival time was 09:02 pm.

Score: HERE WeGo: 3, Google Maps: 3. The above results are slightly different so none will be considered as the winner.

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Offline navigation

Both apps support offline mapping, and the procedure is a bit different. With HERE WeGo we can download from a region to the entire country, and whenever an update is available, we get a notification. While on Google Maps we also can download the specific area but the negative thing about Google Maps is the offline maps expire very quickly, and we must update them to use them whenever we are offline.

With Google Maps we can’t get the public transport option while we are offline, but in HERE WeGo we can see the public transportation information which of course will not be as stable as the online ones. Both apps showed the shortest path to the destination when the connection isn’t available.

Score: HERE WeGo: 4, Google Maps: 3. Sorry Google Maps, but HERE WeGo has an extra feature to show public transport even the internet connection isn’t available.

Available information

Well, I must say Google Maps is a clear winner concerning the information. Both are available in over 200 countries, but HERE WeGo is not fully updated in some of the nations. Google Maps has gone way far ahead to add the business addresses on the map, and even in smaller countries where maps are no used, you will find the information about roads and shops. HERE WeGo, on the other hand, has still much to cover because in the countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. the information about roads and shops is missing.

In villages where Google Maps doesn’t know about the name of a street or a road, it does show that there is a road which connects to other routes. HERE WeGo misses lots of information even about roads.

Score: HERE WeGo: 4, Google Maps: 4. Well, Google Maps is back in the game because of containing the information of millions of shops, roads, and streets around the globe. 


Regarding security, both apps do not use any features. If we talk about other apps then Waze uses a security feature to prevent typing while the vehicle is in driving condition. Google Maps and HERE WeGo do not come with any built-in security feature to protect the user.

In conclusion

Both are great maps apps used by a wide range of people and brands. HERE WeGo is new in some of the features while it has pretty unique features as compared to Google Maps. If we compare Waze vs. HERE WeGo, we will be able to see a real clash because Waze is also a fantastic maps app from Google. Meanwhile, check out the comparison Waze vs Google Maps here.

No doubt, both apps are great. HERE WeGo has much improved in the last few years and the features like vehicle speed, red-light and speed camera reporting etc. have made this app one of the most used navigational apps around the globe. Google Maps is a mapping app available in more countries than HERE WeGo. I hope the comparison HERE WeGo vs Google Maps helped. Feel free to add something to this post using the comments box below.

Important information: Names and images used in this article are copyright material from respected companies. We do not own the copyright for any of the photos used in this article.

Waze vs Google Maps – Comparing Every Little Thing in 2019

Waze vs Google Maps
Waze vs Google Maps

Thousands of users find routes to their destinations using Waze and Google Maps. Both apps have been here for over ten years, and Google owns both. Comparing both will not make one bigger than the other, because the same company operates both, but for everyday users, it is important to know which app is better. In this article, we are going to see how do both apps stand against each other? The article is the ultimate comparison of Waze vs Google Maps.

Waze vs Google Maps


Before we begin, let’s read some details and history of both apps.

Waze: Waze Mobile developed Waze in 2006. The app quickly became favourite. In 2013 Google bought Waze for $966 million, and it paid $1.2 million to all Waze’s employees.

Google Maps: In 2004 a company called Where 2 Technologies by two brothers started working on Google Maps project. Google then acquired the company and launched Google Maps a year after. According to Business Insider, in 2013 Google Maps was determined to be the world’s most popular app with over 50% of global smartphone owners using it at least once.


Waze vs Google Maps - Interface
Waze vs Google Maps – Interface

Regarding the interface, both apps show lots of information. Both maps display suburbs, significant roads, shops and your home if added in the settings. While a good thing about Waze is it shows the shop’s logo on the map. Waze only uses its default map type, and you can change between 2D and 3D in the settings.

Google Maps comes with three map types and map details. The start-up one is the default, and the other two are satellite and terrain. By activating satellite type, you can see an aerial view of the map, while the terrain is Google Maps in 2D. The details in Google Maps include transport traffic and cycling.

Regarding the colouring, Waze is much darker and visible because it uses dark colours, while Google Maps uses light colours to display roads, rivers, and streets. Waze’s map interface includes a sound option and the current location button. Google Maps has buttons including explore, transport, for you, and the compass option which changes the map’s direction towards the north.


