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TouchRetouch Icon

TouchRetouch Icon – TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is a paid app with a mission of helping you remove objects, blemishes, pimples, etc. from photos. It’s a $3 Editor’s Choice app on Google Play and one of the top Photo & Video apps on App Store. The article focuses on TouchRetouch review and features, and see if the app is worth spending money.

What is the app’s mission

The app has the purpose of making it more comfortable to remove unwanted objects from a picture. It works by highlighting the object/area, and the app does the rest.

When you open the app, there are two options. The first one is the albums, and the second one is the tutorials. In the albums menu, we have all the photos to begin with, while on the tutorial screen, we learn how to use the app. There is a continue work option on the top right and an information button on the bottom left which opens up the information about the app. The studio has managed to make it easier to use the app as it costs $3, and they don’t want any negative feedback from users who complain that the app is difficult to use.


TouchRetouch Tools

TouchRetouch Tools

TouchRetouch has quite a few tools. I’ve mentioned each one below with their uses.

Top screen buttons

On the top, we have the basic tools including home, undo, redo, comparison of the edited image with the original, and save/export option. You can save the picture as a copy or modify the original image.

Image Settings - TouchRetouch

Image Settings – TouchRetouch

In the export section, we have the image format option including JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. You can change the size of the picture. The app has an option to select the original size as well. The last option in the Settings menu is the image quality. Set the quality as you like, and once you are happy with the settings, you can save for future use.

Object removal


Object-Removal-TouchRetouch – GIF

The first tool in the TouchRetouch review is a set of three tools. Brush, Lesso, and Eraser. The brush tool allows you to highlight the object. Once, the object is fully highlighted, you can tap on the go button to remove the object. To increase the size of the tool, you can go to settings, which is the last option on the screen. The brush tool is used for small objects removal, while if you want to remove something big, then the second tool Lesso comes in handy. With the Lesso tool, you can circle the area to highlight. The next process is the same. Eraser helps you remove extra things you add using the other tools available in the app.

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The tool does a good job overall. You can see it in action in the above GIF. The tool identifies the surrounding area and covers the highlighted area using AI.

Quick Repair

The second tool is Quick Repair. It contains two tools. The first one is Quick Brush. The quick brush tool does the same job as object removal, but you don’t need to tap on the Go button. You highlight the area and the tool does the job. The second tool in Quick Repair is the Blemish Removal tool. It helps to remove the blemishes from the skin.

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The quick brush does the job and gives us what we want. Blemish removal also does a pretty good job. It may take two takes to clean the area completely, but will not disappoint you.

Line Removal

TouchRetouch Line Removal

TouchRetouch Line Removal GIF

This tool is a set of two tools. The first one is Line Removal; it helps you remove the whole line even if you select a portion of the line. It uses the same artificial intelligence technique to find the surrounding area, and remove the object and replace it with the background. Even if you can’t fully highlight the line, the tool automatically detects the lines and removes it. The second tool is the segment remover. It only removes the part of the line you select.


Line removal is a handy tool to remove lines, wires, and polls. You can see it in action in the above GIF. It detects the line and deletes instantly. The tool does a good job.

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Clone Stamp

The fourth and the last tool in this TouchRetouch review is the Clone Stamp tool. It contains three tools, including Brush, Eraser, and Mirroring. When you are in this tool, you have an opportunity to select the area/source. Once you have selected the area, the second thing to do is select the area which you want to replace with the primary selected area. As you move, the primary source chosen also moves so you can clone the area flawlessly. If you have gone too far or want to remove a cloned area, then the second option is the eraser which helps you erase the cloned area. The last option is mirroring, which allows you to reflect the cloning source.

App size

The app size on iOS is 22.6 MB, and it does not require the internet connection to run. Also, it has over 600 ratings with an average of 4.8 just in Australia. It occupies 24.56 MB of storage on Android and TouchRetouch has over 13 thousand ratings with an average on 4.6.

TouchRetouch iOS TouchRetouch Android

App Google Play Trailer

Is it worth the money?

The app can remove objects, blemishes, lines, and it can clone the area as well. If you want any of the stuff, then surely it is worth spending money on TouchRetouch app.

In conclusion

We always need a reviewer when you think of spending money. That’s why I took the opportunity to purchase the app and write a TouchRetouch review. I hope the article helped. Please do share if the article was helpful and if you have any tips or you want to ask something, then write down in the comments below.

Image information: The images used in the article are the original screenshots/icons of the app. Images and icons are the property of ADVA Soft. The post is last edited by Madhsudhan on 5th of August 2019.

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