3 Ways to Fix Red LED Flashing Problem on Samsung Gear IconX 2018

Red LED flashing issue is common on Gear IconX 2018. I encountered this issue on the second day of buying. It took me an hour to find the solution, but you don’t have to waste an hour. The article covers how to fix the LED light flashing issue. The below methods worked for me, and I hope one of them works for you.

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Why the LED light flashes?

According to the manual, if the red LED flashes, then the charging disables (most probably because of environmental problems). It can be anything, like temperature, water, or dust. But, in most cases, there is one thing which most people do, but they don’t know one thing.

Checking the wingtips to fix the issue

The simple solution for me was that I was applying the wingtips wrong. In my case, I was applying the left wingtip on the right earbud and same for the right one. On each wingtip, you’ll find the side printed text. If accidentally, you have placed them wrong then that’s the fix for your issue. Check the below image.

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 LED Flashing Fix
Samsung Gear IconX 2018 LED Flashing Fix

Sticking a paper to apply force

Another way is to put a paper in the case to apply some power to the buds. The charging contacts might not be fully connected, so using a paper will force the device. Check the below image.

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 LED Flashing Fix 2
Samsung Gear IconX 2018 LED Flashing Fix 2

Putting a piece of paper will help the case force the earbud to touch all the charging dots. With enough push, the earbud will surely charge.

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Removing the wingtips completely

Another way I know is removing the wingtips while charging. Because of the wingtips, the charging contacts don’t contact with enough force. Removing wingtips can help them contact with the charging contacts.

In conclusion

I hope one of the methods worked. Let me know if one worked. Also, if you have any other way to fix this issue, please let me know.

The post was last updated on 9/Nov/2019.