Waze vs Google Maps - Routing
Waze vs Google Maps – Routing

From routing to voice, both use a different algorithm. When we put an address, Waze displays an overview of the address, including the address, significant roads, travel time, distance, and arrival time. It also shows sound options, other routes, share ETA, route overview and the best time to leave buttons.

Google Maps, on the other hand, displays the address, street view, directions, share and save buttons. Tapping on the “Direction” button gives an overview of the journey, and another button “Start” comes on the screen to start the trip. The good thing about Waze is it begins the trip as soon as you put the address. In Google Maps, we have to tap on three different buttons to start the journey.

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Waze supports about 75 voices which including English, Italiano, Magyar, Eesti etc. You have an opportunity to record your voice for navigation. Google Maps supports about 55 voices including English, Eesti, Filipino, Italiano, Hindi etc.

The basic voice algorithm in Waze is, it guides you when to turn and it again reminds with the name when the distance is 300 meters. The problem with Waze is it guides when the turn is so close which sometimes leads to missing the turn. Google Maps try to guide as early as possible. Sometimes if there are two streets very close to each other, and the driver has to turn on the second street it guides taking the second street even the driver has not crossed the closest street. Google Maps also suggests if heavy traffic, road closure or any crash is ahead and it changes the route if beneficial.

Traffic and reporting

Real Time Traffic Reporting - Waze vs Google Maps
Real-Time Traffic Reporting – YouTube Video

Both apps use satellite technology to monitor the traffic, and both apps have different procedure to handle traffic and related problems. Waze is a community-based GPS navigation app and other than AI, it collects data from drivers and then calculates traffic. Meanwhile, Google Maps is a robust app, and it gathers data from most services like satellite, Android Auto, and many more. Even though people think Waze is better in traffic detecting, Google Maps does a better job.

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Businesses Information

Regarding businesses information, Google Maps is the king. With Google Maps you can see information like business hours, phone numbers, website, reviews, pictures etc. All the data is provided by business owners and users around the world. Users share their experience as they visit a store. Google calls it contributions and whoever contributes gets points.

Transport options

Google Maps Transit Options
Google Maps Transit Options

Regarding public transport, Google Maps is the king. The app comes with a wide range of travel options including drive, cycle, walk, run, taxi and even flight in some areas. Waze does not support transit options, but you change the vehicle type to private, taxi and cycle to get better routes.


Safety Features in Waze
Safety Features in Waze

Both apps have different characteristics which make both apps beneficial. Safety features in Waze are speed camera warnings, current car speed and the allowed speed warnings, police warnings, crash and traffic warnings etc. Everything users report counts towards their contributions.

Security and safety is the primary concern when it comes to anything. Waze comes with a built-in warning system which warns you to not to use the app while driving. It detects and displays a warning if the vehicle is in motion. There a button “Passenger” to override this warning. Unfortunately, Google Maps does not come with any built-in security features.

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On the road

I took both apps to test. From my location, the destination was 20 minutes far, and I tested both apps on the busiest time. Both apps did an excellent job, although I was expecting more from both apps. On peak hours, the unpredictable traffic can trick both maps, and the same happened in the tests. Have a look by yourself in the below comparison video of Waze vs Google Maps.

Timeline review

Google Maps Timeline Review
Google Maps Timeline Review

Another feature in Google Maps is Timeline review. Google collects your travelling data if you have granted permission, and it shows you the places you have visited. It also highlights the routes you travel. You can see the kilometres you have travelled, the places you have visited with travel time on that day. You can also choose a specific day by tapping on the calendar button on the top. Waze does not come with time review option, although some people think it’s good because they don’t want anyone to track them.


Contributions - Waze vs Google Maps
Contributions – Waze vs Google Maps

Both allow users to contribute to improving the maps, and it is part of this Waze vs Google Maps fight. The reason for contribution is different in both. Waze uses a scoreboard and level system, while Google Maps uses points and levels system. In Waze, a user can earn proper respect by reporting the information as he or she travels. I have already mentioned that there are plenty of ways a user can report in Waze. While the user can also increase their reputation by editing the map on the Waze website. If you want to check your points, level and rank, then go to the profile and then tap on the scoreboard button. You can see your level on the screen and all time points. In “My Achievements” menu, you can see all of your achievements, including milestones, reports etc.

