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Tubi TV Review | Full Review and Details (Dec 2019)

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Tubi TV Review

When I say, free movies, then everybody says yeah! Well, there are many services online, but almost all of them are paid. Wait, I said almost! Some think of the people too. Tubi TV is a free online streaming service which is available on multiple platforms. Who founded Tubi TV? What platforms it supports, and a few other questions are enclosed in Tubi TV review 2019.

Tubi TV Review 2019

Supported platforms

Tubi TV is available on below platforms. A small issue with Tubi TV is that some of the devices are only available in limited countries.

  1. Android.
  2. iOS.
  3. Roku.
  4. Apple TV.
  5. Amazon Fire TV.
  6. Xbox One (the US only).
  7. PS3 (the US and Canada).
  8. PS4 (the US, Canada, and Latin America).
  9. Chromecast.
  10. TiVO.
  11. Xfinity x1.
  12. Cox Contour.
  13. Samsung TV.
  14. Sony TV.

That’s the list of 15 devices which Tubi TV supports. 15 is a number which made me write this Tubi TV review. You can watch movies on any of the above devices. Tubi TV comes with a free account which helps you sync movies across devices. You can watch on your phone and then come back later on PS3 to start where you left.

Who is behind Tubi?

Just two regular guys Farhad Massoudi and  Thomas Ahn Hicks. Both are the founder of Tubi, while Farhad Massoudi is the CEO of Tubi right now. Tubi was found in April 2014, and since then the company has rapidly invested in Tubi TV.

How much it costs?

It cost $0/month. Tubi is completely free. In the starting of January, news aired that Tubi is going to spend $150 million to bring new content and increase their streaming services. Even though the company is investing a lot, Tubi TV is free of charge.

How does Tubi TV survive

Tubi is ad-based content streaming service. The advertisement times and locations include, before watching a movie, in-between content, pausing content, and a few other places. The ads are reasonably short, and some of them can be skipped after a short period of time.

Tubi website

The website allows you to watch movies instantly. A free account can be created to syn media between devices. The dark theme gives a theatre look. Furthermore, on the left panel, you’ll find a bunch of options, including genre and collections.

Tubi web video player

Tubi TV Website Video Player
Tubi TV Web Video Player

The video player is simple, yet it comes with several tools. One thing to mention is that the video player is super-fast. Seeking on the bar starts playing. On the bottom, we have the necessary video player tool, including play, 30-second forward/backward, volume +/-, full screen, video quality, and captions option. Other information is available below the video player.

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Tubi TV mobile apps

The next part of the Tubi TV review is mobile applications. Tubi mobile is available on iOS and Android. The interface is different, but the functionalities are the same. The mobile version has a beautiful homepage with featured movies on the top. You will also find the home, browse, search, and account options on the bottom.

Tubi claims that they have content not even found on Netflix. You can switch on/off captions and lock in landscape mode. The app itself on iOS takes 139 MB  storage, while on Android it occupies 45 MB. As of writing this, it has an average rating of 4.0 App Store and 4.4 on Google Play.

Tubi mobile video player

Tubi TV Mobile Video Player
Tubi TV Mobile Video Player

The video player on the phone has the progress bar with the current time and remaining time. You have an option to turn on/off captions and play on TV on the top. Touching the video shows hidden play/pause button with 30-second forward/backward options.

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In conclusion

Here is the end of Tubi TV review. Tubi TV is offering movies and tv shows on free of charge, which is impressive. Anyway, thanks for reading the content. Let me know what do you think of Tubi TV in the comments below, so we can discuss further.

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