Google Maps, on the other hand, asks for rating, reviewing, adding photos, and answer questions about places. Your information helps Google Maps provide accurate information. Like achievements in Waze, Google Maps uses “badges”. As you rate, review, answer and upload photos you earn badges. As you go, you earn points and after specific points, your level increases. Google used to reward Drive storage in exchange for contributions, but these days, they focus on planning significant events around the world and a contributor can participate for free.

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Which one is good where?

The answer to this question is tricky. I have been testing both apps for a long time now, and the below list is from my experience.

  • If you are a street lover and want to ignore the road, then Waze would be your choice.
  • If you are going toward a new location then Waze is your buddy.
  • For a known location, I would suggest Google Maps.
  • For public transport, Google Maps is there.
  • Thinking about shopping? You might like Google Maps as it tells you if the shop is closed or will be closed by the time you arrive.

In conclusion

Well, both Maps are well operated by a trusted company, and thousands of people are using both apps to explore the world. I hope the comparison of Waze and Google Maps helped you to figure out which app to use. What do you think about both apps? Which one do you use and why? Please share your experience with us.

Image information: Images used on this page are screenshots of the app. A screenshot is the copyright of the owner of the app. Some images are under Creative Commons and Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 1.0). Please send me a message if you have any questions about the images.

Unity vs Unreal Engine 4 – Which One to Choose in 2019

Unity vs Unreal Engine 4
Unity vs Unreal Engine 4

Looking for an honest Unity vs Unreal Engine comparison? Unity and Unreal Engine are two game engines with the ability to make any developer rich. Unity software also called Unity3D by Unity Technologies and Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games have a significant impact on PC and mobile world. Both are unique for their tools, and many developers have made many games through both the engines. In this article, we are going to compare Unity vs Unreal Engine 4 and see which one is perfect for your amazing games ideas. The article is the ultimate post of Unity vs Unreal Engine 4.

How Unity vs Unreal Engine 4 comparison works

We are going to compare the below section of both game engines and whichever engine wins the section wins a point.

    1. Interface.
    2. Graphics.
    3. Pricing.
    4. Supported platforms.
    5. Stores (Unity Assets Store and Unreal Marketplace).
    6. Supported programming languages.
    7. Other features.
    8. (not compared) Some famous games.
    9. Comparison video.
    1. In conclusion.


Unity3D Interface
Unity3D Interface

Regarding using the software, Unity is more natural because I have already mentioned above that Unity has been focusing on the entire software, unlike Epic Games, who have been focusing on the graphics most. Both tools are hard to understand in the beginning because of so many buttons and menus. Many tutorials on YouTube explain how both work. Unity Pro (paid) comes with a dark skin which gives Unity a new look. Unreal on the other hand is a little bit complex and a new person requires good knowledge to use the tool like a pro.

Score: Unity: 1, Unreal Engine: 1. Unity is a clear winner here. If you are a new developer who wants to start developing games, then Unity will be a better choice.


Regarding graphics, both engines are enough to fill a game developer’s needs. Unity is good for 2D and 3D game development, where Unreal Engine is more for 3D games. The graphics in Unreal Engine looks more natural compared to Unity. In Unity3D, a developer has to go an extra mile to make the game stunning. With Unreal Engine, you can create the graphical games having the same performance on PC as well as on mobile phones.

According to TairaGames 3D games made in Unity are likely to drain the battery faster while a 2D game made in Unity will drain the battery slower as compared Unreal Engine. From the beginning, Unreal is always been focusing more on the graphics while Unity Technologies has been focusing on 2D, ease of use and other features of the software.

Score: Unity: 0, Unreal Engine 4: 1. Regarding graphics in the comparison, Unreal Engine is a perfect winner. If you are a well-trained programmer and want to make awesome 3D games, then Unreal Engine will be a better choice.


Unity is available for free, and you can use it as much as you want. However, if your revenue is over $100K annual revenue, you must purchase the paid plan. The first one is Plus starting at $35 per month on a monthly plan or $25 per month on the annual plan. It comes with other benefits including free development courses, 20% off asset store, extended Unity Analytics, Pro Skin Editor UI and much more. If your company or you earned over $200K in the last year, then you will have to purchase the Pro plan. With the Pro plan, there is no earning limit, and you get premium support. So, the bottom line is if you are a new developer who is not earning $100K yearly, then you can use Unity for free.
Unreal Engine 4 prices are different than Unity3D. The company has earned the hearts of many developers with making Unreal Engine free. If the games’ gross revenue is over $3,000 per quarter, which means if your game(s) is earning over $12,000 annually then you will have to pay 5% royalty-free. Their mission is “we only succeed when you succeed”. So, you can use the Unreal Engine if your games’ gross revenue is less than $3,000 per quarter.

Score: Unity: 2, Unreal Engine: 2. Both get one point because no one is the winner. Both are available for free but have different pricing rules.

Supported platforms

Unity Supported Platforms
Unity Supported Platforms
Unity supports 27 platforms which are Windows, Mac, Linus, PS4, PSVITA, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, WebGL, Nintendo 3DS, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard Android & iOS, Steam VR PC & Mac, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, Windows Mixed Reality, Google Daydream, Android TV, Samsung SMART TV, tvOS, Nintendo Switch, Fire OS, Facebook Gameroom, Apple ARKit, Google ARCore, and Vuforia. You can deploy your games to any platform for free.

Unreal Engine 4 supports 18 platforms which are Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, SteamOS, FreeBSD, HTMl5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Magic Leap One, Steam VR, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Google Daydream, OSVR, and Samsung Gear VR.

Score: Unity: 3, Unreal Engine: 2. The clear winner here is Unity because it supports nine more platforms than Unreal Engine 4.


Unity has an Asset Store where developers can look around and buy the stuff. Asset store offer from graphics to music, images, animation, material to whole projects. Some assets are free, and some are paid. You can also create own stuff and sell on the Unity Asset Store.

Unreal Engine also has Marketplace where developers can buy the stuff. You can find things like 2D tools, animations, characters, environments, FX, music and much more. You can also put your stuff on sale

Score: Unity: 4, Unreal Engine 4: 3. Both have stores where developers can find hundreds of assets.

Supported languages

Although the article focuses on the software, programming languages are also part of Unity vs Unreal Engine 4 battle. Unity supports JavaScript and C# as the programming languages. You can use both languages in one project. Unreal Engine, on the other hand, supports C++ and Blueprints. Blueprints is a drag and drop programming for non-programmers. Blueprints is a visual scripting system and limited as compared to C++, but a perfect choice for new developers.
Winner: No one is the winner because C++, C#, JavaScript are widely used, and it depends on the skills of a programmer.

Score: Unity: 5, Unreal Engine: 4. Some developers prefer C++ and some C#. Both game engines also have alternates if you don’t like the programming language.

Other features

FeatureUnityUnreal Engine
Video tutorialsYesYes
Popularity1,000,000 per month246,000 per month

Some games made in both engines


GamePlatformsInitial release year
Ori and the Blind ForesterWindows and Xbox One2015
Pokémon GoiOS and Android2016
Super Mario RuniOS and Android2015
RustWindows, Mac, and Linux2013
FirewatchWindows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch2016
CupheadWindows and Xbox One2017
The Room SeriesWindows, iOS, and Android2012

Unreal Engine 4

GamePlatformsInitial release year
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)Windows, Xbox One, iOS, and Android2017
DaylightWindows and PS42014
Dead Island 2Windows, PS4, Xbox OneUpcoming
Sea of ThievesWindows and Xbox One2018
Hellblade: Senua’s SacrificeWindows, PS4, and Xbox One2017

Unity vs Unreal Engine video

Here a video showing the comparison. The video mostly covers the same information which is available in the article, but in a video, the comparison becomes easier to understand.

In conclusion

Anyway, let’s see the results from the comparison. Unity: 5 | Unreal Engine: 4. It’s not about the points, but the only difference I see world think is Unity3D is for a new developer and Unreal Engine is for experienced developers who want to create high graphical games. Both work fine, and it’s entirely up to you whichever you select, but my suggestion is, go around and have a look at the video tutorials and if possible, try both on your PC. I hope the comparison helped. Thanks for reading and please let me know if I have missed anything, or any information is wrong.